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Thursday, January 31, 2019

Garage Door Repair Services Opener & Springs in Memphis TN

Garage Door Repair Memphis TN to provide garage doors service for homeowners that need their garage door to be repaired. The company’s services also include all the services related to the installation and maintenance of garage doors.

Memphis Garage Door LLC has just revealed the interesting offers provided for their customers. Aside from the excellent services that the customers can enjoy from the company, they can also join an interesting discount program. This is aimed to improve the company’s services and promote the customers’ satisfaction.

The Garage Door Repair Memphis TN is a company that specializes in providing all the services related to garage doors. The 24-hour garage door repair service provided by the company will make it possible for the customers to get the door in their garage to be fixed anytime they need it. In other words, the homeowners only need to call the company and there will be a team come to get the job done at any point in time.

The garage door company comes with various services to offer to the customers include garage door opener, garage door repair, garage door springs, and also garage door service as well as the maintenance. The company also provides the best prices that the customers can find in all parts of Memphis. There will be 10% off for all garage door services provided. In this way, the clients will be able to enjoy high-quality services at a relatively affordable price. For the $29 service call, chosen by the clients, they will get free service with repair over $150. Meanwhile, the customers will get $75 cut off of they use the company’s services to install new garage doors.

“The company is just one of the best since they never disappoint me. They offered me the finest services and I am really satisfied with their work. I will call them again if my garage door needs to be fixed,” said one the company’s customers.

About Company

Memphis Garage Door LLC is a company that focuses on providing garage door service. The company serves homeowners who need help with their garage door repair, maintenance, and installation. The garage door company commits to provide the best services to their customers. The company has been around for years and supported by professionals and skillful team. Today, the Memphis Garage Door LLC has become the leading company in the garage door service industry in the area. For further information about the company, please visit their website at to check out the services and prices offered.


Name: Garage Door Memphis LLC

Phone: (901) 617-9856

3495 Blackberry Bush RD Memphis TN 38115

Garage Door Repair Services Opener & Springs in Millbrae CA

Dave Garage Door Repair comes with excellent services offered to the customers. The company provides complete services for repairing garage doors as well as the installation.

The Garage Doors Service comes with an interesting service provided for the customers. Being located in Millbrae, CA, the company will be available for 24-hour garage doors repair needed by homeowners in the area. The garage door company is claimed to be supported by a team of professionals with years of experience that will be at the customers’ service in no time and get the job done effectively, fast, and safely to meet their satisfaction.

One of the services provided by the Dave Garage Door company is a garage door opener. With the understanding that a garage is the main entry point of every homeowner, the company comes with door’s features that people desire the most.

The other services offered include garage springs repair, garage door cables repair, garage door repair, commercial services, and also garage door maintenance. It can be said the service provided by the company is the complete one that people can find all they need about their garage door here. In addition, the company also comes with same day service garage doors repair that is aimed to serve more than 15 residences in the bay area. There will be interesting price cut offered by the company for their services that the customers can enjoy.

“I was very worried when my garage door got stuck; I called on this company to have it checked and found out that the motor driving my garage door mechanism was busted. They immediately had it replaced since it was still under warranty. They had my garage door up and working in no time,” said Katy E., one of the company's customers.

Meanwhile, another customer stated, “I couldn’t ask for more. The company gave me prompt service. They started on time and finished on schedule. The technicians were courteous and polite. This is what service should be.”

About Company

Dave Garage Door Repair is a company that provides services for garage door repair in Millbrae, California. The company also offers the installation services for garage door opener for customers. With the strong commitment to provide the best services for the customers, and get the job done thoroughly and quickly, the company has turned into the number one service provider for garage door services in Millbrae, CA. For more information about the Dave Garage Door Company as well as the garage door service provided, please feel free to the company’s website at


Name: Dave Garage Door Repair Millbrae

Phone: (650) 353-5382

300 Murchison Dr Millbrae, CA 94030

Canadian startup Airy Affair is selling Cans of Fresh Air & Oxygen across the world

Air Pollution is Killing Millions of People across the World. Canadian firm named Airy Affair has developed a solution bringing Fresh Air & Premium Oxygen in a Can available whenever & wherever you want.

Air pollution is something that is affecting the entire world. According to the World Health Organization, up to 97% of low and middle-income countries do not meet the air quality standard that WHO has set. While there are only 49% of high-income countries affected, it is still a high number.
The numbers are constantly on a rise, and with decreasing air quality, the risk of diseases such as lung cancer, stroke, and other acute respiratory diseases has increased in many parts of the world including India, China, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Pakistan, UAE among many others.

Want to know the Air quality in your city at this moment in time – Simply Google AQICN & select your city to know the air quality index within a matter of seconds.

Airy Affair, a Canadian-based startup company is now selling Fresh Canadian Mountain Air & Premium Oxygen in a Can. Their products are portable and come in two sizes 5L & 10L with upwards of 120 & 240 Inhalations. They are easy to use and can be used whenever & wherever you want.

Their Fresh Mountain air is captured and extracted from various exquisite locations, beautiful landscapes & difficult terrains across Canada. While it is a painstaking & an intensive effort to bottle these cans with pure intention, the team works relentlessly to provide the best quality air for the end users. The fresh air is captured by using medical grade equipment and extracted by using a cold press compression technology. The technology has three-fold approval process to ensure the cans are of the highest quality. First process starts with their unique device that captures the air quality in the area, once that is confirmed, the air is compressed using 3 stage filtration process that filters the air to its optimal level, it is further followed by sample testing where Sampled Air is tested against many parameters. The final Can that comes into the hands of their consumers undergo rigorous approval process to ensure that only the best of the best reaches the end users.

Oxygen on the other hand is a Performance product which is 95% Pure & premium available in two sizes. They say “Oxygen in your Palm, like never before” It is portable, easy to use and can be taken anywhere for any occasion, whether you’re partying, studying, working or playing. It is suitable for all ages and is completely safe to use.

