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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Announcing the Campaign to Help Fund a Life-Saving Kidney Transplant

Help a family man collect the funding necessary to pay for his kidney transplant

Oklahoma City, OK  March 1, 2015 – Greg Hall and his family announce the campaign to raise money for a desperately needed kidney transplant.

As a 29 year old student, Greg Hall is both a college student and family man. Greg has been married to the love of his life for 10 years, and together they have three beautiful, amazing kids. A few years ago, Greg moved the family back to Oklahoma City to continue his education, as well as provide better for his family. Greg plans to graduate in August of 2015 with an associate’s degree in Occupational Therapy, finishing his education with a master’s degree in Occupational Therapy by 2019.

About a year after moving back to Oklahoma City, Greg discovered he was suffering from severe kidney failure. As of June 2nd 2014, he has a combined kidney function of less than 10%. Greg is currently undergoing dialysis treatment 7 days a week to try to fight back against his kidney disease. Unfortunately, dialysis is not a permanent fix, and Greg is in desperate need of a kidney transplant. They are hoping he can receive a kidney transplant in time to make a full recovery prior to starting graduate school.

In the meantime, the Hall family is having a horrible time trying to keep up with bills. Greg had to leave his job, and the combined stress of raising money for the cost of the transplant, the medicine he must stay on for the rest of his life, and to cover donor expenses have left the family in a tough financial situation.

Greg and his family are asking for financial donations in any amount, in order to pay off some of their bills and save up for the kidney transplant expenses. Their goal is to raise $200,000 by August of 2015. Please consider donating whatever you can to this family.

To LEARN MORE about the project, or  to find more information about the family, please visit:

Greg Q Hall

Announcing the Campaign to Help Fund a Composer's Next Symphonic Project

Help an entrepreneur bring a full-length original score to fans of the classical, orchestral, movie and game score genres

Irvine, CA  March 1, 2015 – Kat Bella, web developer and composer, announces the campaign to fund her next symphonic project.

Kat's first full-scale project, Symphonic I, was created in a simple home recording studio setup, using a 10 year old Yamaha keyboard and a line out to an old computer. This album contained 10 tracks that shared a common melodic theme and attempted to tell a story through music. It was available on iTunes and Amazon for a number of years, and received rave reviews from listeners.

Kat is now seeking funding in order to support the composition, recording, and production of her next project, known as Symphonic II. Kat has greatly improved her studio setup since the initial recording of Symphonic I, and is hoping to use the funding to continue to update her studio, get some time with an actual engineer, put all of the effort necessary to bring her composition to fruition.

The crowd funding goal is to raise $7,000 in 30 days. This amount will cover the cost of recording the album in the highest quality possible as well as full digital distribution through CD Baby on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon, Beats, Rhapsody, XBox Music, I <3 Radio, and many, many other digital music providers. If the goal is reached or surpassed, Kat hopes to use the extra funding for full physical distribution, re-recording Symphonic I, and more.

About Kat Bella
Kat Bella is a full time web developer and part time composer from
Southern California, USA. A self-taught musician, Kat has spent the last 17 years composing musical scores for independent PC, XBOX, iOS and Android games as well as a few short films and many Infinity Engine game mods.

In 2009 Kat released my first independent album on iTunes and Amazon called "Symphonic I". It was composed in a simple home recording studio on very basic equipment but received great reviews. Now Kat is looking to take the next step with a new project and a new opportunity to create an immersive musical experience to those that love the symphonic/classical genre.

To LEARN MORE about the project, or  to find more information about Kat's music, please visit:

Kat Bella

Friday, February 27, 2015

Announcing the Campaign to Help Fund a Start Up Coffee Club Company

Help an entrepreneur kickstart a business providing gourmet coffee

Chaptico, MD  February 28 , 2015 – Den Gross Powell, entrepreneur and seller of gourmet coffees, announces the campaign to kickstart her business into a full-time venture. Ms. Powell was born and raised in Calvert County. One of eleven children, Ms. Powell grew up in an environment that required perseverance, patience, and focus on her future.

As the only one in her family to complete college, Ms. Powell received an AA in Information Word Processing; a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration; Master of Science in Business Management; Master of Science in Holistic Nutrition; Doctor of Philosophy in Holistic Natural Health and Healing and a Doctor of Philosophy in Holistic Nutrition. She is also learning Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, German, and French.

