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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Urban Network Digital/MIQ Annual Business of Music Conference Presents Gospel Day

For Immediate Release:

Urban Network Digital/MIQ Annual Business of Music Conference Presents Gospel Day - Featuring Inspired Women’s Power Panel and Gospel Artist Brent Jones, on Thursday June 8, 2017!

Los Angeles – May 31, 2017, the annual Urban Network Digital & MIQ Conference presents Urban Inspired Gospel Day celebration, Thursday, June 8, at the Hilton Hotel-Woodland Hills/Los Angeles.  Festivities begin at 1pm. The only event of its kind on the West Coast, the conference takes place over the span of three days: Thursday, June 8 through Saturday, June 10, 2017.

For 30 years, Urban Inspired Gospel Day has been a key component of Urban Network Digital & MIQ Conference. Gospel Day promises to present knowledge-packed informative "Powerhouse Panels" and an incredible finale - the Gospel Music Showcase featuring Southern California Gospel recording artist Brent Jones.

Thursday, June 8th - 1pm

James Jordan, President of LA based Seven 49 Group will moderate the first inspired panel; Marketing & Branding of Faith Based Music in A Social Media World. Confirmed panelists are: Jarrett Dyson, Director of A&R, RCA Inspiration-Nashville; Damon Stewart, President, IGATalent Management-Chicago; Leonard Thompson, CEO, MANDATE Records-San Diego; LaShawn Daniels aka “Big Shiz,” Grammy Award winning Songwriter-Los Angeles; Annilia Wright-Mosley, President-W’Righteous Records-Riverside, CA and Tim Trudeau, CEO, Syntax Creative-San Diego.

Lin. Woods, Gospel and Family Entertainment Department head of Urban Network Digital will moderate the latest addition to the conference, The Inspired Women’s Power Panel. The panel will feature dynamic women from the gospel and family entertainment industries.  Woods remarked, “We are excited to present for the first time from my department, a women’s power panel with women who have defined the industry and impacted our communities as we know it today." Influencers from promotions and marketing to publishing, distribution, and film will be present.  

Thursday, June 8th - 3pm
The Inspired Women’s Power Panel features Angela Jollivette, Host/Producer GRAMMY music series #Buzzin'- Los Angeles; Vicki Mack Lataillade, President, Central South Distribution and Lilly Mack Publishing - Los Angeles/Nashville; Neily Dickerson, President, the ND Co.- Los Angeles; Michelle Duffie, CEO, D3 Entertainment – Nashville; Angela White, Film Producer, Silver Lining Entertainment-Los Angeles; Reid J. Rich, President, Infinite Scope PR-Los Angeles and Adrian Anderson-President of Halo Tu’ Beauty, Motivational Speaker and GRAMMY Nominee/Los Angeles.

Both the women’s panel and the marketing/branding panel are presented in an intimate setting that lends itself to actual deal making between entertainment executives and conference attendees. These major-league speakers can help fast track careers in music entertainment. The Urban Network Digital/MIQ Conference’s powerhouse panels and showcases are fashioned for the aspiring and independent artists, producers, songwriters and music industry hopefuls.
Trendsetting Gospel recording artist Brent Jones said, “The networking and education about the music industry you’ll gain from attending the Urban Network Digital/MIQ Conference is priceless!”

Gospel Showcase - Thursday, June 8th - 8pm
Hosted by KJLH-FM's Aundrae Russell, Gospel Day ends on a high note at the Urban Inspired Gospel Showcase with a multi-layered mix of Gospel performances from Traditional and Contemporary Gospel to Christian Hip Hop lead by Urban Contemporary Gospel artist Brent Jones. Additional performers include Charlie Bareal, Michael Stuckey and Christian Hip Hop artists Lady Shofar, Tony Hayes, Egypt and Mista Cain

