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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Top 5 Brand New Slack Apps You Should Install Right Now

Slack is a messaging app for teams. We are going to review the best Slack apps we find, after trying them and making sure they can really improve your work-life. Today we start with the first 5 that truly got our attention.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

How Important Are Domain Names?

The term domain name may seem like a highfaluting term that has meaning only for computer wizards and for those who spend days and nights in their computers. The truth is that the term domain name is a simple geek term referring to the address of a website.

To make it simpler, domain names are essential to websites in the same manner that names are important to people. Can you imagine people being addressed or being called using a series of pin numbers instead of their names? Remembering names is already a problem for most people so you can just imagine how chaotic it would b e if people do not have names but just numbers.

This works the same way with websites which are addressed using domain names instead of a series of numbers commonly referred to as IP address. Like most numbers, IP addresses can be hard to remember and they are permanent meaning a new IP address for a new web hosting company.

While an IP address is just a series of hard to remember numbers, a domain name is something that can be given character and can be easily remembered. Try to browse the internet and if you want to know the domain name of the site being viewed, look at the browser bar.

The last word or series of letters after the domain name is the domain extension under which the website address is registered. Examples of domain extensions are com which refers to a commercial domain, org which refers to a non-profit domain and even no or fr which stands for France or Norway and which refers to the country domain. The extension domains are usually preceded by a period which is read as dot.

Both the name of the website, which I called the sub domain and the domain extension make up the complete domain name of a site. People who are abut to register their domain names should think carefully about the name because domain names are unique and it is what gives the website a unique characteristic. Domain names are unique because they are controlled in a centralized database.

Having your own domain name does not come free because with registration comes payment. By registering your domain name, you get the exclusive right to use that domain name but only for a certain number of years depending on the policy of the company where you bought your domain name. When that period expires and you want to continue using the domain name then you can renew your contract.

When choosing your domain name, you can use a maximum of 67 characters made up of letters from A to Z or number from zero to nine or a mixture of both numbers and letters as well the hyphen. The maximum of 67 characters already includes both the sub domain name and the domain name extension. SO if you want to have an easy-recall website then you better start thinking about a witty domain name, The key is to make your domain name catchy, easy to remember and more or less gives the user an idea of what the website is all about.

However, you can already register a domain name even if you do not have a website. On the other hand, registration of a domain name does not carry with it a website. While some domain registering companies offer web hosting, you can register your domain name with them and choose from the various web hosting companies.

Ablebrands is a leading brand name provider that specialises in providing branded domain names like Metro Recharge and Ristara to new start ups.  

Monday, January 4, 2016

Hoverboard Hank, New Game App from Obsessive-C Lab, Inc

Even though there are millions of apps available in the Google Market today, but not all of them are suitable for all-age users. For anyone looking for new exciting android game for fun, they have new option available; it is called Hoverboard Hank.

Google Play has the biggest app collections available today. It is estimated over 10 million of apps are now can be downloaded from the Google Play market today and the number will keep growing with new apps being added daily. There are so many kinds of apps can be found here, including apps for office work, for fitness or health, for education, and even game apps. People could easily to choose any kind of app they possibly needed to be installed to their android gadgets, whether the ones for productivity or for fun. Whatever they choose, it is highly recommended to download only the ones from a reputable app developer to avoid malware that could results on instability of their system.

Obsessive-C Lab, Inc. is one of the well-known app developers with a number of their works have always being on the top of the list for the most downloaded apps. What is hot today from Obsessive-C Lab, Inc. is their new game app called Hoverboard Hank. The fact is, Hoverboard Hank is already on the top pages of the Google Play for many days since the first time it released by the team. Thousands android users have downloaded and tried this free game app and mostly consider it deserve 5-star rating for its amusing gameplay and intuitive design. Unlike most other game in the market, Hoverboard Hank is equipped with gorgeous 3D graphics which make it even more addictive to most android gamers out there.

At Hoverboard Hank, players will be challenged to conquer various levels of stages with various obstacles to deal with. As each level has increasing level of difficulty, the players will also granted access to selection of cool hoverboards to choose from. Of course, they need to unlock them first by accomplishing certain challenges to be able to access these awesome designed hoverboards.

Even better, the developer is also enables players to customize Hank’s look and clothes by selecting the templates available inside. That way, each player will be able to create their unique look on the character. About the control, everything is designed to be simple and easy to control. In fact the team has planted easy to play tilt controls into the game which allow anyone at any range of age to be easily to play the game optimally. This game has a great compatibility to new and old android phones, simply because Hoverboard Hank is designed to be compatible with Android 2.3 and newer version. For more information please visit

Obsessive-C Lab, Inc.
333 H St, Ste 5000 Chula Vista, CA 91910

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Turn Ordinary Photo into Beautiful Watercolor Photo with Arto.Lite

Moiggi Interactive had just launched their new app designed to convert photos into something more artistic. Arto.Lite, the app is now available at Google Play for free.
The modern technology allows people to easily edit their favorite photos within seconds, even if they have no photography skills or knowledge whatsoever. Unlike couple years ago where people can only use the computer for photo editing, now they can do the exact same task and much more with only their handset. With the right app, smartphone users can also do the photo conversion with only few finger taps and swipes. The fact is, there are hundreds photo editing apps available in the market, designed for all platforms. However, only few among them that are able to offer satisfying photo editing result, one of them is Arto.Lite: Watercolor Photo.

The name said it all. Arto.Lite is an app designed specifically to help users edit photos and images into watercolor painting. This is a great and simple way for anyone who wants to convert their ordinary photo into something more artistic and beautiful. The app utilizes the watercolor painting effect that will be applied to any photos or images being opened with the app and then to provide the result by any seconds. Users can save much of their time and effort converting their favorite photos into something looks more beautiful and enchanting. It also offer new way for anyone to give second live to their old photos.

Even everyday photo that look ugly can be made to look beautiful with this simple app. Even if they have no idea on how to do the editing, they can always count on the Arto.Lite for the simplest yet fastest way to create watercolor photos from their old photo collections. This will save them a lot of time and confusions doing all these things way around. There is no need to ask help from expert to do so and the best thing is they can do all these photo conversion while on the go. Their smartphone will be their new mobile photo watercolor conversion studio they can grab it whenever they need to.

And today, Arto.Lite by Moiggi Interactive is available at Google Play market for anyone to download and install to their phone for free. Yes no payment should be made for anyone to get this simple photo effect app. They can just simply get into Google Play, download the app, get it installed, and simply run the app for instant photo conversion. And yes, the app offers flexible photo resolution output so users can choose between 800p to 1280p according to their need.

More information please visit