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Friday, December 28, 2018

The Eight Most Important Checkup Questions for Your Small Business: Are you ready for 2019?

Dr. Daryl D. Green is an international author and researcher who recently received the Stukent Professor of the Month Award. Dr Green now releases eight checkup questions for small businesses.
Caption: Dr. Green shares business insights with business owners Pat and Israel Archibald in Mobile, Alabama.

SHAWNEEE, OK, December 28, 2018 – Are you happy with your business this year? What are you going to do differently? How can you hire the right people to support your vision? Sadly, many small business owners do not spend enough time planning for the future. It’s quite understandable. Managers must keep pace with the daily demands of their businesses, including payroll, taxes, product/service delivery, and customer expectations., Dr Daryl Green provides vital insight on conducting an organizational checkup for small businesses for the upcoming year.
Based on the study of 2004 Small Business Administration (SBA). In the study, it is known that 580,900 small businesses opened in 2005 and 576,200 others are closed. It is noted also that 67% of the new companies can only survive at least 2 years while the 44% others survived at least 4 years.
According to Dr. Green, small business owners need to evaluate their businesses. Dr. Green explains, “Like humans, small businesses could benefit from a good checkup too. Nowadays, small businesses are experiencing the realities of a hypercompetitive economy.  In fact, buyers are smarter and savvy about purchasing their products and services. Therefore, businesses must adapt to changing times.”
Dr. Green is an internationally acknowledged author and researcher. He is the Dickinson Chair at the Oklahoma Baptist University. In 2016, Dr. Green retired from the Department of Energy as a senior engineer, where he had managed programs for over 27 years. With his technological background and entrepreneurial spirit, this professor has steadily developed intellectual properties, such as eBooks, Kindles, MP3, and video downloads to take advantage of the global platform.Dr. Green has conducted extensive research on small businesses. Dr. Green notes, “I partner with local businesses as both a practitioner and academic. Effective universities know how to help area businesses to grow. I want to serve in this capacity too.”
He hopes his expertise can assist many struggling small businesses in the upcoming year.
In the public sector, Dr. Green has managed multi-million-dollar projects as well as conducted more than 100 organizational evaluations. He realizes the struggles are for both small and large businesses as it has been stated by SBA. Sure, the problems struggled need to be diagnosed and overcome. Therefore, there are the eight most important checkup questions to ask when someone is intended to build up his or her small business before entering the year 2019.

Here they are.
  1. Do you have a clear vision for your business? What is it?
  2. Do you know why your customers buy from you and why others do not buy from you?
  3. What results are you getting from your marketing? Do you have an effective online presence on the web?
  4. Are you collecting data or the right kind of data on your customers and competitors?
  5. Are you keeping pace with your industry trends? If so, what are the key trends?
  6. How are you measuring results (i.e., key performance indicators like cash flow and revenue)?
  7. What are your key competitors’ marketing strategies?
  8. Have you evaluated your strengths and weaknesses (i.e., SWOT Analysis)?

By finding the answers to those eight questions, it is expected that the businessmen are able to improve their business as well as gain more customers. Dr. Green adds, “These questions serve as friendly reminders for the small business; there can be is room for improvement. Yes..even the big global businesses like IBM and Google utilize self-evaluations.”. However, the checkup must also be done continuously in order to evaluate the business’ performance.
For more information about Dr. Daryl Green and to have a media interview with him on this subject, visit  or contact 405-585-4414.
About Dr. Daryl D. Green
Dr. Daryl D. Green is an internationally acknowledged author and researcher. He is the Dickinson Chair at the Oklahoma Baptist University. Dr. Green writes a syndicated online column and blog. Moreover, he has been quoted in major media outlets, including USA Today, Associated Press, Ebony, and BET. In 2016, he retired from the federal government as a senior program manager. Dr. Green has spent more than 20 years helping organizations and thousands of individuals make good decisions through his lectures, seminars, and columns.

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Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Trusted Pharmaceutical Manufacture with Qualified Medical Products

Phcoker is one of the producers for pharmaceutical products. It offers qualified products for health produced in the clinical process for the safety of the customers.

Keeping the body healthy is something important to be done by all people in this world. But for many reasons, it is possible for them to be suffered from diseases and there are only medications that can help them. Sure, they must go to the right products to make sure that they are cured properly.

Phcoker is a company with numerous pharmaceutical products. It has been trusted by the health centers including hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, and drugstores for years. Even before the production process, the professionals hired by Phcoker have conducted research and observations for the qualified and safe products. Meanwhile, the tools, equipment, and laboratories available are also sophisticated enough to control the products’ quality.

There are some featured products produced by Phcoker. One of them is Sildenafil Citrate with the code of CAS 171599-83-0. It is mainly functioned to relax the muscle and open up the blood vessels. This way, the drug is often suggested for the lung problems as well as help to get and maintain an erection for men.

The other product is Methyl Synephrine that is used to promote the heat production. The drug is recommended for the appetite suppression, contract blood vessels, and raise blood pressure. Interestingly, it doesn’t have any side effects and reactions. That’s why; it is considered safe to be consumed by anyone.

Next, there is Lorcaserin with the code of 616202-92-7. It is included in the group of drugs for the serotonin receptor antagonist. It is good for the diet programs but for some reasons, it must be under the doctor’s prescription. Even for the ideal-weight people, they can consume it to avoid problems like obesity.

Phcoker provides many more types of drugs including Orlistat Powder, Avanafil, Tadalafil, Celistat, Dutasteride, and so forth. For the best usage, they must be consumed based on the dosage metioned in the packages.

About Phcoker

Phcoker or it is known as Xuchang Shangke Chemical Co., Ltd is a pharmaceutical industry company that was founded in 2008. It specializes in active pharmaceutical intermediates (APIs) that provides the medical and drug products that are safe for the customers. It works under the regulations of ISO 9001: 2015 for the quality system and strictly management.