C:\Users\Saurab\Desktop\Cans Images\Family Pack 1.jpg
                      100% Fresh Mountain Air & 95% Premium Oxygen)                         95% Premium Oxygen
                                                                                                                    (Peppermint, Lemon, Orange, Lavender)

Surprisingly the Fresh Canned Air is not only used by people who are living in highly polluted cities but also have often being requested from people who are deprived of Fresh Air even in a non-polluted city For ex : Construction workers, Mill workers & even office staff in some cases. You might have often heard of the phrase “Let’s get some Fresh Air outside” that’s the feeling that this company has captured in a can, the only difference is that this air is not just from anywhere but from exquisite locations in Canada where you can’t go every day. While it is not an all rounded solution for this serious problem, but it is certainly a relief for a lot of people, especially in countries like China, India, Pakistan, UAE, KSA etc.

Canned Oxygen on the other hand can be used by anyone & everyone irrespective of age & profession. It is portable & easy to carry & is often used for many purposes including Concentration, Performance, Reducing Stress, Hangovers. You must have heard of Oxygen Bars in USA, these are your personal oxygen bars that are portable and available for use whenever & wherever you want. It is used by people from all walks of life including Athletes, Sports personalities, Party animals, Students, baby-boomers, Hikers, Tourists travelling to polluted cities, Gym enthusiasts, Construction workers, Office staff, Students, Long haul drivers & many more fits the bill, least of all it’s a perfect gift for any occasion & a souvenir from Canada.

C:\Users\Saurab\Desktop\final website images\Body Building.jpg    C:\Users\Saurab\Desktop\final website images\Stress Affair.jpg

The company is also offering flavored oxygen in four exciting flavors (Lavender, Lemon, Peppermint, and Orange) and is adding more to the portfolio. Each of the flavors has its own individual properties suited for its own unique purpose while adding the benefits of premium Oxygen. While the Lavender helps remove anxiety & promotes sound sleep, the Lemon flavor is a great option for digestion and respiratory function. Peppermint on the other hand is formulated to achieve clear breathing. Meanwhile, Orange promotes healthy immune system & is great for uplifting body, and mind.

The mission of the company is not only to earn profit from this growing Industry but also to make an impact in the world with simplest of the efforts, as simple as planting a tree for every bottle sold. Imagine how much of an impact will it be on our mother earth when 50,000 plants will be planted for every sale.
Not only that, Airy Affair also have plans in place to Empower Women, Educate the Youths & Employ the needy, all with the common objective of protecting the environment. The company is also trying to promote Canada to people across the world and what best you could take from Canada as a souvenir,    A can of Fresh Mountain Air or a can of Premium Oxygen.

Airy Affair has opened its doors for Investors & distributors and is looking for like-minded people who are willing to contribute and Join this very important affair of life with nature which makes them name the company as Airy Affair. The company is ramping up its efforts to reach many countries & spread this love of Joy & happiness in a can.
Interested Investors & distributors are welcome to apply from all across the world. For more information about the company simply log on to their website.

About Airy Affair:

Airy Affair is a Canadian Startup developing innovative products such as 100% Pure and Fresh Canadian Mountain Air and 95% premium oxygen in a portable can. The company has a commitment to providing fresh air to anyone who needs it around the world, especially for people who live in highly polluted cities & promote good health with natural oxygen while planting tree for every bottle sold & protecting the environment with their sustainable practices.

Airy Affair products are reasonably priced and come with a purpose to contribute to the environment with their 3E’s (Empowering Women, Educating Youth & Employing the needy) so when you buy, become a distributor or contribute in any way, you know that you are spreading the joy and happiness around.
You can send them an inquiry or join them as a Marketer, Brand Ambassador, Distributor, Investors or Agents, Simply log onto their website or Google Airy Affair.

You may also check their latest offers & promotions on their website.

Sam Sethi
Phone: (647)770-AIRY

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Successful Entrepreneur Coach to Launch Online Expert Empire

John Spencer Ellis has just announced the launch of his latest training system, Online Expert Empire. This program is aimed to help people monetize their hobby and passion for a better life and future.

Online Expert Empire is a unique online training system designed by John Ellis Spencer. He is an entrepreneur coach with complete knowledge and experiences in personal development, fitness, and coaching. “With the training system created to help people build an online business, it is hoped that the trainees would be able to make their own first $100,000 just within 6 months. This is a dream that most people want to reach and Mr. Ellis has the best program to help.”

In this program, the clients will be given a detailed plan to help them create a lifestyle business. They will be guided through 10 methods to earn a 6 or 7-figure income online. There are 15 modules available. Each module walks through how each trainee can reach their personal, professional, and financial goals by starting an online business.

The online program will make it possible for the trainees to become location independent, and run their backpack business if they choose. They can take the course at their convenience and pace, and from wherever and whenever. Those who sign-up will also have the opportunity to learn from Mr. Ellis’ mentors, coaches, teachers, and colleagues that combined, have earned more than $1 billion.

Katherine Sullivan, the Digital Marketing Expert, and Online Educator at Marketing Solved has words about John Spencer Ellis. She said that Mr. Ellis is the best entrepreneur coach she has ever seen. When it comes to the discussion about entrepreneurship, Mr. Ellis is the source of reference she would go to find the best advice for marketing, strategies, and systems. This is due to the personal experience and extensive knowledge he possesses. In addition, Katherine Sullivan believes that John Spencer Ellis’ action-oriented and results-driven approach to reach business goals is often absent in the online industry.

