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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

A Major Breakthrough in the Fight against Type II Diabetes: Drug Free “Reverse Diabetes Today” to the Rescue.

London, 21st  December, 2017– Modern medicine is failing miserably to stop diabetes and to save patients’ lives, this new approach is achieving 100% success in getting patients completely OFF diabetes meds and related drugs — and back to a healthy, normal life.

This groundbreaking protocol, Reverse Diabetes Today (TM), is the only clinically proven drug free system for reversing Type 2 diabetes and pre diabetes, while showing people with Type 1 how to dramatically reduce or even eliminate their insulin dose.

And chances are, you won’t hear or read about this system anywhere else, because it isn’t in the interest of pharmaceutical companies or medical professionals to inform you.
With traditional medicine, Diabetes will be a lifelong condition. Traditional medicine “fights” Diabetes through drugs that treat the symptoms of the disease, but never deals with the root cause of the problem

If you would like to learn how to treat your Diabetes permanently … without drugs, without risky gastric bypass surgery, without any typical Diabetes treatments, and without any side effects, then this will be the most important message you will ever read.

You’re will learn how you can take your health back and free yourself from the shackles of constant blood sugar readings and daily drug regimens just by clicking here.

Contact Us
Please send all inquiries to  or mail to Vital Life Education, Suite 30, 19-43 Edgware Road, London, W2 2JH.

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Friday, December 22, 2017


New back Pain Relief Product Now Available for order at

Rochester, NY 14606, 19th December, 2017- More than one-third of Americans in their mid-50s and older have chronic pain in their neck or back. More than one in five adults in their late 40s through late 80s have some other type of recurring pain. Chronic pain conditions increase rapidly from about ages 25 to 60.

If you suffer from chronic back pain and tried everything to get rid of it over the years, My BackPainCoach has come to the rescue.

With back pain the largest single global cause of disability, My BackPainCoach an online magazine will be raising awareness of occupational factors and how we can reduce the impact they have on our backs and necks. Heavy lifting, repetitive movement and sitting for long periods can all become painful over time; in fact back pain is one of the major causes of time off work, with workers sometimes out of action for weeks or months. It is for all Men and women of all ages and walks of life who want major relief from back pain.

 Ian Hart, CEO of My BackPainCoach runs a personal training company with multiple locations in several states. Here’s a typical morning at “the office.”
 We’ve grown quickly because our fitness and pain-relief formulas brings fast and dramatic results in a safe and effective manner.

My programs and businesses have been featured in publications and TV stations such as Men’s Health Magazine, OK! Magazine, SELF Magazine, GQ Magazine, Cosmopolitan Magazine, FOX Morning Show, NY1 News, CBS, plus much more.

People in over 27 countries have used our program to relieve their back pain. We are also fortunate to possess the internet’s largest video database of client success stories.
It was from all these success stories that My Back Pain Coach has grown.

                                 My Back Pain Coach Affiliates
You’ll earn 75% Commissions as an affiliate partner.
To sign up for our affiliate program, please enter your email address in the form below.
You’ll get updates about sales, promotions, bonus commissions and more so you can maximize your money from our partnership.
Get our best resources here.

  Contact Us!
We’re ready to provide any (any!) support you need.
You can contact us via email: and we’ll get back to you typically within 1 business day.
Our office is located here:
Rochester, NY 14606
We’ll be happy to answer any (ANY!) questions you have.
– Ian

Monday, December 18, 2017

PubHTML5, the Best Provider of Top End Flipbook Software in the World

PubHTML5 brings a new trend in the world of digital content creation, which will provide a more effective digital marketing solution.

Hong Kong, December 19th, 2017: PubHTML5 is a remarkable flipbook software developed by a digital publishing software company with the same name. This software lets the users to convert practically any types of printed material and PDF into an attractive and realistic page flipping animation media. It can be used to make various online publications such as e-brochure, e-magazine, e-book or e-catalog.

PubHTML5 can be used by simply everyone because it doesn’t require any technical or programming knowledge. The content is created in HTML5 so it is certainly readable. The publication made with PubHTML5 can be read with various devices from PC to mobile. This software promises 100% client engagement which means it is an excellent way to reach to new customers.

Controlling the whole production process will be very easy. Firstly, it is because the software is compatible with both Windows and Mac. Secondly, the users can insert myriad contents like music, videos, website or social media link that can support their promotion effort.

