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Sunday, September 30, 2018

Introducing Funny and Cool Socks company -


Feet are an excellent canvas of human’s body to show the self-expression. SayItwithSocks provides a wide variety of cool and funny socks to draw the canvas.

SayItwithSocks, an innovative yet unique accessories company based in Belgium, has released its cool socks for men and women. This company believes that feet are the human’s body part that can serve as a self-expression screen of each person, which needs a perfect pair of witty socks to show somebody’s personality.

This company carries one vision and one mission: Making everyone’s day becomes more lively and exciting with socks collections from SayItwithSocks. The fact has proven that colors contribute to the happiness quotient and boost positive vibes on someone’s life. This socks company not only produces men’s socks but also women socks and kids socks in nice colors and expressive motifs.

Based out of Belgium, the company offers a wide variety of colorful yet funny socks available. They believe that personality is gained by things a person is wearing. As its mission suggests, the socks reflect everyone’s vibrant side of personality. The unique designs and colors that involve classy patterns – like the one on the lovely puppy socks – will charm everyone to give a try.

Regardless of party or casual occasion, the socks from SayItwithSocks will make the users want more and more. The company covers any style of socks for its customers with the cool designs that will never be found in any other socks. Get a sweet 10% discount for every purchase of socks by entering “Save10” for order socks online on website.

“From head to toe, anything you wear gives a huge impact on your personality,” said the CEO. He also added, “Reflecting the inner side of your personality will be easier by using the pair of socks. Even for staying lovely can be easily achieved by wearing lovely puppy socks collections from SayItwithSocks.”

Having various collections of socks allows someone to mix and match his or her outfit according to the occasion. Ranging from a classy pair of socks up to funny socks collections are available on the SayItwithSocks’ official website. When the plain socks are boring, spicing up your socks drawer with the new collection will change your mind.

About SayItwithSocks

SayItwithSocks is a company that sells socks and accessories. It provides socks with a wide variety of motifs and colors that are designed for babies, kids, and even adults. The company believes that even the feet can show someone’s personality.

For more information, please visit

Contact info:

Name: SayitwithSocks

Address: Dorpstraat 269, 3061 Leefdaal, Belgium

Email ID:

Call us on 1-866-52-9396


Daddy T has joined forces with STr8 Fyah Production for his new single, WINE UP. The single has been released on September 24th.

Daddy T, who is also known as Dutty Foreigner, has already made a move for his next single. Released on September 24th, this singer, composer, and songwriter, decided to level up his new work by joining forces with STr8 fyah production. This single has already been available on many digital music stores, which can be downloaded to many platforms.
“This intelligent rapper made sure that he is connected to his listeners through his party songs full of energy – SBWire Blogs.”

As mentioned on SBWire Blogs, all singles and album Daddy T has a special power that can make everyone in dancehall blasted by it. The powerful music ensures that the atmosphere will be even hotter. This is also what this singer tries to do on his latest single, WINE UP. By joining forces with STr8 Fyah Production, the song has high hope to be able to fulfill the goal that he has been set in the beginning.
The involvement of STr8 Fyah Production also shows how serious, he works on his latest singles, so it can become the single like what he wants. Daddy T is known as the singer that has a good connection with his fans. He uses his personal experience to write and compose all singles and albums. So, this move can be seen as the way to level up that into another level.

STr8 Fyah Production itself is a new record label that has a great goal. This label wants to spread the positive message to all people in the world, through music. Daddy T is one of the musician that they choose to work with, in order to reach this goal. In order to promote his new singles, Daddy T also will perform on several shows.

About Daddy T
Daddy T is a musician, songwriter, and composer that create song mainly in Reggae / Dancehall genre. All of his single’s were made by using his real experience. He is said to be one of the most intelligent rappers that can create a nice flow and connect with people through the song. And, this year, he also launches his new single, WINE UP.

Check Daddy T song at :

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Daddy T and STr8 Fyah Production Has Released WINE UP Singles on September 24th, 2018

Daddy T has joined forces with STr8 Fyah Production for his new single, WINE UP. The single has been released on September 24th.

Daddy T, who is also known as Dutty Foreigner, has already made a move for his next single. Released on September 24th, this singer, composer, and songwriter, decided to level up his new work by joining forces with STr8 fyah production. This single has already been available on many digital music stores, which can be downloaded to many platforms.
“This intelligent rapper made sure that he is connected to his listeners through his party songs full of energy – SBWire Blogs.”

As mentioned on SBWire Blogs, all singles and album Daddy T has a special power that can make everyone in dancehall blasted by it. The powerful music ensures that the atmosphere will be even hotter. This is also what this singer tries to do on his latest single, WINE UP. By joining forces with STr8 Fyah Production, the song has high hope to be able to fulfill the goal that he has been set in the beginning.
The involvement of STr8 Fyah Production also shows how serious, he works on his latest singles, so it can become the single like what he wants. Daddy T is known as the singer that has a good connection with his fans. He uses his personal experience to write and compose all singles and albums. So, this move can be seen as the way to level up that into another level.

