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Friday, October 31, 2014

Fastlane Ventures raises $1.4 million to turn how-to website into “knowledge sharing social network for millions of users”

In late April, Relevant Media, a project of Internet startup developer Fastlane Ventures, raised $1.4 million from a group of undisclosed individual investors.

With its three properties – the “how-to” portal,,, – Relevant Media claims an audience of 18 million unique visitors, making it one of the 10 largest Russian Internet media groups.

Relevant Media’s leading business,, contains a library of more than 250,000 answers for the most common questions asked on the web. In terms of traffic, the site is ahead of its competitors – and even the corresponding sections of Google and, – according to the company.

“Currently we see a surge of interest in projects related to knowledge generation and exchange. Most of such projects are in the area of education (Coursera, BeSmart etc). At the same time, there is a huge and poorly structured segment, which we call the “exchange of life experience. It is represented in a large number of forums, thematic websites and blogs, plenty of which are unstructured, unmoderated and deliver poor quality content,” said Relevant Media CEO and co-founder Andrey Kuzeev.

“Our mission is to build a unified platform, where people who are real experts in their own fields can share their experience and give advice to those seeking it,” Kuzeev concluded.

The latest capital injection will be used to create new content, develop a social advice network and a mobile application. Already almost 20% of Relevant Media’s audience use the service from a mobile device.

Although Fastlane does not reveal the financials of its properties, its representative Ivan Zhdakaev told East-West Digital News that Relevant Media is “EBITDA positive.”

Prior to the lastest round, Fastlane invested $2 million in the project.

Please visit their website on


Ivan Zhdakaev
PR Advisor
+7 (926) 588-5912

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Announcing BogglesWorth’s CREEPERZ EP Crowdfunding Campaign

New CREEPERZ EP from BogglesWorth. This Electronic Music Producer is hoping to bring his unique sound to the masses. Only you can bring change.

Yucca Valley, CA – October 31, 2014 – BogglesWorth Records is ready to take music to the masses. A crowd funding campaign has been launched on Kickstarter and once funding is completed for this EP, the funds received will be used to create a physical run of the EP, promotional material related to the EP, and for proper promotion to get this EP to the appropriate people to make this an international hit.

The first goal would be Billboard Chart placement in the United States with other markets to follow. If you like EDM or Electronica this new Electronic Music Producer from southern California might be just what you are looking for. Let us carry underground to the masses. Let us create a revolution in the music industry. BE ODD… Be a Boggler…

“BogglesWorth is sensational. A hybrid of electro, house and dubstep. This EDM is on point. Great production, instrumentation, song compilation and vocals. This artist is quite capable of putting you in a trance with his immense creativity.” — 360 Magazine

Bogglesworth Music and Videos can be found at:

About the BogglesWorth

BogglesWorth is an Electronic Music Producer from Southern California. Using digital/analog synths with earth shattering beats, he creates a unique underground sound. Not a fan of genre, he believes music is a form of art, let it stand as it is and be appreciated.

This mysterous producer is hard at work cranking out gnarly tunage and bringing originality back to music. Created from obscure and unconventional, fueled by strange, BogglesWorth is bizarre, peculiar, awkward and just a bit weird. From his music to his life, this rebel is always pushing the limit. Society may question his humanity and state of mind but normal is boring.

If you like the music, please share it with your friends and loved ones. If you’re interested in contacting BogglesWorth regarding booking, please send an email to or send a message here. Be odd. Be a Boggler.

To learn more BogglesWorth or to help support their Kickstarter campaign, please visit:

Scott Boggs
Yucca Valley, CA

Wednesday, October 29, 2014


The Africa world magazine is an online publication that will be launching
it's print on December 13th 2014 that aims to serve the Africans in the
Diaspora, Christians and the world through Motivation, Education, Spiritual
Growth, Entertainment, Daily Inspiration, News, Fashion, Beauty,
parenting, marriage and family, Business, Money management and to serve
others in everyday life.

The magazine is dedicated to becoming the powerful voice of a growing
community of Africans in the diaspora and the world who have had little or
no representation. And they will also focus on inspiring and informing
readers about Christianity, inspirational stories on local and national levels,
lifestyle, fashion, health and the growing culture in America.

