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Monday, October 29, 2018

Mathom Solutions Introduced Two New Acquired Websites

Mathom Solutions, a consulting agency, has acquired two new websites into their internet property ownership. This article explains the role of the service and those two websites.

Mathom Solutions has recently added internet properties into their website portfolio by acquiring two more informational websites: Modern Beddings and GreenhouseXpress. These two sites will be added to their portfolio of informational websites namely: Plasma Cutter Pro, Tactical Flashlight Expert, Compulsive Outdoors, and Adorned Man.

About Modern Beddings

Modern Beddings is a web portal for those who want to find the latest bedroom and interior designs. It hopes that people get a lot of ideas and inspirations about the design they want to apply for their home improvement projects. Therefore, the website is not only offering the bedroom and interior designs but also some valuable tips for the visitors. The tips help people to manage their home or building better than before. As the result, the home will be more interesting and fresher in the most convenient way. The website is trying to show that managing a house is not as expensive as people can imagine. Sometimes, there are simple ways that they don’t realize but it gives a significant impact to the interior of the house. At the same time, the information presented on the website is showing that managing interior and bedroom can be done comfortably more than the expectation.

About GreenHouseXpress

On the other hand, people need to support their house with a garden to keep the surrounding warm and beautiful. Mathom Solutions sees that it is very important to give some gardening solutions. Due to this reason, this website is acquired GreenHouseXpress which focuses on anything related to organic gardening and greenhouse. This website is developed for those who want to learn how to create a greenhouse and the way to use it maximally. Furthermore, people who are interested in organic gardening such as the way to start it, the things they need, tips, and also the benefits can visit the website. The point of this website is to help people to do organic gardening in the most fun way. It hopes that people can see a beautiful garden at home and they can harvest some of them to fill their daily needs. This website is also the way to share healthy gardening which is more environmentally friendly and also the way to produce healthier cooking ingredients. Hopefully, by acquiring those two websites, Mathom Solutions can help more people to solve their problems in the simplest and efficient way.

About Mathom Solutions:

Mathom Solutions is a small consulting agency which focuses on the internet and international business. They have developed several internet and software programs for financial and corporate institutions. Now, they have two new acquired websites namely Modern Beddings and GreenHouseXpress.

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Friday, October 26, 2018

Floating Massage Spa Yacht on the Caribbean Sea - Virgin Islands St Thomas St John

“ZunZun Sailing Adventures provides unique and distinctive experiences, including Overnight Cruises and Day Sails aboard a Floating Massage Spa, ensuring the best way to truly enjoy the Caribbean.”

Zunzun Sailing Adventures launched new services for exploring the Caribbean, one of the most popular vacation destinations in the world. This company provides new and unique yacht services and floating massage spa for their guests. This new offer is quite unique and exclusive, perhaps the first in the world, where people can enjoy Caribbean Sailing Excursions while enjoying massages and relaxing body-work in a completely different way – on the open sea!

ZunZun Sailing’s parent company has more than 24-years’ experience in this charter industry and over 40 years in the spa industry. As you might imagine, this is not the first time they have created unique packages for their cherished clients, however a Floating Spa reaches the pinnacle of creative offerings. Moreover, they also provide limited accommodation for their guests, for three to ten nights aboard the gorgeous Virgin Islands based Catamaran yacht, and even offer fine-dining level meals, beverages and many watersports activities - right from the vessel.

Spa services aboard the yacht are quite similar to what you would expect from most any spa or health-center on-land and range from therapeutic pain relief to Swedish relaxation massages, reflexology and body-wraps, private beach massages and more! Where possible, they source their all-natural products locally and all are organic or wild-crafted. The focus is on ensuring their guests achieve relaxation and exhilaration by the conclusion of their time aboard the yacht!

Past guests have been known to have stated: “We Enjoy the Exciting and Relaxing Adventures Aboard Zunzun Sailing Yacht & Floating Spa Not to Escape Life, but for Life Not to Escape Us!”

The new and unique yacht charter also offers Day Sails from St. Thomas or St. John, United States Virgin Islands. These are All-Inclusive Vacation experiences exploring several Caribbean islands and destinations. Options include enjoying full-day, half day or sunset cruise adventures – including snorkeling equipment, unique floats to simply relax, snacks, fresh BBQ lunch, bottomless beverages and more. They also provide overnight accommodations for groups of guests from three to ten nights.