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Xuchang Fine Chemical Industrial Park, Henan Province, China

Phone : +86 (1812) 4514114

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The Ultimate Instagram Likes Suppliers and Reviews with Safe and Secured Products

Powerlikes is a provider of the Instagram Likes but different from any other social media booster suppliers, it works more safely. The customers can gain more Likes without being worried that their activities are considered as spam or fraud.

In this social media era, it is reasonable if some users want to have more Likes in the posts they upload. Unfortunately, it is not that easy since controlling the followers’ minds are something nearly impossible as well. Therefore, it is reasonable if many users then go to the providers of social media boosters for buying post likes.

Unfortunately, not all of the suppliers are safe and professional enough. As information, Instagram and many other social media are really strict about this point. They just want the users to have real likes or followers. Meanwhile, the activities of buying the likes are considered as spam or even fraud.

Powerlikes work differently for the success of social media growth. It doesn’t control the users’ account at all, so that they can explore the Instagram freely without being worried. There are some services available from Powerlikes. They are being fully engaged in term of ratings and reviews, able to update reviews and likes, based on the updates of Instagram, reporting the problems and bugs, sharing analytic data, comparing the services, adding personal reviews, and many more.

This provider also offers the total transparency regarding the reviews and likes given. They are totally authentic and genuine in which Powerlikes doesn’t filter the details. Besides, there is also the system of protection to avoid the accounts being accused as a scam. For the rests, the Instagram account can just work as usual.

To get the Powerlikes’s service is simple and easy. First of all, the users only need to go to the official website of Powerlikes. There is a page provided for the service transaction. Follow the instructions given and the products are simply given via the Instagram explore.

About Powerlikes

Powerlikes is a digital site that provides boosters for social media. Some of the products are post likes and reviews for Instagram. The system applied is developed and updated based on the algorithm of Instagram. Meanwhile, it guarantees the products to be safe and secured when being used. The site has been trusted by many customers from many realms for the credibility and trustworthiness for years.

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Monday, December 24, 2018

Absolute Billiard Pool Table Moving Company Atlanta Offering Its Excellent Services

The most famous Atlanta’s billiard company is offering potential customers its excellent services. The focus of the company is to give its customers a master-quality service.

Those who need to move their pool table will need a company being able to move it anytime, anywhere, and in any circumstances securely and safely. The most famous Billiard Company in Atlanta, Absolute Billiards, is undoubtedly able to do it by using a fourteen-foot box truck specifically designed for a more secure and safer moving pool table. Its billiard services carry one-million-dollar insurance of general liability to protect the house of the customers when doing the job. Unlike any other pool table movers, the company also provides ten-thousand-dollar insurance from Inland Marine Insurance, the Cargo Insurance, to protect the billiard table being moved as cargo. Definitely, the moving process gives its customers peace of mind.

The Absolute Billiard Company offers different services, such as the sales and purchases of new pool tables, breaking down pool tables or called pool table disassembly, calibrating, re-cushioning and setting new bumper. Another service are leveling to tournament standards with the most accurate and period machinist level, repairing and re-felting pool tables with various models, including the ones with a one-piece slate and antiques, the sales and purchases of used pool tables, and moving.

This Pool Table Moving Company has the contact number 678.409.7904, which can be contacted seven days a week from 8 am to 8 pm for the questions about how to sell a pool table pool and storages. It is also great to contact this company with the online form available on its website to ask about a quote.

Brett Buchanan with his team said, “Our focus is on providing our customers our work with the master-quality for any kinds of services our customers want without exceptions. One of their happy customers said, “I would definitely recommend this pool table moving company to anyone needing pool services since I witnessed how the team greatly cleaned, assembled, disassembled, aligned the slate, installed the felt, etc.”

About Company

The Insured Absolute Billiard Company with a full license offering skills, professionalism, and experience, fully understands how to put billiard tables together. It is not an easy job the pool table assembly is when moving pool tables since broken pieces can cost a lot of money, like moving a piano. This company strictly prohibits the actions such as standing on, sitting on, moving the pool table from the original location, and other activities causing damages to the pool table or the company will not cover such damages. The company also gives a one-year guarantee for its customers.

Absolute Billiard Services

5310 Whisper Point Blvd





+1 678-409-7904

Friday, December 21, 2018

12 Packs of Safety Vest Made of Best-Quality Material Available Now

“KILOO’s safety vest provides the best protection for its wearer. The safety vest pack is now available in Amazon online store.”

KILOO has a good collection of safety vest for many purposes. The most recent products from this company is the safety vest pack of 12. Consist of 12 pieces of safety vest ready to wear, this company offers the best product for anyone who needs them.

“Stay smart, stay safe and protect the people around you with these professional safety vests. – KILOO Store.”

The safety vest has an important function in protecting its wearer from many dangerous events. The vest itself won’t make the wearer become invincible or something like that. However, with the unique design and high-intensity color, the wearer can be easily noticed by other people. Therefore, it can minimize the occurrence of an accident caused by human error. This benefit is useful for many kinds of events.

The Safety vest pack of 12 has the features that give the wearer the protection they need when they are working. Using the latest design, which gives the wearer high visibility when they work at a certain place. The vest is also made of lightweight mesh material. The material is comfortable to wear, plus it is also durable against weather and harsh condition. Plus, with 4-inch long Velcro hook-and-loop closure, this vest has a better fastening system that let the wearer feel safer with it.

This High Visibility Reflective Safety Vest can be used for many kinds of events. Either it’s the construction site, or the festival or outdoor event; the wearer will get the protection that they need. It is not only the event. The safety vest is also perfect for other purposes, such as warehouse works, security team and many more. It’s also equipped with a 2-inch wide of reflective stripes that go 360 degrees around the vest. With this feature, it gives better visibility at night or low-light condition.