About John Spencer Ellis
John Spencer Ellis is an entrepreneur coach that has helped more than a million people in the fitness, personal development, and coaching industries. The systems he developed have been applied by some of the top fitness centers, spas, and resorts in the world. Popular programs he has created include Adventure Boot Camp, co-developed Survival Combat Fitness (SCF), and Kung-Fu Fitness which have been widely used by US Secret Service, Coast Guard, FBI, Cirque du Soleil, Marines, Air Force, and Navy. John Spencer Ellis is also an author, speaker, philanthropist, martial artist, and endurance athlete. Today, more than 500,000 jobs have been created by with his guidance. For more information about Mr. Ellis and his Online Expert Empire, please feel free to visit his website on

Company name (owner): John Spencer Ellis
Website address:
Contact name: Elizabeth Carter
Number: 951-834-8153
Email address:

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Eri Araki Strengthen Her Career in Hollywood by Appearing in The Movie “Make My Mark” Directed by Ken Webb

Eri Araki, a Japanese actress and model, raises her career in both Japan and Hollywood by starring some movies and TV series. In 2019, she appears in a movie entitled “Make My Mark”.

Toronto, January 21, 2019: Eri Araki is probably a new name in the Japanese and Hollywood entertainment industry. The girl who was born in 1992 indeed has only been appeared in some movies for the supporting roles. She appeared in Enishi, the Bride of Izumo and Namaste as the cameos. Besides, some good chances came to her as she was able to appear in a short movie, Die San Vacuum Cleaner, as well as her next project, an upcoming Chinese net drama, Trouble Killer.
Meanwhile, in another short movie, Skinship, the director, Mohini Herse and Grace Tan, decided to choose Araki as the leading role along with Masahito Kawahata. The movie was appreciated well by the audience and it also raises the name of Eri Araki as a new star.

“Being a part of the movie industry is my dream since I was 16 years old. I was so interested to see movies back then whether they are movies for children or even for adults. When I saw the action scenes, I think, wow it’s so cool; I just want to be like that.” Araki said.

In Make My Mark, Araki revealed that her scenes are not so many. However, she is really satisfied with a chance to work with many professional people from the film industry. The movie is directed by Ken Webb and the character to play is very unique as she has never found such a role before.

“I found the offer and I saw the cast. There is something which is really interesting about the movie. I’m so happy that I’m included with those talented and professional people although there are probably not so many scenes of mine. What makes me really proud is when the director said that I’m really talented. Unfortunately, he just couldn’t give me a bigger role.” She told during the interview.
Although Araki is indeed a new name in the film industry, she started anything since she was a child. There were some struggles particularly regarding the money to support her in continuing her dream. Moreover, she didn’t want to burden her mother financially after her father left them. She also believed that hardworking is a really important key to success and she just proves it.

“Due to my background, there are two biggest challenges, they are creating confidence and having positive self-esteem. Until now, I’m still working on them both”

“This way, I studied all about the voice, animation, dubbing, musical acting, and others for 5 years. Then, I discovered many methods of acting from a Hollywood director when I was joining his class. I moved from my hometown to Toronto, Canada; it was to pursue my acting career for sure.” She ended.

About Eri Araki
Eri Araki was born in Japan and is an actress known in some movies; Enishi: The Bride of Izumo, Namaste, Die San Vacuum Cleaner, Skinship, and Come into Your Own (post-production). She studies Ivana Chubbuck‘s acting technique in Hollywood. Currently, she is working as an actress for film and theatre internationally. She is also working as a voice actress. With her agent face-gcf , She also wants to develop her career in Asia especially in Taiwan and China

For Media Inquiries
Ron Williams


Monday, January 21, 2019

Adlinks Lab Has Become An Important Player in The New Era of Bulk SMS Marketing

“Adlinks Lab service gives many benefits to their customer with their innovative system. It becomes an important service in the new era of bulk SMS marketing.”

Adlinks Lab provides innovative Bulk SMS Marketing service. It’s said to be the new era of marketing using this media. The bulk SMS marketing actually exists for quite a long time. This method allows a company to send the promotion content to the customer much easier. With the bulk type service, the message can be sent to more customers in a short amount of time and easier method.

Almost every person on this planet use Smartphone every day. Therefore, if the company can use this media for the promotion purpose, they will have a wider marketing range that can reach many layers of the market. This will improve the chance of a successful promotion campaign. More customers will come to the company, plus the company also gets more profit. Adlinks Lab provides a system that can help the company to make that promotion successful.

“By utilizing a combination of the right strategies and excellent services, Adlinks is able to provide optimum results for the businesses that access their services. The company also involved constantly improving their services and upgrading technologies in tune with the changes in telecommunications and mobile technologies happening constantly. – Adlinks Lab”

Adlinks Lab’s services utilizes the latest technologies as well as correct strategies for the customer. In the SMS marketing or IVR Solution, these two are the important thing. Applying these two things correctly will improve the chance of successful marketing. For the services itself, Adlinks provide:
  • Outgoing SMS – the service helps client to send millions and more SMS a day.
  • Incoming SMS – special system/code that can be used on many operators,
  • Voice Based IVR System – effective system for receiving and receiving a call from a customer.
  • Toll-Free System – now it’s called SMS to Call and Miss-call Alert, which saves money for the phone service.
  • Missed Call Service – client receives virtual numbers that their customer can call.
  • Social Media Optimization – using social media to improve the marketing effect.
Adlinks Lab provides many new ways to optimize the SMS marketing method, from IVR solution to Missed Call Alert. Therefore, it’s not wrong to call them as the most important player in the new era of the SMS marketing industry.

About Adlinks Lab
Adlinks Lab started their business in 2007 as the provider of communication solution. Now, they also provide the service to help company/individual that need marketing help, with the bulk SMS marketing and IVR solution. The variety of the services provided by this company will give many benefits for a customer in today’s business competition.

