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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

MAGKEY Announces the Magnetic Smart Key Holder

The most effective, minimal, functional, and simply the greatest smart key holder for your jingling keys. Magnets for your Keys.

San Francisco, CA – July 1, 2015 – Everyone knows someone whose keys are always jingling. Vince Ho was sick of being that guy and he was tired of all the fancy “smart” key organizers. They all added bulk, unnecessary weight, made it harder to access keys, or just didn't even work. Long story short. heI like his keys on a ring but hated the jingle, so he created MagKey: the most effective, minimal, lightweight, and functional smart key holder out there. Just peel, stick and snap. Voilà - no more noisy keys!

It’s easy, quiet, ultralight, minimal, and universal. Don’t worry about what type of key you have. As long as your key is in fact a key, it will work.

Vince didn’t want to turn his keys into a multi-tool or cut them down into a switchblade. He’s always had his keys on a ring and to be perfectly honest - that's the way he likes it.  MagKey is the smartest key holder out there, period.

About MagKey
MagKey is a little company based in San Francisco with the goal of redefining the way you carry your keys. We do so with the integrity and philosophy of always doing our best to deliver quickly, with the best customer service. We have a small team, but we give you big thanks for giving us the opportunity to create products for you.

We’ve been using keys on key rings for hundreds of years. So why change it? MagKey is simple and there is no need for screws, aluminum housing, or complicated hardware.

To LEARN MORE or to HELP Fund the MagKey Kickstarter project, please visit:

Vince Ho
San Francisco, CA

Monday, June 29, 2015

Announcing the Nepal Still Needs Your Help Campaign

After the Nepal earthquakes, Nepal still needs donations and immediate relief for emergency supplies, medical assistance and help rebuilding after such a devastation.

Gatineau, QC – June 29, 2015 – On April 25th 2015, Nepal faced a 7.9 magnitude earthquake. Shortly after, On May 12th 2015; an earthquake with a magnitude of 7.4 on that devastated the country.

These two major terrible earthquakes that have completely wiped out the Nepalese. This is evident especially in the Nepalese capital, Kathmandu, and other cities around leaving in its path about approximately than 8,800 deaths, 23,000 injures, 10,797 public buildings destroyed, estimation of losses of about 254,112 houses, without counting the homeless and orphans.

The Nepal is already one of the 10 most under-developed and poorest countries in the world. Following this terrible incident the population is under the shock that the people haven’t experienced for over 81 years (following a worse disaster, it’s the earthquake in 1934 called the Nepal-Bihar). This is a dramatic moment in this poor country that needs our help and support.

Our goal is to help the Nepal to overcome this difficult period of their lives. But that won’t happen without you, your donations will provide an immediate relief for emergency supplies and medical assistance etc.

The country will need any help it can get to rebuild what has been destroyed. All amounts will be very appreciate even the smallest donation can make a big difference. Everyone can take part for a humanitarian cause.

You can contribute to the reconstruction of the Nepal in many ways:
- By making a DONATION
- Make a prayer for the people
- To share the link to your friends, family, schools, organizations, communities.

To LEARN MORE or to HELP DONATE this Nepal campaign, please visit:

Daniel Joseph
Gatineau, QC

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Straw Straws Announces a Drinking Straw Made from Straw

The naturally grown drinking straws hand harvested, hand cut and cured in Germany. Our straws are biodegradable and look amazing in a Mojito.

Boston, MA  June 29, 2015  The words drinking Straw comes from the word Straw. Straw Straws want to bring the Straw back to its roots.  Their drinking Straws are naturally appealing and add to the vibe of any glass of water or Carefully Crafted Cocktail. They are a naturally grown drinking straw that is hand harvested, hand cut and are biodegradable.

The curing process for Straw Straws are being employed with the direction from their German Partners that create sterilized, tasteless and rigid Straws.  Their production methods are approved by the FDA as a food contact substance for both the German Straws and Straw Straws 2 Maine sustainable farming operations.

Straw Straws is a Boston based green start-up.  The Kickstarter campaign for Straw Straws seeks to raise $12,500 by July 7th to fully launch the product, and backers can be the first to receive a package of these biodegradable drinking straws with a pledge of $25 or more.

About Alex Bennett – Chief Straw Man
Alex spent his young years running around in the woods and along the banks of the Penobscot river in Winterport, Maine. His family moved to the great city of Bangor, ME when he was 12 and he lived there until he graduated High School in 2004. Then Alex spent 5 years traveling the world being a vagabond speaking languages of foreign lands.

He failed at a couple business adventures and then he joined the Marine Corps in 2010. Alex served honorably as a Safety and Survival Mechanic on Ospreys for 4 1/2 years. He fulfilled his contract on December 8th 2014 and now he is FREE and really excited to introduce the Naturally grown drinking straw to the world. Alex currently resides in a rent-free closet in Cambridge from where the Chief Straw Man is devising a plan for world Straw domination.

To LEARN MORE about Straw Straws, or to HELP FUND their KICKSTARTER campaign, please visit: 

Alex Bennett
Phone: +78 123 456 789

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Ed’s Southern Food & Spirits Announces Vegetable Growing for the Homeless Project

Help fund a hydroponic vegetable growing operation to help feed the homeless and unemployed in the greater Eastern North Carolina area

Goldsboro, NC – June 26, 2015 – Ed’s Southern Food & Spirits is a farm to table restaurant that has been embraced by the Goldsboro North Carolina community. They have been fortunate with making their dreams come true by using their total combined knowledge of 44 years as business men with other ventures to gain success with opening this restaurant business that uses only fresh and organic products found in their community and farms.

However, these men realize that there are those that are less fortunate in their community who need help in their daily lives with basic necessities such as being able to have enough food to eat a proper meal or not having food at all where these people haven’t eaten all day.

Ed’s Southern Food & Spirits started a Vegetable Growing for the Homeless campaign on GoFundme. Their new idea is a hydroponic vegetable growing operation and urban agriculture project for feeding the homeless and unemployed in their community. Hydroponics is a method of growing plants without soil using water and mineral nutrients allowing a continuous-flow solution culture that allows plants and vegetables to continuously grow under any conditions indoors.

They have filed for a 501 (c)3 status to create a non-profit foundation, however they will not receive their status for many months, so they decided to start this process to help feed the homeless and unemployed by using their own money and  also donations.

To help donate, please go to: 

About Ed’s Southern Food & Spirits
About 2 years ago, three guys in the Greater Goldsboro and Greenville NC area of Eastern North Carolina had a dream to build a restaurant and serve beautiful and fresh Southern Food that would be a true Farm to Table restaurant, using only fresh and organic products found in their community and farms.  After months of hard work and dedication, they made that dream a reality by opening Ed's Southern Foods on Center Street in Goldsboro NC during the last week of October 2014.

To LEARN MORE about Ed’s Southern Food & Spirits, or to HELP FUND their campaign, please visit: 

Ed’s Southern Food & Spirits
Goldsboro, North Carolina
Tel: 919-947-5143