Their publication will bring to the readers the best information about
Africa and how it impacts and transforms the world and experts in all fields
of life that are making a difference in world with God as the center of their
faith and success. Under the leadership of a highly experienced team of
publishers, editors and writers, this magazine promises to be the most
exciting publication ever produced in the category.

And on the same day they are also going to be hosting the GOLDEN RULE
The Golden rule awards are awards that are recognized in 120 nations for
bringing peace to humanity world wide. During the ceremony, men and
women who are making a difference in society and the world will be

The launch of Africa world magazine will be held at the
Champion center
2680 Macarthur Blvd, Lewisville TX 75067

For more information and members of the media please contact:
Africa world media team

To Register for event go to:

In this event they will host:

Ø      A group of musicians (live music)
Ø      Speech from special guests
Ø      Display of the premiere issue for the magazine and other products
Ø      Sit down dinner
Ø      Golden rule awards

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Master Trader Raychev’s releases New Science of Forex Trading System

A new product from master trader will go live this week, the 30th of October 2014.
29, October 2014
Chicago, IL.
A new product from master trader will go live this week, the 30th of October 2014.  The Master Trader product is the newest tip strategy from Master Trader Toshko Raychev’s:  New Science of Forex Trading.
New Science of Forex Trading is a beginner aimed strategic playbook that demonstrated Raychev’s own success at profiting even through difficult times.  New Science of Forex Trading designs rules for Forex Trader especially spending a fair amount of time on beginners who find that improved economic times have allowed some new investing opportunities.
Toshko Raychev offers his basic plan in a free book that is available to anyone for the asking. The new product again concentrates on Raychev’s previous products that have done fairly well in the market.  He touts of the money he’s made and pretty fairly conveys without uncertainty that he has uncovered some type of backdoor system to increase profits in the Forex Trading.
In 2013 Raychev gained fame and recognition when he put forth the Forex Secret Protocol System that demonstrated how Raychev used his system to hugely profit $1,000 gaining the Super Trader status.
During this week’s release, Raychev is expected to give away thousands for his report away and takes on new challenges as he makes his New Science of Forex Trading Available to the public.
More information about New Science of Forex Trading System visit

Chicago, IL.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Announcing the Justice in an Unjust World Campaign

This is for an empowered mother of 2 and who always fights for others and deserves someone fighting for her.

Ceres, CA – October 25, 2014 – Due to a required binding arbitration process, the lawsuit is sealed and anonymity is important where we can’t mention the person who this campaign is being raised for.  However, what can be said is that she is a very caring and giving person. Always fighting for everyone to be the best and to obtain what is just. We want to give her justice by raising money on GoFundMe to help her through this time of struggle.

She is a mother to two young children, her husband was diagnosed with melanoma cancer and he was undergoing treatment when all of this started.  The family was going through hell thinking that they would not see their daddy for much longer. Fortunately, the melanoma did not go into the bloodstream and the surgery removed all the cancer.

During these hard times, instead of sympathy her employer gave her termination. She, wrongfully, lost her lawsuit against her employer and is now required to pay the defense’s lawyer’s cost. She wholeheartedly felt discrimination, retaliation, and wrongful termination during her husband’s cancer treatment. Unfortunately the world of arbitration is not fair. Arbitration is for corporate America, not Americans. 

She has not been able to find a salary job since her termination in 2012 and is having a hard time with two young children to support. Needless to say, they are in a horrible financial situation and this judgment has pushed the family passed their financial limits.

A GoFundMe campaign was created to give her, her justice. The hope is for her to walk away with her head held high. A lot of women accept discrimination and inequality in the work place because they do not know their rights or they do not want to face horrible outcomes like hers. Yes, fighting for what’s right is hard and it may not give you the outcome you seek. However, if there’s a will then there’s a way and woman need to keep fighting regardless of outcome. If we keep fighting, then eventually, the fights will diminish and they will get easier.  

Please help raise the money for her, so that she can keep fighting and keep holding her head high. When rocks unite together, big and small, collectively, they can take a beating from the massive ocean. As people, we need to stand together and keep fighting for equality.

To learn more or to help this campaign, please visit:

Ronda Swenson
Ceres, CA

Announcing the Glow All Natural Moisturizer

Glow All Natural Moisturizer is well... AWESOME! It’s a coconut oil based all natural moisturizer for hair, face and body.