While she has worked as an employee of the Federal Government for approximate 38 years, her goal with this crowd fund project is to retire fully and make her side business a full-time career.

DP Coffee Club was created to provide gourmet coffee to the coffee drinkers of the world. Ms. Powell works for her company part-time, providing samples of her coffee whenever possible. She currently employs one person, but hopes that this crowd fund project will result in being able to hire additional staff.

Ms. Powell would like to raise at least $100,000 to buy more supplies and pay part-time employees. Any amount will make an impact on their business, and would be greatly appreciated.

To LEARN MORE about the project, or  to find more information, please visit:

Den Gross Powell

Announcing the Campaign to Help Fund a Start Up Coffee Club Company

Help an entrepreneur kickstart a business providing gourmet coffee

Fircrest, WA  February 25 , 2015 – Tom Walker and Lois Eiler, co-creators and co-founders of Ample Gear, announce their “Charity Roulette” campaign. 

Ample Gear, a custom T-shirt design company, will be offering a supply of free T-shirts with any design to a randomly selected charity.  In order to participate, the selected charity must agree to be advertised on the Ample Gear website as a testimonial, success story, etc.

Ample Gear is a ‘mom and pop’ company owned and operated by Tom Walker and Lois Eiler. They are a small but productive company, utilizing the skills of family members and friends rather than an expansive number of employees.  Their products,  sold under the brand “Big Head Bob” are hugely popular and have received rave reviews from charities, promotional events, organizations and more.  You can find their shirts being sold on websites such as, Amazon, eBay and Etsy. They offer  a variety of pricing, including discounts for non-profit organizations.

To LEARN MORE about the project, or  to find more information about their products, please visit:

Tom Walker

1417 Estate Pl
Fircrest, Washington
(253) 448-3444

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Luigi Wewege, Managing Director of Vivier Mortgages gives his opinion on Ireland’s current housing market

DUBLIN, IRELAND – 25 February 2015

Curbing price volatility in the housing market is an ongoing challenge for governments.  Clearly, in order to stabilise house prices, supply and demand must be brought into equilibrium. The difficulties inherent in achieving this goal are illustrated by Ireland’s economic travails over the past decade. 
During the heady days of the ‘Celtic Tiger’, property developers embarked on a building frenzy, their expansionary drive fuelled by three factors: the availability of almost limitless credit, the flow of cheap labour from Eastern Europe and an apparently buoyant property market. However, too many of these building schemes were not brought to fruition. The onset of the recession and the accompanying credit crunch which it triggered forced many developers to abandon their projects. The landscape of Ireland is now littered with ‘ghost estates’, abandoned, unoccupied or unfinished. They have been declared economically unviable and have consequently been flagged for demolition. Compounding the difficulties in the housing sector, the lax mortgage credit criteria have also led to a cascade of defaults amongst existing mortgage holders, thus creating an unprecedented wave of house repossessions.
A priority of paramount importance for governments in shaping social policy these days is, undeniably, the provision of quality housing for its citizens.  One legacy of the 2008 financial crisis, however, is an acute shortage of housing.  As a supply shortage inevitably drives an upward spiral in prices, this is reflected in the housing market. During 2014, house price inflation across Ireland has vacillated between 8% and 20%.  Galloping ahead of the rest of the country, house prices in Dublin increased by 20%, whilst nationally the rate averaged out at 13% to 14%.  These increases in prices show marked variations from county to county.  In the last quarter of 2014, the year-on-year changes recorded per county were: Donegal 0.1%; Cavan 1.5%; Monaghan 5.2%; Louth 11.4%; Longford 12.2%; Roscommon 9.7%; Wicklow 18.8%: Cork City 12.2%; Limerick City 2.8%; Dublin City Centre 27.1%; South County Dublin 17.9% and North County Dublin 15.9%.
According to analysts, the five factors impacting on house prices are credit, expectation, income, supply and demographics.  Of these variables, changes in credit and expectation are most likely to induce changes in house prices. Harnessing this recognition, the Central Bank has established new regulations that place quantitative ceilings on the proportion of mortgages at high loan-to-value ratio and on the proportion of mortgage lending at high loan-to-income ratio. According to the Central Bank, this change in macro-prudential policy in the real estate sector will have a dual effect: increasing the resilience of the banking and household sectors to financial shocks, and dampening the pro-cyclical dynamics between property lending and housing prices. 
In practical terms, the new regulations mean that first-time residential buyers can borrow as much as 80% of the property price or even 90%, up to a limit of €220,000, plus 80% of any amount beyond it.  The scope of these caps also extends to housing loans secured on residential property in the state, as well as to equity-release/top-up mortgages.  What it does not cover is the refinancing of a house loan or loans that have been negotiated for the purpose of addressing arrears of payments.
Although the regulations have been welcomed by property analysts, there has been a current of dissent. Opponents of the restrictions, whilst conceding that they may have the desired effect of moderating house inflation, argue that the measures may also foster a concomitant escalation of rental prices.  They predict that a rising demand curve for rented accommodation will have the inevitable consequence of luring speculators into the market thereby destabilising house prices and posing a threat to first-time buyers.
About the Author
Luigi Wewege is the founder of Vivier Group and the Managing Director of Vivier Mortgages (a Dublin, Ireland based home loan company), as well as CEO of its Auckland based financial services arm, Vivier & Co, a boutique Financial Service Provider in New Zealand, offering no-cost, above average returns for investors.
Vivier Mortgages
Vivier Mortgages is a Dublin, Ireland based home loan company that has specialised in secured property lending, principally for domestic mortgages and building projects, for nearly twenty years.  The company,   having recently become part of Vivier Group, is currently looking for new opportunities in Ireland, in the areas of property acquisition, redevelopment and regeneration.
Vivier Group
Vivier Group is the global umbrella organisation of the Auckland based Vivier & Co and Vivier Investments, the London based Vivier Developments & Vivier Home Loans, and the Dublin based Vivier Mortgages.
Media Contact
Company Name: Vivier Mortgages
Contact Person: Media Relations Manager
Phone: +353 1 697 1353
Country: Ireland

