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Thursday, February 28, 2019

CV Sarana Mesin Expand Their Business Distribution to East Indonesian Area and Timor Leste

CV Sarana Mesin, a distributor of paper bowls and cups of ice cream expands their distribution area to Timor Leste.

Surabaya, March 1, 2019: Along with the development of the culinary business, paper cups and bowls are needed to be used. Paper tableware proved to be easier to use, more practical, and more environmentally friendly. The development of the business in the culinary field has been so rapid at this time. There are restaurants, cafes, food franchises, retailers, and street food available with various classes. Some of them are indeed providers of luxury food with all prestige. However, many others are simple, interesting, the food provided seems to be in demand and liked by so many people.

This phenomenon is something that is certain to happen to food but provides some problems especially for entrepreneurs. One of them is about tableware used to serve customers. Although it is more economical to use, permanent tableware such as plates, bowls and cups made of ceramics, they are a little risky as well. The ingredients tend to be easily broken and less practical.
Based on that fact, paper tableware is now being chosen by many entrepreneurs. Tableware, including plates, bowls, cups, rice boxes, ice cream cups, and others are considered to be simpler, more practical, more environmentally friendly, and economical. Even for customers, they only need to throw the utensils in the trash after eating. Many customers think that it is far better than leaving a plate on the table and leaving dirt.

To find products from paper cutlery, CV Sarana Mesin is one of the distributor paper cup companies that must be sought by all culinary entrepreneurs. It provides a variety of products made of paper along with customization services. The products offered by CV Sarana Mesin include paper cups, paper boxes, lids for paper cups, paper bowl, and more. A printing service is available to show the restaurant logo and brand on the product.

There are several benefits to making orders at the CV Sarana Mesin. First, guaranteed quality products. They are made of quality paper and customers can choose the type of paper to be used. Second, they are also guaranteed to be safe for food. Paper used is waterproof so that the drink or broth cannot absorb and come out.

Third, CV Sarana Mesin also provides special prices for customers who make large orders. Especially for businesses such as restaurants, cafes and franchises, this service must be useful to reduce production or expenditure costs. Finally, special orders are available including printing and decoration on the product.

About CV Sarana Mesin

CV Sarana Mesin is a distribution company. They are jual paper bowl and located in Surabaya, Indonesia. It sells paper cutlery products for the culinary business including paper cups, paper bowls, cup es cream, lids for paper cups, ice cream cups, and more. The company also provides customization services including product printing. Available products come directly from the factory. Special prices are given for wholesale orders. The target market is the Indonesian area and Timor Leste. For more information and see our special prices, please visit

For Media Inquiries

Sugeng Satria

CV Sarana Mesin

Rungkut Asri VII no. 22, Surabaya, Indonesia

HP: 0878 5130 0909

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

How to make ikeja electric payment online

As a customer you are either a Prepaid subscriber or a Postpaid subscriber. A prepaid subscriber pays for electricity before usage and they are supplied with prepaid meters. While a postpaid subscriber pays for the electricity after usage, so essentially they are given a bill by IE indicating the amount of energy the customer has consumed within a one month period and corresponding amount that should be paid. Postpaid subscribers are issued with Postpaid meters.

So if you are trying to pay for your NEPA bills, PHCN bill or ikeja electric bill, you can easily do all these from the comfort of your home. And more so you can now monitor how much of electricity you consume more accurately than before if you have one of the new prepaid meters installed in your home.

Recharging prepaid meters online

There are various channels by which you can make payment for ikeja electric prepaid meters, however for customers recharging their meters for the first time- make sure you check the following detail before making payments so you can generate tokens.

1. Check to see if your meter details are online by visiting

2. Check to see if the information on the meter is correct. For example, the meter address, the name of the meter owner (Usually the property owner).

3. Check the minimum payment required. Sometimes when your meter was installed, it may come with 100 units of power, you may have to pay for this unit on your first recharge. Also if you have any oustanding ie payments on your previous postpaid meter that bill may be transffered to your new prepaid meter If you find any amount on your meter as a minimum payment required, you can reach the ikeja electric customer care to talk about the required minimum payment.

