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Thursday, June 30, 2016

MOT Centre Limited Offer for Online Reservation

Car Mot will be just £35.00 for online booking and reservation. Simply complete their online MOT Booking Form and they will make an appointment.

MOT Bay Reading by MOT Centre has opened the opportunities to book an MOT test via their website. In limited time, online booking and special offer will be available. Car Mot will be just £35.00 for online booking. Being one of the necessary tests for vehicle owners, MOT must be done every year to proof that vehicles still be driven on the road.  When it comes to MOT test, owners of vehicles need to choose the right place to get tested.

The owner of MOT Centre is excited to deliver this news to all of the vehicle owners.
“The capability of taking reservation of MOT through the online website will make things easier and more convenient. Our website has been established to reach out to more people at Reading and Berkshire areas who look for a way to get the test of legality for the vehicle.” Owner said

“It’s a measure taken to make sure that vehicles running on the road are all in good condition. The time when the vehicle deemed to be unworthy of running on the road, it’s when the vehicle doesn’t pass the MOT test.” Technical Manager said

MOT is one essential test must be done by vehicle owners. Now that online reservation has been opened, acquiring time and place to get MOT test becomes easier. The owner of MOT Center understands how the easiness in accessing information as well as the test for MOT is needed. The online book service is only available for limited time with a special offer of car MOT for only £35.00.

MOT Centre is located at 127a Wigmore Lane Reading. The request for MOT testing will be taken care up to 23.30 p.m in the evening Monday through to Saturday. Aside from MOT testing for both cars and motorcycles, vehicle owners also get repair service. Additionally, there will be ECU remapping service that will be useful to get around 30% better car torque performance as well as the 20% better fuel economy.

About MOT Centre
MOT Centre is an established business providing auto services including Mot Bay South Reading to the wide range of loyal customers within the areas of Berkshire and Reading. They are reputable for providing cost-efficient service professionally within the areas.


MOT Centre

127a Wigmore Lane Reading RG30 1DZ
Phone: 011 8958 1198

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Mobile Teeth Whitening For Busy Professionals in San Diego

Many people including the busy professionals expect to be able to smile while also showing off the white and healthy teeth. Mobile teeth whitening can be a great solution.

June 28, 2016 – X&J Smiles will provide their truly needed dental services to professionals who have always been busy with working too much. As teeth whitening Professionals in San Diego – especially those who have to meet numerous amounts of people while working, they will want to own healthy white teeth as well. The good news is Mobile teeth whitening in San Diego exists with service of X&J Smiles. Since X&J Smiles is the first and only mobile teeth whitening services.

For the people who wish to have pearly white teeth, plenty of products can be used. These over-the-counter treatments are available at affordable prices but can be bothersome, time-consuming, and confusing. One very common side effect from teeth whitening treatment is gum irritation. Professional help will be necessary to avoid gum irritation and mobile teeth whitening in San Diego can become an alternative solution. Busy people who cannot drive to the clinic can get helped by mobile dental cosmetic clinics such as X&J Smiles of San Diego, CA.
The service of teeth whitening San Diego business provided by X&J Smiles has been running since the beginning of 2015. The service is a relatively new way that provides a good concept, a well trained working staff, and convenience for people in need of a speedy teeth whitening. The mobile teeth whitening service expects for the service to grow by triple in 2017. It’s also worth mentioning that there are millions of people with dingy teeth who could use a service like this. Although the teeth whitening service initially was aimed for busy professionals, other people will want to take advantage of this exact service, even if they are not busy (people with regular everyday jobs). Providing convenience, reliability, and a simple way to brighten a smile is what makes us better than the rest.

X&J Smiles is truly a suitable service providing the best teeth whitening system on the go. Who wouldn’t want a brightened smile without the headache and misunderstanding? There’s everything right about X&J Smiles cater to you service with its service of quality teeth whitening. They can indeed deliver quality treatment without the need for their clients to move or be bothered by the prolonged procedures from over the counter products. With a bright smile comes great confidence and X&J Smiles understands this personality trait very well.

Get to Know X&J Smiles:

X&J Smiles is a mobile cosmetic dental teeth whitening service mainly providing treatments to busy professionals since 2015. Despite being new, this convenient service is the only teeth whitening company who will drive-to-you. How does that sound? If they could brighten your teeth by 55%, would you consider taking advantage of this whitening service? Would this be worth a lot to you? If so, below you can see their contact information for any questions you may have.