For Media Inquiries
Adlinks Lab
Clickthebest , 2nd Floor, Chammany Paints Building,
Banerjee Road, Ernakulam, Kochi 682035,
Phone: +91 9946500456
Email :

METIS Technical Services LLC Dubai To Celebrate Their 5th Anniversary

“METIS celebrate their 5th anniversary this year. With these many experiences, the various services that they provide also become much important for their client.”

METIS, the company that provides home maintenance service from Dubai, to celebrate their 5th Anniversary. With 5 long years of running the business in this industry, this company is considered to be one of the most experienced and top players in Dubai. Their experience is also shown on the service they provide as well as the response from the client that receives their service.

METIS provides several different services for their client, such as:

  • Renovation Service – this company provides makeover or addition for the home/office.
  • Electrical maintenance Service – this service helps client to create a good electrical system and maintain it.
  • Painting Service – help to finish client’s painting works on their building.
  • Plumbing Service – a service to repair any plumbing problem,
  • Swimming Pool Cleaning – Just like its name, this service helps client to maintain their pool.
  • Gardening – a service to maintain the garden,
  • Bathroom Cleaning – this service keeps the bathroom hygiene at a good level,
  • Handyman Jobs – METIS deal with all home maintenance jobs,
  • The ac maintenance and repair services – AC installation, repair, gas-refill, and removing service.
  • Carpentry Works – METIS provides the service to help the installation and building of carpentry projects.
  • Gypsum Works – the service that helps the Gypsum related project.
  • Carpet & Curtain Works – one of the office maintenance services from METIS.

“I was pleased by the quality of service provided by Metis. They have worked on time and could finish it accurately. Moreover, I value safety from their work. I trust Metis, as they personally verify their team background.” said Celina CEO of KG Ltd.

Currently, METIS is well-known as one of the best service providers in this industry in Dubai. Their 5 years experience will become the most important thing in how they offer their service. It also will become a good way to improve their branding on the market, where it can improve the company business in the future. Now, the client and the potential client just need to wait what this company can give to them.


METIS TECHNICAL SERVICES LLC DUBAI is a company that provides the house maintenance service. However, this company isn’t focusing on house maintenance only. They also offer several services that help the client to maintain their building. And, with 5 years in this business, this company has become one of an important player in the maintaining service in Dubai.

For Media Inquiries


PO Box No.236695 # 301, Asco Building,

Near Belhasa Driving School, Al Quoz 3 -


Phone number:

04 2731535

056 664 8574



Friday, January 18, 2019

MI7 Names Curt Fisher as Vice President of Business Development

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CONTACT: Randy Baker                      
PHONE: (512) 553-5557

AUSTIN, TX— MI7, an Austin, TX-based Healthcare software company specializing in clinical data integration, has announced the appointment of Curt Fisher to its team as Vice President of Business Development. Fisher has served in executive roles with 3Com Corporation, AT&T and Lucent Technologies prior to joining the MI7 team.

As Vice President of Business Development, Mr. Fisher will spearhead sales growth through a focus on developing key client partnerships while continuing to build MI7’s sales team. As MI7 enters into a new phase of its growth, Mr. Fisher will oversee the entire MI7 client experience, insuring MI7 continues to lead the healthcare interoperability market in providing the most innovative, scalable, and cost-effective solution set in the market. He is passionate about the company’s goal of democratizing and commoditizing healthcare interoperability.

Mr. Fischer is a global technology executive with decades of experience in helping companies introduce products to the marketplace, rapidly ramp their acceptance, and sustain profitable operations.

Prior to joining MI7, Mr. Fisher served in a number of executive roles at various technology and communication-based firms. Most recently, he served as President of North American operations at ITS Telecom, where he expanded cellular-based solutions and developed strategic partnerships. In addition to his role at ITS Telecom, Mr. Fisher’s industry experience includes Vice President/General Manager for Europe/Middle East Africa at 3Com Corporation; Vice President of Global Marketing and Global Business Partners at Lucent Technologies, Inc.; and Vice President of Partnership Marketing at AT&T Inc.

“There couldn’t be a better time for MI7 to have someone like Curt join the team,” said Randall Baker, MI7 COO. “It is exciting that we were able to attract such impressive talent. With Curt’s vast experience in the technology industry, especially in building and managing enterprise teams, we are well positioned for the next phase of our growth strategy.”

About MI7

MI7, is an Austin, TX-based Healthcare software company specializing in clinical data integration. Our SaaS platform is used by clients to exchange clinical information with Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems and Practice Management Systems. Our solution automates the data conversion and movement in a fully encrypted, HIPAA compliant manner, without requiring expensive configurations, private networks or lengthy negotiations with IT organizations or vendors.  Our clients represent a variety of digital health solutions who are looking for a scalable solution to integrate with the hundreds of clinical data systems in the highly-fragmented healthcare market. To learn more about MI7 and its innovative digital health solutions, visit

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

MaryJanes Hemp to Provide CBD/ Hemp in the Highest Quality Among Their Competitors

MaryJanes Hemp, a new retailer and the leader in providing the best quality products of CBD/ hemp. There are various choices of CBD/ hemp products that the customers can easily find in the company’s web page.

MaryJanes Hemp, as a retailer of CBD/ hemp, provides products with the highest quality that people can find in the market. The company only utilizes 100% of pure material, CBD oil full spectrum, as well as CBD oil tincture, isolate CBD/ hemp concentrates, and hemp oil tincture. The retailer also takes their support and service seriously to meet the customers’ satisfaction. That makes the company becomes the leader in the CBD market.

MaryJanes Hemp was established by K. Hadley and has carved a great reputation in selling of the purest quality of hemp/ CBD. This hemp oil shop also comes with various products that are available for the customers to opt. Some of the popular products that are searched by most customers include CBD oil 500mg and hemp oil 500mg. MaryJanes Hemp also provides various CBD products for pets. In addition, there are types of hemp and CBD that the customers can choose such as the edibles, concentrates, as well as in the forms of Vape, wax, or oil based on their preference. The price of the products provided is relatively affordable. Another major plus that the customers can enjoy is that the products are all free shipping.