ABOUT URBAN  NETWORK DIGITAL Urban Network Digital is a spin-off of the Urban Network brand. This longtime entertainment industry publication and conference series were established in 1988. Urban Network Digital is an online portal and multi-media company whose digital platform covers the hottest new trends; new artists, radio air personalities, industry gossip, industry-insider information, gaming, lifestyle products, and executive interviews.
For more information about the conference and or Gospel Day, #StayConnected with Urban Network Digital,

For more information, contact: Tamre Twyman, PR
(661) 916-6963

Lin. Woods, Gospel & Family Entertainment  
(314) 389-6848               

Urban Network Digital Conference


VTIER announces 1 PB Managed Storage Capacity in 4U for under 30K

(Ashburn, VA, May 16, 2017) - VTIER Systems introduces its unique optimized data storage platform, the VTIER100, delivering 1 Petabyte of dynamic storage space in a mere 4U rack configuration.

On average, data storage requirements for an enterprise grows 40% to 60% year over year.
Industry experts recognize that approximately 70% of this data has little or no business value but companies have no way of determining which data to archive or safely remove. Not only is this expensive, but excessive data retention also creates a liability for the enterprise.

VTIER data management appliances and software reduces the data footprint by up to 75% using exclusive space saving algorithms and block tiering.

VTIER storage OS also has true scale-out architecture for block and object storage. VTIER dynamically analyzes your data and, based on the usage, moves it across different tiers. Rarely used data ends up in a compressed archive tier resulting in as much as 75% storage savings.

The VTIER Systems family of products are highly available and highly redundant by design. VTIER cloud based storage offerings also provide a perfect fit for any cloud infrastructure and VTIER appliance installation takes less than 30 minutes.

“Our software is designed for simplified management and highly customizable IO profiles” said Vikas Rana, founder and CEO of VTIER. “Every application can have a unique IO profile depending on the access pattern and response time requirements”.

“Scalable VTIER appliances are also a perfect fit for big data or datawarehouse implementation, added Rana. “With VTIER’s unparalleled space efficiency, big data implementation can be achieved with far fewer storage nodes, saving substantial space, power, and implementation costs. This will deliver exceptional value and ROI to users.”

VTIER’s enterprise class storage appliances costs as little as 2¢/GB.

For additional information about VTIER Systems data storage management,
Contact:   or phone: (844) 388-6088

About VTIER Systems

Founded in 2011, VTIER Systems is a leader in data management solutions and appliances and VTIER storage products are built on innovation, vision and value. Our passion is
exploiting tier-based storage technologies along with intelligent caching algorithms to automate data management enabling storage to adapt to business needs in real time. Storage has been too complex, too inflexible and too expensive for too long.

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How Guest Posting SEO Services Improve Your Brand Reorganization

Do you like to drive more traffic to your site in fashionable style? With the advancement in technology, everyone around the world is using the internet facilities so that it would be suitable for getting instant solution. Guest Posting SEO Services enables you to get the instant solution for bringing effective traffic visibility excellently. The process increases sharing of excellent method and ideas for developing inbound links for website so more people can access the website without any hassle. Guest postings are feasible tactic for generating traffic to reach business goal excellently and it also increases to boost your SEO in short time. Guest posting are valuable to the SEO and it helps the user to know about the service and assist in boosting the SEO. Most of the business owners are posting their content on the lower quality platform for gaining more links. Inappropriate process would definitely affect the process to achieve positive results. People who are seeking a perfect alternative can get this ultimate tool in the enticing way.  

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Client-Friendly Guest Posting SEO Service:

SEO acts as the superior benefit for small businesses overlook and they are abundantly customer friendly. Compared to traditional advertisement, Radio or TV, SEO is non-interruptive marketing which is quite easiest option for making the extensive marketing strategies. Growing the business audience using the professional guest posting has the true impact on SEO and it would automatically enhance the social media development, increases brand recognition, networking opportunities as well as better industry visibility.