To Talk More About Contact for Further Information:
3555 University Ave, San Diego, CA 92104, United States
(San Diego’s Fastest Teeth Whitening)

Monday, June 20, 2016

Q4 FY16 SaaS and PaaS Revenues Were Up 66%, and Up 68% in Constant Currency

Q1 FY17 SaaS and PaaS Revenues Expected to Be Up 75% to 80%

REDWOOD SHORES, CA–(Marketwired – Jun 16, 2016) – Oracle Corporation (NYSE: ORCL) today announced fiscal 2016 Q4 results.

Total Q4 Revenues were $10.6 billion, down 1% in U.S. dollars and flat in constant currency. Cloud plus On-Premise Software Revenues were $8.4 billion, flat in U.S. dollars and up 2% in constant currency. Cloud software as a service (SaaS) and platform as a service (PaaS) revenues were $690 million, up 66% in U.S. dollars and up 68% in constant currency. Total Cloud revenues, including infrastructure as a service (IaaS), were $859 million, up 49% in U.S. dollars and up 51% in constant currency. Operating Income was $4.0 billion, and Operating Margin was 37%. Non-GAAP Operating Income was $4.8 billion, and the non-GAAP Operating Margin was 45%. Net Income was $2.8 billion while non-GAAP Net Income was $3.4 billion. Earnings Per Share was $0.66, while non-GAAP Earnings Per Share was $0.81. Without the impact of the U.S. dollar strengthening compared to foreign currencies, Oracle’s reported GAAP Earnings Per Share would have been 2 cents higher and non-GAAP Earnings Per Share would have been 1 cent higher.
Short-term deferred revenues were $7.7 billion, up 6% in U.S. dollars and up 7% in constant currency compared with a year ago. Operating cash flow on a trailing twelve-month basis was $13.6 billion.

For fiscal 2016, Total Revenues were $37.0 billion, down 3% in U.S. dollars and up 2% in constant currency. Cloud plus On-Premise Software Revenues were $29.0 billion, down 2% in U.S. dollars and up 3% in constant currency. Cloud SaaS and PaaS revenues were $2.2 billion, up 49% in U.S. dollars and up 52% in constant currency. Total Cloud revenues, including IaaS, were $2.9 billion, up 36% in U.S. dollars and up 40% in constant currency. Operating Income was $12.6 billion, and Operating Margin was 34%. Non-GAAP Operating Income was $15.8 billion and non-GAAP Operating Margin was 43%. Net Income was $8.9 billion while non-GAAP Net Income was $11.2 billion.

Earnings Per Share was $2.07, while Non-GAAP Earnings Per Share was $2.61. Without the impact of the U.S. dollar strengthening compared to foreign currencies, Oracle’s reported GAAP and non-GAAP Earnings Per Share would have been 17 cents higher.

“Fourth quarter SaaS and PaaS revenue growth accelerated to 68% in constant currency, significantly higher than my guidance,” said Oracle CEO, Safra Catz. “SaaS and PaaS gross margins continued to improve throughout the year, exiting FY16 at 56%. Bookings in Q4 were also very strong enabling us to raise our guidance for Q1 SaaS and PaaS revenue growth, which we now expect to be between 75% and 80%.”

“We added more than 1,600 new SaaS customers and more than 2,000 new PaaS customers in Q4,” said Oracle CEO, Mark Hurd. “In Fusion ERP alone, we added more than 800 new cloud customers. Today, Oracle has nearly 2,600 Fusion ERP customers in the Oracle Public Cloud — that’s ten-times more cloud ERP customers than Workday.”

“We expect that the SaaS and PaaS hyper-growth we experienced in FY16 will continue on for the next few years,” said Oracle Executive Chairman and CTO, Larry Ellison. “That gives us a fighting chance to be the first cloud company to reach $10 billion in SaaS and PaaS revenue. We’re also very excited about the availability of version 2 of Oracle’s Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) — which will enable us to speed up the growth of our IaaS business, which customers want to buy in conjunction with our SaaS and PaaS.”

The Board of Directors also declared a quarterly cash dividend of $0.15 per share of outstanding common stock. This dividend will be paid to stockholders of record as of the close of business on July 6, 2016, with a payment date of July 27, 2016.