“Combining massage spa services and charter yacht experiences and adventures just seemed to make sense for our loyal client-base. The guest can visit our website or app, learn where the yacht will be for the day and come on out for a relaxing spa day. Or guest groups can arrange overnight cruises or go out on the boat for a full or half day of sailing to different destinations while receiving world-class bodywork to maximize their relaxation and really get the most from their Caribbean vacation. It’s their day, their way aboard ZunZun Sailing Yacht & Floating Massage Spa”, said Marketing Director Rich Sadler.

Typically found on their own private mooring at Secret Harbour on the east-end of St Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands, Zunzun Sailing Yacht & Floating Spa also make frequent appearances at various bays around the islands. Availability, present location of the vessel, offering and specials can be found on their website or app.

About ZunZun Sailing Adventures

As the only company providing unique spa and bodywork services aboard gorgeous destination yachts in the Caribbean, ZunZun Sailing Adventures’ parent company has been chartering and offering spa & natural health-related activities for over four decades. And now they have combined it all for a one-of-a-kind, relaxing and rejuvenating vacation experience like no other.

For Media Inquiries



Phone: 340-775-5029

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Nigeria On News Launched to Share Interesting Topics about Nigeria

Some people want to know more about Nigeria. is launched to accommodate recent news about Nigeria

In the internet era, people want to find any kind of information fast from their devices including news. A Certain country’s latest condition is always interesting to know. At the same time, some people also want to report the condition of the country to the world to get their attention. A Nigerian news portal is released due to those reasons. As a portal to know everything about Nigeria, Nigeria On News is designed just like an e-newspaper where visitors can read interesting Nigerian today headlines and choose their favorite one. They just need to click the headline and read the complete news.

The challenge of reading news online is to differentiate between fact and fake news. This website is developed professionally to keep its reputation. The news posted on the site will be written and reported by the news reporters in Nigeria. Just like any other news reporters, they will go to a certain place to make a report and write all the important detail. Then, they will rewrite the detail into interesting news without losing the facts. Readers have to know before posting it to the website. The point is that Nigeria On News is trying to develop into a reputable news portal for everyone around the world who want to know about Nigeria and its people. The news is supported by related images to keep the readers comfortable and imagine what they read.

In the feature, the website is developed to cover some interesting topics about Nigeria, which make people more curious about this country. There will be a topic about politics, health, technology, business, and many others. Indeed, this website is served for Nigerians and people around the world to broaden their understanding of the actual conditions in Nigeria based on the topic they have chosen before. The point is that looking the latest information about a certain country such as Nigeria is easy to do now.

A website is an effective medium to share the latest conditions, facts, and developments as well as to know the news in the easiest and fastest way. The readers just need to go to this website and check out the breaking news in Nigeria today. The most interesting part is that people can access the news easier than before because they just need to access it from their lovely devices. It seems that the launch of this website is able to attract people, including travelers, business owners, healthcare organizations, artists or anything to do some cooperations with Nigeria.

About Nigeria On News:

Nigeria On News is a news portal about Nigeria. It covers all aspects and interesting topics including health, politics, entertainment, education, and many more. It is designed to show the latest condition of the country to the world.

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New Website Announced to Inform Upcoming Events in Nigeria

Event to go now is launched to share upcoming events in Nigeria to the world. This article explains what to expect from the website.

There are many ways to promote a country to the tourists. One of them is by creating an event and inviting them to come. A Website is an effective way to inform people around the world about the event listing. Then, people see the complete information about the events and come to the country to enjoy the event. People are able to see the information anytime and anywhere as long as they are connected to the internet.

Just like any other countries, Nigeria is trying to promote their country to be part of the tourism destination. is launched to let people around the world know Nigeria closer, before they come to this country. Moreover, this website is also a portal to check the upcoming events in Nigeria. This website is not only developed for people who want to know more about Nigeria and the upcoming events but more than that, it is also used for event organizers in Nigeria to organize their events well. In the future, people around the world are able to check the complete information about any kind of events whether in Nigeria or worldwide. It is the portal to check anniversary, concert, crusade, and many other events. Event organizers are able to submit the announcement of the events easier and faster. To accommodate event organizers to share their events, the website is developed in free of charge.

One of the interesting and popular events is a music festival. Music is universal and all people can enjoy it anytime and anywhere. Music can also unite people around the world in one. This is also a good strategy for Nigeria to invite tourists to come and explore the country. This is the reason why people love to come to a music concert and festival and wait for such kind of events. is trying to accommodate all types of events including music concerts or festivals. Later, the website can be the place for anyone who is looking for a trusted music shows online event listing site. By launching this website, it hopes that people around the world know Nigeria well. As the result, they are curious about this country and finally, decided to visit it not only to enjoy the events but also to get closer to the real life in Nigeria. The most important thing is that people get easy access to find the events they want to visit in Nigeria so they can prepare everything well before going there.