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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Top Internet Entrepreneur Launches Free ‘7 Step Guide’ to Making Money Online

Simple Step-by-Step Guide to Making Money Online with No Experience
May 30, 2017:  Leading internet entrepreneur, Vick Strizheus, has announced that he is offering a ‘7 Step Guide’ to making money online for absolutely free. The system is built to teach ordinary, average people how to make $100 - $500 per day online with no experience. Vick is now offering this amazing and life changing system for a very limited time and is welcoming everyone to register.
“A Simple 1- 2- 3 Guide – that shows you exactly what to do to get results,” said Vick Strizheus while talking about his system. Most intriguing, registrants will “Be Part of An Active ‘$100,000 Campaign’ - literally watch step-by-step how we create a brand new campaign from scratch, start small and grow it go generating $100,000 in commission - all in real time, before your very eyes. (We call this "Operation $100K" and this is just 'next level' stuff),” he added. According to Vick, the best feature of this system is that it offers amazing content with no fluff at absolutely no cost.
SO…why is Vick offering this system for free? He has made a commitment to help 1,000,000 members create solid incomes online. He points out that there is so much theory, complexity, and overwhelm when it comes to learning how to make money online—people just need a simple, easy-to-follow system that can help them start generating money online right away. This once in a lifetime opportunity offered by the leading internet entrepreneur of the internet marketing industry is valid for only a short time and will expire soon.
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Sunday, May 21, 2017

‘Celebrating Congolese Culture’ -Covering, News, Events, Entertainment, Lifestyle, Fashion, Beauty & More

‘Celebrating Congolese Culture’ -Covering, News, Events, Entertainment, Lifestyle, Fashion, Beauty & More

Immediate Release: - 21st May 2017

This month celebrates the exciting re-launch of Congolese focused website ‘Congo DRC Online’ ( )which will feature the latest in Congolese news, fashion, music, entertainment, entrepreneurship and more.  

The idea of the site was born as a result of the lack of quality online entertainment news websites catering specifically to the Congolese community on a global scale. It will act as an influential hub where individuals can find out more about what is happening within their culture and celebrate the achievements of fellow Congolese individuals.

The site aims to unite and educate the community on everyday happenings relating to or affecting their culture as well as highlight and bring more awareness of key Congolese figures and Celebrities such as Award winning Supermodel and founder the Georges Malaika Foundation (GMF) Noëlla Coursaris , London based Award Winning Comedian Eddie Kadi, Swedish-Congolese R&B singer-songwriter and dancer Mohombi Nzasi Moupondo, Congo DRC based designer Rolly Moke, Belgian footballer Jeanvion Yulu-Matondo, , and many more. 

Congo DRC Online’s editor expressed “It’s great to have a one-stop place which features a bit of everything and appeals to the modern Congolese community. There are sites reporting and focusing on the political aspects, however we must also celebrate and share the good news of our role models”. 

For further information visit or email
Instagram: Congodrconline

About DRC
The Democratic Republic of the Congo (French: République démocratique du Congo), commonly referred to as DR Congo, Congo-Kinshasa or the DRC, is located in central Africa. It is the second largest country in Africa by area and the eleventh largest in the world. With a population of over 71 million, the Democratic Republic of the Congo is the nineteenth most populous nation in the world, the fourth most populous nation in Africa

Friday, May 19, 2017

@RealDonaldTrump to Reach 30 Million...Mostly FAKE Followers on Twitter

RealDonaldTrump Reaches 30 Million Mostly FAKE Followers on Twitter.png 

@RealDonaldTrump to Reach 30 Million...Mostly FAKE Followers on Twitter

Los Angeles, CA - Donald Trump will reach 30 million Twitter followers in a matter of days reports top PR firm Mohr Publicity.  Most of those followers, according to many social media experts, will be fake robots purchased to make the President’s Twitter page look popular.
“Donald Trump adds at least one purchased robotic follower per second,” said a representative of Mohr Publicity.  “These vacant, fake accounts have no activity, Tweets or profile photos.  Their primary job is to make the purchaser’s Twitter page look better than it is.”