The Yellow Reflective Safety Vest is available on Amazon. The package consists of 12 safety vests.  The price for this package is $28.90 on the Amazon online store. This is a very affordable price for 12 pieces of safety vest with high-quality material. For the shipping, it uses the Amazon policy and shipping service. Basically, this product can be shipped to all countries in the world, as long it is included and available in the shipping option from Amazon.

KILOO is a company that produces safety equipment. One of them is the safety vest. Their product is made by carefully designing process, so it can offer the best protection for its wearer. KILOO is working together with Amazon. Amazon provides the place where KILOO can sell their product online. Therefore, the buying and shipping policy for KILOO’s safety vest is similar to what usually Amazon gives.

For More Information
Company Name: KILOO
FB page: Kiloostore

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Petra Organics is launching their luxury USDA Certified Organic Day Cream

The new USDA Certified Organic Day Cream by Petra Organics contains powerful organic and natural therapeutic ingredients and will be soon available on their website as well as on the online platform
Petra Organics, a popular supplier of quality beauty products is pleased to announce they are launching their Organic Day Cream, at their clients requests. The new beauty product formula is design to repair damage cells, stimulate new cell growth, provide intense hydration while soothing, healing and regenerating the skin.

Health and Beauty Experts are already saying that Petra Organics Day Cream could be one of the best in the market, considering their current products that are best selling online.( or that gathered people attention and positive feedbacks).

A spokesman for Petra Organics explained their success : “ Nothing makes us happier than helping people. We are committed to provide quality products that help our clients achieve their goals and discover their natural beauty. “

Petra Organics Day Cream leaves the skin feeling smooth and nourished all day, helping women develop healthy and younger looking skin. It is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.
It is not just the results that the new Day Cream provides that is gaining health and beauty experts attention, it is also the way the product is made. The ingredients are certified organic, vegan, chemical-free and cruelty-free.
The formula contains powerful antioxidants and vitamins from natural sources like Organic Hawthorn Berry, Organic Bilberry, Organic Geranium Oil, Organic Grape Seed Oil, Organic Bergamot Oil that are known to reduce the signs of aging while keeping the skin hydrated.

Health and Beauty experts are now advising women to use products that contain natural ingredients and avoid harsh chemicals due to the dangers that can be caused to the skin. A recent study found that women use 12 health and beauty products a day with these products containing 168 different chemicals. Some chemicals when they become in direct contact with the skin and the bloodstream can cause serious negative reaction like causing skin irritation and eczema.

Petra Organics provide peace of mind with their products that are safe for the skin.
To learn more about the new Organic Day Cream by Petra Organics and their other products that had a positive feedback on the market you can visit
About Petra Organics
Petra Organics is a popular seller of health and beauty products which contains natural and organic ingredients.

Couple Looking for Woman Introduces Top 6 of Trusted Threesome Dating Sites

There are some threesome dating sites available with similar services and facilities. Couple Looking for Woman is designed to inform trusted threesome dating sites.

Previously, it was hard to find a trusted female partner just like what the bi couple wants. Nowadays, the searching process becomes easy due to the presence of reputable threesome dating sites. Since a lot of threesome dating websites, the bi couples, as well as the bi females need to make sure that they are using the right online service.

The Couple Looking for Woman is developed to facilitate between the couples and the females. This portal has the list of trusted sites for a couple looking for threesome. The purpose is to create a secure place for a threesome couple to find what they really need and make the process easy and efficient.

One of a reputable threesome dating sites is BiCupid in which it is the biggest threesome couple portal along with members from the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Europe, and many more. There is also a threesome dating site, namely Adult Friend Finder which designed for a couple looking for female and female looking for a threesome. Couples and female love to use this dating site that of the successful matches in which the site is able to reach 500 matches daily.

Find a Threesome is also a trusted threesome dating site. All people are welcome to use the site including a couple, men, and even a single. Along with great security system and features, the site is able to get over 80 million members around the world and known as the largest threesome dating site.

Another site is Threesome Chat in which it is also a good place for a couple looking for female because of the high-quality bi female, bi male, and bi couple. The best part of this site is on its flexibility where the members are able to use PC and mobile phone for dating online. Now, the site has over 1.400.000 members and grow larger due to the flexibility and the quality of the services.

ALT is on the list due to the facility to serve BDSM dating, sissy dating, and many others. This site also has a great security system for its members to make them find the best bi female comfortably.

Get It On can be included to the list because the site is designed for all types of members. Whether they are a couple looking for a female, female looking for couple, or bi female, they are able to join the site. The interesting feature is matched based on the location so the members can find the closest bi partner from the living area. Just like what the mission of the site, Couple Looking for Woman is trying to facilitate bi members to find trusted and secure threesome dating sites.

About Couple Looking for Woman: is a portal where bi people can find any information about Top 6 bi dating and relationship sites. The information is including the list of trusted threesome dating sites.
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The Easiest Way to Create the Best-Quality YouTube Thumbnail and Screenshot

“YoutuberTool solves the problem in creating a good YouTube video thumbnail. They offer free and an easy-to-use feature to create high-quality YouTube thumbnail and download thumbnails from any youtube video.”

YoutuberTool offers a unique tool that can help YouTuber or anyone who need to create a thumbnail for the YouTube video. YouTube video thumbnail itself holds an important role in attracting people to watch the video. An interesting thumbnail will make people want to know the content of the video. This youtube thumbnail maker offers help to create this interesting thumbnail easily.

