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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Ladies & Lingerie Launch Party

Gentlemen, imagine your lady clad from head to toe in the sexiest and most enticing garments you’ve ever seen.  Imagine her “strutting her stuff” around the room and you begin feel the hunger swell inside you, imploring you to take her there and then.  If you want these feelings and many more, if you’re lady desires to fulfil all of the aforementioned tell her about Cutie Off Duty.  Tell her NOW
Ladies, do you feel unappreciated or unattended to?  Do you believe that you’re the issue because you’re not sexy enough for him?  Or are you just looking to add an extra “edge” or “dimension” to the relationship?  If your answer to any of the above questions in ‘yes” then there is no need to worry just turn to your nearest police officer and ask for ‘Cutie Off Duty”.
 Cutie Off Duty Presents Ladies & Lingerie Sip & Shop social Mingle. Date: October, Place:            Terra Barrow, aka Cutie Off Duty or The Dirty Talking Cop, is hosting a get together to introduce and promote her eagerly anticipated lingerie shop. Cutie, who is an active Philadelphia Police Officer, quickly shot to fame when she made headlines for operating a phone sex line for fantasy fetishes. Since several interviews, loads of publicity, & appearing on the Bethenny show, Cutie has turned what some deemed as taboo into an income stream and a local phenomenon. Cutie, who is still on the force, operates an online lingerie company whose mission is for women to always look and feel their best, under their clothes. This gathering will offer the lovely ladies in the Philadelphia and surrounding areas an opportunity to see and purchase products 1st hand from the infamous dirty talking cop! Who knows they might even get a few “bedtime’ tips and tricks.
Not to be forgotten is the great marketing and networking opportunity this gathering presents.   Entrepreneurs looking for exposure for their businesses, products or services can sponsor a gift bag with a product, business card, contact info etc. for a paltry $25. This bag will be given to the 1st 25 ladies to arrive. For info and specifics or to purchase a gift bag slot please contact Stephanie Davis via email at or by telephone at 570 328 1019. Meanwhile, to keep up with Cutie and all her naughty adventures follow her on Instagram & Twitter at @cutieoffduty.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

“Scalping strategies in Forex" - new post on

The forex traders never stopped to lurk on some fresh ideas in order to find some new revolutionary trading methods to apply. And among that so many trials and errors, they finally able to bring the forex trading into modern age with digital integration. Luckily for us today that the modern Forex trading has making it much easier and simpler for anyone to begin with it. And thanks again for the modern world as now anyone can easily to learn more about Forex from many top Forex portal sites, such as

At anyone will be have access to ultimate information and guidance to Forex trading. The site is intended to inform traders about any existing new trading strategies and methods that would enhance their profit making opportunity. This is the place where you can learn about the new Forex scalping techniques, which known and proven to be able to give traders maximum opportunity to make profit. Forex scalping method is all about trading strategy in which traders are aiming on few pips of profits. Based on the calculation, this new Forex scalping strategy enables people to make high profit at shortest possible time requirement.

ProfitF isn’t a new binary trading company. They have already many years of experience in Forex trading world, in which the company had currently hold extensive archive of forex trading brokers, binary option brokers, and also trading software websites. They have thousands of active members in it, which contained of both beginner and advanced traders in Forex world. Any information and guidance provided by the site is aimed to keep all traders well informed about any new updates related to forex trading world, in which it may enhance their trading activities for better opportunity in the future. And until today, ProfitF becomes main destination for many traders out there to learn something new to improve their forex trading skill.
More information about Forex scalping visit
Contact :
Maks Maksov, Ostrovskaya str 4-93, +3674536372

Sunday, August 24, 2014

You should know more about the vehicles in Firefall

All over the globe vehicles are all over the place in genuine living, as well as in virtual diversion world. The vast majority of MMORPG fans have known about Firefall – another diversion will be discharged not long from now. To make you have some good times in Firefall, now we'd like to provide for you a few tips of utilizing vehicles as a part of diversion.

Vehicles are a standout amongst the most open approaches to get around the globe of Firefall, and there are a scope of diverse vehicles accessible to players. Not these will be accessible everlastingly, however, so its value adapting all the more about which vehicles are accessible and how you get them. The majority of the vehicles, you can get it in diversion store by using some Firefall Credits.

Beetle LGV: Black/Gray. Reward for Commander-level Founders Pack. Just accessible until the begin of Open Beta. The Locust LGV is accessible until just before the begin of Open Beta (which starts July ninth); we don't yet have a precise cut-off date. It is accessible as one of the prizes from the Commander-level Founder's Pack.