Contact info

Sunday, February 24, 2019

Digibot a New Brand by Mystical Master has been Launched

Mystical Master, a mobile accessories seller in India has launched Digibot. Digibot is a new brand of Mystical Master that sells premium Smartphone holders with some great features.

Punjab, February 24, 2019: Due to the significant increase of people using Smartphones, Mystical Master has provided premium and quality accessories to meet customer needs. One of the newly launched products is a Smartphone holder for cars which was launched in conjunction with a new brand called Digibot.

New products provided by Digibot can be placed in the car air conditioner vent with a connector between the vent and the smartphone. Even though the device is placed right in the air vent, it will not interfere with the air produced and circulated. On the other hand, the placement tends to help the Smartphone stay cool during driving time. The design is also concise and simple to support your lifestyle.

There are several features available on this Smartphone accessory. The quick release button is to allow users to attach and release tools without making too many attempts. To make it work, press the arms on both sides of the clamp. Furthermore, full 360 degree rotation helps the driver find the right angle. This gives them safer driving when operating their Smartphone as for navigation, calls, and more.

Digibot Mobile Holder is compatible with various Smartphone series. Some of the series tested to fit this tool are iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 5s, Samsung Galaxy S6, HTC, LG, Nokia, and many more. Users can also use tools to handle GPS devices, additional music players, and more. The types of this smartphone handle accessories are a one-handed operation feature and no additional tools are needed.

Although there are some great features mentioned above, the Mystical Master provides a 12-month warranty. This brand also provides some professional and great services for customers including the ease of contacting the Digibot team when they have problems using the product.

To find Digibot and other products from Mystical Master, they are widely available on Amazon India, Flipkart, and offline stores throughout India.

About Mystical Master
Mystical Master is a company that provides the best accessories for smartphones and electronic devices. Some products by the company are USB cables, USB hubs, power banks, mobile holders for cars, chargers, selfie sticks, tripods, and more. They guarantee high quality products and satisfying service. For more information, please visit
For Media Inquiries
Mystical Master E-Commerce LLP
Email :
Address : Jalandhar, Punjab
Phone : +919667201000

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Start the DIY Woodworking Project with a Package of 50 Free Woodworking Plans

Starting a DIY woodworking project is a challenging job. Here, there are various kinds of DIY woodworking projects that can be applied at home independently.

Completing a home project, making DIY furniture and decorations is increasingly popular for several reasons. If someone does his own research and completes his project well, he can benefit from having a higher quality product or even a lower price than if taken from a store or hiring a professional. Fortunately, there are many free woodworking plans that can get here to make everything ranging from small craft, outdoor project to large furniture.

If someone is considering making their own furniture, it is very important to understand what resources and tools are needed for the work that is in mind. He can go by borrowing the tools needed from friends or family so that will save a lot of money as well. He can also consider buying additional ingredients or dyes just in case the client needs to make touch-up for the next project. Of course, having a woodworking plan free can be very helpful.

Let's see the benefits of DIY woodworking:

Increasing expertise and skills

Although someone who wants to start making DIY woodworking project must prepare several bumps along the way and must learn a little about the curve when on the works, understanding the knowledge of carpentry and construction will grow dramatically which will also change their confidence.

Save up more money

Sometimes this is the main reason for starting the best DIY woodworking project and someone should know that solid wood furniture could be very pricey as well. He only needs to buy raw materials or even refurbish materials.

Everyone knows that there are so many sites that offer woodworking plans or dimensions, but there is no indication that the list of parts is completely right. In Ted’s woodworking, clients will get anything that clients need, including plans for woodworking projects in more detailed information and instruction.

“I have been a carpenter for almost 36 years and I haven’t found anything like this for less than 10’s of thousands of dollars,” said Ted McGrath. So, if someone plans to start a woodworking project, this is something they should do.

Start the adventure now in the world of DIY woodworking projects by getting 50 Woodworking plans for free. For more information, please visit

For media inquries:

Noel Barton

71 Langcliffe Ave,Warwick,Warwickshire,CV34 5XT

Monday, February 18, 2019

Andy Jacob, CEO of the Scottsdale Angels, acquires DotCom Magazine

Andy Jacob, CEO of The Scottsdale Angels and The Jacob Group, has acquired the assets of DotCom Magazine. Jacob’s goal is to help entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and businesses get the was coverage they deserve.