About Event To Go Now:

Event To Go Now is a website which developed to promote events in Nigeria. By using this website, people around the world are able to check the upcoming events in Nigeria. Finally, they can decide to visit Nigeria for the next holiday.

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Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Author Dr. Melissa Caudle Releases Her First Fiction Psychological Thriller on Halloween, October 31, 2018

A masterful original novel debut, set in New Orleans, LA in 2058 delving into the underbelly of political corruption through the eyes of a grief-stricken private detective after a serial killer murdered his sister.

New Orleans, LA  – 10/23/2018 - Dr. Melissa Caudle, author, launches her novel “The Keystroke Killer: Transcendence Part I”: a science fiction psychological thriller made available on October 31, 2018 on and Kindle. Published by Open Door Publishing Company, this novel is a riveting twisted tale as Matthew Raymond, a private detective is locked into a maze of deceit after the disturbing 2053 murder of his sister, Livia igniting a search for her killer and answers to the mysterious questions that lurked around her death. Matthew discovers himself immersed in a city where the wealthy and corrupt politician’s rule and a serial killer on the loose. Our hero plunges himself in a cunning game of cat-and-mouse.
Caudle wrote “The Keystroke Killer: Transcendence” first as a television pilot series with 67 episodes. “I lived and breathed with these characters,” Caudle said. “I know them very well. Some scare the daylights out of me. And, yes, there is more than one serial killer.” Her passion for science, science fiction and psychological thrillers leaps from the pages with every sound, every breath, every heartbeat and every death. “This novel isn’t for the faint of heart. It is dark and twisted,” Caudle said. “It makes Silence of the Lambs look PG.”
"Full of shocking twists, turns and flips that will blow your mind, and have you turning the page begging for more." Jeffrey Jordon, SAG Actor
“An electrifying debut with unexpected turns and twists.” Robby Cook Stroud, Literary Agent
“Truly wicked and powerful. A page turner.”  Rockin Dopsie Jr., Grammy Nominated Zydeco Musician
ABOUT DR. MELISSA CAUDLE - Dr. Melissa Caudle is an American author of more than a dozen books. “The Keystroke Killer: Transcendence” is the first in the saga series with five more novels already plotted. This winter, Caudle will release two more novels, Never Stop Running and A.D.A.M. For more information contact the author direct at 504-301-8000 or email her at  or visit her website:
Name: Author Dr. Melissa Caudle
Address: 35 Platt Street, Kenner, LA 70065
Phone: (504) 467-7181

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Create Online Exams/ Tests/ Quiz or Offline Exam Simulator Is Easy Now

Xexam comes with online exams solutions to enable people to create an online test for various purposes. Now the customers will find it easier to create online quiz/ tests/ exams with the features provided.

Creating questions for online quiz or exams is not difficult to do anymore. Xexam provides various interesting features that can be used to help people to prepare online examinations. With the help of the service provider, the test created can be completed just within minutes. It will really save the customers’ time and energy.

Xexam is a service provider that specializes in providing online exam solutions. The site helps to make the creation process of the online test will be much easier to accomplish. In addition, Xexam also provides user-friendly services for both online and offline. There will be an offline exam simulator that the customers can use. In this way, the site users can create an online examination in much easier and effective ways.

The features provided by Xexam include private access that will allow the site's users to create students’ accounts. The customers can assign the accounts an online examination, test once permissions, and more. Meanwhile, the multi types of questions offered by the agency include multi-choice, single choice, audio, and video. Using the company’s services to create online exam is also very interesting. There will be test paper user groups to enable more students to have access to the same exam at a time.

“Create online exams or tests is very easy. It takes only two minutes to complete the creation of the of an exam. Use our batch import feature, including explanations,” said one of the company’s representatives. There is also test Once for school’s real exam feature which can be applied for college, university, high schools, and even business company to do real exams. The students can do the test only once. However, the customers can reactivate it later for different students.

About Company
Xexam is a service provider that mainly focuses on providing online exam services for customers. The site provides solutions for those who want to create online exams for students as well as an exam simulator to make things easier. Xexam also gives an opportunity to sell their exams’ prep test questions. The customers can list the online test they have created before on the company’s market. They will get sales revenue over the prep test questions listed on the Xexam’s market. For more information about Xexam, please feel free to visit

Contact Info:

Phone: US:1-888-357-8338
UK: 0-800-088-5156
China : 170-021-33899

Sahel Rafael Tamayo Says that US Economy Is Strong, and the Poor Needs to Learn Some Skills

Sahel Rafael Tamayo reveals that poverty can actually be avoided by one thing, learn skills. The more skills that people have, the more valuable they will be.