Cobra LGV: Red. Accessible from the Beta Crystite seller until the begin of Open Beta. The Cobra LGV is accessible until just before the begin of Open Beta (which starts July ninth); we don't yet have an accurate cut-off date. It could be bought from Ratchet, the Firefall crystite seller in Copacabana, for 75,000 Beta Crystite.

Cobra P-39: Blue. Amassed from parts acquired from sellers. Accessible uncertainly. The Cobra P-39 is accessible inconclusively, yet costs a generous measure of in-amusement assets. You can gather a Cobra P-39 at the nanoprinter (the schematic is in the "Vehicles" class), from parts acquired from Vehicle Component Vendors. These sellers are accessible in all real urban communities when they're controlled up to Level 3. For all the more about this procedure, and maps of precisely where to discover every merchant. You'll have to visit each of the four urban communities, as every merchant just offers one part.

In the event that you don't have enough cash on purchasing costly vehicles, you can get firefall powerleveling at shabby cost firstly. Amid powerleveling administration you may get free vehicles on the off chance that you are fortunate enough.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Announcing The Minifig USB Keychain

Get your own personalised Minifig USB Keychain!
Brussels, Belguim – August 23, 2014 – Introducing a personalized LEGO Minifig USB Key made to your specifications.  The LEGO Minifig USB keys are printed using  a special industrial printer, so it is not a decal.

If you don’t want to go through our list of LEGO parts and accessories, you can simply provide some photos or a description and we’ll pick the parts needed and design the minifigure’s custom outfit based on the photos.

You can use this option to make someone famous (or someone obscure) or someone you just love enough to get made into LEGO – basically whatever you want and Minifig  will do the best to create something that will make you smile.

In order to get a great looking Minifig, you’ll need to provide as much information as possible. Have a description about colors, hair, expression etc… If the color of the hair is unclear or varies in the photos provided please clarify the color. Also make sure your email address is correct so Minifig can check and verify details if needed.

DISCLAIMER: MiniFig doesn’t make custom parts, only custom designs, so if LEGO doesn’t make the product/color you think you need, Minifig is going to have to find a compromise. But so far so good, LEGO is very versatile, we’ll figure it out! 

About The MiniFig USB Keychain

What if you can get your hands on a Minifig that not only looks good, but is functional? Sound interesting? That’s because it is.
The Lego USB stick is the awesome new way to enjoy the Minifig with a twist. And here's how it works, you send us a picture and our team will go to work to create a Minifig LEGO USB stick by printing your head on the Minifig of the lego. You can make great use of the dynamic Minifig as a showpiece accessory to your collection of USB sticks. The choice is yours. Best of all we deliver it directly to your house, so don't delay. Get your hands on this Minifig LEGO USB stick today.
To learn more about the Minifig USB Stick  or to help fund this project, please visit:

Guido Demunck
Brussel (Belgium) / Boston (USA)

Friday, August 22, 2014

New and Improved Dreadlock Removal Process Developed

23th August 2014The Take Down® Removers is the #1 Best Braid, Weave, Extension and Dreadlock Remover. This is a dry hair detangler which works fast in softening the hair. The cream prevents any type of breakage during the process of detangling. It offers wonderful results on hair that has not been combed or brushed for a long period. Hair that has become extremely dry and matted can now be softened with the help of this excellent cream. The gentle cream penetrates through the hair and softens each and every strand as and when it is being combed. Imagine the amount of time and effort it would take to remove the knots and clumps out of that matted and tangled hair. Take Down® Remover is definitely a great relief from pain as well as a feasible solution that offers excellent results. 

The cream should be used directly on the matted hair before shampooing. Shampooing the matted hair would lead to more stubborn knots and clumps. It would also create masses of tangled matted hair. All that the users need here is this Detangler Cream, a wide tooth comb, a rat tail comb and of course lots of patience. Users have to massage and soak the hair with the cream without wetting the hair. The knots, balls or clumps can be picked using the rat tail comb. The strands of hair can be slowly pulled out using the pin tip of the comb. 

If the hair to too tangled, users may wish to use extra cream – the more the better. This would weaken the matted knots and clumps. The hair can be shampooed once it is completely detangled. A wide tooth comb can be used to remove all the knots and mats now. The hair can be conditioned with an excellent conditioner at the end. Even the worst dreadlocks, twists, hair extensions and dread extensions can be detangled easily with the help of this dreadlock remover. Hair restoration is now easy and simple with this excellent product. It is time to say no to painful processes and those time taking sessions to detangle the extremely impossible tangled hair.  
To know more about this dreadlock remover visit

Take Down® Remover, provides exclusive information about the Take Dow®n Remover, a gentle cream that detangles the hair thereby leaving it soft and natural 
Contact Details
Take Down® Remover