“Recommended Youtube video thumbnail size in 2019: 1280 pixels wide by 720 pixels tall, with a minimum width of 640 pixels. 16:9 ratio is ideal for Youtube video player.  –”

Creating a YouTube thumbnail with the correct specification is actually difficult to do. The process is long and complicated. A screenshot needs to be taken from the video. Then, it also needs the editing process to add text, combine the image, and many things. It is all to create the thumbnail that is interesting as well as has the ability to send the message to the viewer about the content, plus make them curious.

Software, programming skills, and other knowledge are needed in order to grab a thumbnail from a youtube video. However, cut that long process into a simple and easy process. For example, it has the youtube thumbnail grabber feature. This feature allows the user to download a thumbnail just by using the YouTube video link. The process is finished in seconds.

YoutuberTool is also free to use. All YouTuber can use it without worrying about how much money they need to spend to create a high-quality thumbnail for their video. Moreover, the thumbnail that this website produce has corrected youtube thumbnail size that matches with the requirement that YouTube stated.

With the increasing of video streaming usage these days, YoutuberTool is definitely understood that their service can help many YouTubers. This online tool can be said to be the best help for the video maker in today’s digital era.

About is a website that provides the YouTube thumbnail maker and Youtube thumbnail grabber service. The process is easy. The user just needs to drop or upload an image to create the thumbnail. Or, they also can use the YouTube video link to create the thumbnail. All this feature and service are available for free. Anyone can use it because it’s also made to be easy to use.

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Wednesday, December 19, 2018

The Best Site to Rank Up the Accounts of the CS Go

CS Go is one of the games played by many shooter games enthusiastic all around the world. To rank player’s account up as well as improving the game’s experience, there is now CSGoSmurfination, the best site to get the CS Go Ranked Accounts.

CS Go or Counter-Strike Global Offensive is one of the games under the category of First-Person Shooter (FPS). The basic method of playing the game is by watching the key binding placed in the setting menu on the keyboard. Make sure that the buttons are suitable to the commands that the players want to make.

Just after entering the game, the players can push the default shortcut B to buy the weapons. Then, in the death-match playing mode, there are places to train and learn how to respond when being shot. This mode also trains the accuracy skills in shooting.

Although the game is very interesting, it is basically not easy to rank the account to the higher levels. There are many matches and experiences to collect to buy the weapons as well as to go to the higher modes. Fascinatingly, there is now a site that supports the CS Go players. It is mainly if they want to improve the rank without needing to waste too much time. Players can go to CSGOSMURFNATION website.

In CSGOSMURFNATION site, there are top-quality CS Go Ranked Accounts. The players can choose one of the accounts based on their expectations. By using the account provided by this site, the chances to win over the components are getting higher. Besides, it is also possible to rank the account up without any helps from the bought Smurfs.

All the Smurf accounts and things available in CSGOSMURFNATION are offered at friendly prices, even for the CS Go Prime Accounts. Sure, it is likely a good capital for being victorious in the games, particularly in the next battles after the Smurf accounts on hand. To buy CS Go accounts, the prices are starting from $2.49 to $79.99 with the instant delivery.


CSGOSMURFNATION is the best site that provides the Smurf accounts for the CS Go players. With the accounts, their ranks in playing the games can increase instantly as well as they have more access to play the higher levels. The prices offered are very friendly and the products are satisfying. To get instant delivery CS go account, please visit

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Mumbai, Maharashtra

Pin Code: 400 093


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Phone : +91 6355 858 490

Obencars,The Ultimate Solution of Daily Transportation Issues in Woking

Moving from one place to another in a distance should not be a big deal nowadays for Obencars. Now, it is provided in Woking with ultimate services and friendly costs.

Due to the development of information and technology, anything is now available in the form of Smartphone apps. One of them is when someone needs transportation from one place to another. It should not be a big deal anymore as Obencars is offering its services. Obencars is app based transportation services with many interesting facilities and features to enjoy in Woking, Surrey.

Obencars has been committed to give the ultimate and satisfying services to the customers. It brings at least 6 features to them; they are the professionalism, latest technology, top class customer service, care, safe and competitive fare.

Drivers hired always put efforts to be professional in serving the customers. The first deal is to come on time and deliver the passengers to the right place at the right time. The app also features the latest technology that makes it really convenient and easy to use.

Obencars provides the top class customer service using various type of car, including saloon or SUV in which all of them are guaranteed to be comfortable, safe and clean. The drivers are trained to care and give professional service to the customers. It is no matter how the customers’ conditions are; they are ready to give the best services.

Lastly, this transportation mode is easy to access in any area in Woking including those remote places. One of the areas covered by the Obencars range is Woking and its surrounding areas. The service is given not within the town only, but it is also available for them who want to go outside Surrey. Before the driver comes to give the customers the ride, make sure to check the cost at first in the online calculator provided in the app.

About Obencars
Obencars is app based fully automatic transportation service provider that does not only offer a ride to move from one place to another but also the top class services. The customers are served by the kind and charming drivers. Meanwhile, the transportations available are also guaranteed to be safe, clean and comfortable.

For Media Inquiries
Hasan Al-Mahfuz
Address    : 46 Alpha Road, Woking Surrey GU22 8 EL
Phone        : +447421353154
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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Ron Randall’s Company Sell My Car For Cash Offers Solution for Those Who Want to Sell Their Old Cruisers in NJ

Selling an old cruiser can become a complicated and even troublesome thing to deal with. In this case, Ron Randall offers a solution to get rid of all difficulties that the sellers may face during the process of selling their cars.

For people who have never sold a car before, selling second hand cars for cash can become quite complicated, especially in New Jersey. An old vehicle can make people tired of growing with it. Besides, unexpected expenses that should be paid off sometimes force them to sell their cars. While the others may think that there will be no point to keep the car around their houses if they never have a chance to ride it. In short, there are many reasons why people think that selling their cars is the best decision that they can make.