February 18, 2019: Andy Jacob is the internationally known founder of the Jacob Group. He is also the CEO of The Scottsdale Angels and a serial entrepreneur. Jacob has helped countless entrepreneurs with his expertise in the fields of business, finance and management, and promotion and sales. Therefore, it's not too surprising that he has succeeded in purchasing DotCom Magazine.

DotCom Magazine provides information and news related to entrepreneurs, leaders and influencers. Entrepreneurs and other people can share their experiences and success in building their businesses. That was in line with Jacob's desire where wanted to explore these things more and also recognize people and their businesses.

As the new owner of the magazine, Jacob hopes entrepreneurs will share their insights and experiences marketing expertise, and strategy development. Jacob is also known as the author of Beautiful Startup Quiz which focuses on challenges that are usually faced by entrepreneurs.

Additionally, he also wants DotCom Magazine to share rapid technological developments. Jacob said, "Our goal to increase the brand recognition of entrepreneurs and their businesses through the DotCom Magazine brand.

About Andy Jacob
Andy Jacob is the founder of the Jacob Group, a company that works in the area of business, finance, and management consultation for more than 20 years. He is specialized in building better, stronger, and faster companies. Recently, he has acquired DotCom Magazine, a portal for business and startup entrepreneurs to share their story.

About DotCom Magazine
DotCom Magazine is a platform for entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and influencers to share the company stories and even personal journeys and achievements.

For Media Inquiries
Carol Ligori

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Puri Orchard is Ready to Provide A Good Living Place in West Jakarta

Puri Orchard provides a good place to live. It is also equipped with complete facilities that support the life and wellness of its resident.

Puri Orchard is one of the top apartments that is located in West Jakarta. This project is a mixed project by Serenity Group. The main goal of this project is to create buildings that can facilitate many purposes. For example, the Apartment in this area was designed to be a comfortable place for all family members to live. The facilities in it support this idea and make it into reality.

“This is the place where we will plant our family tree – Puri Orchard.”

Puri Orchard has a big role in the development of West Jakarta. The family isn’t the only main goal of this West Jakarta apartment project. It was also designed for the business area as well. Therefore, it has more function and usefulness for people that live in West Jakarta as well as the resident that lives in the apartment.

And just like other apartments, Puri Apartment also has several facilities for its residents as well as other people that visit the area. There are three apartment towers around it, supported by many facilities such as:

- Business and Shopping Facilities, where everyone can find a place to buy a product, relax, and for the business owner, it’s the area for running their business.

- Children Playground, where the family can bring their children to play in many kinds of attractions.

- Jogging Track, the track provides the place where a resident can exercise and enjoy the scenery surrounding the track.

- 24 Hours Security Camera, which becomes the most important facility for all apartments in the world are also available in this area.

- Sports Center, it’s to keep the health of everyone lives here.

- Basketball Field, it was built with complete equipment, so a proper basketball game can be played here.

Just like any other Apartment in Jakarta, the location becomes the main concern of the Serenity Group, before they start this project. A good location isn’t only giving the best access to its resident. For example, they can easily access Schools, station and such. But, it can also become a good thing for business.

This apartment is ready to receive the resident. The soft opening had been done from January 19th to 27th, 2019. Now, this apartment area can be purchased with the price start from 1.2 billion Rupiah. People can purchase with 5% down payment, and enjoyed the facilities as well as easy access to the Culinary area.

However, the development is still being made. It will become not only an apartment where its resident will have easy access to the Hospital and CBD Puri Indah. But, it has a probability become one of the important areas in West Jakarta.

About Puri Orchard

Puri Orchard is an apartment developed by Serenity Group. The three apartments and complete facilities in this area become the place where people can live in harmony. Family and business are the main goal of this apartment. That way, it is a perfect place for anyone living in West Jakarta.