K. Hadley, the founder of the MaryJanes Hemp stated that “Our integrity is the foundation of the service we offer and it ensures that we will always be the most cost-effective and customer-focused hemp/CBD oil product retailer. The spirit of innovation and a passionate commitment to quality of experience underpins everything we do at MaryJanes Hemp. Our perseverance in providing customers with exactly the CBD products they need, when they need them and how they need them, is what will make us the number one hemp/CBD product retailer in the industry.”

About Company

MaryJanes Hemp is a new retailer in the hemp oil USA/ CBD business. However, in just a relatively short time, the company has turned into the leading retailer that provides CBD/ hemp products with the best quality compared to their competitors. The products provided by the retailer are 100% pure, full of isolate hemp/ CBD concentrates, and also a spectrum. That makes the MaryJanes Hemp becomes the first place to turn when people need hemp/ CBD.


MaryJanes Hemp

ph# (423)444-HEMP




Gianni La Forza to Launch the Cure for Skinny-Fat Ectomorph for Beginners

Gianni La Forza has just released a book entitled the Cure for Skinny-Fat Ectomorph to guide beginners through a complete program. The book will help men to gain lean muscle, get strong, and defeat their genetics.

Gianni La Forza, an expert in male transformation and a productive author has set to launch a book for guys who want to transform their physique and overcome their skinny genetics. The book, which is entitled the Cure for Skinny-Fat Ectomorph contains complete guidance specially addressed for beginners to gain muscle while they lose fat and improve testosterone at the same time. The book is also completed with easy and simple skinny-fat solution techniques to follow.

The book which is now available in Kindle edition, consists of valuable information such as 10 mistakes that should be avoided by beginners to overcome their genetics, 9 important factors to help to gain, tighten, and tone muscles, techniques to overcome injury while training, 5 supplements that will work best for men, easy strategies to speed up the recovery of muscles, how to set calorie intake, and much more.

In addition, there will be a special offering that the people can enjoy if they order a copy of the book. The buyers will get a printable training journal created by Mr. La Forza. The journal will look perfect on a smartphone. In this way, the buyers of the book copy will be able to access all the information they need about how to build a better body anytime and everywhere.

He further adds that “When you order a copy of the book, you’re also going to get my printable training journal will look excellent on your smartphone. This bonus will help you to ensure that you’ll get strong and ripped, as well as to identify and fix any outside factors that affected your workout.”

About Author
Gianni La Forza is not only an author, but he also a respected expert in male transformation. His book, the Cure for Skinny-Fat Ectomorph for Beginners is based on his own experience as a former skinny-fat ectomorph. By using the techniques he presented in the book, La Forza was able to lose 30 pounds of body-fat and gain 20 pounds of muscles mass without consuming any drugs. With the success he has gained, Gianni La Forza attempts to help other ectomorphs with the skinny-fat look by using the same techniques. The book promises a complete program for beginners with sustainable, enjoyable, and simple plans to follow.

Monday, January 14, 2019

Chandigarh Florist Uses Innovative Method to Provide the Service for Their Customer Via Online Florist Delivery Service

“Chandigarh Florist helps those who need to send flower, gift, or cake easily. Through their online florist service, they can help the customer in Punjab area that needs those delivery services.”

Chandigarh Florist provides a unique online florist service for Chandigarh area. This is also one of the innovative services that help the customer or anyone who need florist service, finding the florist in Chandigarh easier. The customer doesn’t need to leave their house or go to the florist shop to order the flower and send it to the recipient. They can access the service from home, through the internet and the computer, and order the flower via online services.

“I booked this beautiful bunch of 12 pink roses tied with special packing, beautiful pink silk ribbon. First time I used this site and I ordered this beautiful bouquet for my Fiancée, she was surprised with the amazing packing of flowers. She called me and said that she was very impressed with the quality of flowers. All were fresh. I would appreciate the service provided by Chandigarh Florist, as it was delivered in 3 hrs time with affordable rates. Excellent service.” - Arjun, customer.

As many customers said, the Chandigarh Florist’s service can be categorized as excellent service. They provide the flowers delivery in Chandigarh by paying attention to what their customer needs. Therefore, when the customer receives the order, it will similar to what customer hoped.

For the services itself, Chandigarh Florist isn’t only accepted the order for flower delivery service. They also provide other services, such as gift and flower for a special occasion and cakes delivery as well. With a wide variety of services, they can provide everything that customer need.

Currently, Chandigarh Florist only accepts delivery orders from a customer in the Punjab area. However, they have the vision to expand their business, not only as Chandigarh flowers delivery, but also an online florist that provide the service for all areas in India.

About Chandigarh Florist

Chandigarh Florist is an online florist service that provides flower delivery that can be ordered through the online service/website. As the leading in the florist business in Chandigarh, this company aims to provide the best service with high satisfaction level customer as their main target. Even though this company is an online florist company, but this company also provides other services, such as cake and gift. And, all of this service and product is available through their website.

For Media Inquiries

Chandigarh Florist

Sector - 35 A, Chandigarh 160035


Phone number: +91-7206-172-172


Sunday, January 13, 2019

Talented Artist, Musician, and Writer, Page 1, features Bay area rap legend, B-Legit, in a new single titled “Bump It,” to be released on December 25th

Page 1 is one of the few talented musicians that have stayed true to the essence of rap music, with a steady presence in the Detroit hip-hop scene for more than one decade, thanks to its thought-provoking real-life lyrics that provide knowledge and entertainment to the followers of hip-hop. In line with the rappers goal of serving his fans across the globe with the best of entertainment, Page 1 recently announced the release of his banging new hit titled “Bump It,” where he features another rap great, B-Legit.