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Techne-3d-Technologies Announces Funding for 3D Printing Business

3D Printing is the Future!
Newport News, VA – August 21, 2014 – Robert Radabaugh served his country for five years in the United States Marine Corps.  After serving, he went to school for Robotics Engineering and continued his education at University of Pittsburgh. He then took three years of his life to help his father through the hardest times of all of their family’s lives before he passed away from brain cancer. Ever since Robert was young, he has always been interested in working with Robotics and Computer Programming.  He now has decided to put his talents to work and start his own business.  After doing hours and hours of research, Robert learned that he will need a little bit of money to start his business and be successful.  So he launched a GoFundMe campaign to open his own 3D Printing Business named Techne 3D Technologies.

What is Techne 3D Technologies?

The name has a lot of meaning behind Techne 3D Technologies. "Techne" is a term, etymologically derived from the Greek word that is translated as "craftsmanship", "craft", or "art". The 3D printing business is not going away anytime soon.  The best part about it is that most businesses have limits to what they can do with it. 

In the 3D Printing world, the sky is the limit. You are able to print prototypes for people, make parts for other business's that cannot find the part they need or even make toys for your loved one and all this at a fraction of the price. It is a very exciting time to be opening this type of business.

Robert’s company that he will be opening will be very unique and will be able to offer the customer a range of customized 3D prints they want.  Unlike other companies that are doing 3D printing, he will be able to offer you anything you want or if you want him to design it, he will be able to do that as well.  Overtime, he will also have the option to take designs that are already made and let the customer modify it how they want to right on the webpage. 

Robert’s company will be environmental friendly because of the small amounts of waste that is use by producing a product. As his company grows, he will be able to hire more people to work for him which will be giving jobs to people HERE in the United States. All the products will be made here in the United States. So you will not only be supporting a business that are giving job opportunities to people that need it but also have parts that are made here in the Unites States of America. It is a win-win situation.

To learn more or to help donate to this campaign, please visit:

Robert Radabaugh
Newport News, VA

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Where to Buy Sexy Women Underwear Online

Sexy Clubwear and Erotic Swimwear for Sale on SexyLingerieTime.

Purchasing sexy underwear is can be a challenging experience for many people. Many feel too shy and uncomfortable to enter one of those local sexy lingerie stores, hoping that they will not meet anyone they know during that time. And everything has changed since online lingerie stores are accessible for public. Now people can easily to shop for variety of Sexy Women Underwear, from the comfort of their home sofa. And one of the best sites to go for best experience of sexy lingerie online shopping, it would be has the largest collections of sexy lingerie for anyone to access and shop. They have all kinds of it available inside, from sexy babydoll, teddies lingerie, sexy swimwear or bikinis, and many more. They always updated the collections regularly, so that anyone would be able to find some new stuffs to explore each time they entered the site. And along with the incredible lingerie collections provided, comes also with some great deals over most of these items. Be sure to explore the Sexy Clubwear Sale section page for complete list of the product. 

Even though it is offered at friendly pricing, the quality is still incomparable. Shortly speaking, this is the Erotic Swimwear Store online where people can buy high quality lingerie at insanely affordable pricing. So, that means saving more of our money while purchasing branded erotic swimwear is possible at SexyLingerieTime dot com.

For many years has successfully served countless number of customers from across the country as well as globally. Yes, they welcomed anyone from all around the world to buy lingerie from their online store. They served global shipping with surely less expensive shipping cost guaranteed for U.S buyers. Along with it, the online store also offer multi-platform payment, in which customers can pay for the desired items either by credit card or other online payment methods.

 Company Address
No.1-5-18 Yatai Shanggu, Beside Nanping Exhibition Center, Nan'an District, Chongqing 600000 China
Phone Number
Company URL

New Hunt Guide in FFXIV:ARR Patch 2.3

FFXIV: ARR Patch 2.3 brings players loads of new marvelous substance. What's more the new Hunt is begun by the Eorzean Alliance. As FFXIV Don Quixote, you can discover legitimate creatures to chase whatever level you arrive at in the amusement world.

To get Hunt missions, you can go to visit the Hunt board at your Grand Companies and discover the imprint bills. There are two sorts of imprint bills: standard imprint bills and world class imprint bills. Taking into account your character, you pick ffxiv gil the best possible checks and complete them.

Customary imprint bills

Customary imprint bills can post diverse basic beasts for distinctive swashbucklers consistently. You can without much of a stretch find the regular beasts to kill and some of them may incorporate managers from Fates.

Tip top Mark Bills

Tip top imprint bills demonstrate first class creatures consistently, who additionally difficult and hazardous. Tip top imprints don't generally show up in the same spot, which might be in any region. Just when certain conditions are met, some of them are established in Eorzean. In this manner, you need discover seeker researcher and a few insights to find your prey in every zone.