For Media Inquiries

Puri Orchad

Jalan Raya Adicipta Kav.8, Lingkar Luar Barat

Cengkareng (Samping Gedung OT), Jakarta Barat 11740

Phone: (021) 29520707

Fax: (021) 2952 0626


Monday, February 11, 2019

Next Level Realty & Investments, LLC, Announces Official Launch

Next Level Realty & Investments, LLC, Announces Official Launch 

Metro Detroit author, realtor Catina Willis has created a full-service real estate brokerage and investment firm 

LIVONIA, MICHIGAN, FEBRUARY 11, 2019 - Detroit area realtor and author
Catina Willis has announced the official launch of her new real estate brokerage and investment firm, Next Level Realty & Investments, LLC.
In 2017, Willis released a successful real estate career and investment book, 'Next Level Coaching for Real Estate Professionals: How to Make $100,000 in Twelve Months in Real Estate', which was punctuated by high sales and a grand book launch event at the Bagley Mansion in Detroit. While she is talented in training real estate agents, she is also passionate about offering solutions to home sellers in distressed situations.

Through Next Level Realty & Investments, LLC, Willis is specializing in helping buyers, sellers, and investors with residential and commercial properties. Specifically, she's an expert in finding solutions for property owners behind on mortgage and tax payments. “Our company is looking to reach a larger audience about stopping foreclosure, I have a strong network that enables me to get results quickly when a property owner is facing adversity" Catina Willis said. Furthermore, Catina helps investors find the best Detroit locations to restore neighborhoods and reduce blight. Catina works with investors around the world, including those from areas such as New York, California, Florida, Argentina, China, Australia, and Israel.

Currently, Willis is seeking experienced agents to join her team.
More information can be found at

About Next Level Realty & Investments, LLC
Next Level Realty & Investments, LLC’s owner, Catina Willis, offers relief for homeowners facing tax or mortgage foreclosure. Catina also offers a world-class real estate experience for buyers, sellers, and investors in the metro Detroit area and beyond.
Catina Willis
Next Level Realty & Investments, LLC
Phone: 734-506-0076
Facebook: @NextLevelSells
YouTube: @Cwillisrealtor

Sunday, February 10, 2019


Art Galaxie                                     FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
Av. do Atlântico nº 16 - 14º Piso
Escritório 8, 1990-019
Lisbon - Portugal

Contact: Pedro Boaventura
Phone: 0974 33599879

A thought-provoking compilation reflecting the concerns of the modern era written by Pedro Boaventura

Lisbon, February 11, 2019

Masters of Contemporary Fine Art is more than just an artbook. It is composed of a wide range of talented artists who reflect the current panorama of Contemporary Art, through a cross-cutting approach that include Paintings, Sculptures, Drawings and Digital Artworks. In a range of expressive techniques and different styles, they add value depicting fascinating rhythm and captivate diversity. Available now, just in time for Valentine’s Day, this book makes for a great gift for any art lover. In addition to it being a great gift, this fine work also serves as a powerful tool for artistic pursuits such as research, consultation or even study for everyone ranging from art students to collectors, art dealers and teachers.

Pedro Boaventura has curated 30 artists from different backgrounds with the care of bringing together manifested technical and artistic quality, great creative originality and the means to possess a current and intervening message. These artworks focus on themes and pressing issues of the 21st century.

Pedro Boaventura (who is also a visual artist) confesses: "Art makes a direct appeal to the senses and emotions with an irreplaceable effectiveness. It is therefore a privileged means of transmitting knowledge. In this book you will find masters of excellent quality and an unquestionable course. More importantly, their work is extremely relevant as the themes focus on current issues. They do it with a critical eye and place their finger right in the wound – denouncing a series of problems of the modern world. For this reason, their art has much more to communicate, raising questions that make us think and reflect. Making use of imagery that produces visual thinking and creating mental images with enormous beauty. Gathered here are authors who play a fundamental role in the characterization and contextualization of the time in which we live in. Consequently, the work of art that appears in this book is not only a product of aesthetic or decorative value, but essentially a form of communication or rather, the transmission of new ideas in a unique and creative way”.

Boaventura, joins the artists and brings you this manifesto, opening a very rich range of artistic interpretations while clarifying the meaning of numerous symbols, artistic currents and principles of Design, as well as the techniques used in composition. A book full of potential for study and research, and a pleasant encounter of creative essays on current topics such as global warming, automation, the future of humanity, collective knowledge and imaginary, among many others. It unites the arts and literacy in a universe full of creativity and a series of reflections that involve the reader and invite him to participate actively. If you do not have any book from this collection yet, this will be a good excuse to start.