STr8 Fyah Production itself is a new record label that has a great goal. This label wants to spread the positive message to all people in the world, through music. Daddy T is one of musician that they choose to work with, in order to reach this goal. In order to promote his new singles, Daddy T also joins and will perform on several shows.

About Daddy T
Daddy T is a musician, songwriter, and composer that create song mainly in Reggae / Dancehal genre. All of his albums were made by using his real experience. He is said to be one of the most intelligent rappers that can create a nice flow and connect with people through the song. And, this year, he also launches his new single, WINE UP.

For Media Inquiries
Mark Reynolds
Bashy Wave Music B
Tel: 1203-360-3667

Karen Blanche
Tel: 1203-360-3667

Daniel Ku
Tel: 1203-360-3667

Public Relation
Sarah Brookstone
Tel: 1203-360-3667

TruConnect Open the Opportunities for Candidates from All over the World to Work in the United States

TruConnect provides the help for those who want to get a job in the U.S. With an experienced team, they have been successfully helping more than 5,000 people to get the job.

TruConnect, a recruitment agency in the US, provides an opportunity for anyone from all over the world to find and get the job in the US. Regardless of the nationality, the living place, and other aspects, anyone who has a skill that’s needed by the company or the market in the US, can try to build the career in the US.

“Our vast networks ensure that we connect you to high-quality candidates, including hard-to-reach passive professionals who are willing to make a move for the right opportunity - TruConnect”

Recently, TruConnect has successfully provided chances for those who want to challenge the working field in the US. More than 5,000 professionals from many countries, such as Pakistan, Oman, China, Qatar, Brunei, India, and other countries, get the job in the U.S. Through TruConnect service, these candidates acquire everything, such as Visa, working permits, and other that they need in order to work in the U.S.

TruConnect has specialization on the following documents for candidates:
-       E-3 Australian Work Visa,
-       H1-B Specialty Work Visa,
-       J-1 Temporary Exchange Visitor Visa,
-       O-1 Extraordinary Ability Worker Visa,
-       R-1 Religious Worker Visa

TruConnect uses the similar method to provide the job for the candidates from all over the world. The candidates send the job application to TruConnect. And then, the special team will review the application in order to find the candidate with talent and skill that’s needed by the company in the U.S.

The resume that has been sent by the candidates has an important role in the process of deciding the passing candidates. It has to fulfill the requirement and qualification. Then, the trait and working style of the candidate will also affect the chance to pass the qualification. The team also will do the background check for each candidate to find and pass the right and the safest candidate.

TruConnect provides a simple and easy application process. Therefore, anyone can try to find and get the job through this service. However, with the strict qualifying process and method, it will only pass the best candidate to work in the U.S.

About TruConnect
TruConnect is an International Recruitment Agency that helps everyone who wants to try to build their career in the U.S. With expert and professional team, this company provides the best chance to find a job in the U.S. It doesn’t matter where the candidates are coming from. It could be candidates from Nepal, Bangladesh, Brunei, China, U.A.E, Pakistan, Oman, or Qatar; these candidates will have a better opportunity with the help from TruConnect. TruConnect DO NOT charge any finders fee or consultancy fee to their candidates. With the exception of a $99 one time processing fee.

For Media Inquiries
Phone number: +1(703) 940-9252
Web: Provide the Easiest Way for Those Who Want to Find a Couple is the largest platform for threesome finder. It easy to use the service.

Nowadays, a date can be found easily through the internet. Online dating service acts as the mediator or connector between two people that need a partner. Thus, many love stories come from this simple yet complicated dating service. 3SomeDatingOnline is one of the service providers for those who are looking for a partner for dating or even further relationship. Even though monogamy is always the best choice and the right thing to do, some people love to have more than one partner. This is what this website tries to do, providing the way for these non-normal people, such as couple looking for woman or other, to find their happiness.

“We provide the area where you can choose the choice what you want – 3SomeDatingOnline.”

3SomeDatingOnline also provide the list of top 5 threesome sites, which are their partner, to their client. Along with detail explanation about what those sites can do and offers, their client will know the sites that can fulfill their desire. The process to use the service is similar to another dating service. The client needs to sign up for membership, in order to find their partner.

The dating service here doesn’t mean that every member can meet each other. The service also can be used like social media, where the members can communicate with each other. Therefore, 3SomeDatingOnline provide this service for anyone from all countries in the world. Anyone can join the membership of this website and find their partner. The information that the client provided as the requirement for joining the membership will be protected.

The threesome idea actually has been around for a very long time. It is still considered to be the wrong thing to do by some countries and religion. However, there are also many of them that allow this activity to be done with their official couple. 3SomeDatingOnline can become the starting point to find that official couples, so the women seeking couples or other similar activity won’t break the law and norms.