Produced by KillaSmuv for KillaSmuv productions, “Bump It” is expected to be released on all digital music retailers on December 25th. In the amazing track, Page 1 gave a tribute to the Bay Area West Coast rappers, acknowledging their talent and tenacity to offer great rap music to lovers of good music across the globe.
Over the years, Page 1 has been able to carve a niche for himself in the music industry since the release of his first single titled “Ghetto Tour Guide,” which was described as a “studio wonder”. With over 100 songs to his name, Page has worked with the likes of KillaSmuv and Mag the Po Boy with performances on different stages from Detroit to Houston.

He is also currently working on his newest Moorish album, which is due to debut sometime in 2019 featuring several well-known entertainers in the hip-hop community.

About Page 1
Page 1, also known as The Real Page1 is an entertainer, rapper, actor, and C.E.O. Born Fred Kendricks in Detroit Michigan 1973, Page 1 has continuously shown his love for making good music with influences from the likes of Run DMC, LL Cool J, Ice T, AfricaBabbata, KRS-1, Esham and NWA.
Media Contact
Company Name: Hittinlick Records
Contact Name: Fred Kendricks-El
Contact Number: 313-422-3939
Email Address:

Friday, January 11, 2019

Reliable Virtual Private Server and Web Hosting Company in Nigeria

VPS is a side server technology that enables the users to have an independent software and operating system. This technology can be found in

C:\Users\pc\Documents\my website  folder\Adhang\Adhang clients\Adhang contents\Adhang signs and creatives\WebhostingNigeria.jpg

January 11, 2019: VPS or Virtual Private Server is the technology of side server in which a machine with a big capacity is divided into some virtual partitions. Each of the partition features the independent software and operating system as well as a faster configuration.

Compared to the shared hosting, VPS is indeed less popular due to the price that tends to be more expensive. However, the benefits should not be underestimated. Yes, this technology offers many more features that simply improve the website’s quality. Some of them are the abilities to manage the extremely high traffic, save the big-sized files more easily, full control for all the websites, more access to the remote desktop, VPN functionality, private backup, SEO optimization, and many more. is a VPS hosting company in Nigeria that gives the website owners more access to use this technology. In Nigeria, the services for VPS are indeed still quite difficult to find as the shared hosting is considered more popular. To find the services, the clients only need to go to its official website, and then go to the VPS product. Click Order Now and the administrator directly gives you further requirements to fulfill.

VPS is indeed more expensive than the other services including shared hosting. However, there is a special price at Perfect Visual Host; it is starting from N12,000 to N28,900. The features and facilities offered in the packages are different from each other. The more expensive the package you choose, the features tend to be better and higher for sure. Meanwhile, this site also makes available of some services including the integrated visual panel, maximum security, support helpdesk, private name servers, flexibility, and more.

Particularly for the VPS packages, some additional features are the free virtual private server set up, email accounts and webmail, server monitoring, e-commerce features, updated technology, and complete resource control.

About Perfect Visual Host is a dedicated web hosting company in Nigeria that provides products like shared hosting and VPS with interesting features. It helps the clients to improve the performance of the websites. The prices offered are friendly as well as there are many discounts available for certain purchases. Enjoy also the great and satisfying services from the accessible official website.

For Media Inquiries

Phone : +2348034283159

Office: D 07 Century mall, St.Patrick's junction, Ojo Alaba international market, Lagos, Nigeria.

One Stop Solution to Get The Latest Technology News in Nigeria

365Technoblog is presented for people who look for information, guidance, and tips related to the technology. The news and information served are always up to date and based on the facts.

C:\Users\pc\Documents\my website  folder\Adhang\Adhang clients\Adhang contents\Adhang signs and creatives\TechnologyblogNigeria.png

January 11, 2019: Due to the rapid development of recent technology, people just love to gain more and more information about it. Moreover, some examples of technology basically have been in their hands including Smartphone, laptop, and other gadgets. Certain one-stop technology information is needed to fulfill people’s curiosity regarding the information, guides, tips, and the latest trends in technology. One of them is in the form of the latest technology blogs.

365Technoblog is one of the blogs that present news and information of the technology’s world. Not only it is about the newest Smartphone or PC release but the blog is also recommended for them who want to know more about the newest apps security, and gadgets as well as digital marketing trend. Meanwhile, many guides and tips from the experts are also available to help the readers to use the technology to be more smart and wisely. It is possible for the readers to leave questions and comments to be answered by the administrators.

365Technoblog has been named as one of the best digital marketing blogs in Nigeria. The blog is a good reference for them who want to start and develop their digital-based business. There are also tips and tricks to improve the websites and blogs to support the marketing of products and services.

Additionally, the blog is presented in a cool language style and easy navigation. Particularly for the readers who want to read the latest posts, they can subscribe to the blog. On the other hand, the blog also accepts the article submissions from them who want to participate in making the content.

For all the benefits given to the readers and lovers of the technologies in the world, it is reasonable if 365Technoblog have gained many visitors. It is even one of the blogs with the high online advert rates in Nigeria.

About 365Technoblog

365Technoblog is a blog from Nigeria that provides news, information, guides, and tips related to the technology’s world including gadgets, security, app, and more. Meanwhile, the blog also offers guides on the products and services of digital marketing for both manufacturers and sellers. It is recommended for the bloggers and technology players as well as common people who want to learn more about the latest technology.

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Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Mizz NahnYah, a Breath of the Fresh Air for the Pop, R&B, and Afrobeat Music Industry

Louisville, January 9, 2019: There are many new artists in the US music industry nowadays but only a few of them who are sparkling. One of the newcomers that get the highlight from the observers is Mizz Nahnyah. Her genres are probably quite common; they are Pop, R&B, and Afrobeat genres. However, as she is successfully bringing out her own styles and signatures, it makes this female singer needs to be considered more in the industry.