Finding the right place to sell the car is necessary to do. In finding the right buyer, there are many things that should be taken into consideration, such as the quality service, the payment system and how long the process will be. The most worrisome factor that makes people think twice to sell their old cars is low price that they might get, especially when they are a novice at this business. In this case, Ron Randall, the owner of sell my car company working in selling and buying old cruisers, offers a solution that the customers will probably love.

Ron Randall claims that the help he is offering will release his customers from the questions and worries that may be pondering all the time.

“I buy used cars here in New Jersey. I am a 45-year-old grandfather of four and a state licensed security officer,” he said to convince the customers.

Located in New Jersey, his company offers services for clients who want to arrange an appointment to make a deal about the car they are going to sell. What they need to do is simply contacting the company by phone or via the Internet by filling in the online form. The form will require the clients to tell the brand, model, and the production year of the cruiser being sold. Once they make an agreement about the time, then they can come to the company to conduct a test drive and receive the cash immediately on the very spot. It seems that this easy regulation makes people love to do the business with Ron Randall’s company.

About the Company

Ron Randall’s Sell my car for cash company is a cars trading company which works on selling and buying second-hand cars. The company is located in 65 Railroad Ave Roebling, New Jersey. The owner claims that his company can offers a solution for those who face problems on selling their old vehicles. The company offers several convenient services to their customers, like good quality services, including the safety guarantee when dealing with a huge amount of money as a result of the transactions. The second thing they can offer is the immediate payment. The company guarantees that the sellers will immediately get their cars paid off on the spot after the test drive has been conducted. For more information about buy & sell cars in NJ please visit

Contact info

Ron Randall

65 Railroad Ave Roebling, NJ 08554


Saturday, December 15, 2018

Los Angeles Management Coronel Group Introduces Their Talented Actor, Luis Alves

Dutch-Cape Verdean actor Luis Alves is gaining popularity with his remarkable performance in a film entitled “The Last Straw”. Alves recently signed with Los Angeles management Coronel Group.

Luis Alves is back with his latest movie project entitled “The Last Straw”. The film is a standard tale of a domestic violence and addiction ramped up by the quality impetus of the storytellers involved, chiefly by LaToya Tonodeo, Luis Alves and first-time Nigerian director Allen Obsesan. The movie is launched with a complete package, an interesting theme, amazing cast and director. The Last Straw has achieved praise and acclaim at a variety of film festivals. The film has been displayed in several prestigious film festivals including Los Angeles CineFest in California, Hollywood South Urban Film Festival in Mississippi, Independent Short Awards in California, and Independent Talents International Film Festival in Indiana.

Alves’s layered, nuanced take on the anguish and blindly self-destructive spiral of Devante is some of the actor's best work. The Last Straw tells a gripping story tainted by sins and secrets within a relationship.

“The Last Straw” is not his first film. Previously, Alves also portrayed an array of characters in “Wolves and Sheep”, “Johnny Shadow”, and “The Last Straw”. Now, Luis Alves is signed with Coronel Group, a Los Angeles Management with only 50 clients such as Eric McCormack (Will & Grace), Aiden Gillen (Game of Thrones), and Simon Quarterman (Westworld). With his acting talent and impressive list of performances, Luis Alves has a promising future ahead.     
For more information about the film, please visit:

Trillz "Da Yung Apprentice" Is Ready to Make a New Buzz with His New Mixtape, "Road 2 Riche$ II"

“Trillz "Da Yung Apprentice" has released "Road 2 Riche$ II". This mixtape will become one of the best releases from this talented Hip-Hop/R&B musician.”

Trillz "Da Yung Apprentice", one of the talented songwriter and hip-hop artist from Brooklyn, has released his new mixtape. It’s titled “Road 2 Riche$ II”. This will be the hottest release that all fans have been waiting for a long time. Consist of 11 great songs depict the talent of Trillz as the musician, that can be seen from the lyric and the melody when he performs his Mixtape.  

“He is a voice and staple in his community and wants to continue to bring awareness to self-help and continue to inspire through his music and his story.” -

"Road 2 Riche$ II" has 11 great songs, which are Bag Chaser, Bad B*tch, It Feels Good, The Oath, Soon To Be Great, Young Ni**as, Acceptance, Run It, Team, Rebirth, and You. Those songs are the fruits of Trillz and his team hard work. The result is really satisfying. This Mixtape has big potential to be the greatest project from Trillz. The fans get ready to be pleased by the sound and meaning of the track.
Trillz also use a unique approach for this mixtape that can be seen on some of the songs, such as Bad B*tch or It Feels Good. Using the powerful arrangement, plus the interesting meaning related to the fact that hes of bajan descent, this is worth waiting for artwork from Trillz.

"Road 2 Riche$ II" can also be said as the way Trillz proved that he is one of the strong players in the Hip-Hop world. How he created the song in this project, as well as the power he brought with it, will become the new sensation. It even makes Hot 97's own DJ Drewski notice and admits the greatness of his work.

And, that’s not all. According to the official site, there will be big surprises that Trillz and team prepare for the fans. Moreover, with his latest deal with Face Front Music, the fans can expect something good come up later from "Road 2 Riche$ II".

About Trillz "Da Yung Apprentice"
Trillz "Da Yung Apprentice" is a producer, artist, and songwriter. He is well-known of his powerful and passionate performance, plus his deep meaning lyrics on all of his songs. Inspired by the genius of the Hip-Hop and R&B world, such as Lil Wayne and Nipsey Hussle, he continues showing his talents in this industry. And, today, he can be called the new sensation in this genre of music.