Q4 Fiscal 2016 Earnings Conference Call and Webcast
Oracle will hold a conference call and webcast today to discuss these results at 2:00 p.m. Pacific. You may listen to the call by dialing (816) 287-5563, Passcode: 425392. To access the live webcast of this event, please visit the Oracle Investor Relations website at In addition, Oracle’s Q4 results and fiscal 2016 financial tables are available on the Oracle Investor Relations website.
A replay of the conference call will also be available by dialing (855) 859-2056 or (404) 537-3406, Pass Code: 28515799.

About Oracle
Oracle offers a comprehensive and fully integrated stack of cloud applications and platform services. For more information about Oracle (NYSE: ORCL), visit or contact Investor Relations at (650) 506-4073.

Oracle and Java are registered trademarks of Oracle and/or its affiliates. Other names may be trademarks of their respective owners.

“Safe Harbor” Statement: Statements in this press release relating to Oracle’s future plans, expectations, beliefs, intentions and prospects, including statements regarding our future guidance, and expectations of future SaaS, PaaS and IaaS growth, are “forward-looking statements” and are subject to material risks and uncertainties. Many factors could affect our current expectations and our actual results, and could cause actual results to differ materially. We presently consider the following to be among the important factors that could cause actual results to differ materially from expectations: (1) Our cloud computing strategy, including our Oracle Cloud SaaS, PaaS, IaaS and data as a service offerings, may not be successful. (2) If we are unable to develop new or sufficiently differentiated products and services, or to enhance and improve our products and support services in a timely manner or to position and/or price our products and services to meet market demand, customers may not buy new software licenses, cloud software subscriptions or hardware systems products or purchase or renew support contracts. (3) If the security measures for our software, hardware, services or Oracle Cloud offerings are compromised or if such offerings contain significant coding, manufacturing or configuration errors, we may experience reputational harm, legal claims and financial exposure. (4) We may fail to achieve our financial forecasts due to such factors as delays or size reductions in transactions, fewer large transactions in a particular quarter, fluctuations in currency exchange rates, delays in delivery of new products or releases or a decline in our renewal rates for support contracts. (5) Our international sales and operations subject us to additional risks that can adversely affect our operating results, including risks relating to foreign currency gains and losses. (6) Economic, geopolitical and market conditions, including the continued slow economic recovery in the U.S. and other parts of the world, can adversely affect our business, results of operations and financial condition, including our revenue growth and profitability, which in turn could adversely affect our stock price. (7) We have an active acquisition program and our acquisitions may not be successful, may involve unanticipated costs or other integration issues or may disrupt our existing operations. A detailed discussion of these factors and other risks that affect our business is contained in our SEC filings, including our most recent reports on Form 10-K and Form 10-Q, particularly under the heading “Risk Factors.” Copies of these filings are available online from the SEC or by contacting Oracle Corporation’s Investor Relations Department at (650) 506-4073 or by clicking on SEC Filings on Oracle’s Investor Relations website. All information set forth in this press release is current as of June 16, 2016. Oracle undertakes no duty to update any statement in light of new information or future events.

  • Contact:
    Ken Bond
    Oracle Investor Relations
    Email Contact  Deborah Hellinger
    Oracle Corporate Communications
    Email Contact


Thursday, June 16, 2016

Aplumberin1hour Launches Its New Redesign Website launches redesign website from the old one and added Water heater repair section

June 16, 2016 – A Plumberin 1 Hour Inc, a plumbing company located in 12006 Spalding School Dr. Plainfield Illinois 60585 had the redesign website launched to fulfill the high demand of fast response on requests to fix particular problems within the plumbing system. Taylor Thomas Manager of A Plumberin 1 Hour Company is very excited to bring the news of new website to reach even more peoples in Illinois . Water is crucial and that makes plumbing just about equally crucial.

“A daily life filled with the need of clean water. It makes sense considering water is something very important in life, in a survival of individuals. From the need of water, plumbing system had been used for years and it gets modernized further with various convenient utilities such as water heater. It’s impossible to work on the plumbing system alone. And thus, a professional plumbing service will be widely needed.” stated Manager.

The launching of the new website and water heater repair section is just one necessary step for Aplumberin1hour, Inc. One of the most common services related to plumbing is the water heater system. It’s one popular thing because of its convenience. Water heater allows the usage of warm to hot water for a variety of purposes from washing clothes to regular shower or bath. There are times where the service for water heater repair or any other services related to plumbing will be needed as soon as possible.