Sahel Rafael Tamayo has just made a powerful statement related to how to reduce poverty in the US. The entrepreneur sees that the US economy is exceptionally strong now and poor people need to learn skills in order to survive. He believes that people will become more valuable if they have more skills they can use in real life.

Mr. Tamayo is a Cuban American entrepreneur with a respected reputation in the economy of the United States. He is a successful business owner, investor, as well as a business executive. Mr. Tamayo is the expert in credit industry and finance. His contribution in the growth of the two fields has brought them into the new level in the US economy. Mr. Tamayo built his own online credit company, that has grown into one of the leading companies in the industry. This makes him becomes more popular among American entrepreneurs.

Mr. Tamayo believes that learning skill is the most effective way for the American people to avoid poverty. They need to have both hard and soft skills to get hired or even establish their own company. In this way, they will be able to win the hard competition in the US economy. He also points out the importance of financial education for the poor to help them manage their finances. They need to know how to allocate their income well and create wise financial decisions.

Mr. Tamayo stated that “What could close the wealth and income gap? Generally, recessions do a good job of leveling playing fields, yet a healthier way to close the income gap is through the targeted policy. More works at higher wage would bring low-income classes up at a higher rate, particularly if the jobs, as well as stimulus programs, are targeted toward the minorities.”

About Sahel Rafael Tamayo

Sahel Rafael Tamayo is a respected investor, business owner, and a business executive. This young entrepreneur has an important contribution to the growth of the credit industry and finance. Mr. Tamayo is a Cuban American that now is developing an online credit company of his own that is and becomes the founder as well as president of it. He has made the company becomes one of the most trusted credit repair companies in the USA. For more information about the entrepreneur, please visit

Contact info:

Lucas Denovo





Wednesday, October 17, 2018

4ox! Releases His Latest Single, “I Miss You" on October 26

Tony Eason (4ox!) has just announced the release date of his 2nd single. The song will be on all streaming services in the United States on October 26, 2018.
Tony Eason or more popular with his stage name, 4ox! has just revealed the launching of his latest single entitled “I Miss You” on October 26, 2018. Just like his previous singles SAD that gained great success,  all around the United States, this newest single will also be in the form of electronic pop-punk Style. The release is hoped to be another big hit of 4ox! in the streaming services.

Tony Eason is not only a singer but also producer and songwriter who has shown his talent and passion in music since he was very young. The singer was born in Christchurch, New Zealand and was raised in a family that very closed to music. Both his mother and grandfather could sing while playing various musical instruments.
The upcoming single, “I Miss You” mainly tells about the regret that someone has to feel due to painful separation. It also tells about the self-doubt that somebody should carry on his relationship. It is a feeling that almost everyone has ever experienced in their lives. This latest single is predicted to gain big success just like the previous singles. This will bring Tony Eason to the new level in the music industry and makes him a star.

“I Miss You’ Is about that feeling of regret after a separation when you hear it's pretty obvious when you hear what I’m singing. The song is also about the self-doubt in a relationship when you feel like you are coexisting and not ‘Together’ as such. And all the different thoughts going through your head. I wanted it to feel bittersweet like the feeling of getting back together but the uncertainty still in your mind” Tony (4ox! On his single).

About Artist
Anthony Charles Eason or Tony Eason is singer, songwriter, and producer. He was born in Christchurch, New Zealand and has had a strong passion for electronic music since he was an early age. This 21 years old talented singer has just started his first debut single in a electronic pop-punk genre and uses 4ox! as his stage name in the music industry. His first single SAD is a big hit in streaming services with more than 10,000 streams just within 3 weeks after it was released for the first time.
Mike Nicholas:

Nigerian Digital Marketing Solutions for Foreign Cosmetic Companies

AdHang comes with a new revolutionary plan this year to focus mainly on providing solutions in the digital marketing field for foreign cosmetic companies. In this way, they will be able to create a new market for their products in Nigeria.

AdHang recently sets focus to provide digital marketing solutions for foreign skin care companies in Nigeria to popularize their products. The idea behinds the company decision is, that foreign companies mostly do not have the proper understanding needed to attract local people’s attention. Being established in Nigeria more than 10 years of experiences, AdHang has all the sources needed to help the customers find their place in the country. The service provider believes that the solutions provided will be able to give valuable assistance to foreign cosmetic companies to reach more customers in the country.