For Media Inquiries
Management – Face Front Music

Trillz "Da Yung Apprentice"
Mixtape Link:
Instagram: @TrillzDaYungApprentice
Snapchat: @TrillzMrYA
Facebook: Trillz "Da Yung Apprentice"
Twitter: @OfficialTrillz

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Zestyly Offers Free Shipping and Big Discounts

Zestyly is one of the new shopping destinations with many featured collections. It provides the necessities for fashion, baby, family, and more with friendly prices plus many special discounts to welcome Christmas and the New Year.

There are many joyful events around the end of the year, let’s say Christmas and New Year. All of us start to prepare all the things needed to welcome these festivities. One of them is by buying the useful necessities for ourselves, our friends and relatives, kids and babies, and surely for the whole family.

Zestyly, a new shopping destination comes for those people who look for the useful qualified products with friendly prices. Zestyly online store comes with many beautiful and unique collections, including the cute Night Pets and Happy Baby Collection.

For the Night Pets collection, the customers can choose from many kinds for their kids and for themselves. For example, happy kitty, cute puppy, baby bunny, cuddly bear, and many more. Besides, there are also other products and accessories for the grown-ups like the yearly planner, magic cosmetic pouch, wireless motion sensor LED, zodiac charm bracelet, mommy bag 2.0, and so forth.

For all collections, including the night pets and happy baby collection, they offer special price with discounts up to 50%. For bulk purchasing, there are more discounts provided. And customers can subscribe to their mailing list to get more discounts. Meanwhile, there are also some other services available for each purchase, including free shipping on all products. Also fast shipping to US destinations, only takes around 10 days for all products on the night pets collection.

To ease the shipping process, Zestyly is equipped with free tracking for each shipment. There are several features for the payment including the safe payment service by PayPal, which is trusted by millions.

About Zestyly

Zestyly is the new shopping destination with an online store platform. Since its launch, it has been committed to giving the best products and services. It provides useful qualified products with great service. The prices offered are also friendly and affordable to make it reachable for the customers from all realms. The discounts are available up to 50% and even more for Christmas, New Year, and bulk purchasing. And of course, safe and secure shopping, made possible by PayPal. For a great online shopping experience, please visit



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The Ultimate Services for Garage Door and Springs Repairs in Collierville

Mike Garage Doors provides the professional services for the garage door’s damages like the broken springs, safety sensor, replacing gears, and more. The process is fast as well as the prices offered are friendly and affordable.

Tennessee, December 13, 2018: Although people may not use it as the main hallway, the garage door is indeed very important. Commonly being designed with some special features, it enables the cars and any other vehicles to enter and exit simply without the owners must put so many efforts. There are even some sophisticated features added like the sensor to enable the door to open and close by it.

The main problem is when there are any damages to it. Sure, the repairing process is different and it tends to be more difficult than the conventional door. It is reasonable if the owners must choose the right services to make the door work as good as before.

Mike Garage Doors is the best answer to this problem. This garage door repair in Collierville offers some ultimate services including repairing the safety sensor and broken springs, replacing sprockets and gears, fixing the misaligned rack problems, and still many more. Meanwhile, it also offers the installation service for the new garage.

The garage door company hires only professional and experienced workers in this field. It enables them to work fast and professionally even under limited times. The equipment and tools used during the installation and repairing process are qualified and sophisticated. Those both factors make Mike Garage Door is always able to give the best and the most satisfying results for the customers.

Despite being one of the most trusted garage door services in the area of Tennessee, Mike Garage Door also spoils the customers more with the friendly prices starting from $29. They don’t need to spend more money even if the services may be quite difficult and complicated. The guarantee is also available for further damages probably occurred after the main service has been done.

About Mike Garage Door

Mike Garage Door Service and Repair in Collierville, Tennessee is a company that provides services of the garage door install, repair, and service. It solves many problems in term of the garage door including the broken spring, gear replacement, safety sensor fixation, and many more. The prices offered are friendly as well as the services given are satisfying.

For more information about their service, please visit

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Contact Name : Mike

Address : 184 Mills St Collierville, TN 38017

Phone : (901) 654-1449

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

LG Service Center Coimbatore Offers Same Day TV Service in Coimbatore

LG Service Center Coimbatore is the professional LCD/LED TV service in the area of Coimbatore known for the satisfying results and affordable prices. Currently, it provides the same day service for the customers who want their items are fixed faster.

Coimbatore, December 13, 2018: LG is one of the international brands with many demands all around the world. One of them is for the TV series. It is reasonable if some TV centers provide special services for this brand. If there is a problem regarding the LG TV, it is more recommended to choose the service center with the LG specialty rather than the general ones. One of them is the LG TV Service center in Coimbatore Tamil Nadu.

This service center provides some repairs for any LG TV models including the classic TV series, LCD, and LED. It is available for any type of damages starting from the screen to the detailed components inside.

To satisfy the customers, there are some additional features offered by this LG service center. One of them is the same day service. By choosing this, the customers can simply find their TV back to normal in only some hours after the device is started to repair. The repairing process can also be done in the customers’ house to enable them to monitor it.

The LG Service Center Coimbatore provides only professional technicians, workers, and staff. They are professional and experienced in their fields to guarantee that the results are satisfying. Those technicians are also able to work faster under limited times. While working, they are helped by the sophisticated and qualified tools and equipment. It is to avoid any further damages that are probably occurred after the main services are done.

Interestingly, the prices offered by the LG LED TV Center Coimbatore are also friendly and affordable, it about Rs200 . It is compatible with the services and the results the customers finally have.

About LG TV Service Center Coimbatore

LG TV Service Center Coimbatore is the TV service center for LG and able to service any brand LCD/LED tv on the market. It provides many kinds of services for any models and series of LG TV starting from the classic to the most modern one. The services are handled by the certified professional and experienced technicians. Meanwhile, the customers can enjoy the affordable prices as well and guaranteed result.