All Don Quixotes can slaughter the same beasts recorded in Elite imprint bills. In this manner, to annihilation the most capable world class foes, you can cooperate with different globe-trotters.

Standard stamps as well as tip top imprints offer a rich prize, including cheap ffxiv gil and Allied Seals, the last being a prize furthermore to the Allied Seals yielded by world class mark adversaries.

To increase extensive amounts of Allied Seals, you can secure the same number of as you'd like from chasing down world class marks. Associated Seals must be traded for different things and apparatus at your partnered Grand Company.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Announcing The Freedom Task Force

 Peace in the world - Freedom everywhere!
Vallendar, RP, Germany – August 20, 2014 – The Freedom Task Force humanitarian aid organization is seeking funding to help people all over the world. This organization wants to remind everyone that we are only guests on this world, and remain there only for a little moment. They ask why we do not use this time to do good? We cannot take anything after we die, but we can leave a better world!

 The Freedom Task Force needs your support. Without money they cannot afford effective aid. Therefore, they ask you for your support, $ 1 is sufficient. They need a lot of employees, doctors, technicians, nurses, specialists and former soldiers to protect! In the event of an emergency, the Security soldiers have non-lethal weapons to defend the people!

The Freedom Task Force also requires a lot of technology, vehicles, machines, tents, food, equipment, and other things in order to help people in need.

About The Freedom Task Force

The Freedom Task Force is a humanitarian aid organization. We fight for peace and freedom around the world! We help people regardless of nation or religion! Have you come in an emergency? We help YOU!
Can you not pay your bills for the hospital, we can help! We help all people, whether in or outside the USA, you have a problem, we can help! We support soldiers in rehabilitation or support families of fallen soldiers! We support communities and residents after a natural disaster, such as earthquake or twister, quickly and efficiently!

In some regions of the world, there is no emergency services, no Fire Brigade or are poorly trained! Therefore, many people die because they get no assistance and rescue! We want to change! We provide training, and the necessary equipment, anywhere in the world!

We help people in crisis areas. We supply the people with accommodation, drinking water, food and medicine! We fight against terror, war and hunger!

All over the world people need help, there are not enough organizations that can help these people.

To learn more or to help donate to this campaign, please visit:
Patrick Hehl
Vallendar, RP, Germany

Sunday, August 17, 2014

A Star Is Born

“Broken” Is A Compelling & Prolific New Young Adult Fiction Drama By Author, Singer & Songwriter Tanille.

NEW YORK, NY August 18th, 2014  -- BROKEN is unquestionably this summer’s hottest and most addicting new read. This is a groundbreaking book about glamour, desire, and responsibility. The book is by an emerging and powerful new voice in young adult fiction. It brings to mind the essence of Toni Morrison in her youth, combined with the intensity of Danielle Steel. Author Tanille takes the reader to a place they have never been before, which is one of captivating, intense, and intriguing romance, as well as inimitable suspense.
If there was ever a new star to embody the youth, vitality and strength of today’s youth – it is Tanille. She is a young woman known for her charm, brilliance and beauty. Tanille is also a recognized and popular vocalist who often travels the world inspiring love, unity and harmony to all whom are under the spell of her rich, exotic vocals and soulful eyes. Tanille is here to stay.
Broken introduces part one of a three-part, intensifying love story that takes its audience on an unforgettable journey through love, tragedy and the infallible desire of the human spirit to prevail against all odds. This epic drama takes place in the backdrop of New York. The story surrounds Milan, a young supermodel with a disability from New York’s Upper East Side. As she is coming of age, she falls deeply in love. In this romantic drama, the emotional conict of a girl’s inner soul is revealed as she deals with her rst love, the pain of loss, and the pleasures of stardom, while coping with a lifelong secret. In the world of Milan, the people are real, the situations are rolling, and the truth is often concealed. The racy circle of sisterhood is broken, laced with a touch of earthiness, glamour, wealth, and fame.

Tanille is the co-author and creator of the children's green book series, "Jordan & Justine's Weekend Adventures." She is also the author of the new media young adult novels with music, "Cameo by Tanille."

The Undercover Starlet Journal is a title that Tanille created to inspire young women, and it has extended Undercover Starlet into brand extensions that appear throughout her novels. Tanille has been writing music and books since age 16. She earned an MBA at 21 and graduated magna cum laude.
Readers of her latest young adult romance novel, “Broken by Tanille” will receive free music downloads of her new Pop R&B hits, "All of Me," “Feel It,” “Baby Comeback to Me,” “It’s Not Okay,” and "What's a Girl to Do", which are all written, performed and co-produced by Tanille.
Broken precedes a lengthy media and book tour. From Atlanta to New York City, Tanille can be seen at book sightings, book festivals, and in top media outlets this summer. Her lengthy book tour starts this fall.