Most importantly, PubHTML5 is a SEO powered software. The content written on the publication made with this software is searchable via search engine. It means it can go hand in hand with the user’s SEO practice and targeted customers can easily find the interesting publications. It is also supported by Google Analytics. After uploading the publication online, users can track the number of visitors as well as the number of views on each page of the publication.

“We are eager to provide a cost effective marketing strategy for businesses who have decided to go digital with their catalogs, magazines or brochures. This flipbook software allows everyone to create attractive digital contents that can be easily found online by their targeted customers since it is SEO friendly,” said Anna Lee, Chief Designer of PubHTML5.

About PubHTML5
PubHTML5 is a leading HTML5 digital publishing software developer that aspires to create the best solutions which will make digital publishing and marketing more convenient. The company’s innovative software is dedicated to convert any types of PDF and printed material into attractive digital contents.
PubHTML5’s software is specially designed to revolutionize the world of digital publications by making sure that every content published can be viewed across various platforms and devices. Whether it is digital catalog, magazine or brochure, users will be able to easily convey their messages to wider range of readers, which will make digital marketing more cost effective.

For more information, please visit:

For media inquiries:
Anna Lee
Far East Consortium Building,
23 Des Voeux Road,
Central, Hong Kong

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Finding the Patch 1.05 update in the diverse areas of NBA 2K18

NBA 2K18 patch 1.05 update is obtainable on PlayStation 4. Gamers can also find the update on the diverse console including Nintendo Switch, PC, and Xbox One as well.  Visiting Nbamtcoins.Com helps gamer avail nba 2k18 mt in the most affordable cost to find the early edge in the gameplay of NBA 2K18.

considering general

Gamers find native 4K resolution at 60fps support append for the release of the new Xbox One X console. The photos of player action have been updated to incorporate the players in their new uniforms.  The personalized shoes are now a higher resolution while viewing upon the players in game. The developments of genuineness to Clippers, Spurs, and Magic 2017 to 18 uniforms occur. The progression of genuineness has been done to the 07-08 New Orleans Hornets uniforms. An issue is adjusted on XB1 in which GameDVR was not dealing with some users.  The Switch users reported the developments to the audio pops. An issue is fixed upon the Switch in which armpit hair was displaying as white or grey upon players that possess it. An issue is addressed in Play Now Online in which the incorrect trophy was releasing during the time of forwarding levels. With nba live mobile coins online, gamers can have the diverse customization options of players fast.

update for gameplay

An issue is fixed in which the Clipboard of Coach might display the incorrect matchup for a challenger. An issue is fixed that permitted players to flight a dunk and jump into another dunk after perform a drop step move. The shooting foul frequency is fixed as it is especially for well placed and higher ranked blockers. Several layups are adjusted that might tend to strike the bottom of the backboard during the time of performing of tall players. An issue is adjusted with the shot clock upon the broadcast scoreboard in which there might still be a very tiny amount of time after it arrived at 0.  The icons of all players must now be visible while reviewing the 3-2 Zone defensive set while a timeout is going on.

considering MyCareer

The suggested lineup of user is no longer relapse after arriving at a 90 overall while setting it in the menu of my minutes.  An issue is adjusted in which the VC harmonization is displayed at the conclusion of NBA games that was not exhibiting the accurate value. A hang is adjusted that might take place during the time of trying to depart from the MyCourt closet with a personalized made and equipped shirt.

about MyPlayer

The headband of MyPlayer now accurately colorizes along with his team associates.  A case is adjusted in which the users might be unable to get into a Team Practice when they had formerly planed to change to a diverse shoe company after shooting their shoe commercial.  An uncommon hang in which the game might fail to move forward at the ending of the 3PT contest while all-star weekend is going on.  The headphones of MyPlayer must not be unequal anymore unexpectedly during the time of performing diverse actions in the Neighborhood.  Buy nba 2k18 mt from Nbamtcoins.Com.


contact info
Skype: igxe.supplier2
Skype: fcbbuyer

Discussing FIFA 18 Leagues

Gamers can find FIFA 18 Leagues to play, as they are Premier league, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A, Ligue 1, and other leagues.  Every year, great deals of players like to know about the best league to play while building their squad. The answer is difficult to deduce, as there are many issues to be reckoned. The issues are budget of gamer, playing fashion, preferences, preferred formation, and the planning.  Knowing the pros and cons of each popular league helps gamer choose his preferred one. Visiting Fifa coins buy.Com helps gamer avail Fifa 18 Coins to start procuring the best players to make a superb FIFA 18 team fast.