Dallas, TX – October 24, 2014 – Glow Moisturizer is an all natural cosmetics company hoping to bring safer alternatives for skin care and moisturizing needs.

Glow Moisturizer is a company that cares for the customers’ health and happiness and they use only the highest quality ingredients!

Glow all natural moisturizer is a coconut oil based cream that is safe and all natural. It is hypoallergenic and has healing properties that help defeat skin conditions such as eczema, dry skin and sunburn. It also contains Shea Butter which increases the elasticity of the skin and gives your skin long lasting moisture. Glow all natural moisturizer can also aid in hydrating skin to decrease wrinkles and stretch marks. Every home should have a tin of Glow as an essential part of skincare.

Glow Moisturizer’s objective is to deliver safe, high quality natural skin moisturizer made with the purest ingredients. Its fragrance line will wow your senses while the essential oils line carries additional medicinal benefits. Share your experience with friends and family and enjoy your new Glow!

About the creator of Glow Moisturizer

Safiya Morgan has been a huge fan of natural products all of her life! She was raised in California where she earned her Bachelors Degree in Health Science. Safiya studied Holistic healing and alternative medicine and that's where she gained a deeper interest in better living and healthier lifestyles. Safiya has always been fascinated with the idea that we can heal and care for our bodies with natural remedies that come from the Earth as opposed to harmful chemicals created in a factory. That's where her true passion for all natural products was born!

Safiya  started off making her own homemade moisturizers mainly from oils and essential oils that she kept around the house. She was surprised to see that it was really effective, affordable and so much fun! Her  hobby evolved into a business with the help from her brother and they have developed this wonderful coconut oil based product that the entire world can benefit from. With your help and her dedication, we can bring natural healthier lifestyles to people all over the world!

To learn more Glow Moisturizer or to help support their Kickstarter campaign, please visit:

Safiya Morgan CEO
Dallas, TX

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Independent LifeSuccess Thinking Into Results Facilitator & Coach

NEWS RELEASE                                                           

For Immediate Release: 27 October 2014
The Secret comes to Sarpsborg

Sarpsborg, Norway: 
Local resident Matthew E. Alleyne is a new business partner of Bob Proctor and is now part of the local arm of LifeSuccess Thinking Into Results Consulting and Coaching here in Sarpsborg. Matthew E. Alleyne recently completed training with Bob Proctor and is now licensed to coach individuals one-on-one or in group settings locally and Internationally.  Bob Proctor is the most recognized teacher from the Personal Development runaway documentary “The Secret” and the film “Beyond the Secret.”

As a Thinking Into Results Facilitator and Coach, Matthew is greatly committed to personal development and is offering complimentary consultations and group sessions that are dedicated to creating the life citizens of Sarpsborg want.  He is available for print, radio, and TV interviews about Personal Growth and opportunity in today’s economy. 

If this information interests or excites you in any way, please feel free to contact Matthew “The Results Coach” at , or + 47 94 84 29 35.

For more information:
Name: Matthew E. Alleyne

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

How to Make Phone Calls Internationally without Breaking the Bank

October 21, 2014 - BBee team, from switzerland with a passion for creating, has just changed the way we use our phones and make international calls. He is creating a new service called “BBee” currently on Indiegogo. The service, aims to turn financially painful international phone calls into something we all can afford. He is even lowering prices below Skype, Viber, Rebtel and any one in the market. The uses for this service are endless: international calling, family events, work conferences and more. Some of us have given up completely on keeping in touch with friends and family oversees because the costs associated with a short call were so high. But now that is about to change.


What makes BBee unique? For international and local calls it is 40% cheaper, anyone who funds his project will be billed by the second. No service provider in the world is doing this! Every last competitor is billing by the minute. You, the consumer ends up paying more. So what makes BBee different? Billing by the second, never the minute, and 40% cheaper that any other service provider in the world.

Chabbouh Adel, the creator, is donating all his resources to this new service. He has created really fantastic services in the past and this one will be no exception. The goal of the crowdfunding campaign is to offer people minutes in exchange for a “donation”. In reality the funder will be getting minutes at a huge discounted rate. All funders will receive minutes 40% cheaper than what they are paying now and of course if your recipient of the call is online; T=the call is FREE! And the user face is super simple; even your Grandma can use it. The low, low rates combined with the user-friendly interface makes switching to BBee a no brainer. If you think this is too good to be true, check out the Indiegogo ( site. BBee team did a really outstanding job at providing visuals, media and content to explain the service and inform the users of what they are getting. The company’s transparency is beyond excellent.