AdHang is a cosmetics marketing company in Nigeria that has helped many companies to achieve their marketing goals through digital marketing solutions. The service provider employs various components of online marketing that will be beneficial the most for the customers such as internet display marketing and social marketing. Either the online advertising in Nigeria done by the foreign companies is aimed to establish the brand, educate the users, increase brand awareness, or improve demand, AdHang will provide all the solutions needed.

“ provides a full service of cosmetics advertising in Nigeria in order to help you conduct profitable digital marketing. They are able to reach millions of Nigerians with their marketing skills. You should be able to see the effects of this through an increase in sales after you have secured their services. The first thing you will notice is that AdHang makes the extra effort to really get to you, your business, and what you perceive to be your marketing needs – all of which lies at the very core of Internet advertising. They will use that information to form a strategic marketing plan, perfectly tailored to the needs of your particular business,” one of the reviews made by BrowseBrisk.

About Company

AdHang is a company that provides digital marketing solutions for every business owner to develop their business. The internet marketing agency is located in Nigeria and has provided services to many organizations in the country as well as many country in the world. AdHang has more than a decade of experience in the industry and becomes the country’s leading company in digital marketing. The online marketing solutions offered by the company include providing online display advertising, search engine marketing, social media marketing, content marketing, etc.

Media Contact

Name: Buchi



Office: Office: D 07 Century mall, St.Patrick's junction, Ojo Alaba international market, Lagos, Nigeria.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

AdHang Is Set to Focus in Providing Services to Foreign Companies in Nigeria

This Digital Marketing Agency has just announced the company’s plan to put their concern mostly at the foreign companies in Nigeria. The service provider will help foreign companies to reach more customers in the country through digital marketing.

This Nigeria online marketing agency recently announced the company’s plan to put their main focus on giving services to foreign countries that intend to reach more clients in Nigeria through internet marketing. With the services provided, the foreign countries from USA, India, UK, etc, will be able to create the best digital marketing strategy to popularize their brands in Nigeria.

AdHang is one of the best marketing agencies in Lagos, Nigeria. The company focuses on providing digital marketing services for the customers to improve their business. The agency has more than 10 years of experience and helped many big companies and institutions in Nigeria and Africa. The team will help the customers to engage with millions of Nigerian people through mobile marketing, social media marketing, online display advertising, content marketing, search engine marketing, and influencers marketing strategies provided by the company.

The current plan of AdHang to focus more on the foreign companies will make it possible for them to improve their business in Nigeria through the digital marketing solutions provided. This is also aimed to increase people’s awareness toward their brands. AdHang will help foreign companies to create short internet videos, search engine optimization (SEO), online banners, online ads, email marketing, forum posting, and much more. In this way, the companies will be able to reach their marketing goals easily.

“We like AdHang – online agency from Nigeria because they work in simple steps that are explained nicely. The process is designed to be easy to understand for every customer. After you acquire them choosing the plan that suits you, the teams will start working for you. In the end, it is easy to say that AdHang the Online Advertising Agency in Nigeria is a great solution to any business. They work professionally, with great ethics, skills, and dedication. They represent a real refreshment in the advertising world”, said one of the customers.

About Company

AdHang is a company that specializes in providing full service in digital marketing. The company is headquartered in Nigeria and has become the leading company in the country’ digital marketing industry. It has 10 years of experience in serving many companies and organizations not only in Nigeria but also most countries in Africa. The services provided by the company include content marketing, online display advertising, social media marketing, search engine marketing, and more. This is one of few digital marketing agencies in Nigeria with a respected reputation both in local and international.

Media Contact

Name: Buchi



Office: Office: D 07 Century mall, St.Patrick's junction, Ojo Alaba international market, Lagos, Nigeria.

AdHang to Handle Online PR of Foreign Companies in Nigeria

One of AdHang service is nigerian press release distribution company that focuses on helping the foreign companies that want to expand their product marketing in Nigeria. The company will help the foreign institutions with the professional press release distribution in Nigeria so that their messages can be conveyed well.

The growth of the economy in Nigeria leads many foreign companies from India, UK, USA, and others to expand their business in the country. AdHang as a leading digital marketing in Nigeria has set a plan to provide valuable assistance to the foreign companies to market their products and grab more customers in the country. The company provides press release distribution services in Nigeria that will make the online marketing strategies applied run effectively.

AdHang is a digital marketing company that is trusted by many organizations both in Nigeria and Africa. There are many kinds of services provided by the agency to help business owners to improve their products market in the country. One of the main services offered is press release distribution to enable the clients to increase people awareness toward their brands.

The Nigerian press release distribution by AdHang will make it possible for the customers to get massive publicity online. In this way, they will be able to improve visibility and exposure to new audiences through the press release distributed online. Through the best press release provided by the agency will enable potential customers in Nigeria to get all information related to the great services, products, and news from the foreign companies.