considering Premier League  
The major football league in England functions fundamentally for the squads of FUT 18. Why does it occur? It happens because it is in which more individuals play the game. In addition, this league is thought as the most spectacular professional football league around the globe. However, there are more causes. Broadly speaking, this is one of the best FIFA 18 leagues to select to a squad though it is not the one with the best players in the game. On the other hand, there are more quality players in it in comparable to any other. Gamer does have a lot of options and potential variations to work out and it indicates that gamer can simply figure out a great team based on his choices. It is a matter of fact that the best players in the world appear form the other leagues. In addition, it is possibly not a disadvantage since they are too costly to purchase them.

There is still one more merit in Premier League. The issue is that this league does have huge players from the other countries while making it simpler for hybrid teams to be constructed and depended upon it.  Fundamentally, gamer can think that the only coins of constructing a squad depended upon players of Premier League in their higher cost. There is no other league that does have upper costs as this upper one does have. As the demand is higher in comparable to the supply, the costs of players start rising and surpassing what a gamer might pay for equivalent players from the other leagues.  Alexandre Lacazette, Bernardo Silva, Álvaro Morata, and Mohamed Salah appeared the great appending to this league; however, none of them did have a spot in the best team so far it is.  Buy Fifa 18 coins from Fifacoinsbuy.Com to pacify the dire needs of coins in FIFA 18.

stronger and weaker issues

Gamers can find great deals of quality options. It is simpler to construct hybrids. It is challenger and it is the costliest league.

The suggestion of squad is given here. David De Gea is chosen as GK. Kyle Walker appears as RB. Eric Bailly as CBR, David Luiz as CBL, Danny Rose as LB, and N’Golo Kanté as CDM are chosen. Similarly, Henrikh Mkhitaryan as RM, Eden Harazd as LM, Paul Pogba as CAM, Sergio Aguero as STR, and Romelu Lukaku as STL are also chosen in the prospective squad. Buy Fifa 18 coins from Fifadcoinsbuy.Com.

Contact info:
Phone: +1 530 264 8228

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Sea IPO floats high on Influent waters

HONG KONG – (NGT) Following a rocky October IPO, Sea - Singapore’s answer to video game giant Tencent - has apparently sought the aid of much renowned but little understood company Influent Technologies JV to boost engagement in its currently saggy virtual world offerings. Like Tencent, the company offers games for free, then collects money when players buy virtual items like armor, weapons or special skills. Perhaps Influent will prove the aphorism true, that all rivers do flow to the Sea.

Little public information is available about this proposed partnership, but concerned parties suggest it would parallel what Tencent is planning on doing for Snapchat by way of Influent’s advanced tools for organically growing user engagement. “The investment enables Tencent to explore cooperation opportunities with the company on mobile games publishing and newsfeed as well as to share its financial returns from the growth of its businesses and monetization in the future,” Tencent said in an emailed statement.

While Microsoft’s AI chat bots have struggled to penetrate the murky Chinese and South-East Asian markets due to ideological differences, Influent’s native success has been assured by a combination of superior adaptable technology and rumored strong backing from state actors who are alleged to use the technology for their so-called Water Armies.

When asked for comment on the matter, an Influent spokesperson sent along the following statement, a poetic passage which apparently describes the company’s logo:

Flowing down the mountain
Under impetus of stars
Water gives life
Colorful trees

No further comments were available.


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Phone: +441902214089

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Monday, December 11, 2017

South Austin locksmith announces new locksmith van

Austin, Texas December 15 2017 – Austin residents have a reason to celebrate since the rising demand for modernized locksmith tools and equipment has been met by South Austin Locksmith. South Austin locksmith has just purchased a new state of the art van which is becoming a favorite site to see in the city of Austin, especially while dealing with mobile locking services.

The van is designed specifically for the lock and key business; armed with removable storage spaces, thousands of blank keys, high-security locks, and key cutting equipment. To further help residents in Austin with all of their Austin emergency locksmith needs, a work bench, and equipment for programming transponder keys prepares them to handle complicated lock and key cases professionally. The new van will allow South Austin Locksmith to serve Austin’s residents promptly.