Friday, February 20, 2015

Announcing the Campaign to Help Fund a Better Way to Pay for College Textbooks

Help an entrepreneur kickstart a business providing discount college course textbooks and materials

Troy, New York  February 21, 2015 – Brandon Kramer announces the campaign to provide discount college textbooks and materials to college students. There is a serious problem plaguing today's financially-strapped college students: namely, the cost of textbooks and materials. They are often not covered by financial aid, scholarships, or grant money, and often it can be difficult for students to find the appropriate edition, copy, or version that is requested by the instructor. On top of this, sometimes the student is unable sell back the books due to their age, length of use, or simply because they have become outdated since the last printing.

College textbook prices are 812 percent higher than they were a little more than three decades ago, the American Enterprise Institute, a think tank, reports. Textbook costs have well outpaced the 559 percent increase in tuition and fees over roughly the same period.

Brandon Kramer's goal is to change this situation for the millions of college-bound students struggling in the same situation. No family should have to make the tough decision, trying to determine where the funding for yet another college expense is going to come from. Brandon did not come from wealthy family himself, and they unfortunately were not able to spare the money for him to pursue a college degree. Because of this experience, Brandon wants to save other potential college students the trouble of making this sacrifice.

Brandon's campaign involves starting a website-based business where college students could find both the materials and the course textbooks required for their college courses, but offered at rock-bottom prices compared to what they would normally pay at the university. By donating to his project, you are helping college students everywhere save money on their books and materials, allowing them to spend more of their money towards tuition and all of the other aspects of college that are so expensive.

To LEARN MORE about the project, or  to find more information, please visit:

Brandon Kramer

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Announcing the Campaign to Raise Money for ALS

Help raise money for treatment of ALS through Debra’s Journey for Life Foundation

Orlando, Florida  February 19, 2015 – Debra Haugabrook-Briggs announces the campaign to raise money for the Debra’s Journey for Life Foundation. Debra was diagnosed with Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, on September 10, 2012. Lou Gehrig’s disease, is a
neurodegenerative disease that weakens neurons in the brain and upper spinal cord which control
muscles. This disease eventually leaves the patient completely paralyzed, but the majority of people with ALS will maintain hearing, sight, touch, smell, and taste. Currently there is not a cure for ALS, it is a fatal disease with a devastating journey.