In order to make this service a reality, BBee team needs one thing: Backers. He needs backers so bad he is basically giving away free minutes in exchange for backers’ support and encouragement. If you are able to help in any way or would like to talk about sponsorship options, please contact BBee team and be sure to check out the campaign where you can learn more about this amazing service. All funders will be able to get an exclusive service package and enjoy the free app! Check it out.

And for those who cannot help, he knows how far a Facebook “Like” or “Share” can travel. So every little bit counts. Thank you!

Creator: chabbouh adel
Location: Nyon country, Switzerland

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Announcing the very first Kono Pizza franchise in South Carolina

Raising venture capital for South Carolina's very first Kono Pizza franchise.

Charleston, NC – October 20, 2014 – The Kono Story The Kono Pizza concept was inspired and created by world-renowned culinary genius Rossano Boscolo–co-founder of the Boscolo Group Spa and owner of multiple 5-star hotels and restaurants across Europe.

First presented in Milan, Italy in April of 2004, Kono Pizza has become a crowd favorite in countries throughout Europe, Australia and Asia, offering consumers a whole new pizza experience with its cone-shaped crust filled with fresh, Italian ingredients.

Craig Lewis, a 20 year plus Charleston, South Carolina resident, and a former popular Radio Personality is raising venture capital for South Carolina's very first Kono Pizza franchise. He has an exclusive opportunity to open 3 KonoUsa franchises in the Charleston, so he invites you to help him open Kono Pizza in South Carolina.

About Kono Pizza

The Kono cone is pizza reinvented. These pizza cones are created around mobility and high-quality ingredients. Kono Pizza tastes better, you feel better about eating it and the best part is you won’t spill sauce down your shirt.

Kono Pizza contains authentic ingredients served in a cone and filled with fresh, quality ingredients, some imported direct from Italy. Kono Pizza embraces original recipes and ingredients inspired by its Italian heritage.

Kono Pizza is a healthier alternative featuring a thinner crust and low-moisture cheese. Kono Pizza cones are only 250-280 calories each, compared to 450 calories in the average pizza slice. The brand offers consumers a healthier, on-the-go alternative to one of their favorite foods.

To learn Kono Pizza or to help fund the Kono Pizza South Carolina franchise, please visit:

Craig Lewis
Kono Pizza
Charleston, NC

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Home Workout For Beginners Tried & Tested At My Weight Loss Dream has been a leading resource for weight loss advice, hints, tips and articles since 2012.  Read the latest review from the team who have been trying out and testing the Home Workout For Beginners From and discover this new fitness programme. provides first hand reviews of the latest fitness and weight loss products and the team is proud to present their latest review post focused on the Home Workout For Beginners From
Embarking on a fitness regime when you have not pulled on a pair of trainers in years can be a daunting task, but we all know that for sustainable weight loss and a healthy lifestyle, fitness is essential. 
The key to success is in finding the right home work out regime for each individual on their weight loss journey and with so many out there it can be hard to find a reliable and successful product. Then you are constantly viewing people doing aiming exercise workouts and knowing full well that your exercise is not at that level and you end up to scared to start.
The Home Workout For Beginners promises to provide an exercise programme that is achievable for even the most reluctant of fitness fanatics and has put it to the test.
Read all about the new beginners workout and discover just how effective it is at getting our reviewer off the sofa and into a regular fitness routine. It covers her first week of following this simple six week fitness training programme aimed at the beginner to fitness or as the world considers it “the couch potato”. It is a brand new look from fitness trainer James Atkinson that shows you that unfit people can exercise and they can exercise well.
It is an indispensable guide to this latest fitness tool and essential reading for anyone who is looking to embark on an exercise routine for total beginners.
People who are interested in finding out more about the new review of Home Workout For Beginners From from can visit this link for further details:
About Us: Samantha and Dominic Milner set up to chart their own weight loss journey while giving readers a one stop resource for weight loss, fitness and healthy lifestyle information. The couple are British expats living in Portugal, have a 13 year old son and are expecting their second child very soon and combine a busy family life with their passion for
Contact: Samantha Milner My Weight Loss Dream Bloco A, Apartment 2B, Rua 1 de Maio, Silves, Portugal, 8300-180

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Announcing Game Gate: Gameroom Edition

Wouldn’t it be great if you could play all your favorite arcade games in a real arcade machine in your gameroom?