Other than improving their emergency mobile locksmith services, the company will benefit hugely in key cutting services, automotive lockouts, transponder key programming, and residential lockout. They get a good reputation for giving residents quality locksmith services using latest tools and more importantly, they are certified. This new state of art van will ensure that the people of South Austin access their locksmith services professionally. More and more people are losing their house keys; getting locked out of their cars or damaging transponder keys. This raises demand for locksmith services to a higher margin forcing lock and key business to find the right tools equipped to handle the rise in demand. South Austin Locksmith has decided to invest in modern equipment that will get the job done fast and meet every need of Austin’s residents. “we have to have everything we need on hand to effectively complete the job,”  they claim.

The van will also make it easy for them to go to their clients fully loaded without wasting time. Where time is not wasted, money gets saved too. The idea of a van will not only help them reach a wide area in a short period, but it will also grow their business. They have been serving the city of Austin for almost ten years. With a team of certified locksmiths, they have met the needs of Austin residents where locksmith services are concerned.

About South Austin Locksmith:

South Austin Locksmith has been serving the Austin communities for nearly a decade. South Austin Locksmith can be reached by navigating to their website For a free quote use the contact form on their contact page.

For Media Contact:

Company: South Austin Locksmith

Address: 501 E. Stassney Ln.

Austin, TX, 78745, USA

Phone: (512)-777-0915


San Antonio Car Key Pros announces new emergency locksmith services

San Antonio Car Key Pro’s a leading automotive locksmith in San Antonio formally announces the roll out of free emergency locksmith services whenever a child or pet is trapped inside of a vehicle within the San Antonio community.

Due to the continuous increase in casualties of kids recorded in the United States San Antonio Car Key Pros is offering a free emergency service to help curb the deaths of children and pets. This service is design to help every parent overcome every auto lock and security related issues.

“We felt that it was our duty as a professional locksmith service to help save the lives of children and pets. Because of this we are offering our emergency locksmith services in San Antonio free of charge to those who need us”. Mr. Carty the media manager said in a statement to media.
This new emergency locksmith service in San Antonio will drop all other locksmith calls and arrive to the location of the San Antonio resident where the child or pet is trapped inside.

“We really want to be on scene in under a few minutes, but in most cases we are able to arrive in under 15 minutes. Now that is super quick response to save the lives of children!” Mr. Carty concluded.

About San Antonio Car Key Pros:
San Antonio Car Key Pros is a professional locksmith company who has been in the area for nearly 5 years. Interested people are suggested to use the information below to contact them.
For Media Contact:
Company: San Antonio Car Key Pros
Address: 124 North Main Avenue,
San Antonio, Texas 78205
Phone: (210) 960-8984

# # #

Pros On Call Local Austin Locksmith Announces Grand Opening Of New Location

Austin, Texas | December 15th, 2017 – Pros on call a local Austin locksmith formally announced the grand opening event of its new location. Following a lot of interest from
Austin residents to extend its service closer to the center of Austin Pros on call will now be able to respond faster than ever to locksmith call in and around the city of Austin.

The Grand Opening event is expected to take place on January 31st 2017 to help ring in the new year and to celebrate their new locksmith location. Everyone is invited as it is free of charge.
Pros On Call is a renowned locksmith service provider in Austin Texas. They are known for their exceptional service provision, superior customer service and the delivery of high-quality products.

“We are so excited to make this announcement. I have been personally planning this Grand Opening event for our locksmith business in Austin for almost the whole year. We were planning on being in the new location in October but we ran into some obstacles. But now we are open and ready for business”. Mr. Uberoi the media manager for Pros On Call said in a statement to press this week.

For Pros On Call it has been a long time coming for this Grand Opening event. Their locksmith business is well equipped to handle all professional locksmith calls. And this new location is going to allow the company to better serve the Austin community.
“We have continued to make it part of our goal to put smile on every client that engage us on their project and that is also one of the reasons why we extended our services to this new facility”. Mr. Uberoi concluded.

About Pros On Call:
Pros On Call has been in business for over ten years of serving the Austin community, and due to the increased customer base. They have decided to extend their services to meet with other customers and prospects needs. They can be reached by using the information below to contact them.

For Media Contact:
Address: D201, 111 W Anderson Ln
Austin, TX 78752
Phone: (888) 601-6005

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Will Michele Obama return to ARMA resort for Bali Weight Loss?

After Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle’s, visit to ARMA resort in Bali last June-July time, it has been leaked that Michelle plans to travel back to Bali for the Bali Weight Loss resorts ( run by legendary Sophie Jones.

The Obama’s visited and spent time in the enchanting ARMA resort and Michelle especially “expressed interest in joining the Bali Weight Loss programs when they are launched in April 2018” a source close of the Obama’s tells us.

The retreat leader, Sophie Jones, is said to be launching a full program for weight loss, detoxification, Ayurveda and also influences of Chinese medicine. Alongside a medical doctor who is trained in both wester and also Eastern Chinese medicine the two plan to unveil something truly revolutionary that is said to “change how retreats will be run from now on” a critic told us.

Sophie Jones has been changing the retreats scene from over a decade with fun and interesting retreats held in North America from love and kindness retreats, to detoxes and of course her speciality “helping guests lose weight and take charge of their lives!” Sophie tells us in our interview last May.

Michelle Obama is said to have been very interested in returning to Bali for the launch of the new programs and is said to be a close friend of Sophie Jones yet Sophie declined to comment on this.

The programs to our knowledge so far from interviews conducted and what we have read from the website seem to demonstrate the full spectrum of Sophie’s accrued experience over the years. Based on what we have heard from one trial guest who went through a version of the program for testing purposes, “it’s fantastic, completely detoxed my entire system and renewed and mind and body. Oh yeah and I also lost 7 kilos of fat in the 18 days I was on the program. Really happy about it!”

Overall it sounds very positive and while we are still researching to bring more information regarding the programs to light, it may well be a good choice of retreat for losing weight. We shall have to see how things turn out as we approach closer to the launch date. Will Michelle book for the retreat? I think many are excited to know the answer!


Sophie Jones

Bali Weight Loss
Canggu, Mengwi, Badung
Bali, Indonesia


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Friday, December 8, 2017

i Flash Jump Launches Remarkable Hidden Spy Cam

i Flash Jump launches new hidden spycam in a form of USB charger. It comes with 32 GB storage, motion detector and video looping.

Shenzhen, December 8, 2017: i Flash Jump, a reputable technology and electronic company, has recently launched its newest product that is called Charger Camera. It is a small yet reliable spy cam that comes in a form of rectangular USB charger.

Click Photo to Get Hidden Spy Cam

This hidden camera is equipped with motion sensor, microphone, 32GB of storage and it is also capable to record 1080P full HD video and audio. Due to those excellent features, this product is suitable for various home surveillance activities, from preventing theft to monitor babies and pets while the owners are away.

One of the best things about this new invention is it is very easy to use. Once the USB charger camera is plugged into the wall outlet, the camera will start recording and it will not stop until it is unplugged. Even though the memory is full, the earliest recording will be deleted so that the storage will have more room for new recordings.

It has wide viewing angle, which is capable to capture any activities in the room. Furthermore, since it looks like any ordinary USB adapter, unlike conventional surveillance camera, this product will not raise any suspicion.

To view the recordings, simply unplug the camera, and then connect it to the computer using a USB cable. The developers intentionally make it compatible with both Windows and Mac so that more users can take advantage of this new product.

“The demand for reliable hidden spy cam is on the rise nowadays due to the increased security concern. With our Charger Camera, i Flash Jump strives to provide the best product that our customers can trust,” said a representative of i Flash Jump.

A reliable security camera is highly needed in this modern age. However, since the cost of operating conventional surveillance camera is really high, it is a privilege that only a certain class can enjoy. i Flash Jump wants to change that paradigm by  launching an affordable product that can be used by everyone.

About i Flash Jump
i Flash Jump Electronic Inc. is a world leading video products manufacturer. Some of the main products this company has invented include audio recorder, mini camera video, as well as recorder and enforcement instrument data acquisition and management system. i Flash Jump is able to create groundbreaking video recorder technology because it has professional research and development team that puts quality and spirit to make innovative products before anything else.

For more information, please visit:
Amazon Storefront:
Contact info:
Twitter: @iflashjump


Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Cosmoderma Clinic Offers Lower Cost Hair Transplant in Pakistan During December

Cosmoderma is the best place to get hair transplant surgery in Pakistan. This clinic offers a lower cost procedure for its patients during December.