At any one time, there are about 30,000 people living with ALS, each year 5,000 people are diagnosed. The cause of ALS is unknown, it is such a rare disease and most people will never know anyone with ALS in their life time. Because it is so unknown, it does not get the attention, thus is lacking in research funding/focus from drug companies, nor does it get adequate support and awareness from others.

Debra's husband, Walter Briggs (former New York Jets quarterback), has been instrumental in helping to raise millions of dollars for many Charities throughout the Country with Golf Tournaments, and Bowling Tournaments. He of course is in the forefront of this fight against ALS with alongside his wife. They never thought we would be in this situation, stricken with such a horrific disease and in
a fight for life.

Your Gift donations to Debra’s Journey for Life Foundation will help The ALS Association and ALS Therapy Development Institute support research to find a cure for ALS. You will also be providing help to much-needed services for many ALS patients and their families affected by this disease. Join Debra’s Journey for Life Foundation in their efforts by making a difference with this cause.

To LEARN MORE about the project, or to help support their organization, please visit:

Debra Haugabrook-Briggs
Debra's Journey Foundation, Inc.
P.O. Box 616500, Orlando, FL 32861-6500

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Announcing the Friends of Emma Campaign for our Critical Care Rescue Dogs

YOUR love - can help build FOREVER for our deserving critical care rescue dogs!

Fort Worth, TX  February 18, 2015 – Elizabeth Hart and her partner, Kyle, announce the campaign to expand their animal rescue organization, known as “Friends of Emma”. Elizabeth and Kyle have spent more than 5 years rescuing and finding good homes for a variety of lost animals. They aid shelters, animal clinics, rescue groups and private individuals from all across the country - who send the Hart family the most dire critical medical cases. Most of the medical cases the Hart family has come across has been paid from their own pockets, along with generous donations. Despite the fact that their daughter, Kylie, suffers from Cystic Fibrosis, they have spent most of their time improving the lives of the little creatures they have grown to love.

They are currently maintaining two storage units (which we access weekly) containing their stock of medical supplies, fundraiser inventory, packing & shipping supplies,care furnishings, therapy equipment, household necessities, food, supplements and all of the "essentials" of providing for special needs animals. These units cost nearly 600.00 each month - funds that could otherwise be put towards more productive expenses. The rescue is now bursting at the seams with new friends, and the Hart family simply has no more room for the animals they love to help.

Friends of Emma is seeking funding in the amount of $200,000 to cover the purchase of the new home. If they are not able to move forward with purchase of this home within the next 60 days, they stand to lose all that they have put into it thus far – approx. $40,000.00 of their personal savings - their entire "nest egg". Please consider donating to help them keep their rescue open!

To LEARN MORE about the project, or to help support their IndieGoGo campaign, please visit:

Elizabeth Hart
Friends of Emma
Fort Worth, Texas

Announcing the Campaign to Kickstart a new Speed Reading App

Help an Entrepreneur Introduce a Unique New App Designed to Teach Speed Reading

Charlotte, NC  – February 16, 2018 – Jordan Miller, a 20 year old Entrepreneur/Actor from Charlotte, North Carolina, announces the campaign to introduce a new and unique reading app, designed to teach the average reader to “speed read” at at least twice the normal reading speed.

Jordan Miller is a young man who has seen a lot, and endured more. After suffering bouts of depression in his early teens, Jordan sought out the advice of others (including many popular self-help gurus) and has even written his share of self-help and self-enlightment books.

He has now turned his attention to the subject of speed reading, a skill Jordan has personally developed. Through his innovative new app, called KINDLINE, the average reader can take their own e-books as well as those purchased through Amazon's Kindle Store, and learn how to speed read. The app will utilize kindles existing cloud (online storage) and it will have the ability to open kindle books that a customer already owns on their existing kindle cellphone app. KINDLINE utilizes a unique automated function that leads the reader to increase his or her speed according to the reader's own preferences.  The reader can select the speed, background opacity, and more. The average reader will see their speed increase, while they are able to absorb more information within every book they read on the app. KINDLINE is designed especially for students and other avid readers who may not have the time to read leisurely, but still want to glean important information from the text.

Jordan is seeking funding of $100,000 to develop, implement, and market the KINDLINE app. The market is bare of quality speed reading apps, and this one is sure to find a niche as a top speed reading app.