For Media Inquiries

TV Care Service Point

Contact Person : Rajesh

Phone : +918190080817

Address : Sridevi Nagar, Ganapathypudur, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu 641006, India

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Monday, December 10, 2018

Entertainment Industry CEO Yolanda Nollie Releases Breakthrough New Book on Social Media Branding

Entertainment industry expert Yolanda Nollie has now released a new book and is set to hold a workshop to help young entertainment industry professionals. She aims to spread her knowledge and educate people on social media branding.

With extensive professional experience and commendable career achievements to her name, entertainment connector and entrepreneur Yolanda Nollie is an authority on the subject of social media branding. She has released a breakthrough new book titled ‘How to Profit in Entertainment: Social Media Guide’. Now available on Amazon, the book has received positive client testimonies and has even garnered critical acclaim.
The book is full of vital branding tips that Yolanda has learned throughout her extensive career and has also utilized in her own professional journey. She is currently the CEO of Radio & TV Entertainment Networking Event Talent Search LLC and collaborates regularly with industry experts. She is also highly proactive about educating young talented people about the trials and tribulations of the entertainment industry.
She is set to host a workshop on Thursday, December 26 where she will speak with the audience about her new book and talk about various aspects of the entertainment industry. The workshop will feature Yolanda, along with several other entertainment industry speakers who will engage with the audience and offer great insight.

A spokesperson for Yolanda Nollie made an official statement “Yolanda Nollie is a highly experienced woman who has dealt with a lot of people to get to the position of an entertainment industry CEO. She is highly coveted for her skill and aptitude and she is now giving people an insider look at the entertainment industry through her latest book and her upcoming workshop.”

The spokesperson further added “Yolanda is enthusiastic about helping talented young people and empowering them. She teaches them how to deal with producers and entertainment companies while making a name for themselves by using social media branding.” 
Tickets for the workshop are now on sale at VIP reserved tickets cost $20 and early bird tickets cost $10. The workshop will be live streamed through face time with audio replay, which will be given as a free gift to VIP attendees and put on sale for

More info about Yolanda Nollie, her new book and her workshop can be seen at

Workshop Details:
Date: Thu, December 26, 2018
Time: 9:30 AM – 12:30 PM EST
Location: Maitland Winderly Place, 555 Winderly Place, Suite 300, Maitland, FL 32751, United States

Contact Person: Yolanda Nollie or Mimi Steward Company: Radio & TV Entertainment N.E.T.S LLC / Phone Number: 407-640-9055/ Yolanda N. -407-802-0611/Mimi Steward

Sunday, December 9, 2018

All Round Moving Covers Everything for Moving To or From New York City Area

Moving companies NYC that helps the client to move easily in the New York City area. They also provide long distance moving to another area and countries as well.

All Around Moving company provides help for all moving needs in New York City. This New York moving company also helps their client to prepare for their long distance moving. Their service cover inventorying, packing and unpacking, insurance coverage, using the box, and preparing the vehicle. Their client can move easily to long distance easily with all of these services.

“We offer not as a motor carrier, but rather as a moving specialist to arrange door-to-door services for pickups and deliveries – All Around Moving.”

This professional NYC moving company has several types of moving service that can accommodate the client’s needs. Among many of moving companies NYC, this company has services that covers all moving needs, such as:

- Local moving, this service covers moving in the Manhattan area,

- Long distance moving, the client can use the New York commercial movers help to move to other cities in different states in this country.

- Commercial office moving, the New York commercial movers service for moving the office and business place,

- International shipping, this service for moving from New York area to other countries,

- Moving to Florida, is a special service for a client who wants to move from New York to Florida.

The movers NYC service from this company also offers several benefits for their client. They have a professional team and a lot of experiences in this industry, so the result is quite satisfying. Moreover, in moving deals and coupons section, they offer many discounts that client can use to save more budgets.

The Clients can use the quote tool from All Around Moving website, it is also a good addition for their service. The most important thing to consider is, when a client tries to find long distance movers near me it has so many results. The mover skills, experience, as well as the variety of service are some of them. This quote tool can easily helps the client to find the movers and compare them with what this company offered.

About All Around Moving

All Around Moving Service Company, Inc. is a specialist in providing the moving service for the New York City area. Moreover, their service also covers New Jersey, Connecticut, and Miami Dade area in South Florida. For a long distance moving, they also offer help to move to other areas, such as Atlanta Georgia, Baltimore Maryland, Washington DC and many more. The variety of their service covers all clients need and lessens their stress.

For Media Inquiries

All Around Moving Service Company, Inc.


New York

419 Lafayette Street

New York, NY 10003


12550 Biscayne Blvd #800a

North Miami, FL 33181


Stop day trading, buy and hold for the long haul says Cuban American Entrepreneur Sahel Rafael Tamayo

He says find the stock you love and think can exist 100 years for now, and purchase it and never sell it

The stock market is plunging to the depths that it has never seen since several years ago, all thanks to the trade tension between the U.S. and China. The S&P 500 index has registered its worst slump since the 8th of February, which signals a complete turn for investors’ sentiment. This is a strange case seeing that this week’s Monday saw an investor euphoria.

The tension between U.S.A and China seemed to rise, even when both parties have reached a trade truce over the weekend. With the Dow Jones index sinking for almost 800 points, it is not hard to see that the truce did not bear the wanted result.  The Nasdaq lost 283 points, while the S&P 500, like it has been mentioned before, lost 90 points. The losses have an adverse effect on banks as well, with JPMorgan reportedly loses 4.5 per cent of its point.

The trade battle between the U.S.A. and China was one of the major points of President Trump’s campaign. He promised to bring the US into a more common ground, making sure that the U.S.A gets the best out of the deals. Trump has imposed tariffs on Chinese products, which only invited a retaliation from Beijing. This retaliation has been met with Trump’s own counterattack, with the POTUS mentioning that he would impose even harsher tariffs if China dared to strike back. With the war making it harsher for the economy, USA and China have agreed on a trade truce back in the second day of December 2018. The euphoria lasted only for a day, however, as the stock has taken a deep dive as of December 4th.