About has been running and operated since 1997. With so many experiences, this site has one goal, which is building the largest platform for those who need this special relationship. By providing the safest service that protects all their client information, this site keep grows into one of the biggest online dating sites today. Now, it can be called to be the most popular threesome dating site. For more information please visit

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

11 Tips to Keep the Skin Healthy During Summer

Useful tips on how to keep the skin healthy in the summer. According to the 247 Health Blog there are 11 tips to keep the skin healthy during summer.

  1. To change the face wash
The first tip is to keep the skin looks glowing and smooth is by changing the face wash since the skin face will be more oily than before. It will be very helpful to switch the face wash with the one that contains salicylic acid to control the oil.

  1. Applying vitamin C and antioxidants
Another useful tip to follow is by applying vitamin C and antioxidants. The two ingredients can help the human body to produce more collagen and reduce inflammation. The antioxidants can also destroy the dangerous free radicals as well as repair the dead skin and cells.

  1. Drink water
Drink plenty of water can also help to keep the health of the skin. This will make the skin keeps hydrated and refreshed during the high temperature in summer.

  1. Use sunscreen
Sunscreen is something that should always be around whenever people doing outdoor activities in hot summer. It will help to avoid fine lines, wrinkles, premature aging, and sunburn caused by the UV rays exposure.

  1. Take care of the feet
The wellness site also suggests that people should not forget to take care of their legs. This will be helpful to always wear shoes and apply sunscreen while outing.

  1. Limit the use of makeup
During the summer, limit the use of makeup will also benefit to skin face. This is because the minimal makeup will allow the skin to breathe during the humid and hot weather.

  1. Tone the skin
To help the skin is free from oil and clean, as well as reduce the pores, using a toner will become a good idea.

  1. Use cold water for shower
People should also manage to use cold water for a shower to keep the pores unclogged.

  1. Applying exfoliation
Applying exfoliation will help to eliminate dead skin cells and keep the skin smooth.

  1. Workout
Daily workout is mostly recommended to maintain the proper skin health since it leads the better flow of blood.

  1. Taking adequate rest
The last but not least a tip suggested by this fitness blog is by taking adequate rest so that the skin will not get full time to rejuvenate its beauty.

About 247 Heaalth Blog

247 Health Blog is one of the health blogs created to provide informative and educational health tips, guides, as well as a forum that contains questions and answers related to male and female health. The articles presented come with a wide range of health topics include care of dental, beauty, Superfoods, skin, sexual health, and much more.

The blog is meant to help people live a healthier lifestyle as well as identifying illness symptoms they experience and then taking the rightest medical action. The 247 Health Blog also gives an opportunity for the hospital owners, doctors, drug manufacturers, and medical directors advertise their medical services on the digital marketing provided by the blog.

247 Health Blog commits to provide information and articles related to human health. The topic of discussions presented varies from beauty, skin, dental health, and much more. It is to allow the blog viewers to find all they need to know about informative and educative tips about health and lifestyle.

Media contact

Name: Buchi


African forum Cokoye to Develop Into Number One African Discussion Online Forum

Cokoye provides a forum for African people to discuss all current issues occur in Africa. The forum is now being the best online forum where they can share with friends and other people on the continent.

Africa is one of the largest continents in the world with all the complexities found there. Cokoye is created to become a forum in which the users can have an online discussion with the other African people with same interests. This African forum is now being the number one and largest forum in the continent with millions of members. Those who want to join in the forum can join it for free.

Cokoye comes with a specific mission to become the number one platform that can be used by all families in Africa. The African people can make connections with friends and people from all around the world that are interested in Africa and all the issues faced by the people there. By joining the forum, they will be able to interact, build a network, learn, and share all information about Africa both as the people and continent which is not different from the other people in the different parts of the world. This South Africa discussion online forum also constantly provides information that becomes the concern in Africa. Meanwhile, the mission of Cokoye is becoming a household name among Africans and friends worldwide from various backgrounds, young and adults, as well as rich and poor.

With the goal to enable people to have every piece of information in Africa’s land as well as the people through the forum easily with wider access. The Nigerian forums also come with positive values, they are all about Africa, all positive and uplifting of Africans worldwide. The users of the forum can also create their discussions, share pictures, and watch videos. The forum can also be used to market brands and develop the users’ business.

“Cokoye is a forum for making connections, friends, meeting people, promoting brands by creating pages; forming groups and sharing with people. Cokoye forum helps users create discussions, share pictures, chat, join forums, watch videos or share video and many more... All free!,” said one of the Cokoye’s representatives.

About Company

Cokoye is an online forum to enable people in Africa to make connections, meet friends and new people, as well as promoting business and brands. The forum will give opportunities to the visitors to make their business growing, make a discussion, join forum or online chats, as well as share videos and images.