To LEARN MORE about the project, or to help support their GoFundMe campaign, please visit:

Jordan Miller
Charlotte, NC

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Announcing the Campaign to Kickstart a new Graphics Company

Help a graphic designer live his dream of owning his own business

Madison, Wisconsin  February 15, 2015 – Ulises Palacios and his partner announce the campaign to raise funding for their new company,  On Demand Graphics. They are currently an in-home start up with all the right tools and even more potential for growth. Ulises and his partner have a combined 25+ years in printing and graphic installation. They provide various custom printing services: including decorated apparel (t-shirts, hoodies, uniforms, etc) vehicle graphics, signs & banners, and canvas prints (both gallery wrapped and unmounted).

Ulises is a very talented graphic designer and artist. However, there is little room for growth or advancement in his current job, and he expects that the business he currently works for will be closing its doors within the next 3 years. Ulises is desperate to find funding to help make his dream a reality before time runs out.

ON Demand Graphics has invested over $60k for the purchase of a large-format printer and Direct-to-Garment t-shirt printer. These pieces of equipment are incredibly expensive, and both partners have completely depleted their savings making the purchase. Ulises has found that he must spend the majority of his time working for his current job to make ends meet, and this is detracting from his new venture. It's becoming difficult for the company to get off the ground without additional funding.

With the money raised, they intend to work to improve their home base and make it suitable for everyday production. The anticipated end result is quitting their full-time jobs in favor of opening a retail location to house their business.

On Demand Graphics looks forward to showing their appreciation to supporters with a product sample, so it has been asked that potential supporters leave an email at time of contribution if they would like a sample when they donate.

To LEARN MORE about the project, or to help support their GoFundMe campaign, please visit:

Ulises Palacios

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Announcing the Campaign to Fund the Purchasing of a DTG Printer

Help a Growing Printing Company Expand their Business

Portland, Oregon  February 13, 2015Press Station is a custom t-shirt and apparel retail store at the Lloyd Center mall, Portland Oregon. After suffering a number setbacks including strife with co-owners, bad management and inventory tracking, as well as the general ups and downs of the market, Press Station struggled to keep their doors open.

Now 2 years later, after a long battle through financial hardship, the doors are still open at Press Station. The business is still in debt to family and friends and would like to also acquire funds to secure a second location.

The Press Station is attempting to raise $20,000 to make renovations and repairs, purchase new sublimation equipment, pay back family and friends who they are still in debt to. Another portion of the funding will be used to pay the ex-partner for his portion of the business, and use some of it for bank funding to secure a second location. This will also help with advertising and marketing Press Station.

To LEARN MORE about the project, or to help support their GoFundMe campaign, please visit:

Obinna Nwerem
The Press Station
(503) 444-7193
2201 Lloyd Ctr, Ste F-101
Portland, OR 97232

Announcing the Campaign to Reunite a Child with her Father

Help a Little Girl Visit her Father Overseas While he Fights for Our Country

Chubbuck, Idaho  – February 13, 2015 – The Ohara family, consisting of two loving parents and a beautiful little girl, announce the campaign to fund their daughter's trip to visit her father in Korea as he fights for the United States Army.

It can be incredibly difficult for any couple to be separated, and the Oharas are no different. In their case, however, their daughter also suffers the sacrifice of having a father in the military. While they are able to keep in contact via phone, e-mails, web chats and more, it just isn't the same as seeing your family in person.

The Oharas opened this GoFundMe project to attempt to raise money to take their daughter for a visit to Korea, where her father is stationed. They hope to raise at least $4,500, which will cover flights for both mother and daughter, a hotel room for their visit, as well as other travel expenses that come with such a visit (including travel, incidentals, meals, etc).

By donating to this fundraising effort, you are, quite simply, reuniting a child with her beloved father. Please help this little girl see her father again, and make his long period of service for the United States go a little faster.

To LEARN MORE about the project, or to help support their GoFundMe campaign, please visit:

Jessica Ohara
Pocatello, ID

Announcing the Campaign to Provide Extreme Solar Wireless Broadband Internet

Help a Growing Wireless Internet Provider Expand their Business

North Vass, North Carolina – February 13, 2015 – The Extreme Solar Wireless Broadband Internet Service, and new internet provider company based out of North Carolina, is announcing their campaign to raise funds to expand their business.