The new website of Aplumberin1hour is specifically made to respond the demands from the customers need. It’s not easy for many people to get fast service that will come to them at the same day they ask for the service. Aplumberin1hour makes it possible to get a professional plumber in the Illinois area. An official website has been launched to be the bridge between the people who need helps and the service providers providing plumbing service. The bridge has been laid and customers will be free to cross.

About A Plumberin 1 Hour Inc:

Aplumberin1hour is a professional plumbing service company in Plainfiled IL serving many people through multiple ways. They’re notable for quick response including the requests made via their official website.

Taylor Thomas
12006 spalding school dr. plainfiled IL 60585

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Press Release for Nano Green Prevention

Green 3D Shield infection control system utilizes green technologies derived from naturally occurring substances that control indoor surface and air bio-contamination and help combat the spread of nosocomial infections in offices, hospitals and farms.

Green 3D Shield – Air & Surface Infection Control System for Offices, Hotels, Hospitals and Farms

Nano Green Prevention is a Canadian Corporation, Head Office located in Toronto Canada. Company specializes in developing and commercializing “green” sustainable technologies to protect businesses and homes against bio-contamination and spread of diseases.

Company markets its unique infection control protocols and natural bio degradable anti-microbial technologies to control spread of nosocomial infections under one umbrella – “Green 3D Shield”. The system contains several components within, such as: self-cleaning, self-sanitizing nanocoatings, air purification nanocoatings (NOx, formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, ethylene gas, VOC’s, purification), antimicrobial nanocoatings, 100% organic anti pathogenic solution that has really very broad applications as natural antiseptic. This particular product has a long shelf life, no offensive odor and is user friendly and environmentally safe. It can be used on kitchen counter tops, in bathrooms on tiles or other hard surfaces, and can be used to sanitize children’s toys. It is highly effective when sprayed into shoes and sneakers to combat bacteria and fungi that can cause athlete’s foot. It is very effective when sprayed on heating or air conditioning filter. It will kill airborne patho

gens circulating through HVAC system. It can be used as a personal antiseptic (great for military), ideal for field sanitization of equipment as well as small wounds. It has been used in helping pets stop skin infections, stop scratching, The Housekeeping Department in any hotel can benefit by utilizing it in cleaning rooms, kitchens, bathrooms. As a surface cleaner it is highly effective in combating Escherichia coli, Salmonella, Staphylococcus and Fecal coliforms.

In Offices hotels and commercial buildings Green 3D Shield can be used as part of every building’s maintenance program. It should be routinely utilized to clean and sanitize HVAC systems and can be used on all exposed surfaces. HVAC Syndrome, a condition where the building HVAC system spreads deadly pathogens into the breathing environment, can be alleviated with regular treatment of the Company anti-pathogenic solution and the health and wellness of the occupants will benefit. Productivity will rise from less absenteeism.
Green 3D Shield at Schools: Student health and productivity is directly linked to the quality of the air they breathe in the classrooms and indoor environment. Green 3D Shield is used to reduce and/or eliminate harmful airborne pathogenic bioaerosols that can cause illness. The HVAC system(s) can be protected from harboring deadly fungi, bacteria, yeasts and viruses that can spread through the indoor breathing space.

Green 3D Shield in Medical facilities target prevalence of multi drug resistant infectious pathogens that poses a great risk to successfully accomplishing that task. Healthcare-Associated Infections directly affect patient care as well as profitability. These nosocomial infections include: MRSA, Surgical Site Infections (SSI), Central Line Associated Bloodstream Infections (CLABS), Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia (VAP), Catheter-Associated Urinary Tract Infection (CAUTI), Clostridium Difficile-Associated Disease (CDI) 16, H1N1 Mycobactrium tuberculosis.

Normal procedures such as hand washing, isolation and general sterilization procedures overlook the fundamental issue of airborne pathogenic bioaerosol contamination. Exogenous fungal, bacterial and viral mephitic organisms typically resist desiccation and become life threatening to the average patient. Immunocompromised patients are at even greater risk due to the infectivity of these pathogens. Mitigating danger through infection control is the facility highest responsibility.

Green 3D Shield can be used as a part of every airport maintenance program. Passengers can board an airliner anywhere in the world and in less than 24 hours be half way around the globe. They bring with them bacteria and viruses which they then spread through normal respiration to other passengers, workers and staff.

The industries that are benefiting from our Green 3D Shield infection control system include government & commercial buildings, poultry, pork & beef farmers, food processing facilities, health care facilities, businesses, offices and homes hospitals, clinics, senior citizen homes