Media contact

Name Buchi



Sunday, September 23, 2018

Appeals Court Considers Tossing Tony Viola's Conviction

Tony Viola was tried two times on identical charges, once in federal court and once in state court, in cases prosecuted by the same prosecution team. Following a federal conviction, Tony established his innocence at a second trial in state court on the same charges and sought permission to present proof of his innocence, including evidence prosecutors withheld before the first trial, to the federal judiciary. But Judge Donald Nugent refused, ruling that "defendants are not allowed to obtain an acquittal by changing their strategies and defenses following a conviction. ... Whatever happened in the state court proceeding has no bearing on the propriety of the federal trial proceedings," USA vs. Viola, 2014 U.S. Dist LEXIS 164410, Northern District of Ohio.

"The pending appeal is focused on the key issue: I proved my innocence at trial yet remain in jail," said Tony Viola. "We've asked the appeals court to vacate Judge Nugent's ruling that defendants are not allowed to present newly discovered evidence at a second trial -- particularly when the government hides that evidence in the first place. We've also asked the court to release me from jail or, at the very least, schedule a hearing so I can present proof of my innocence, currently in my jail locker, in a court of law."

To review Tony's appeal and the government's response, please access the Pacer system, Viola vs. Warden, case # 18-1757, Third Circuit Court of Appeals. For additional information about Tony's case, please visit

Zero Carbon Project Announces Launch Date in October

Zero Carbon Project is going to be launched in October this year in the United Kingdom. The digital company comes to tackle problems related to climate change based on blockchain technology.

Zero Carbon Project has just announced the launch date in October in the United Kingdom once the token sale of the company is complete. Following the release in the UK, the project will be also launched in early 2019 in Australia.

What Is the Zero Carbon Project?
The project is specially designed to tackle the world’s climate change which is based on the blockchain technology and international carbon credits. It can reduce the carbon emission faster by beating the price of fossil fuels and energy contracts. The blockchain technology applied will allow the clients to get reward-based Energis token as incentives.

Features of Zero Carbon Project
There are two interesting features provided by the Project, they are Zero Carbon Markets and Energis tokens. The Markets of the project will serve to deliver a lower price as well as switch clients to zero-carbon energy at the same time. Meanwhile, the Energis is the token which will be received by the clients due to the carbon energy they consume and purchase from the company’s market.

The Problems that Zero Carbon Project Aim to Solve
Today, the renewable energy has contributed to overcoming the climate change well. However, the renewable is considered still too costly, so that the reduction of carbon emission remains slow. The Zero Carbon Project uses blockchain and international credit to tackle climate change by providing more affordable cost of emission reduction.

Pros & Cons
The low cost of carbon emission reduction provided is the main benefit offered by this blockchain project. However, there are also some cons associated with the project include the fact that Zero Carbon Project has no proper history of operating industry since it is newly established. In this way, consumers will find it hard to track the company’s record. In addition, the Energis might have no values at all and purchasing the token can be very risky.

Final Words
Zero Carbon Project provides a smart solution for everyone who puts concern in finding ways to reduce carbon emission. The upcoming launch of the token sale will not only contribute to the emission reduction but also help the consumers to earn extra profit from the project.

“After studying their profiles, the team looks strong and professional. I also had the chance to talk to them earlier this year at the London Crypto Investor Show and was very impressed with the passion they have for the project. I respect any environment-oriented project and I believe Zero Carbon Project is one of the most serious ones, with a clear vision and already established partnerships.
Couldn't exactly understand all the token metrics and how they will be able to deliver energy at a lower price. And also, what will the source of that energy?”, said Mihai Alexandru Bisnel, an experienced ICO analyst.

About Company
Zero Carbon Project is concerning to the world’s climate change. The digital company is based in London and Sydney. It specializes in providing smart solutions by using international carbon credits and blockchain. The Zero Carbon Market can lower the carbon emission by beating fossils and energy fuels on price.

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Car Accident Attorney in Raleigh NC to Handle the Crash Matter while the Client Focuses on the Recovery

Gregory Gunter Law provides service regarding cases of accidents and any further problems followed them. It brings back all the clients’ rights and solves the cases wisely when the clients may want to focus on their recovery.

Raleigh,NC - September 23, 2018: The latest data of the accidents in North Carolina show something shocking. In 2018 only, there are around 1,628 cases of car accidents and 1,775 cases of the motorcycle accidents. It means that the number of cases is increased by around 1.2% for the car accidents and 1.31% for the motorcycle accidents from the data of the previous years.

There are many causes that are being the background of the accidents. But for most of the cases; the accidents are due to the carelessness like driving under the influence of alcohol or the drivers or the drivers being sleepy. Meanwhile, some other factors are regarding the vehicles themselves that are considered not in the good conditions.