Please visit for information.
Broken is available whereever books are sold.

Press Contact:
Distinguished Group
Renae Francis

Friday, August 15, 2014

Toxic Financings Cause The Small Retail Investor To Suffer Most

Vancouver, British Columbia - August 14, 2014 -- In an article published by an analyst at Seeking Alpha, investors are learning most small cap companies succumb to toxic financing as a way to stay alive, which can include below-market pricing, warrants and adverse 'ratcheting' provisions. 

Michael Morhamus, who made a name for himself by exposing heavy stock pumping and possible fraud by various publicly traded companies after becoming a regular contributor at the popular investment news portal, this time dives in the institutional investing group known as Ironridge Global IV, Ltd. 

That Wall Street fund has entered into more than 50 equity financing transactions in the last three years, but most of those deals may have come at the expense of the small retail investors who were left “holding the bag,” despite best efforts by management teams of to keep their emerging small-cap companies funded and alive.
Morhamus focuses on numerous historic deals listed between Ironridge and various healthcare companies like Genetic Technologies (NASDAQ:GENE), Rosetta Genomics (NASDAQ:ROSG), MEI Pharma Inc(NASDAQ:MEIP), Advaxis, Inc.(NASDAQ:ADXS), Amarantus Bioscience (OTCMKTS:AMBS), Pressure Biosciences (OTCMKTS:PBIO), Uluru Inc. (OTCMKTS:ULUR), PositiveID Corporation (OTCMKTS:PSID), Cord Blood America Inc.(OTCMKTS:CBAI) and IntelliCell BioSciences, Inc. (OTCMKTS:SVFC).

Morhamus points out that here are at many other institutional investment firms which are in the business of "coming to the rescue" of desperate small cap companies who have little choice but to take money however they can, under whatever predatory terms they agree to. He writes that while those firms and their terms may not be fair they are also not illegal.

In recent days, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission is rumored to be closing in on some of the more egregious offenders who may be manipulating prices in order to force more debt.
Morhamus’ complete article is available now at:

Contact Publicist P. DePalma of UPN
c/o 170-422 Richards Street
Vancouver, British Columbia
V6B 2Z4

Sexylingerietime Offers High Quality Teddy Lingerie at Lowest Price

Sexylingerietime an online lingerie store offers wide range of lingerie collection.
There is no other better place for people to go to shop lingerie online but Aside of the incredible lingerie collections provided inside, the company has now also offering special pricing for all their lingerie products. People can go and shop for the best quality Sexy Chemises Nightwear at SexyLingerieTime dot com and enjoy the lowest pricing they could offer. Compare the price and see how incredible the offer SexyLingerieTime has got inside. Not many places are able to offer people with such great deals, some websites might require people to make certain amount of purchases to be eligible for similar deals.

And not only lower pricing of Erotic Teddies Lingerie what make people love, but also the ultimate customer support they provided. SexyLingerieTime has already been in the business for many years now and they’re fully understood how to keep their customers happy, such as by providing 24/7 customer assistant, multi-platform payment systems, one-click shopping solution, and also world-wide shipping service. Yes, they serve any customers from all around the world and welcomed them all to enjoy best lingerie shopping experience at their online store. Well, at least they don’t have to experience the uncomfortable feeling as they have to choose one of those Erotic Underbust Corset from the racks, just like if they purchase it from brick-and-mortar lingerie shop.

As it said before, SexyLingerieTime shop isn’t a new player in the market. In fact, they have already been in the business for almost a decade. And with countless number of customers they managed to satisfy along these years, it shows how professional the online shop is. Considering the fact that customers’ satisfaction is on top of their priority, then it’s no wonder as if more and more people become their new fans.

Company Address
No.1-5-18 Yatai Shanggu, Beside Nanping Exhibition Center, Nan'an District, Chongqing 600000 China
Phone Number
Company URL

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Announcing a Campaign to Fund a Trip for a Family Who Lost Mom

Houston, TX – August 14, 2014 – Stephen Green’s children, Mary (Age 10) & Matt (Age 7), lost their mother last year who died of a sudden heart attack. They took it very hard as their mother was a stay at home mom that daily worked with them on homework, cooked for them and drove them to school - loved them deeply. She was a wonderful Christian mother. Since then it has been a slow and hard recovery for them to get used to life without their mother - as well without their father being around all the time to comfort them.