“When you hand over your job to AdHang, they first do the most difficult task of finding your exact target audience and then they educate that audience about your missions. They do this with the help of the most innovative minds in the field of public enlightenment throughout the industry. You can watch on WebSphere on a daily basis how AdHang’s professionals reach out to the most relevant audiences that are important to you”, said one of the reviewers.

About Company
AdHang is an agency that comes with specialization to provide digital marketing solutions for companies to effectively market their products. The company is sited in Nigeria and has been in this industry for more than a decade. The services provided come with a wide range of selection that the customers can pick up include Nigerian media release publishers. Either it is simply to popularize brands, increase demands, establish brands, or educate the customers, AdHang can do them all for the company uses their services.

Media Contact
Name: Buchi
Office: Office: D 07 Century mall, St.Patrick's junction, Ojo Alaba international market, Lagos, Nigeria.

Dr. Green Wins Prestigious Stukent Professor of the Month Award

Dr. Daryl D. Green was recently awarded the Stukent Professor of the Month in October. This honor is given due for his contribution in providing a revolutionary digital learning experience to students.

SHAWNEE, OK, October 16, 2018 – Dr. Green recently received the Stukent Professor of the Month in October. The award was given to him for his tireless efforts to create opportunities for the students on a digital platform.

Dr. Daryl D. Green is a respected professor whose works, researches, and scientific writings have been acknowledged both in the United States and in international level. The professor now serves as Dickinson Chair in the Oklahoma Baptist University (OBU). Dr. Green also previously served as a senior program manager for the Department of Energy for more than 20 years before he retired in 2016.With more than 70 plus books and other intellectual properties under his belt, Dr. Green has shared his practical insight in many academic journals, magazines, and newspapers.

Dr. Green believes that the digital economy plays a crucial role in today’s modern life. He encourages the current generation of students to be prepared for this digital planet. In fact, Dr. Green understands how this digital world should be taught to students for maximizing their digital learning experience. All this time, the professor has been using digital textbooks of Stukent, Inc. to give digital marketing courses to his students at OBU. Stukent awarded Dr. Green for his academic accomplishments with digital media platforms.
Stukent is a company that provides digital courseware that focuses mainly on improving education by using real-world stimulations, up-to-date textbooks, instructional resources and more. Stukent courseware—part of the educational experience for over 100,000 students to date. The courseware is now utilized in all 50 states in the US as well as 40 different countries in the world.

Dr. Green states that “The Internet is the great equalizer. If you are an innovator and creator, you can create content to promote across the global. Yet, if individuals don’t understand how to navigate this digital economy, they will be at a big disadvantage.”

For more information about Dr. Daryl Green and to have a media interview with him on this subject, visit  or contact 405-585-4414.

About Dr. Green:
Dr. Daryl D. Green is a popular and respected researcher and author that has been acknowledged internationally. Dr. Green now is the Dickinson Chair at the Oklahoma Baptist University. He productively writes online blog and column. In addition, his quotes can be easily found in various media outlets in the United States include BET, Ebony, Associated Press, and USA Today. Dr. Green decided to retire from his position as a senior program manager in the federal government in 2016. For more than 20 years, Dr. Green has helped both organizations and individuals to make the right decisions through his columns, seminars, and lectures.  

Dr. Daryl Green
AG Strategic Management, LLC
5322 Lance Drive
Knoxville, TN 37909

A Vision of Redemption's Annual Reentry Fair

Reentry Fair will be held on November 3, 2018 at Franklin Park, located on 2501 Franklin Drive Fort Lauderdale, FL 33311 From 10 AM to 2 PM

Fort Lauderdale, October 15 , 2018:  A Vision of Redemption, Inc. or AVOR, being consistent with its aim, proudly presents their Annual Reentry Fair—that serves returning citizens. The fair is open to serve the public however we are requesting employers, for-profit and non-profit organizations who serve veterans, ex-offenders and the underprivileged to join us. This fair is to provide resources for those returning to our community to find work and the resources they need for successful reintegration. AVOR is still soliciting employers who are willing to hire those with barriers preventing them from finding work. We are also seeking sponsors who can assist in providing resources for an easier transition back into the community.

As Robin Figueroa—the founder, said: “It is important for us to aid those reintegrating back into our communities to promote competent and contributing members of society.” If you are willing to provide job opportunities to returning citizens, please contact us Today.
The event will take place at Franklin Park, located on 2501 Franklin Drive Fort Lauderdale, FL 33311. If further information is needed, participants can contact AVOR directly by phone at: (954) 635 2131.or via email at For the vendors who are interested in participating please visit our website for online registration.