Gunter Law Group, established by K. Gregory Gunter, has been the most recommended attorney in the area of North Carolina for years. This car accident attorney in Raleigh NC offers the best services and solutions regarding the accident cases that may be experienced by the clients.

The attorneys work by fighting for all the rights of the clients including the insurance, job continuity, and many more. Meanwhile, this firm is also known as the most credible workers compensation lawyers in Raleigh NC. They may share their conditions honestly at first to ease the attorneys in this firm to find and execute the cases in the best ways.

“I always think that having an accident is the most annoying thing in my life. Despite being injured, I must have to attend the court several times; it takes my time a lot. Fortunately, Gregory Gunter Law can just make it easier but still on the right path. An accident is still annoying but it is relieving for the presence of Mr. Gunter.” said Dave, 28, a client.

About Gregory Gunter Law:

Gregory Gunter and his team is a trusted attorney for accidents and other problems may follow it. It fights for all the clients’ rights including the insurance and also as the workers compensation lawyer.

For Media Inquiries:

Attorney K. Gregory Gunter


4426 Louisburg Road Ste. 100

Raleigh, NC 27616

Suvidha Eye Services, Provider of Customizable Artificial Eye in Delhi

Suvidha Eye Services provides customizable artificial eye service in Delhi. They create the best artificial eye all around India with a sensible price

India, September 22, 2018: Having a problematic eye can be very annoying. Not only that these problems will lead to a loss of sight, there is also a chance of a patient losing his or her eyes. When that happens, the patient can only rely on one thing: artificial eyes.

Artificial eyes are a kind of prosthetic that a patient can use to replace his or her problematic eye. By using it, the patient will then find another set of confidence that might be gone when he or she needs to have their eyes taken from the socket. Artificial eyes, while they might not function like a normal eye, is sorely needed if a patient is to regain the symmetrical balance of their face.

However, not all artificial eyes can immediately fit into a patient’s eye. The patient would need to undergo several procedures before they can have a fake eye created for them. One place that provides such custom artificial eye in Delhi is Suvidha Eye services. As the best artificial eye service in Delhi, Suvidha Eye Services enlisted the help of eye specialists around India, many of them ocularist of great renown. By using several methods of examination, Suvidha Eye Services definitely brings India prosthetic eye service to a whole new level.

Mr. Bhanu Tiwari is one such patient who has received an artificial eye from Suvidha. “It’s too good,” testified Mr.Tiwari. “I’m satisfied with the services provided. Dr. Sharma is very helpful and very cooperative. Perfection is his motto and that is the base in which he laid his work upon.” Another patient by the name of Anil Shukla also sings his praise over the services in Suvidha, saying “It was an experience like no other. The artificial eye they customized was better than the readily available artificial eyes.”

About Suvidha Eye Service

Based in Delhi, Suvidha Eye Service is one of the best places where you can get your fake eyes made or customized. With many services such as the creation of hollow prosthesis, orbital prosthesis, and crutch glasses, Suvidha Eye Services is there to bring the best of artificial eyes, all in the hope of bringing confidence back to those lacking an eye.

For more information, visit:

For further inquiries, contact:

Suvidha Eye Services

Site-1, 528, Vikas Puri More, Vikas Puri, New Delhi-110018

Near Metro Pillar No.-625 & 626

Phone : +91-9999345010

E-mail :

Dr. Ameet Kishore – An ENT Specialist in India Capable of Handling Many Problems Related to ENT

People will all sort of nose, throat, and ear problems should give Dr. Ameet Kishore a visit. He is one of the best ENT doctor in India thanks to his many experiences in handling patients of all ages.

India, September 22, 2018: India is home to the best ENT specialist in India. The doctor in question is doctor Ameet Kishore, one of India’s famed ENT doctors. Dr. Ameet is a trained doctor with many achievements under his belt. If cochlear implant surgery in India is the main problem, any potential patient must give the good doctor a visit.

Any surgery that involves the ear, the nose, and the throat is a potentially dangerous surgery when done wrong. The three organs are three of the most vital organs in the body, and losing one of them means losing an important function. Without the ear, one would not be able to hear. Without the nose, one would not be able to smell scents or even worse, one would not be able to breathe clearly. Without a perfectly functional throat, many problems such as the inability to swallow would rise, leading to malnutrition and to another troublesome complication.

Dr. Kishore has an eye for microscopic surgery. With 25 years of experience, Dr. Kishore has managed many patients ranging from those with mild cases to those with cases that are hard to solve. His personal approach means every patient will be under his own personal care, leaving no stone unturned and no patient uncared for.

Hilary Aisha Asante was a daughter to a mother who was once a former patient of Dr. Kishore. “Dr. Kishore is the kind of doctor that is rarely found anywhere else,” she iterated. “He is a good listener and is very tender with his patient, always in the mood to make them happy. For me, he is the only doctor you should go to if you ever have any ENT problem. All of my gratitude is for the doctor,” she continued, singing praises to the doctor past the initial shower of praise.