Stephen had to move around for work a lot. Because his work is unsteady he optioned to leave his Children in the Philippines with his wife’s family (her two sisters) who loves and takes care of them deeply while at the same time instill in them good Christian values. He is capable to send them a good monthly allowance which pays for their home, monthly expenses, schooling, tutor and clothing as any good father should do. However it does not leave much for him to visit them and spend personal time with them so he is left to talking to his children by skype and phone call all the time.
Stephen is seeking a donation so he can visit his Children in the Philippines and spend time with them taking them on a nice vacation to Hong Kong where they can enjoy Disney Land Hong Kong, Ocean Park and the Hong Kong laser light show. At the same time he wants to introduce them to the cultural differences as he believes this will offer them the opportunity to learn about other cultures which is beneficial to future personal development. 

Because of financial reason Stephen has not visited his children in the Philippines since last Christmas / New Years and would like to visit by September 21st as his son’s birthday is September 25th (he missed his birthday last year).

Anything extra will go to his end goal (Below) and also to purchasing a nicer memorial stone tablet for his wife.

 Stephen’s end goal is to bring them back to the USA to study here (Houston, Texas) with target time around June 2015. He believes he can do this through his own hard efforts as I want to show his kids the value and rewards of working hard. However, any donation will be helpful and appreciated. 
To learn more or to help donate to this campaign, please visit:
Stephen Green
Houston, TX

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Glide Gear Announces First Ever Mobile Action Jib

Myrtle Beach, SC – August 13, 2014 – Glide Gear is excited to introduce the first-ever vest-mounted stabilizer system with a telescoping jib. Called the Pro Action Jib, it comes with a DNA-1000 camera stabilizer and a DNA-6000 vest system with adjustable spring tension arm. Glide Gear has spent thousands of hours engineering, testing, re-engineering, prototyping, machining, and re-prototyping.  With our latest working prototypes, they've finally achieved the amazing results they've been looking for. 

With that in mind, Glide Gear is offering pre-sales of the Pro Action Jib to help fund their manufacturing on Kickstarter (  In these pre-sales, they're offering Pro Action Jib packages at a lower-than-retail price. 

Your participation for Glide Gear’s Kickstarter campaing will allow them to complete a more economical production run, which will decrease costs and allow them to offer these "Early Bird" discounts.

Each Action Jib unit comes with a tripod mount so the kit can be used as a regular, tripod-mounted jib.

Included in Glide Gear’s Premium backer packages is their new wireless video transmitter and 7” monitor system, XR-380.  This includes both a universal clamp and adjustable, friction arm system. The wireless video transmitter system allows you to keep your shot in frame by having the monitor close in your sight.  It is a self-contained unit that includes LIPO rechargeable batteries.  The universal mounting system allows you to mount anywhere with a 100 ft or smaller range.
For more information or to help fund this project, please visit:

About Glide Gear
Glide Gear has been designing and manufacturing camera and video gear since 2011. With a state-of-the-art factory, full time engineers, and an established US based warehouse and distribution facility in place, they are ready to fulfill your orders on-time and effectively. Their positive track record with major distributors like B&H Photo and Amazon prove our commitment to customer fulfillment and service.

Sylvan Newby
Glide Gear
1619 Executive Ave.
Myrtle Beach SC 29577

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

BlueHost Vs Hostgator, Shared Hosting plans

Both the BlueHost and Hostgator offers shared hosting services in their packages list.