Mizz Nahnyah was born in Harper Maryland County, West Africa, Liberia with the birth name Yah Dalieh. She moved to the US as a refugee in April of 2004 and she thought that the US indeed gives her a big prospect. After several years, she began to practice vocal and songwriting as she realized that she indeed had the music talent. Then, she was more focused on the genres of Pop and R&B as well as the Afrobeat. To add her knowledge in music, she also learned about the music brought some big artists including Michael Jackson and Beyonce.

During the progress of her career, she knows well that music is a dynamic thing. She cannot follow the other’s path in order to be popular. This way, Mizz NahnYah tries to have her own characteristics and niche to be well-known with her own name. Fortunately, the management also supports her to do so. After joining the two-month Bazon Records Tour, she garnered a fan base and internet buzz.

There are some goals that are expected to be reached by Mizz NahnYah. She wants to be popular with her own household name, has a positive contribution to the industry, and creates a better platform in the future. Now, she continues to create her music to be enjoyed by her fans and all people around the world.

About Mizz NahnYah
Mizz NahnYah is a newcomer in the US music industry. She is well-known with the Pop, R&B, and Afrobeat Genres. She composes her own music and tries to be different and more innovative than the others. Recently Mizz NahnYah releasing her first official single YOU CAN GO. Mizz Nahnyah started writing music in 2006 the song YOU CAN GO was writing by Mizz Nahnyah and produced by Infectious Michael and throughout her career, She supported and promoted many artists in the Liberian industry. To connect with her, the listeners can connect with her through the management, social media, and streaming platforms.

For Media Inquiries

Mizz NahnYah Music
Bazon Records
Louisville, KY

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Creative TalentHubb Website ( Launched and Ready to Help Talent Artists from All over the World

WorldcTalentHubb starts to operate and provide the opportunity assistance for talents from all around the world. The talents can now collaborate and  easily be part of local and global creative projects through this website.” is finally launched. This website is the one-stop home for  producers, directors, Talent manager, creative skills and Creative Talents, a company that offers global opportunities for many talents, artist, and individuals who believe to have any unique artistic form of creativity that contribute to the fashion, cinema, music entertainment and showbiz industry around the world. They provide a home (platform) where these talents can be accessed by the creative entertainment industry for any project. With their effective platform feature functions, everyone can absolutely audition for global opportunities from the comfort of their homes and get chosen to be part of creative projects in any part of the world.

“Creative Talent Hubb will be the home for discovering and putting to use unique talents and the creatively skilled of any race, ethnicity and culture across the globe in the film, fashion, event, and entertainment industry worldwide. – Creative Talent Hubb”

Creative Talent Hubb provides a unique service beneficial for independent and entertainment Industries looking for creative skill and talents for any form of a creative project. Talents on the platform, will tend to receive video text and emails of opportunities that need their creative talents and skills from all over the globe. As a talent or creatively skilled ,they can choose from the numerous opportunities send to them to submit audition activities requested in their messages to be reviewed.

This website provides the easiest method to do that, via their online application structure and functions. This platform is not just for talents, but any creative skill and service that contributes to making the fashion, entertainment, cinema world a magical on eg: the platform, even have fields for rental and location scouters (fabric, decoration, camera rentals ect) that sell creative tools needed for creative entertainment productions. Many people with exotic out of the box talents are encouraged and have a chance to join Creative Talent Hubb. The company believes no talent is a waste, but rather it has purpose and role to play out there in the world.

Directors, talent managers, producers, location scouters, set production, camera rentals, light rentals and so on will also find this platform very helpful to find the appropriate cast and crew for their projects no matter the geography or location of their projects. All it takes is to send a video stating what they need or a pdf instruction through the platform and every member under the geography and category chosen receive a text and email alert (worldwide or chosen location).

About WorldcTalentHubb created by Creative Talent Hubb is a home that is bringing together people who believe they have talents and creative skills that need to be given a chance and be accessible to independent, big fashion and entertainment cooperation all over the globe, just with a click of a button.This platform doesn’t limit their creative field or geographical reach.

Please visit to join or be updated through our social media pages instagram@ct_hubb.

For Media Inquiries
Creative Talent Hubb
Phone: +1(985) 441-9099

Monday, January 7, 2019

The Ultimate Place for the Interior Designs and Decorations

Lifestyle and Decor is a store that provides all items for the home decoration necessities. Aside from the products, some services are available, including the delivery and installation.

January 7, 2019: There are many ways to make the home decorations look more beautiful and comfortable. One of them is by adding the decorations and items that fit the interior design in general. As an example is for the modern and contemporary interior, it is better if the furniture and items added are those the minimalist ones. Meanwhile, curvy and ethnic details are more necessary for the classic or vintage home living.

However, it is sometimes quite difficult to find a store that provides all the home items completely. Sure, there must be the beautiful products there, but unfortunately, they are just not suitable for the home interior.

Interestingly, Lifestyle and Decor, a shop for the home interior design, has been recently launched. The shop provides all the things people may need to fill in and beautify their home interior. There are products like furniture, home appliances, decorations, and other items including the lamps, chandelier, and fixtures. The products come from the brands that have been tested and proven to be qualified.

The styles offered are also varied starting from the classic to the modern ones. The products are designed with remarkable details to stun anybody who sees it. Some items are even very unique in which they are produced in a limited number. Make sure to buy some of the items for the living rooms, bedrooms, and also the kitchen.

For all the qualified products available, Lifestyles and Decor provide friendly prices. Also enjoy the services given by the store, including the delivery service as well as the installation for particular items like wallpaper and wall decor. Meanwhile, it is possible for the customers to order and customize the products based on their tastes and expectations. Sure, it takes time but the products can be finished well on the deadline.