Lahore, December 7, 2017: Cosmoderma is one of the most reputable hair transplant clinics in Pakistan and it is known to perform the best Follicle Unit Extraction (FUE) procedure in the country. As a token of gratitude for its loyal customers as well as to promote the benefit of FUE to even more people, Cosmoderma offers lower hair transplant surgery cost in December.

One of the most popular procedures in this clinic is FUE and it offers more benefit compared to FUT and other older hair transplant method. Fue hair transplant Pakistan, especially in Cosmoderma is very famous worldwide because it is cheaper but in the same time promises more successful result.

FUE is a more effective hair transplant method because it doesn’t require incision and stitches, hence quick recovery time. Furthermore, the follicles that can be the donor are not limited to hair on the head, but also body hair. It is a more complicated procedure compared to FUT, but Cosmoderma has many surgeons experienced in this area.

“Follicle Unit Extraction is getting more popular and we have seen many foreigners who look for the best hair transplant Pakistan came to our clinic. We offer lower hair transplant cost during December so that more people can feel the benefit of high quality hair transplant surgery in Pakistan,” said a representative of Cosmoderma Clinic.

The most important reason for Cosmoderma’s quality and popularity is the surgeons working in this clinic. The surgeons at this clinic are able to work fast and accurately. Averagely they transplant around 2,000 to 2,500 per day. Furthermore, Dr. M. Ahmad Chaudhry, one of the doctors in Cosmoderma, is a respected hair transplant surgeon not only in Pakistan but also overseas. He studied in reputable medical school and now he uses his knowledge and experience to give the patients thicker and healthier hair.

About Cosmoderma

Cosmoderma is a leading hair transplant clinic Pakistan that has made the dreams of hundreds of patients from all over the world to have thicker hair come true. The cost of the procedure in this clinic is around 120 rupee/graft, and it is very cheap, especially considering the advanced equipment the clinic provides as well as the result it delivers. Cosmoderma also has some of the best doctors in the field which improve the success rate of each procedure. The clinic opens every Monday to Saturday from 9.00 AM to 5.00 PM.

For more information, please visit:

For media inquiries:

Cosmoderma Hair Transplant Clinic Pakistan

31 A- Ali Zeb Road Block C- 3 Gulberg-3

Firdous Market – opposite Total Pump

Lahore -Pakistan

Tel: +92-42-35874529 & 30

Mobile: +92-333-430-99 99



Friday, December 1, 2017

Russian businessman Sergei Gordeev can testify in the case of Suleiman Kerimov, who is detained in Nice

Russian businessman Sergei Gordeev, majority shareholder and president of PIK Group, can testify in the case of Suleiman Kerimov detained by law enforcers in Nice, who in 2009-2013 was one of the largest shareholders in PIK Group.

The AFP agency reported quoting its sources that Kerimov is suspected of concealing tens of millions of euros from the tax authorities when buying a villa on the Cote d'Azur at second hand. Kerimov may be one of the largest owners of real estate, although his name is not officially concerned with any property, the spring edition of Nice-Matin reported.

Let us remember that in 2009 Suleiman Kerimov became the owner of a 25% stake in PIK Group, increasing it later. In late 2013, he sold a 36% stake in PIK Group to Sergei Gordeev and Alexander Mamut. According to our sources, Suleiman Kerimov is willing to tell French law enforcement authorities about money-laundering, tax evasion in 2009-2017, as well as real estate and money on accounts of a number of Russian officials and businessmen in European and American banks, including Sergei Gordeev, who owns a number of companies and real estate in Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Cyprus. Therefore, it is quite possible that in order to protect his assets, companies and to avoid arrest in Europe and the US the current owner of PIK Group will also testify for European law enforcement authorities concerning the affairs of Suleiman Kerimov, since he has certain information on Kerimov's business.

We remind that in May 2017 Russian law enforcement authorities searched the main office of PIK Group in the criminal case of inflicting damage on the Dynamo sports society.

The US Financial Crimes Enforcement Network in Europe and a number of other countries became much more active in its requests for information on Russians. The reason for this is that at the beginning of the next year a new sanction list of Russian oligarchs and officials will be announced. The unclassified document will contain information on their assets, including those of foreign origin. Sergei Gordeev will also be on the list.

Natalya Sobol,
tel. +7 (495) 505-97-33
19 bld. 1, Barrikadnaya street,
Moscow, Russia