Above all, a great support team backed with the industry level services is the key of any of success for any hosting company, whether it is BlueHost or Hostgator. I’ve tried to explain a few things comparing the both hosting giants, in this article.
BlueHost Vs Hostgator: Shared Hosting plans
Both the BlueHost and Hostgator offers shared hosting services in their packages list.
In case of BlueHost India, the minimum range of shared hosting plan starts at Rs. 279/- if you go for a yearly subscription on US servers and Rs. 339/- per month for Indian servers. In case of Hostgator, the BlueHost competing plan comes under the price of $5.65 US, approx. Rs. 360 IN per month if you go yearly subscription. This means BlueHost is little bit cheaper than that of Hostgator. But, there is a little twist in this case; BlueHost doesn’t offer monthly payment option, when Hostgator does.
VPS Hosting: BlueHost Vs Hostgator
If you come for a cheaper VPS hosting, then BlueHost is perfect for you. You can get their super fast dual core servers as low as just Rs. 1199/- per month, when Hostgator will cost you $89.95 US, approx. Rs. 5400 IN per month for their minimum range VPS plan.
Basically, Hostagtor virtual servers are little bit faster as they come with more features as the price is very much high comparing to BlueHost. But if you seriously ask me to give my suggestion, then I’ll go with BlueHost for their outstanding support to their clients. Here Hostgator really sucks a lot.
Dedicated Hosting: BlueHost Vs Hostgator
When talking on Dedicated Server hosting, you’ll definitely want to choose the best among all with the best price range. BlueHost offers their high speed Intel 2.3 GHz Dual Core servers with 4GB RAM and 1000GB Disk Space at just Rs. 7,699/- per month. In case of Hostgator, the competing dedicated server hosting plan comes at $174 US, approx. Rs. 10,500 IN per month, which is really much expensive compared to BlueHost. Performances are almost in the same range in the both BlueHost and Hostgator.
Support System: BlueHost Vs Hostgator
Here comes the King confirmation why I always prefer BlueHost over Hostgator. BlueHost offers telephonic support free of cost whenever you are in need. Their other support measures, such as Online Live Chat or support ticket system, all are very much prompt. You can get their support persons in just 2 minutes. But in case of Hostgator, you may have to wait for half an hour to reach their support persons. In addition to this, Hostgator doesn’t offer free telephonic support, which is also a big con of the Hostgator services. You’ll have to pay you to get their telephonic support after waiting for half an hour, even for their own fault! This really sucks a lot, at least to me. Therefore, I really don’t prefer  Hostgator over BlueHost for my site. Find the latest Bluehost Coupon Code 2014

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Single Parents on Holiday Give Teen Bonding Tips

Sandra Martinz, one of the Single Parents on Holiday founders shares her teenage bonding tips.

Single Parents on Holiday,,  is a well-established holiday website that specialises in holidays for single parents and their children. The company organises a wide range of escorted beach, activity and skiing holidays in select 3, 4 and 5 star family hotels.

Single Parents on Holiday trips offer great facilities for both parents and children. The company’s current destinations include Spain, Austria, Morocco, Italy and Greece. The Single Parents on Holiday tag line is “Exceptional Single Parent Family Holidays with a Personal Touch.”
Sandra Martinz, one of the company’s founders and the mother of a teenage daughter, shares her teenage bonding tips in a blog post that can be found here. In the post, Sandra says 5 rules have kept her sane and improved her relationship with her teen.
Sandra discusses the importance of understanding the teenager, Sandra believes the parent needs to put themselves in their teenager’s shoes and let them make their own mistakes.
Sandra believes that parents should not forget “teenage years are wonderful years that need to be cherished. The world is your child’s oyster now and as he or she becomes more independent, you regain your independence. It is an exciting time for you both – you just need to work much harder at your relationship now. Those times of unconditional love are forever behind you.”
Single Parents on Holiday are currently taking bookings for 2014/15. The company say they have arranged their holidays for single parents with children of all ages, “from less than a year old to 21”. Most of the parents who book holidays with the company have children between the ages of 4 and 16.

Contact info: Mark Stubbles
07932 520050
Address: Single Parents on Holiday
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United Kingdom

Single Parent Travel Site Gives Tips for Travelling Alone with Children

Flying with kids might not be an enviable task, but Single Parents on Holiday say it can be made relatively stress-free by following a few simple tips.

Single Parents on Holiday,, is a well-established holiday website that specialises in holidays for single parents and their children. The company organises a wide range of escorted beach, activity and skiing holidays in select 3-, 4- and 5-star family hotels. Single Parents on Holiday has been arranging single parent holidays since 2006. Its current destinations include Spain, Austria, Morocco, Italy and Greece.

In the 8 years they have been trading, Single Parents on Holiday have helped a large number of single parents take their children on holiday. In this blog post, the company give their tips for flying alone with children. Single Parents on Holiday say, “There are three key things to remember when flying alone with kids – bring everything, expect nothing and don’t hesitate to ask for help.”

In the post, Single Parents on Holiday discuss the need to make an early reservation, plan and choose a good seat position, befriend flight attendants, and keep children entertained with simple games. If the airline offers priority boarding, then Single Parents on Holiday believe this is one to take advantage of too.

Single Parents on Holiday do not restrict clients to one particular hotel. The company say, “For your convenience, we do not restrict you to fly from London or other pre-determined airports, or with a particular airline. We offer you one or more destination airports to fly to from your local airport, and will arrange your private and direct transfers to and from the hotel.”

The company also ensures all their holidays are accompanied by a Single Parents on Holiday host. The host’s role is to arrange the safe return transfer between the airport and the hotel, organise excursions, an activity programme, ski school and equipment hire for the group, and ensure all the families have a wonderful time from start to finish. The Single Parents on Holiday tag line is, “Exceptional Single Parent Family Holidays with a Personal Touch.”