The mission of the Extreme Solar Wireless Broadband Internet Service is to provide reliable, affordable internet service powered through solar power. Growing in popularity, the company already has customers ready to sign on because their existing internet infrastructures are terrible and unreliable. As a company focusing their internet provider services on solar power, their business is set to be profitable and poised for Massive Growth.

The business itself has been operational for a year, and exists fully off-grid using solar power. This can mean that in times of brown- or black-outs, communities all over the world could still rely on their internet service for home, business, and more.

Unlike many internet service competitors, the Extreme Solar Wireless Broadband Internet Service marries an unused (in the WiFi world) ”link aggregation” technology with the reliability of solar power. As they have been in operation for a year, the foundation of fully operational service has already laid. They are ready to ramp up to full service.

By donating to this fundraising effort, you are not only getting in on the ground floor of a booming industry and a potentially huge player in the market. You are also helping the company stay locally owned, providing local jobs to communities in desperate need.

To LEARN MORE about the project, or to help support their GoFundMe campaign, please visit:

Contact Information:
Extreme Solar Wireless Internet Service
5369 US HWY 1 North Vass, NC 28394

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Announcing the Campaign to Provide 100% Free and Green Energy on the go!

Help a new start-up company that focuses on designing innovative, problem solving products for today’s mobile lifestyles.

Boston, MA – February 4, 2014 -- An innovative product geared specifically toward travelers, the PLugg is the first USB battery charger that combines a USB mini generator powered by the suitcase wheel. When you plug your cell phone into the USB port on your PLUGG the phones battery is charged by the rolling motion of your suitcase wheel as you are walking or by PLUGGs internal battery if you are seated.

This extra battery, located inside PLugg, acts as an emergency backup battery should you need one, and it’s also automatically charged while you drag your suitcase. When you need, you just connect your device to the USB port. On full charged battery an electronic circuit will stop the charging phase in order to protect the battery.
A mini USB port on the PCB and a supply cable will allow to recharge the Plugg’s battery on a standard home plug in order to have your energy reserve ready faster.
The goal for this crowdfunding project is to help raise funds to put the PLugg into production. Funding is needed to buy all the components, pay for the first production run, and pay for all the certification like CE, RoHS, and WEEE. Next will be to complete all developmental steps, from tooling, molds, parts procurement, certification, packaging etc., all this leading to final production. PLugg is asking for $150k to complete the development and to produce the first line run. There are many exciting discounts and offers available to early backers, and PLugg hopes to turn this product into a something special that consumers are going to love!
About the Plugg Company
PLugg is a new start-up company that focuses on designing innovative, problem solving products for today’s mobile lifestyles. They are a partnership founded by a group of longstanding friends that have unique and experienced disciplines, ranging from engineering, industrial design, graphics, international sales and marketing. Their initial area of focus starts with a battery charger that uses Green Energy to aid people traveling in this wildly mobile world we live in.

To LEARN MORE about PLugg or to help support their Kickstarter campaign, please visit:

Plugg LLC
Boston, MA




Announcing the Campaign to Help a Dance Studio Keep its Doors Open

Help the TC Dance Academy Continue to Provide Dance Instruction to Military Families

Clarksville, TN – January 10, 2015 – The TC Dance Academy, has been providing dance instruction to military families in the Clarksville, TN area for many years. Their mission is to empower students through providing dance and enrichment classes that enhance the overall development of our students across all disciplines. This has become incredibly important to the families living in the area, whose children and teens have found solace within their busy military family lives by practicing dance at a well-renowned dance academy.

Starting a new business can be difficult in any economy, but the TC Dance Academy is finding itself struggling against the circumstances of it's patrons as well as general financial hardship. While parents and families are actively registered and participating in the classes and events held at the academy, the studio owners and instructors are finding it difficult to keep their doors open.

Music and dance are incredibly important to the growing child, and give much-needed room for self-expression as well as fitness. As people, we form life long bonds through dance and expression. At TC Dance Academy, they change lives one person at a time.

The TC Dance Academy humbly seeks funding to pay off some of their debt and bring their business back out of the red. Please consider donating to this well-loved institution.

To LEARN MORE about the TC Dance Academy, or to help support their GoFundMe campaign, please visit:

Contact Information:
TC Dance Academy
915 Tiny Town Road
Clarksville, TN 37042
(931) 216-7013