For more information, visit


Thursday, February 7, 2019

AdHang Poster Printing and Design Service is Ready to Help Those Who Need Good Advertising Media

“AdHang new service provides help for clients who need to create a good-quality poster for advertising purpose. The service is useful for an event, church program, business, and politics campaign.”

C:\Users\pc\Documents\my website  folder\Adhang\Adhang clients\Adhang contents\Adhang signs and creatives\designprinting-company-nigeria.jpg

Adhang offers a new service for creating poster and advertisement media. This new service can help anyone who needs the media to send a message for many purposes. As mentioned on their website, AdHang offers to create a poster for business, special event, Church program and many more. With this kind of service, this company can reach many types of customers.

This company is a Creative agency in Lagos that has many experienced in this industry. They have been running this business for decades. They use its experience to offers many kinds of advertising service. Just like their clients said, this Media buying agency in Nigeria provides a great solution for advertising needs. The professional team behind this company can help to create the poster and advertising that can send the message to the targeted market.

As one of the experienced Poster printing and design companies in Nigeria, their service is needed by many companies. Those that need to make poster or ads for the event can use this company’s service. The companies that want to create ads for the Business campaign also use this service.

Event and business isn’t the only industry that uses help from AdHang. There are also many clients that need this company’s help for politics campaign purpose. And, this company keeps their professionalism in this matter as well; in order to create Campaign Politics ads like what the client wants.

AdHang poster printing and design service is available and can be ordered through their website. The price for their service is N12 per copy. The order process can be done online or through their phone line. Another requirement that all clients need to know is the minimum numbers of order is 50,000 pieces of posters.

About AdHang

AdHang is a digital marketing agency that is located in Lagos, Nigeria. This company has run its business for more than 10 years. With an experienced and professional team in it, this company has successfully satisfied many customers that used their service. Now, they also offer new service, which is the poster printing and design.

For Media Inquiries


Office address: D 07 Century mall, St.Patrick's junction, Ojo Alaba international market, Lagos, Nigeria



AdHang New Brand Positioning Service Become One of Important Part of Business in Nigeria

“AdHang provides high-quality brand positioning service. Using special brand positioning methods, they can create the brand image like what their client wants.”

C:\Users\pc\Documents\my website  folder\Adhang\Adhang clients\Adhang contents\Girls\Nigeriadigitalmarketing.jpg

AdHang, the popular Brand positioning agency in Nigeria, offers the service that can help a company improve its brand position in the market they aim. The process is simple. Basically, this company will use several strategies to promote and market the brands that use their service. Thus, it will help the brand to be easily recognized by People.

Brand positioning is an important thing in today’s business world. With good brand positioning, the company can cut down the cost for advertising greatly. But, the most important thing is the good brand position in the market also make the company can get the profit. This is also the reason why Search engine optimization companies in Nigeria are needed.

With the importance of brand positioning, all today’s companies will need it. This is where AdHang provides a solution for these companies. Adhang uses 6 brand positioning method to improve the business brand’s value.

- Quality – help the client to be the leader in the quality of their product,

- Professionalism – optimize the service quality for the client,

- Place – origin-based brand positioning method,

- Cost – improve the brand position as the most affordable one on the market,

- People – people-based brand positioning,

- Infrastructure – a service to improve customer satisfaction with the availability and flexibility of the brand.

In order to run all those 6 brand positioning methods, AdHang also uses the 6 important components in digital marketing. It will maximize the result from the method. They are:

- Internet display advertising – for an effective way to reach the customer,

- Content marketing – a useful marketing method that can keep customer loyalty,

- Social media marketing – today’s most effective marketing,

- Search engine marketing – the core of digital marketing,

- Mobile marketing – matches the increase of mobile gadget usage,

- Influencer marketing – for improving brand strength.

The benefits of using AdHang are their expertise and experiences. They run this business for 10 years, so the result won’t be disappointed. Moreover, they also offer one of the most affordable Online Advert rates in Nigeria for their service.

About AdHang

AdHang is a 10 years old digital marketing company that operates its business from its headquarter in Lagos, Nigeria. They have experienced team and know the things that they need to do to improve their client’s brand position on the market. Thus, it makes their brand positioning service become one of the best in Nigeria.