Contact info: Mark Stubbles
07932 520050
Address: Single Parents on Holiday
28 Murray Avenue
Bromley BR1 3DQ
United Kingdom

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Tips for Getting the Scarecrow Farm in ArcheAge

As everyone knows the planting incorporates a huge proportion in archeage on-line game, several materials area unit required to induce through the planting. Planting is split into 2 sorts, Farm and Wild. The distinction is that alternative players will collect Cheap archeage gold and cut if you planting within the wild, whereas cannot gathering by alternative players if you planting within the farm. Thus the way to planting the trees, feeding animals et al. On the farm you would like understand.

Just want a straw man you've got a bit of land on the farm, then you'll planting on your land, therefore the planting key's the way to get the straw man in archeage.

After your character up to level twelve, you'd receive the archeage straw man Quest, however you would like complete below similar quests 1st.

You should complete all the quests in authority (like this authority UN agency incorporates a plant on his head) before you'll get the straw man quest. General method as follows:

The quest can want you plant some plants on the general public farms. Perhaps you would like to shop for some seeds, and plant into ground, then want watering. Winning water within the close wells if you've got no water. Your quest would be completed once gathering your pants. Next, there area unit some dialogue quests, congratulation, you'd get the straw man once finished these dialogue.

Next, go and notice a best 8*8 land to plant, then infix your straw man. Victimization the reward of wood that you complete the hunt with archeage online gold to upgrade your straw man. OK, you've got one among your own land now! Note: every character simply solely have a straw man, and you've got an opportunity to induce a pumpkin head straw man in later quests, the planting arear conjointly larger than the straw man.

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November Dives Into Top Spot As Best Month For Similan Diving Holidays

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November Offers Exciting Diving Opportunities in the Similan Islands

Khao Lak, Thailand: November is the best month to dive in Thailand’s Similan Islands, and to back up this claim, Oktavia Dive Center is diving headfirst into the start of the season by offering money-saving deals on their reputable excursions for the first six trips.

Seeing nature in its natural habitat is best done without the hordes of tourists that navigate their way to this popular diving hotspot later in the year. There are many reasons why November is the best time to put on your fins, spit in your facemask and submerge yourself into the waters surrounding the Similan Islands, with the primary one being how quiet it is. According to The Guardian, the Similan Islands rank number nine in their list of the world’s top 10 dive sites and the area attracts divers of all experience levels like sharks to chum lines - but not in November.

Oktavia Dive Center sends its trusty MV Oktavia out from Khao Lak to the Similans and, according to Office Manager Jamie Walsh, November is the best month to see an abundance of aquatic animals: “November is a great time to book a dive trip as the weather is sunny, the water is calm, there are very few dive boats, the visibility is clear and perhaps most importantly, the sea is teeming with marine life.” After ferrying more than 500 divers and snorkelers to the Similan Islands during the 2013-2014 diving season, taking advice from this well-established local dive company is a safe bet.

He went on to add: “We want people to enjoy diving with the local manta rays, turtles and whale sharks and, with few divers in November, we decided to offer all of our customers who book on the first six trips of the season free equipment hire and free Nitrox to encourage more people to take advantage of the great diving conditions.”

The Similan Islands are open from mid-October to mid-May and they have a powerful diver-magnetism, as they are widely regarded as being the top diving location in Thailand. Two weeks before the start of November sees the reopening of the Similan Islands after a five-month hiatus to ensure the reefs and wildlife thrive in a human-free habitat. The start of the diving season coupled with November’s sunny weather ensures that the water is bursting with marine life. Khao Lak is the most convenient place to use as a jump-off point and, as November is officially the first month of high season it remains one of the quietest and therefore best times to visit.

After starting their operations in 2009, Oktavia Dive Center claims that the 2013-2014 season saw more sightings of whale sharks than in the previous five years, a prospect that will get divers wiggling with excitement in their wetsuits. Frommer’s portrays Khao Lak as ‘the perfect gateway to the Similans’, while Rough Guides label it a ‘convenient yet beautiful departure point’, and these are perfect descriptions of the area. December through to May welcomes the majority of the tourists and keen divers to Khao Lak, with some hotels enjoying 90% occupancy rates over the peak and high season periods. However, in November, hotels are peaceful, restaurants are enjoyable and the sun has got his hat on, so a relaxing holiday-buzz can be enjoyed both on land and under the water.

Plus the tempting promise of a great diving deal cements November’s claim for being the best month for diving in the Similans. 


Contact Jamie Walsh: / +66 (0) 83 6340 383                   

Oktavia Dive Center Company LTD
5/21 Moo 7, Khao Lak,
Phang Nga 82190, Thailand
Phone: +66(0) 83 634 0383
Fax: +66(0) 76 485 389