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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Announcing the Campaign to Fund an Innovative 3-In-1 Shower Appliance

Donate to Help a Unique Product Hit the Market

Hong Kong -- April 28, 2015 -- Klinox, one of the leading manufacturers of home appliances, announces their campaign to market a new and innovative product -- the Klinox 3-in-1 Back Scrubbing Rod.

Klinox strives to provide a product of creativity, environmental friendliness, safety & reliable quality for every family; and hopes to revitalize the lives of those who work tirelessly to fulfill their dreams.

This unique product provides both functionality and a luxury option. By simply adding some soap onto rod and moving sideways while pressing the back against it, this glorious bath tool cleanses and massages at the same time. Klinox’s Back Scrubbing Rod is an innovative personal care item patented in over 130 countries.

A study from the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS) has stated that a chiropractic (spine massage) can reduce the cortisol levels (stress hormone), which reduces one’s stress level and improves quality of sleep. By using this product, you can imitate the functions of a chiropractic massage while utilizing the warmth and comfort of the home shower.

Perfect for families of any size, this product allows the simple  interchangeability of multiple scrubbing rods, to increase every family’s use of this product as something both hygienic and easy to use.

The Klinox fundraising team is seeking the assistance from the crowd fund community to help improve the product and ready it for marketing for retail distribution. As a brand new product that has never been seen in the market, you can help promote the Back Scrubbing Rod and help us bring it to the mainstream retail market.

For More Information about the Product, or to Make a Donation, Please Visit:

Paul Lei

Announcing the Campaign to Raise Funds for Humanity

A Campaign for Humans Who Care

St. Pete, FL -- April 29, 2015 -- Funds for Humanity, and online campaign designed to raise funding for a variety of charities, proudly announces their campaign to raise money for their charity, New Tags for Homeless Pets.

Funds for Humanity’s list of approved humane and responsible charities focuses primarily on causes that promote animal welfare, helping the homeless, stopping child abuse & hunger, offering resources to local charities, environmental protection, finding cures for terminal diseases, human equality, and more.

For this campaign in particular, a portion of the funds raised will go to their animal rescue, New Tags for Homeless Pets, which focuses on taking dogs and cats from high volume, kill-shelters and off the streets in order to find them loving homes. New Tags for Homeless Pets has been rescuing and rehabilitating animals for over 15 years and are hoping to expand their charity.

Some of the funds raised will also be donated to other charities that share the same core values and expectations central to Funds for Humanity and New Tags for Homeless Pets’ philosophy -- to help rather than hurt.

The minimum fundraising goal for this campaign is $56,000, but the creators of this campaign are confident that they will exceed this amount before the end date is reached. Your generous donation will ensure that countless pets, families, and others in desperate need of assistance will be able to find the help they need to rise out of the depths of despair.

This is your chance to be a part of something bigger than yourself. Please consider donating and sharing this campaign. Please join us in saying that YOU STILL HAVE YOUR FAITH IN HUMANITY!

For More Information about Funds for Humanity or to Make a Donation, Please Visit:

For More Information about New Tags for Homeless Pets, Please Visit:

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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Announcing the Campaign to Help a Man with Cerebral Palsy Inspire Others

Donate to help Jason Rodie Get to the Paralympics for 2016

Gilbert, AZ -- April 27, 2015 -- Jason Rodie, a young man defying all odds and thriving despite living with cerebral palsy, announces his campaign to raise funds in order to compete in the Paralymics in 2016 in Brazil.

Jason Rodie has lived a life full of many challenges. After being diagnosed with cerebral palsy, Jason was told he wouldn’t be able to walk past the age of 18. Living an active lifestyle, which for any other person would improve the quality of life, has actually shortened his life considerably. He has also had several complications caused by skin cancer as well as liver problems, which were severe enough to give him a prognosis of survival of less than 3 months.

Despite it all, Jason has always felt he is on this Earth for a purpose. At 33 years of age, suffering from the effects of cerebral palsy on his left side and an over-worked right side, he has decided to take it to the next level. Your generous donation will help him fund the journey to compete in the Brazil 2016 Paralympics in the Long Jump and 100m Track and Field events.

By raising money for his campaign and ultimately reaching his goal of competition, he hopes to inspire, educate, instigate, and inspire research and funding for programs and medical advancements to better the lives of those living with cerebral palsy. Jason’s ultimate dream would be to begin additional research and development of treatment endeavors that will allow those with cerebral palsy to have a more functional and fulfilling lifestyle.

To LEARN MORE about the project, make a donation to Jason’s Paralympics journey, or to find more information, please visit:

Jason Rodie