What you should know about Dr. Ameet Kishore

Dr. Ameet Kishore is a learned doctor who studied his trade at The University of Pune. However, he did not stop at that. Right after he earned his degree, he traveled to Scotland, more specifically Glasgow and Edinburgh, to pursue a higher learning. He is the current director and chief consultant to ADVENTIS and was once the honored senior lecturer in Glasgow Royal Infirmary University Hospital.

To learn more, visit:

Contact information:

Dr. Ameet Kishore

Address :Room No 1122, ENT OPD Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, Sarita Vihar, New Delhi

Phone number :+91-9654518169

Email :

Friday, September 21, 2018

Yarin Bnyamin Launched His New Bitcoin ebook Entitled “Start earn btc now !”

Yarin Bnyamin, the expert of the digital currency, has launched its newest series of Earn Bitcoin Online Ebook: “Start earn btc now !”. The e-book content is focused on how to start earning Bitcoin nowadays and to keep the good income with bitcoin; very good for both the beginners and advanced traders.

September 22, 2018: Yarin Bnyamin is an expert in term of the Cryptocurrency world and he knows well how today’s people are highly interested in the Cryptocurrency trading and investment. This fact made Bnyamin wrote and launched his new e-book entitled Earn Bitcoin Online.

Bitcoin is indeed one of the Cryptocurrencies that are demanded the most. The value has a tendency to be improved and it gives more chances for the traders to gain more profits. Based on the latest data, 1 Bitcoin now equals 6,698 USD. With the possibility that the value will be developed, this Cryptocurrency is the best choice for the investment.

There are some benefits of the Bitcoin investment. Despite more income later, it also offers the easiness, practicality, and more accessibility. Therefore, anybody in this world can just join it without any border and limitation. Meanwhile, it is also purely based on the market law and the governments have no rights to interfere with the traders.

In this book, there are strategies of how to make money with Bitcoin to be applied by the traders if they want to obtain more profits whether it is now or in the future. many easy tips and tricks are also available. Uniquely, there is probably no one in this world who thinks about those tips and tricks before. Now, the book is available on Amazon and Kindle.

“This one is my favorite book with a great introduction about how the digital currency works. The greatest part is when the strategies are explained in really understandable ways even for them the beginners. The way to earn more money through Bitcoin is getting easier as well.” the author of

About Yarin Bnyamin
Yarin Bnyamin has worked for years to observe how Bitcoin can change the people’s life particularly in the relation to the economy. He then obtains the data and conducts the research to know the best strategies in the Bitcoin investment and trading. All of them are explained clearly in the Earn Bitcoin Online Ebook.

For Media Inquiries
Earn Bitcoin Online E-Book by Yarin Bnyamin

Reconstructive Surgery in Gurgaon with the Help of Dr. Vimalendu Brajesh

Cosmetic plastic surgery in Gurgaon can be achieved with the help of Dr. Vimalendu Brajesh. As a surgeon of great renown, Dr.Vimalendu Brajesh offers many types of plastic surgery

Gurgaon India, September 22, 2018: India is not a land that is a stranger to plastic surgeries. Many problems in India may lead to the people asking for plastic surgery. The problems can range from physical deformities caused by physical damage and a problematic birth, facial reconstruction, or a problem in the physical function involving many parts of the body. For those looking to get their dose of plastic surgery, then Dr. Vimalendu Brajesh is the right person to go to.

Dr. Vimalendu Brajesh is a tried and test plastic surgeon, capable of restoring the beauties of many individuals. He had handled breast reduction surgery in Gurgaon and many other types of plastic surgeries available. A capable doctor with many successful surgeries, he is surely worthy of his title as the best plastic surgeon in Gurgaon.

Ahradhna Singh, a former patient of Dr. Brajesh sings many praises for her surgeon. “Dr. Brajesh is a plastic surgeon that is like no other. Last August, the doctor and his team were very supportive as they guide me through the surgery process. The team is friendly and helpful. A fantastic surgeon.” Singh herself had undergone rhinoplasty surgery with Dr. Vimalendu Brajesh.

About Dr. Vimalendu Brajesh

Dr. Vimalendu specializes in many types of surgery ranging from a simple facelift, which is a process to reduce the aging near the face and the neck area, a breast reduction surgery, a surgery that is sorely needed if a woman feel to have a breast that is too big for her liking, a gynecomastia, a plastic surgery that involves getting rid of male breast, and hair transplant. The good doctor himself is a plastic surgeon with a fine track of education behind him. He was once a student of Grants Medical College in Mumbai and he trained for rhinoplasty, his signature plastic surgery, in Germany. Aside from rhinoplasty, Dr. Brajesh specializes in hair transplant and reconstructive surgery in Gurgaon.