For Media Inquiries


Office address: D 07 Century mall, St.Patrick's junction, Ojo Alaba international market, Lagos, Nigeria



Wednesday, February 6, 2019 Collection Offer the Best Matching Outfits for Fashionable Mums and Kids

To be a mum; a fashionable one at that, is one of the greatest challenges of parenting. Children no doubt have an awkward taste for fashion, always desiring something flashy but not necessarily classy. How do fashionable mums then reconcile the fashion taste of their kids with a fashion life defined by class and uniqueness? That is the beauty of mums and kid appearing in matching outfits. Playing the ‘twin’ with kids is not only cute to the eye, it also promotes love and affection between and among mums and their children. Not much attention had been paid to this trend in fashion until a few celebrity mums and kids like Kim Kardashian and North, Tina Knowles and Beyonce, Julianne Moore and Liv, Beyonce and Blue Ivy among others appeared in one; thereby becoming the cynosure of all eyes at different occasions with matching outfits to play the mum-kid twin role. The question to ask then is not about the choice of the best of wears that best matches for kids and mum; rather, it is about where to get the best of such affordable and matching outfits? is the one-stop online store that offers a variety of baby and adult outfits that best suit all weather conditions, activities and events, and a general purpose usage within the home or surrounding. Among the variety of wears in the collection are baby clothes, mum and daughter matching outfits, toddler outfits, toddler clothes, baby onesies and many others, with complimentary free shipping services to every purchase beyond $30. The matching outfits from are in various styles and categories such as the Mother-Daughter Swimsuits and Dresses, Chanjoycc 2018 Fashion Floral Long Sleeve Dresses, Stripped Dresses Mothers and Daughters, A French Bulldog Grey Bombers Matching Jacket, Mum and Daughter Brown Bear Matching Bomber Jacket and a whole lot of other matching outfits that promotes mother-daughter ties while at same time enhance their personality during outings. In addition to the matching outfits collection, also have in stock a collection of baby and toddler wears which includes Osiko Pink Blue, Osiko Grey Pink and Osiko Blue Pink Polka Dots Winter Baby Coats; Red Moose Checkered Pants and Black Beanie 3-Piece Set, Daddy’s Princess 4-Piece Set, Pretty Wine Ruffle Flora 2-Piece Baby Set, Baby Inked Batman White Onesie with Sleeve, Adorable Leena Princess Dress with lace and lots more.

With the season of valentine drawing nearer, lots of activities are slated in malls, cinemas, event centres as well as recreation centres to provide avenue for individuals to show affection to their loved ones. collection provides one of those love-sharing avenues between mums and their kids. It offers them the opportunity to attend the movie, picnic, pool and events in a matching outfit that not only enhance uniqueness but present them to the public as a brand in itself; an opportunity fashionable mums and husbands never want to see slide them by. To be a part of this wonderful online shopping experience, kindly log on to to access the varieties of outfits in the collections, add preferences to cart, make commitment with payment, and have your goods sent to you right at your preferred location at an absolutely zero cost on shipping.

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

UKAUTO Sport Car Import Solution for French Customers

Sport cars importing activities are never easy due to the high cost and licensing constraints. UKAUTO gives some services that enable the importers to pay lower cost and get the permissions more easily.

London, February 6, 2019: There are many problems commonly faced by the sports car importer in their trading activities. The primary ones are regarding the high cost and licensing constraints. Those become the main reasons why the prices of the products are getting more expensive when they are already in the destination countries. Besides, the sport cars are often detained by the customs duty when the license is incomplete. Based on that fact, if there is a service that can ease the process and solve the problems, it is just really good.

UKAUTO is a sports cars importing service to solve all the problems, particularly for French customers. This company allows the French customers to import the secondhand sport cars to their country directly to the intended address. The licensing constraints of the car import are getting easier due to the car remote inspection.  For the easy process, consequently, the price is also cheaper for both importer and car exporter.

The UK auto company is compatible with all importing and exporting activities for many brands. They are including Toyota, Lamborghini, RHD import, and any other brands of cars from Japan, European countries, and more. For French customers who are interested in Voiture Angleterre or UK cars, they are possible to be bought through UKAUTO.