Mohr Publicity contends that buying active, real followers should be the only choice for someone in the President's position.  "They The trouble with fake, cheap followers is that they tend to evaporate very quickly," says Mohr Publicity.  Usually, according to the firm, does not condone this type of marketing and will quickly remove any fake followers it finds. This explains why the people behind the marketing of Trump’s Twitter page are forced to add nearly 100,000 fake profiles to his Twitter audience per day...everyday.

This calls into question: Is the popularity of @RealDonaldTrump actually real?  While 30 million Twitter followers seems impressive, what does it actually mean when millions of these followers were purchased at bargain basement prices -- most likely from countries like Russia and the Middle East where the selling of cheap Twitter “bots” is big business? And why does the President-elect continue to pad his account to show additional growth?

“Today it is common for the most popular Twitter accounts on the Internet to be propped up by manufactured Twitter followers,” says Mohr Publicity CEO Sandra Mohr, "but we are in the business of delivering active USA Twitter followers so that our clients can be proud of the way their page looks when we are done.”  

To see the number of bots added per minute to the President’s page, simply click on his Twitter page “followers” button, and refresh to watch the bots marching in at about 60-100 per minute.

The emergence of social media over the past few years has given rise to numerous ways a public figure can promote their position.  Building a large “fan base” has become an important tool for marketing because it is one of the first ways the media and populace judge the “importance” of an individual.  Still, there is probably more value in using a reputable company like Mohr Publicity to build social media status properly.

With today’s innovative online promotional tools authors, musicians, actors, singers, politicians and filmmakers finally have a fighting chance to compete with the big leagues. Just be sure to go with a reputable PR agency like Mohr Publicity to start safe, genuine growth that attracts fans and traffic in the weeks and months to come.

About Mohr Publicity:
Mohr Publicity is a public relations agency built for the digital universe. They specialize in social media and Internet promotions including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest. Their companies Born To Be Viral and Next Big Thing News keep clients up to date on the newest Internet promotions. Mohr Publicity was established in 1997.

Denise Hubbard
Mohr Publicity is located in Los Angeles, CA
Phone: 213-446-6334

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Friday, May 12, 2017

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Monday, May 1, 2017

Tricks to Get Your Beloved One from BBW Dating Sites

Most of plus size people are unconfident with their size. As the result they tend to be a single for a long time although they want to find their beloved couple. Nowadays, this problem can be solved with BBW dating sites. There are several BBW dating sites available to accommodate plus size single to get their eternal love.  These are what you have to do to get your love and long term relationship partner from online BBW site.

Find the Best BBW Dating Sites
What you have to is finding a reputable BBW site first. There are several best BBW dating sites you can visit. Those are including LargerFriends.Com, BBWCupid.Com,, TheBigAndTheBeautiful.Com, and many more. Those BBW dating sites are considered as a reputable site because the team works professionally to help plus size women and men to get their long term relationship partner. By registering and entering those dating sites, you are included in a safe and comfortable environment while finding your beloved one.

Try to Put Your Real Personal Information
After registering as a member on one of the reputable dating sites above, you have to input your personal information. Try to give a real and the true condition about you. This is including using the latest photo without any editing. Definitely, it is very important especially if you really want to get a serious dating partner. Your real personal information is useful to find the other members who match with you. Most people are interested to a person who has similar personality. It is also good to make a short personal data to trigger curiosity but make sure that it is a true data.

Find the One You Really Want to Meet
It is better not to get closer to all of the members especially if you want to start a serious relationship. The best way is finding your best criteria. You may write down a list of plus size women or men you are looking for and ideal for your beloved one. The specific the criteria will be better. Then, start to find him or her on that dating site. It is okay to find more than one member who has similar characteristic. Later, you can make a score to classify which one of them will be the best dating partner.

Just be yourself while making conversation. Don’t try to be a funny or smart person only because you want to please them. Just control yourself and try to talk just like you. This is the relationship between your true personal data and the way you get your serious dating partner from reputable plus size dating sites.  
Contact Info:

For Media Enquiry:
Contact Person: Kenny Johnson
Telephone: 1-(858)-207-3575