For further information, please visit:

Media info:

Dr. Vimalendu Brajesh


Division of Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery, Medanta, The Medicity, Gurgaon, Haryana, India, 122001

Phone :+91-9873483667

Email :

The Bariatric Clinic – The One Stop Solution for Bariatric Surgery in Delhi

Bariatric surgery is a surgery to lose weight. Dr. Rajat Ahluwalia is one of the best Bariatric surgeons in Delhi

Delhi, India, September 22, 2018: Delhi is a great city in India that contains many surgery clinics. These clinics can cater to those looking to get their beauty amplified and they can cater to those looking to get medical surgery for their health. The cosmetic surgery also comes in many forms. Those looking to have their face-lifted can go for a facial plastic surgery. Those looking to get their breast reduced can take breast lifting surgery. Those looking to lose weight can also undergo a certain surgery by the name of Bariatric surgery.

One such place where a Bariatric surgery in Delhi can take place is in the Bariatric clinic. The Bariatric Clinic is the place to get Bariatric surgeries. Bariatric surgery is a surgery that takes place around the patient’s stomach, all in the hope of reducing the patient’s weight. There are many kinds of Bariatric surgeries, ranging from a simple one such as the Roux-En-Y gastric bypass into the more complex ones.

The Bariatric clinic itself is a workplace for Dr. Rajat Ahluwalia. Dr. Ahluwalia is a professional with a set of experience in handling Bariatric surgeries. He is a member of O.S.S.I, an organization that handles and discuss obesity in India. Before Bariatric Clinic, he worked in several hospitals with a nice reputation. Hospitals such as the Apollo Hospital in Delhi and Columbia Asia Hospital Gurgaon were once the place where he worked. He will cater to those looking for surgery to lose weight in Delhi.

“Our aim is to solve challenges and problems. To do so, we need to keep improving to better ourselves and the Bariatric surgery world in general. Bariatric surgery is, after all, a multidisciplinary effort. Without the will to develop in other parts other than the surgery itself, our patients will not be able to feel the best experience both and after the surgery.”

About the Bariatric Clinic

Founded several years ago, the Bariatric Clinic is the place for people to get a gastric sleeve surgery in Delhi. They are headed by Dr. Ahluwalia, a proven surgeon in the art of Bariatric surgery.

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Dental Precision Clinic in Ashok Vihar Introduces its Dentistry Courses

Dental Precision is a dental clinic with a professional working system. The Dental Precision Academy is also a great place for aspiring dentists

Ashok Vihar, September 22, 2018: Dental health is a much-needed luxury that the majority should have, and the people of Ashok Vihar can rest easy knowing that Dental Precision is available to visit. Dental Precision is an Ashok Vihar-based dental clinic that opens four years back. Now, the clinic is hailed as the best dental clinic in Ashok Vihar.

As one of the biggest dental clinics in India, Dental Precision offers many dental related services such as orthodontics, root canal treatment, dental implants, cosmetic dentistry, and many other services. It caters not only to the people of Ashok Vihar but also to people near it or to people outside of Delhi.

Not only that, the dental clinic also offers dental related services, Dental Precision also opens its door to aspiring dentists. Its Dental Precision Academy, founded by Dr. Ashish Jain, is going on a mission to bring a specialized education to dental graduates. Offering the graduates two courses to choose from, the short term course and the long-term course, the Academy puts emphasis specifically on hands-on training, all to make sure that the graduates can be a proper clinician in the future. Indian healthcare is mediocre at best thanks to the lack of many good doctors and clinician. Dental Precision strives to change that and to brighten the future of Indian healthcare.

“Definitely a good place if you are looking for quality dental treatment,” said Neha Jean, a patient of Dental Precision. “With a staff that is humble and cooperative, Dr. Ashish Jain will make sure that you get the best service.” Another patient, Mr Bansal, has also said that he “experienced the best dental treatment ever at Dental Precision” and that he had “regained a newfound confidence” after Dental Precision worked on his teeth. “Dr. Ashish is truly the best dentist in Ashok Vihar,” he added.

The praises come not from the patients only. Dental Precision Academy graduates also have their own positive words to say. One Dr. Sanna Talwar mentioned that “Dental precision clinic and Academy is an excellent brand that enables young dentists like me to learn the appropriate amount of dental knowledge.” She had also said that she would “recommend the courses at Dental Precision Academy to beginners and to people without prior clinician knowledge.”

About Dental Precision Clinic and Academy

Dental Precision is a dental implant clinic in Ashok Vihar with many top dentists serving it. They specialize in cosmetic dentistry and health dentistry in general. Dental Precision strives to better the dental scene of India.

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The Solution of the Internet Content Development through the Ultimate SEO Strategies

To help the internet marketers, bloggers, and website owners, AdHang Company provides the SEO services with the most ultimate strategies. Those strategies are proven to be very effective to gain more visitors and improve the traffic in Nigeria

Lagos, Nigeria - September 21, 2018: Along with the rapid development of the technology, the business owners must think more and deeply to gain more customers. The digital marketing is a great solution as it is more economical and accessible. Meanwhile, the chances of getting more customers and profits are also higher.