There are some benefits of using this service for both the importers and exporters. Despite the simpler licensing and cheap price, there is a guarantee that the cars bought from the UK are in a good condition. The shipping process is faster and there is a legal law behind it. This way, the customers should not worry about the legal problems may happen later regarding the imported Angleterre.

UKAUTO is a company and website that allows French customers to import sports cars, whether they are new or secondhand with fast and safe transport service straight to the door. The services include the remote car inspection along with the client. This way, the sports cars are able to export or import at cheaper prices.

For Media Inquiries
UKAUTO Fr. Christophe
152-160 City Road
EC1V 2NX London
Phone        : FR +33-1-72-77-43-00 and UK +44-7-803-463-901
Website    :

Root Solutions Training to Provide Certified PTC Software Training and Courses in the UK

Root Solutions Training is a training service located throughout the United Kingdom. It provides courses of PTC Software and some other programs with certificates.

February 6, 2019: Nowadays, the internet is a field with much harvest for many people. It is even highly possible for some of them to gain thousands or even millions of dollars from it. However, the process is not as easy as it seems for sure. There are many efforts and other things to learn so that the business can just be successful. One of them is regarding the PTC software. Although the PTC thing is indeed quite difficult and complicated, it is not something impossible to be mastered. Moreover, it is if they take a course in Root Solutions Training.

Root Solutions Limited Training is a training center and course of a diverse range of PTC software solution. It helps the trainers to be more skillful in term of PTC software and any other types of related software. After being graduated from this training center, the participants are expected to utilize the software for the improvement of their internet business and management. Meanwhile, it also hires many professional and experienced trainers to help them to master the software. The graduates are certified and the certificate is basically a plus point to apply for a job and open a business related to PTC.

For them who are interested to join these PTC software solutions, the next schedule is starting on Tuesday, February 5, 2019, until it is finished. The time duration is different from one to another. For the PTC Mathcad and PTC Creo software course in Cambridge, it takes 2 days. Meanwhile, for the PTC Windchill course conducted in Nottingham, it takes 3 days. The other classes for PTC Creo are also conducted starting on Monday 11, 2019 with a specification of the introduction for PTC Creo Stimulation. The course takes time for 5 days.

Aside from Cambridge and Nottingham, the courses are also conducted in Manchester. Meanwhile, the main PTC offices of Root Solutions Training are in Farnborough and Birmingham.

About Root Solutions Training

Root Solutions Training is a UK platinum PTC Partner that provides the PTC Software Solutions. It improves the company’s engineering and design processes as well as it works with a diverse range of industries. Despite the PTC products, the company also provides PTC software training and courses with certified PTC trainers. The locations of the courses are in Cambridge, Nottingham, and Manchester.

For Media Inquiries

Luke Hanson

Email :

Mobile : +44-1954-786591

Root Solutions Ltd.

Online Marketplace for Subscription Box Owners to be Launched Soon

Finding quality products is definitely important since it guarantees them to be durable and not damaged easily. Box Aray comes as an e-commerce that guarantees the products’ qualities.

Rhode Island, February 6, 2019: Shopping via e-commerce is indeed interesting for its easiness, effectiveness, and practicality. However, a common problem to face, particularly by the customers, is regarding the qualities of the products. It is quite difficult to know whether a product is indeed qualified and original or not, since they only see them via online platforms. To solve this problem, Box Aray is developed to ease the customers more in finding the quality products.

Box Aray is an online marketplace or e-commerce designed only for Subscription Box Owners. The customers that are included in the group have many accesses to discover only qualified products and do the transactions with suppliers. Meanwhile, the pricing works better by analyzing the costs of products and shipping.

So, how does this Subscription Box Business work? With an assumption that the customers have been included themselves into Subscription Box Owners, first, the platform automatically selects and finds the right products that suit their box. Second, Box Aray makes a contact with the suppliers to make some offers. The process is ended by the platform getting the whole cost, accepting the proposal and make an escrow order.

Third, the customers wait for the suppliers preparing their order. Since the orders are commonly in bulks, the time duration for the preparation and delivery is probably quite long, it is around 10 days. After the products have been accepted by the customers, Box Aray releases payment to the suppliers, confirms the transaction transparently, and repeats the business.