Wadsworth, OH – October 16, 2014 – Imagine playing all the classic arcade games just like you remember in a supped up NEXT generation coin-op converted arcade machine that also plays today’s newest games! The creator of this arcade machine, Christopher Gerding, would like to introduce you to the all-new Game Gate: Gameroom Editon.

Game Gate is an upright arcade cabinet with cool LED side panels, custom artwork, backlit header, 32” LCD, awesome sound, and more gaming than you can shake a stick at. Playing Pacman on an iPhone simply doesn’t compare to the eye-popping quarter dropping madness of being a foot from the screen with a ball topped arcade joystick in one hand and a  Mountain Dew in the other.

The Game Gate can play all the classics, but it can also play all the great Xbox games that you can download through Xbox Arcade and marketplace including some really amazing Indie games. Game Gate represents huge leaps forward in how games are played.  Originally designed to be coin-operated, this amazing machine is being upgraded to GAMEROOM EDITION. This campaign is all about adding a revolutionary arcade panel and tweaking the system for free play, and at a price only available to those willing to help us launch through Kickstarter!

About Game Gate

Game Gate is way more than an Xbox 360 in a cabinet.  As mentioned, the machines were the world's first and only licensed for public use home console based arcade.  The Xbox game console is controlled by a custom developed control board that switches video between an integrated PC and the game console. 

Power and USB functions are directly controlled by the system, and game play is in a charge-by-time configuration.  Time remaining and custom messages are displayed in the LED matrix housed in the backlit marquee.  Color changing LEDs on the sides and front of the cabinet change to attract players.  A powerful sound system with ear level speakers and a powered subwoofer make any game sound incredible, and the games look stunning on the 32” LCD. 

There’s a ton of extra features on the machine that make it very unique.  There are two headphone jacks on the front of the machine with separate volume control.  There are illuminated pushbuttons for player selection and system reset.  There is a video out on the back of the machine so you can use a shadow monitor (so if you have big screen TV in your gameroom, hook it up to the Game Gate and play from either screen).  There are casters on the bottom of the machine for easy moving and leg levelers for stable play. 

To learn more Game Gate or to help support this project on Kickstarter, please visit:

Christopher Gerding
Game Gate
Wadsworth, OH

Monday, October 13, 2014

Announcing the Accelerate Multiple Sclerosis Drug

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a disabling and degenerative disease of the nervous system which affects 2.3 million people worldwide and unfortunately continues to grow every year.

Madrid, M, Spain – October 14, 2014 – ANKAR PHARMA’s drug candidate aimed to fight multiple sclerosis is AP-1, a first-in-class small molecule with a dual innovative mechanism of action and high activity in preclinical models. AP-1 has shown high activity in all key components associated to MS in the worldwide accepted model of MS: the experimental allergic encephalitis (EAE) one.

AP-1 is able to decrease the clinical symptoms (neurological score) in the EAE model after chronic preventive treatment or, in the worst situation, when the compound is administered at the peak of the disease. The efficacy in this murine model is similar or better that the produced by fingolimod, the most recent approved drug for MS orally treatment. Moreover, AP-1 is able to reduce inflammation, protects olygodendrocyte from death and promotes their growth and it is able to increase remyelinization. AP-1 penetrates in the brain and can be orally administered.

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a disabling and degenerative disease of the nervous system which affects 2.3 million people worldwide and unfortunately continues to grow every year. The countries with the highest rate of patients affected by multiple sclerosis are the USA, Canada, the UK, Scandinavia and Australia.
Multiple Sclerosis causes progressive fatigue, muscle spasms and paralysis, incontinence, visual disturbances and other cognitive and neurological impairments. In the most severe cases, patients are unable to walk, speak, write or eventually breathe.


ANKAR PHARMA is a spin-off company born in the CSIC (Spanish Council for Research) that will help to accelerate the translation of basic research on drug discovery to clinical trials for severe human unmet diseases such as neurodegenerative disorders and metabolic diseases.  

