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Monday, August 6, 2018

Entrepreneur Sahel Rafael Tamayo Presents a Business Blog to Help People at Any Stage

Sahel Rafael Tamayo, a successful entrepreneur, is now creating a blog to give assistance for people at any stage, especially for those who want to build a business. This blog will talk deeply about all things related to business and economy.

A credit repair entrepreneur, Sahel Rafael Tamayo, recently introduces his blog which deeply discusses money, entrepreneur, and real estate. This blog is dedicated to giving help to people at any stage. The blog created contains all the information needed for people to build their business, manage their money, and how to make an investment. With the blog, it is hoped that there will be more people getting proper knowledge about what to know in business.

There are a lot of topics discussed in Mr. Tamayo’s blog such as “Why the Rich Get Richer” and “How to Find Venture Funding.” For the first topic, it is discussed why there are many cases in which the rich can collect more money or top superachievers keep better performance than anyone else while the poor get poorer. This is stated the rich and superachievers have all of the resources needed to support them while the poor do not. However, in Sahel Tamayo’s opinion, this stereotype can be broken as those with low income can control their spending as well as invest their money wisely.

Meanwhile, in the “How to Find Venture Funding” topic, Sahel Tamayo discusses the tips that people can do to find funding for their venture. The entrepreneur suggests some tips include avoid doing anything in bulk, making sure that business owners know what they are really doing, and consider pitching. With the discussing topic, it is hoped that a business owner can take the rightest strategy to get the funding they need.

“No matter what your wealth status is, you could make the most of what you currently have through wise financial decisions. Budgeting basically applies whether your household income is a thousand dollars or a million dollars. Keep your spending under control and invest wisely. If you are struggling to make the ends meet, concentrate on your situation,” said Mr. Tamayo.

About Sahel Rafael Tamayo
Sahel Rafael Tamayo is a business owner, an investor, and a business executive that was born on July 19, 1989. This Cuban American entrepreneur plays important roles in developing credit and financial industry in the United States. He is now a founder as well as the President of This is a company that specializes in credit repair and is considered to be one of the biggest in the industry. For more information about Sahel Rafael Tamayo, please visit
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