More about the organization
AVOR is grassroots 501(c)(3) organization which aims to provide vital support services to the individuals and families of those who are currently incarcerated, as well as those recently released from incarceration. AVOR was created to provide support for three targeted populations; children of incarcerated parents, incarcerated parents, and custodial caregivers. The organization’s programs facilitate the development of self-confidence, emotional wellness, and economic self-sufficiency for these families by creating a network of resources and a foundation for family reunification.

For media inquiries, the information below can help. Please visit for FREE registration.

For Media inquiries:
A Vision of Redemption, Inc:
43 S Powerline Road #457
Pompano Beach, FL 33069,


Sunday, October 14, 2018

Forex Schweiz List of Top 10 Brokers Help Trader to Maximize Their Profits

“Forex schweiz try to help all traders to make more profit. In order to do that, they provide the list of top 10 Forex broker.”

The internet provides the easiest way for anyone who wants to make money. One of the best ways that the internet has is Forex trading. With the internet as its backbone, the Forex trading becomes the easiest currency trading that anyone can access. And, to help these people, the experts provide the service as the facilitator for a trader who wants to trade on the Forex market. They are the Forex broker.

There are many of them. The increase of trading and traders numbers make many brokers start to offer their service. However, like other business services, there are only a few of them that can provide the top service. In Switzerland, the forex Schweiz tries to list these top brokers, in order to help traders.

“Currency trading is a place where all global trading currencies are redistributed worldwide.”

Forex Schweiz provides their service via their website, the With their website, it means that they don’t only provide their service for a trader who wants to do the online trading Schweiz. But they are also going global, just like what they say above.

Forex Schweiz itself put 10 names of brokers with satisfying services and features on their list. Here are those 10 Forex brokers from this company list.

- XM – it has 7 trading platforms,

- Binomo – Experienced brokers (operate since 2014),

- Libertex – won 30 international awards,

- IQ Option – Innovative platform and low investment,

- – live and on-demand news for traders’ reference,

- Ayrex – Fast platform and 185% return that traders can claim,

- InstaForex – the trader can trade with just $10 balance account and no trading limit,

- Swish Markets – VIP service for all traders (regardless their balance),

- HighLow – accurate information with evidence,

- UFX – an award-winning platform with a good security system.

The online broker Schweiz above become the main information and service that Forex Schweiz company provided at their website. The list is matched with the main goal of Forex Schweiz, which is providing helpful information for all traders.

About ForexSchweiz is the place where all brokers from all around the world can find the information about top Forex brokers in Switzerland. This website has one goal, which is helping traders to get the best platform to apply their strategy. Moreover, with their service and information, they also try to help the traders get more profit from the Forex market.

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Forex Dubai Provides the List of Top 10 Forex Brokers in Dubai for All Traders

“In order to improve the performance, the best Forex brokers are needed. And, forex Dubai provides the help to find those best Forex brokers.”

Forex trading isn’t a strange object for today’s people. It has become the common place where many people try to make a profit. Some of them even can make a huge profit from trading in the Forex market and use it as their main income. And, it can be seen in all places in the world. The forex Dubai is the company that collects those brokers, so everyone can easily access them.

“Forex is a decentralized market where all the currencies of the world are traded. “

With the availability of all currencies in the Forex market, plus the increase in demand from people who want to try Forex trading, it affects the Forex broker industry in Dubai itself. Nowadays, there are many brokers that offer forex trading in Dubai for anyone who wants to try to make a profit on the Forex market.

Among many brokers in Dubai, there are 10 of them that have successfully reached the top of the list.

They are:

- XTB – Rapid deposit and withdrawal, 50 Forex pairs, and xStation 5 or MT4 platform.

- FXTM – Opening bonus and loyalty cash back,

- IQ Option – Binary Software,

- UFX – 3 Forex day trading methods,

- Swiss Markets – low commission, easy payment, MT4 platform,

- XM – 7 types of trading platform,

- Binomo – 100 trading assets,

- Hot Forex – 44 Forex pairs and $5 minimum deposit,

- Ayrex – fast platform,

- FreshForex – easy to use interface and software.

With so many brokers available for traders, the traders from Dubai will have more freedom to choose the helper for their trading. It will also help to increase the trading environment in Dubai, which will affect the economy of the mentioned city and country.

Those 10 Forex brokers in Dubai operate their service digitally. That means anyone from any place in this world can access and use their service. This won’t only affect the forex UEA condition. But, it also can affect other sectors in that country. For example, there is a possibility that the traders will create an event or meeting in Dubai, which will increase the income from tourism as well.