AdHang Company comes for the Nigerian to optimize their business through the right digital marketing. As the SEO experts in Nigeria, this company mainly focused on the SEO or the Search Engine Optimization strategies.

In general, the services offered are including the On-Site and Off-Site SEO optimization. The on-site SEO is related to the utilization of digital technology like the website development and analysis, SEO audit, and more. Meanwhile, the off-site SEO is more about the business itself as the industry, competitors, and so on.

The credibility of AdHang in improving the clients’ business marketing quality should not be doubtful. It is proven to be effectively able to provide the best internet visibility for the clients. Meanwhile, its team gives some other supports like the analysis of the customer behaviors and campaigns for the more sales.
It is not exaggerating that many clients of AdHang find their brand names are more recognizable after joining this company.

“AdHang is undeniably the best SEO Company in Nigeria. It has made marketing so much easier that it has ever been before. They are able to reach millions of Nigerian with their marketing skills. You should be able to see the effects of this through an increase in sales after you have secured their services.”, said the author of the content of

“AdHang identifies where companies are leaking marketing opportunities online and help fix them. Businesses around the globe get their Nigerian online marketing problems solved by AdHang” said one of the customers

About AdHang SEO Services
AdHang is the digital campaign and advertising company that has been established for years. It helps the clients to boost their business and the brand recognition as well as gain more customers and sales. The strategies provided by AdHang have passed through several stages before they are executed. Meanwhile, with the experts who work behind, the good results are something guaranteed. Many clients come to this company and interestingly, they are satisfied.

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The Innovative Political Campaign to Increase the Votes and Win the Election in Nigeria

AdHang offers many ways of fair political campaigns that are focused on positive sides and the achievements of the candidates. With some smart methods and strategies, it is proven that AdHang is able to increase the clients’ votes more than 60%

Lagos, Nigeria - September 21, 2018: For years, the political campaign in Nigeria remains hurtful. It even gave further problems even to the society in general, including the lacking of trust to the politicians. Meanwhile, in some cases, it even increases the chances for the politicians to corrupt for the sake of funding the campaign.

Based on that fact, Nigeria has renewed its political campaign by applying the new technology. It is with the expectation that the next campaigns are able to run more smoothly and of course fairly.

The most trusted technology-based election campaigning agency is AdHang. With the experts behind, AdHang is not only optimizing the use of technology but also do some other efforts to gain the voters. Of course, all the attempts are fair without straying from the corridors stated in the law.

There are some campaign types provided by Adhang. They are providing the name ID campaigns, the bio campaigns, the issue campaigns, comparison campaigns, micro or unstructured campaigns, and the Go out to Vote campaigns.

For all the campaign types mentioned above, there are strategies made based on the deep observations that have been conducted firstly. It is to make sure that the campaigns will be on points and avoid any risks that may suffer the clients. Indeed, politics is such a complex matter. So, the clients surely need to be really careful once they decide to join it.

“AdHang will professionally run your advertisement in Nigeria in such a way that is accurate, complete, and clear and design to promote credibility and trust by the Nigerian general public.” said one of the customers

At the end, it is easy to say that AdHang the Online Advertising Agency in Nigeria is a great solution to any business, including in term of political campaigns. They are able to work professionally with ethics and skills.”, an anonymous politician.

About AdHang Election Campaigning Agency
AdHang is the first internet advertising and the political digital marketing agency in Africa. By implementing the great strategies and techniques, it offers the clients the best ways to gain more customers and voters. This company is professional for any kind of business and industries including for the political campaigns.

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Thursday, September 13, 2018

When MapleStory 2 Released, U4GM Support Cheap Ms 2 Mesos With Fast Delivery

MapleStory 2 has long been in and out of shut beta tests to the past number of months, even so, the launch date to the free-to-play MMO has ultimately been introduced. The mushroom-hunting sport will arrive at all players on Oct. 10, in accordance to some news release from Nexon. Mesos is the main Currency of Maplestory 2, If you Need Mesos, U4GM Support Cheap Maplestory 2 Mesos When MapleStory 2 released.


Mesos trade is a frequent concern in just about all Maplestory. Regardless of it's a new game or an old one, Mesos trade exists, particularly in some substantial MMOs including Maplestory 2. As some players know, U4GM is No.1 Gaming Industry who sells Maplestory Mesos for greater than ten years. Indeed, Ms 2 Mesos is one of the services at U4GM Maplestory Team.

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MapleStory 2 is a free-to-play massively multiplayer online role-playing game. Just like other MMOs, MS 2 Mesos will help players to play much more smoothly. The primary consumption of Mesos is still the traditional strengthening system. It is one of the most useful tools. And it's quick to know why Ms2 Mesos is so extensively required.

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