In light of this freefall, Cuban American entrepreneur Sahel Rafael Tamayo has shed a wisdom that might help investors or potential investors in investing their money. Tamayo, who is the founder and President of, has indicated that technology is one aspect of life that would always develop. Aside from technology, he also mentioned that finance and health are two other aspects that are worth investing in.

“The trick is to stop trading stocks on a daily basis. Instead of day trading, it is preferable for an investor to buy a stock and hold for a long time. Buy stocks that could last for a hundred year. Forget about day trading. It would not help you one bit,” Tamayo said. When pressed further on what department that an investor should invest in, Tamayo only replied, “Technology, if you can. Health is another department that you can try, and finance is also a good place to start putting your money in.”

About Sahel Rafael Tamayo
Sahel Rafael Tamayo is a respected investor, business owner, and a business executive. This young entrepreneur has an important contribution to the growth of the credit industry and finance. Mr Tamayo is a Cuban American that now is developing an online credit company of his own that is and becomes the founder as well as president of it. He has made the company becomes one of the most trusted credit repair companies in the USA. For more information about the entrepreneur, please visit

Inquiry information:
Mike Valdez
433 Plaza Real Suite 275
Boca Raton, FL 33432

Creditmergency Brings Personal Development and Credit Repair into One

Creditmergency does more than just fix credit, they help people better their lives financially

Some people see credit trouble as something that should not be taken into consideration. They see that credit problems would solve itself as time goes by. Knowing that, they swiped their credit cards without hesitation, buying things with money they do not have.

They didn’t know that debts are not what they think it is. A debt system is a complex system involving many factors, and even if one forgets a factor, other factors would soon take its place and makes things even harder. This would end in a ‘snowball’ of debt, which can be harmful to the financial life of an individual.

Such predicament calls for the rise of credit consultants, which is a profession that is starting to gain its traction as people are more accepting loans. Not only that independent individuals need credit consultants, they would also need to find the right one for them.

The steps to choosing the right credit counselor is a difficult one. An individual must see to several factors before they can make their choice. Those several factors, often including the individual’s own needs and the qualifications of the credit counselling agency, will need to be considered so that one can find the perfect credit consultant agency for them.

That is why Creditmergecy is the best credit consulting agency for those in need. As one of the most reliable credit repair experts, Creditmergency carries professionalism and integrity in their works. Striving to increase customer satisfaction through hard work and critical minds, Creditmergency puts an individual’s personal development ahead of the company’s interest. With a history of success in Creditmergency’s track record, the people would not do any better by choosing Creditmergency.

Creditmergency offers five distinct services that would help people with their credit troubles. Offering free credit repair consultation, Creditmergency would help those without the time and the money for a consultation session. The free consultation is a great way for you to learn more about your credit and the things that you can do to better your financial life.

Not only Creditmergency offers free telephone consultation, students and individuals who want to find unsecured loans would also be helped with Creditmergency’s Student Loan Relief and Unsecured Loans services respectively. The credit monitoring service being offered will help individuals find out more about the credits that they have taken, all to help them make a decision in the future.

With an initiation and a monthly fee of US$100, Creditmergency gives consulting with the best of results and the lowest of prices. “A company that can be relied on, in an industry that is infamous for its shadiness. Creditmergency never tries to give promises that cannot be delivered,” said Rafael Tamayo, the CEO of Creditmergency.

About Creditmergency

Based in Boca Raton, Florida, Creditmergency strives to deliver the best service for every need. With its emphasis on a client’s development, Creditmergency brings quality with their Creditmergency credit repair service. Collaborating with many loan brokers in America, Creditmergency makes credit easier to work with and to understand. To read more about Creditmergency, please visit

For further information, please contact:

Mike Valdez

433 Plaza Real Suite 275

Boca Raton, FL 33432


Friday, December 7, 2018

Real Estate Crowdfunding Could Beat S&P 500 Returns

Real estate crowdfunding is a trend that is starting to gain traction thanks to the attractive returns.

The stock market has been one of the best places for investors to gain nice returns but it is not exactly a place for beginners in the world of investing. The many crashes indicate that the stock market is the most volatile place for to invest money in. One would think it’s easy to reap a fortune from the stock market but the risks can be far too great for beginners.

That is why investors should begin with something that is a lot easier. One example is commercial real estate property which is one of the most stable investments an investor could have in their portfolios. Real estate investments face lower risks compared to the stock market.

Commercial real estate is not an investment that can be easy to get into. The high entry price makes it hard for beginners to start investing. That is why investors have started to turn to real estate crowdfunding for multifamily apartment investing.

The concept is simple: a group of investors unite to buy a commercial property. From that point on, the investors could either hold and sell their investment later or they can collect rent from the property as passive income indefinitely.

UltraCrowd finds, underwrites, and conducts due diligence on commercial real estate investments and puts an emphasis on transparency making it easier for potential investors to make the right decision with their money.

To join Ultra Crowd at no cost you simply just need to register with the website. Click on the “Join Now” button on the top right of the website and immediately start browsing the current real estate opportunities.

About UltraCrowd

Based in Los Angeles, California, Ultra Crowd focuses on commercial real estate crowdfunding. UltraCrowd has made investing online easy, safe, and secure. By allowing investors to invest directly, Ultra Crowd reduces investor cost and focuses on finding profitable investments for its members. Founded in 2016, Ultra Crowd strives to be the best in multifamily apartment investing and other commercial real estate opportunities.

For more information, visit:

Contact information:

Ultra Crowd, Inc

17130 Devonshire St Suite 104

Los Angeles CA 91325