About is the company that provides the help for traders who want to improve their overall performance. This company provides the best Forex broker information and guide for traders. With the service offered, the trader will get the best help for their trading.

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Top 10 Reliable Forex Broker for Singapore Traders

“ provides information about the top 10 forex Singapore broker. They provide this service for all traders, whether they are a beginner or pro.”

The digitalization of the currency trading that everyone can access easily make the trading become the place where anyone who wants to make profit try their luck. It happens all over the world, including Singapore. In Singapore, there are many traders, which, of course, need the help from the brokers to do their trading. With best forex Singapore broker on their side, they will have a much better chance to make successful trading as well as improve their performance.

“Forex Trading is a method of making a profit by trading on currency pairs.” join the trader's activity, but not as the trader. They provide the information about top brokers that these traders needed. Thus, the trader can try the trading forex in Singapore with the broker that they choose from this website. Here are some of them and what they offer.

- XM – 7 trading platform,

- IQ Option – more than 70 assets that traders can choose from,

- Ayrex – fast trading speed (0.028 seconds on average),

- Hot Forex – only need $5 minimum deposit to open an account,

- FXTM – opening bonus and loyalty cash back,

- UFX – webpage Forex software for trading from anywhere,

- Binomo – 4 types of chart, 20 tools for trading, and easy to use trading platform,

- FreshForex – account opening bonuses and Megarebate 2.0,

- Vantage FX – free demo accounts for beginner trader who wants to learn more,

- Swiss Market – 80 currency pairs and 1:500 leverage.

The Forex brokers that mentioned above are the top player in the Forex market. They have a lot of experiences as well as a reliable system for all kinds of traders. The beginner trader can learn and have an easy start. On the other hand, the professional trader will have enough room to develop and apply their strategy to make bigger profits. This condition creates a good atmosphere in forex investment Singapore.

Forex Singapore also provides the link for a trader to use. The link will help the trader to find the broker official website and they can start their trading from there. They can apply for their broker.

About is the service that all traders can use to find the right trading platform in Singapore. This company provides detailed information about the Forex brokers, including what they offer to traders. This will help the beginner or professional trader to start to trade in Singapore.

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Sunday, October 7, 2018

ASt appoints new Director and CEO

After 23 years of successful growth, Advanced Spatial technologies Pty Ltd and CADDWest Bureau are proud to announce a new management structure.

Tai Nguyen, who has been a key member of the management team since joining in 2006 has now stepped into the role of Owner Principal and Director. Building on a Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering, Tai has acquired over 12 years’ experience in the AEC software industry. His highly successful role and experience in the company will see a strong and continued success and growth, with many new and exciting offerings in the near future.

Don Hitchcock, Company Founder, continues to focus on the FM solutions, and believes the Companies will continue to have further strong growth under Tai Nguyen’s leadership. “I’m very excited about the opportunities that are opening up; Tai has great vision in the software IT sector, and I’m very excited to see that his progressive ideas and enthusiasm will take ASt to greater levels of success well into the future."

"I’m looking forward to working in my role as a Senior FM Consultant and having more focused time to further develop the IWMS area of our business."

"ASt was founded with a vision for strong customer relationships, value and the preferred specialist in providing AEC and FM/IWMS software solutions. Our goal is to provide technology tools and solutions to help customers and AEC industry professionals with new work efficiencies, cost savings and improve the productivity for their entire organisation," said Mr Nguyen.

About ASt
Established in June 1995 in Perth, Advanced Spatial technologies Pty Ltd (ASt) is an Autodesk AEC Partner, FM:System’s Master Reseller, Premium Service partner, and Bluebeam International Platinum Partner. ASt provides Integrated Workplace Management Solutions (IWMS), Computer-Aided Facility Management systems (CAFM) and Autodesk AEC solutions that help professionals deliver better customer service, significantly reduce costs, and improve the productivity of their entire organisation. ASt also provides best of class technical engineering document management solutions for best practice management of your assets. ASt's QA professional services are provided to ensure customers maximise the benefits of their products and improve the efficiency of their business processes. ASt Solutions work with the industry standard CAD and BIM software technology from Autodesk. The ASt FM solutions are fully web and mobile based and cover a complete range of functionality for Facility Managers, Real Estate professionals, end users-occupiers and service providers to engage the enterprise

PR contact person:
Don Hitchcock
Phone: +618 9367 2888
Advanced Spatial technologies
U1 21 Rowe Avenue, Rivervale 6103
Western Australia