About Lifestyle and Decor

Lifestyle and Decor is an online store to fulfill the customers’ needs in term of home decoration. It provides many products to support the home interior designs including furniture, appliances, accessories, decorations, wallpaper, and some other items. It provides some services like the delivery and installation.

For Media Inquiries

Lifestyles and Decor

Saturday, January 5, 2019

Lust by Wayne Dreadski Aired by International Radio Stations in Over 45 Countries

Wayne Dreadski recently released a song entitled Lust. The song has positive responses from the audience and it now has been played by International Radio Stations in more than 45 countries.

Atlanta, January 5, 2019: Music is a part of the human life and it can simply represent the feelings of the authors, singers, and audience, whether it is about love, happiness, sadness, expectation, and more. It is so great if there are more musicians to show their talents off. One of them is Wayne Dreadski, a Hip-Hop singer, musician and talented artist from Atlanta.

Previously, Dreadski was an indie artist who entertains the audience only on the small stages. Due to the development of social media, his works can be listened to and enjoyed in a broader range. His popularity has increased on various platforms, including blogs, podcasts, and music streaming sites.

Recently, Dreadski has released a new song entitled Lust. Interestingly, he gains more achievement regarding this new song. Lust has been successfully played by international radio stations in more than 45 countries in the world. Sure, if the listeners want to know how to get free music, they can just turn on their favorite radio stations. Meanwhile, the popularity of the song is also shown by the streaming number which is more than 1000 weekly streams via sites like iTunes, Tidal, and Spotify.

In general, the audience gives positive reviews regarding the song released by Dreadski. The song is considered beautiful and touching as well as the arrangement is qualified. Based on that fact, it is reasonable if Lust has been included in the playlists by many listeners and streamers from various platforms.

The popularity of the song has motivated Dreadski to work better in the future. He hopes that his music is able to enjoy and inspire many people out there. For the other musicians, it should be a chance to develop their talents so that their works can be enjoyed by more people.

About Wayne Dreadski
Wayne Dreadski is an Hip-Hop artist who is releasing music via Concrete Music Management and gains the popularity via various social media platforms. Recently, his newest song entitled Lust has been released and it gains positive reviews from the audience. The song can be enjoyed via some streaming sites including iTunes, Tidal, and Spotify. For more information, please visit

For Media Inquiries
Gabriel EuBanks
3251 Peachtree Street
Suite 240
Atlanta GA 30315
(404) 941-5721

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

5 Easy Tricks to Find a Woman You Like in a Few Days

For some men, attracting a woman they like is not a simple thing. By practicing some easy tricks below, it is possible to find a woman only in a few days without too many efforts.

There are indeed some types of women in this world that can be simply conquered while some others are not. Meanwhile, there are also some men who are not confident enough to approach the women they like. So, are you looking for tips to find a woman for a 3 way? There are more than 3 indeed, but all of them are easy to practice.

First, the men are not allowed to easily judge the women physically and emotionally. Everybody knows that nobody is perfect. Too many considerations just make you delay your action in approaching her again and again. So, you need to be positive by thinking that the woman you like has a good heart and she will definitely like you back in the end.

Second, you need to be her special friend. You need to be closer to her than any other friends she has. Show her that you are a perfect man for her by being a good listener. You don’t always need to give her advice except she asks you. You only need to be by her side anytime she needs. Meanwhile, it is important also to do activities together, like doing exercises, going to the library, and others.

Third, you are not allowed to be too possessive. It is very common in this modern day for a woman to have some male friends. Sure, there is nothing wrong with that. Rather than forbidding her to hang out with her friends, it is much better to try to get along with them. Sure, if you are liked by her friends, it is much easier for you to find her heart.

Fourth, particularly in term of how to find a woman for a couple, it means you need to get along with her family too. No matter how weird her parents and siblings are, you need to be a good friend to them. This way, you may get married to her only in a few weeks later.

Fifth, you can share about your future and expectations with her. Well, it is not a threesome dating site, in which you may approach a woman just for fun and nothing more than that. You can see her response. If she responds to it enthusiastically, it means she is also attracted to you.

Smart Ways to Attract a Woman You Just Recently Knew

Attracting a woman who has been known recently is indeed not easy. However, some smart and elegant ways below can be practiced to make your approaching is successful.

When attending a party or hanging out with friends, there is probably a woman that attracts you at that time. Okay, your friend may have introduced you both. But, what is next? Some tips below are worth to follow to make your attempt to approach her more successful.

First, you need to be yourself. The common mistake done by a man when approaching a woman is that he suddenly changes into someone else. The problem is that no one in this world likes to have lied. So, you don’t need to be someone else and try to talk to her with your own style. Being honest since the beginning is important to avoid any problem later.

Second, it is better if you can be fun. Yes, you should not be nervous, assume this woman is one of the friends that you have known for a long time. Besides, when talking with her, you must choose a topic that may interest here. As an example, not many women love soccer, although you like it so much. So, the more common topic like movies and music can just be more fun. Sure, whatever her taste in term of movies and music, you should not underestimate her.

Third, you should be her friend first. This is a woman you just know, guys. So, you should avoid teasing or seducing her or she simply thinks that you are just a big no for her. In fact, women can be easily bored with particular types of men. Well, the sassy type is one of them.

Fourth, as someone that only recently knows her, you should avoid asking about private and personal questions. Sure, it means you don’t need to investigate her regarding her ex or even weight. Well, it is not like you are going to the bisexual dating site, bi cupid, or affair dating site in which the personal matters have been mentioned in her account.

Fifth, be patient. Attracting a woman cannot be done instantly. It takes time and of course, it needs patience. So, you should not be in a rush. Make sure to understand when the best time to send online chatting message or SMS. Besides, in the beginning, you should not send the messages too often. If she doesn’t responded to your chat well, you can wait for a few days to determine whether you need to continue your efforts or not.