To minimize the risk and optimize the success, ANKAR PHARMA will work by different projects supported by different partners and collaborators. All of them will be focused on new drug candidates with innovative mechanism of action for diverse diseases where no effective treatment exists. The first efforts of the company are aimed to Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

To learn more ANKAR PHARMA or AP-1 or to help support efforts, please visit:

Michael De José Belzunce
Madrid, M, Spain

Friday, October 10, 2014

Does Your Smartphone Run Your Life?

New novel from award-winning author open to reader involvement on Kickstarter now
Seattle, WA (Oct. 10) – Janine A. Southard, IPPY-award winning author of Queen & Commander, returns to Kickstarter to fund her newest novel, Cracked! A Magic iPhone Story. In this heartwarming and hilarious novel, story-game aficionados acquire a magic iPhone that tries to kill them. For the month of October 2014, readers can get involved with the project on the Kickstarter website.
Cracked! A Magic iPhone Story considers the question “Do you run your life, or does your phone?” Southard’s novel takes a humorous bent. An early reader, Seattle-ite Rachel Lynn Solomon, says, “This book is both a love letter to and a parody of Seattle. Funny, clever, and poignant.”
Southard is concerned with the everyday lives of Seattle’s story-gamers. The characters are tethered to their phones. They drink a lot of coffee. They work for Starbucks, a local company. “If Douglas Adams and Jane Austen wrote a novel together, this would be it,” Southard laughingly decrees.
Cracked! A Magic iPhone Story has been through multiple revisions and will launch on Kickstarter with its bones already complete. The campaign will feature the novel itself as a reward, and it also includes promotional items like smartphone cases and Kickstarter-exclusive short stories that Southard will write for individual backers.
Be sure to check out Cracked! A Magic iPhone Story on You might be one of the limited few who get a short story to go with their novel.
About Janine A. Southard
Since becoming a professional author in 2012, Southard has used Kickstarter for three projects, all of which successfully funded and shipped on time. In addition to the award-winning Queen & Commander, she has also released a novel, a novella, and a short story. Outside of working for her fans, she has written for NCSOFT’s Aion Online and Lineage II videogame titles. For more information, visit
If you’d like more information about Cracked! A Magic iPhone Story or to schedule an interview with Janine, please email or send her a Tweet @jani_s.

Monday, October 6, 2014

El centro comercial online

Durante los días previos a la South Summit convocada en Madrid por el Instituto Empresa, hemos observado, en la red social del evento, un proyecto que ha destacado en popularidad entre todos los demás ya que ha superado en visitas a todo tipo de emprendedores e inversores, incluyendo a Onevest y a Point Nine Capital. Hablamos del primer marketplace
español que ayuda a pequeñas y medianas empresas a competir a nivel global;

Durante los últimos años de crisis, hemos visto como nuestras empresas españolas necesitaban un impulso con la exportación de sus productos y es por ello que un grupo de
emprendedores españoles ha lanzado el centro de compra online es una centro comercial online donde cientos de empresas de todas partes de

España y de otros países muestran sus productos bajo unos estándares de servicio previamente pactados con cada uno de los vendedores de forma que, todas las empresas juntas han conseguido crear un gigante en internet que en 2015 promoverá ventas para empresas españolas en más de 10 países, entre los que se encuentran Estados Unidos,
Canada y muchos otros países de América, como México y Colombia.

La plataforma ya lleva activa en España un mes, desde finales de Agosto del 2014 y ya cuenta con más de 500.000 productos y un crecimiento enorme. Tal y como ha indicado en la South Summit el Project Manager de, Alvaro Serrano, el crecimiento del comercio electrónico en España será superior al 8% anual hasta el año 2019. También se comentaba que habrá un crecimiento muy grande en las exportaciones de economías como

España al tiempo que se promueve los tratados de libre comercio a lo largo y ancho del

planeta, como está aconteciendo actualmente con Europa-Japón o Europa-Estados Unidos.

De momento, ya cuenta con las categorías de Libros, Electrónica y Videojuegos además de Regalos, Juguetes, Moda y muchos más artículos como, por ejemplo, artículos para moto, herramientas de cocina y hasta lencería femenina. Todo organizado en una gran
base de datos de cientos de miles de productos.