This e-commerce platform has conducted cooperation with many product suppliers. Interestingly, the suppliers must pass through some tests and filters to make sure that their products are qualified and original. This way, both parties, the suppliers and customers, are able to get the benefits they expected. Lastly, Box Aray is going to be launched soon. To join Subscription Box Owners, please submit the email address for updates.

About Box Aray

Box Aray is an online marketplace developed for Subscription Box Owners. It enables the customers to find the quality products, transact with suppliers more easily, and make pricing work well alongside with the cost of products and shipping. For more information, please visit

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Founder Name : Joseph Chima

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IrelandPainters Announces New Special 10% Discount for First Order

Adamstown Denizens looking for painting and decorating service can turn to IrelandPainters. Those interested can certainly join in with a 10% discount on their first order

Adamstown is a town that is not quite a metropolis nor it is a tiny village. Instead of towering buildings, Adamstown is filled with contemporary buildings that will invoke a certain homey feeling to it. Located just 16 km off Dublin city centre, the town is home to a football club (Adamstown FC) and a Gaelic Athletic Association team the Adamstown GAA Club. At the same time, it is home to a popular painting service in Ireland, the IrelandPainters.

IrelandPainters, a company that has stood for 25 years, have been providing residential painting and commercial painting services for the people of Adamstown. Not only that they dabble in the world of wall painting, they also handle a bit of plumbing with their kitchen and bathroom installation service and other services like kitchen spray, wallpapering service, and any service related to the interior and the exterior of a house; if it is related to housing, they will have a service for it.

While painting is hardly a difficult thing to do, there are times when people need to hire others to do just that. Perhaps they do not have the time to apply their newly-bought can of paint. Perhaps they just do not want to mess up their work. For those people, IrelandPainters is the best painter and decorator for them. Included in the list of pros are IrelandPainters' free colour consultation service and their easily accessible 24/7 customer service centre; just leave them a message and they will answer any question in a moment's notice. Not only that, their prices are competitive and would not break the bank too much, perfect for those living on a budget.

"IrelandPainters has just finished removing wallpaper, plastering, and all the wall-related things in our bedroom. They work with a high standard and minimum disruption. Marty and his team were professional," Pauline testified. Marty here is one of the team leaders of IrelandPainters.

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For customers who are curious about Irelandpainters, they are entitled to a special 10% discount on their very first order, making it a perfect entryway for those who wanted to try IrelandPainters' service.

Servicing customers from 6 AM to 9 PM every day, IrelandPainters offers its services to people in the vicinity of Adamstown, Rush, Tenure, Coolock, Cabra, Walkinstown, Laoghaire, and many other places near the aforementioned areas. For more information, please visit



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Monday, February 4, 2019

Carmen Pates Wilson Set to Release her New Book Titled “NEW BROTHER TROUBLE”


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       Carmen Pates Wilson Set to Release her New Book Titled “NEW BROTHER TROUBLE”

A fostering Love Series

Sensational writer, licensed Foster Parent, Mentor, Family Advocate and children's rights activist Carmen Pates Wilson is set to release her new book titled “New Brother Trouble” on February 4, 2019, on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. “New Brother Trouble” is a powerful, transformational, and inspiring read. It will help people get an understanding of the joys and fears of becoming a foster family. This amazing first book in the series will prove an inspiration to all who are finding it difficult adjusting to a foster family setup. They will realize that no matter how difficult it is adjusting to this setup, they could make things work to the amazement of everyone.

In “New Brother Trouble,” the author shares from her well of experience as a licensed Foster Parent, Family Advocate and Mentor, ways to resolve one of many foster parenting issues. She believes the “Fostering Love Series” is the solution many have been waiting for. Applying the proven strategies shared in this book will reduce misconceptions associated with foster parenting but more importantly teach children how to adjust to the foster family setup. The lessons contained within “New Brother Trouble”
2  Back Cover

About the Author

Carmen Pates Wilson is a licensed Foster Parent, Mentor and Family Advocate and a champion for children's rights for over 15 years. “New Brother Trouble” is the first in the Fostering Love Series. A beautifully written children's book with a sweet and humorous insight into the joys and fears of becoming a foster family. The series teaches love, compassion, patience, and understanding. She dedicates her life to giving abused and neglected children a loving and stable home.

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