Desde luego, está claro que España necesita más emprendedores como el equipo de para mejorar la exportación de productos españoles y potenciar la participación

de España en el mercado global.

Esperemos que en unos pocos meses se convierta en el mayor marketplace español y un competidor real a nivel internacional para poder así ayudar a todas las
empresas españolas a vender en otros países.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Announcing thatgamer YouTube Channel

The thatgamer YouTube channel will mainly focus on the world of video games and to some extent, technology.

Bronx, NY – October 4, 2014 – Osai "movemom" Egharevba is starting a new YouTube channel called thatgamer. It is his dream to start a YouTube channel for the community. He is only 15 years old and he wants to make this channel as professional as possible from day one. Osai would also Like to eliminate the "kids are stupid and irrational" stereotype in the YouTube community because there are some kids out there that are rational and don't cry like a bunch of babies. He was inspired by Trevor Martin (tmartn), because he started doing YouTube at 17 years old.

Osai would like to have a professional microphone and a capture card from day one in order to be competitive with other YouTube channels out there. He will capture full 1080p feeds of the latest games and talk about how good they are or why they suck. He likes to talk about shooters, mainly Call of Duty. If this takes on, he would like to do live streams in the future.

He does not want to do a video because Osai is not comfortable showing his face on camera. He does plenty of game theories as well as my friends. He will call out the cheaters and get His friends to share their perspectives on the games they like as well. Osai doesn't want to do this because he will get paid, but rather for the community. Surviving in a competitive market is tough, but with your investment, he will be competitive from day one. That’s why he launched a GoFundMe campaign to help make his dream come true:

Sure we have websites like N4G that pull news together, but it is not really interactive due to massive amounts of trolling the happen on the comments section of those websites (georgenoob and truefan1 to be exact). We should have a YouTube channel with fresh content daily and one that does not sell out in order to get a quick payday.

It’s time for gamers to have a different perspective. Osai would like an small investment from the gaming community so that the videos can be professional as possible from day one. Everything that is needed to start a podcast (good mic and capture card) will be covered via this campaign.

To learn more about thatgamer or to help support their GoFundMe campaign, please visit:

Osai Egharevba
Thatgamer YouTube Channel
Bronx, NY

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Hertz Car Sales An American Car Rental Business

Hertz is an american car rental business that has been bestowing buyers with top notch automobiles and superb services for well over Seventy-five yrs. Hertz Car Sales is actually a subsidiary of the Hertz Business enterprise and was initiated as an easy way too eliminate the intermediary seller and protect the consumer from the haggle process. By reducing expenditure usually allocated to theintermediary seller, Hertz has become able to transfer the financial savings and sell great value cars, often 1000's below the Kelley Blue Book Suggested Retail Values.

Most of the cars sold by Hertz have 55,00 miles (or less) meaning they additionally include their original production warranty, you will also have the option of purchasing extra protection programs within your means. Hertz Car Sales recently innovated the Rent2Buy program, which enables the buyer to collect a vehicle at a selected Hertz location and rent it for as low as $49 per day for 3 full days before committing to buy.

If you do not need to purchase rental charge, Hertz provides a complimentary 2 hour free rental period, in which you can try out the car cost-free providing you return the automobile within two hours.
Another benefit to purchasing straight from Hertz, is the fact that all cars sold have been carefully selected from the Hertz rental fleet, and have as a result gone through extensive assessments and passed all requirements to be accepted as Hertz certified vehicle. When buying a Hertz's certified car you can be rest assured that the car is in full working order and runs to a high standard.

Nearly all automobiles sold by Hertz are still under factory warranty, that's because most of them are still 25,000 to 40,000 miles young, with many years left to offer. The Hertz Certified program ensures that each vehicle comes with a standard 12-month/12,000 MILES Power train Coverage Warranty. This warranty includes rental car coverage, travel break down coverage, 12-month unlimited roadside support plan and towing coverage. This all comes as standard when purchasing a Hertz's certified car, without any additional costs usually required from other used car sellers.

Purchasing a used car from Hertz is really a no brainer, there's no other used car car dealership that quite fits the truly great value and quality Hertz cars provide, find your local Hertz dealership and test drive the various great cars on offer you won't regret it.