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Sunday, August 27, 2017

Marijuana Offers Excellent Health Benefits with Affordable Price

Medical marijuana is becoming more common in Canada. Buy Weed Online Canada is ready to provide high quality marijuana for this purpose.

Canada, August 27, 2017: Since marijuana was legalized in Canada for medicinal purpose since 1999, more health institutions start prescribing marijuana based medication for their patients. To cater the growing demands of marijuana for medical purposes in this country, Buy Weed Online Canada, a reputable online based dispensary is ready to ensure that high quality cannabis Sativa/Indica will always be available.

Medical marijuana is praised not only because of its effectiveness, but also due to its affordable price. Buy Weed Online is committed to guarantee that the customers can always take the benefits of those qualities.

To make sure the products are accessible by people who need it, this dispensary sells its products with a very low price, around $10 per gram. As a result, even patients with low income will not have any trouble purchasing it as medicinal. Furthermore, they get their supplies only from the best growers in Canada who grow their grass in Coco Coir. As a result, the quality of the product becomes even more perfect for medicinal purposes.

“Our grass is derived from top-notch growers in Canada that have been keenly reviewed to ensure they are in line with our protocol,” said the dispensary representative, quoted from its website.

“It really helps me out with my ADHD and keeps my focus at a maximum while keeping my spirits uplifted and my thoughts, happy as well.” A customer with Chill_Panda ID left a testimony, expressing his satisfaction of the dispensary’s product for medicinal purposes.

Many studies have shown that marijuana offers plenty of health benefits that will contribute greatly to the medical world. One of its most prominent health benefits is to treat mental health problems such as anxiety disorder, depression, PTSD and ADHD. Furthermore, doctors also often prescribe it to reduce pain in patients who are allergic to painkillers. More researches  still need to be done, but there are indications that in the future cannabis can also be used to treat Alzheimers and slow down cancer cell growth.

About Buy Weed Online Canada

Buy Weed Online is a trusted Canada based dispensary that committed to provide the best marijuana for its customers. This company maintains its integrity by making sure that every transaction and delivery are done discreetly, to provide privacy for customers who need the cannabis for both recreational and medicinal purposes. This dispensary gets its grass only from the best suppliers in Canada and they make sure that every product will pass a quality assurance test before it is sold to the customers.

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Buy Weed Online Canada

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Education Consultancy to Represent Ivane Javakhisvili Tbilisi State Medical University

Education Consultancy has provided the best admission guidance services since 2011. Now representing Ivane Javakhisvili Tbilisi University, Ukraine.

Vadodara, August 25th, 2017: Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University Georgia has long been considered as the most prestigious university in the Caucasus region. Having been focusing on educating young scholars since the early days during the Russian settlement, the prestigious University has miraculously maintained the best educational system over the years.

Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University has been successfully combining a top-notch world class standards as well as Georgian education, values that many of the locals were unaware of at the century. With its unique educational system and well-balanced values, the university has been able to educate young scholars and instill not only the knowledge, but also the noble values in them.

Fast forward in 2017, the Tbilisi State University Georgia is no longer an educational institution that caters to the local young scholars or those from the Caucasus region. For the past few years, the university has steadily gained attraction for international students as well. Its internationally recognized medical school with its astounding education system, affordable tuition fee, and unique experience have successfully attracted many international students from all over the world. India, for instance.

The Indian national interest towards the medical university is well documented as it can be seen from the number of Indian nationals enrolling and studying in the university each year. However to enroll and win a seat in this prestigious university is not an easy task, for that reason, Education Consultancy extends its services to help aspiring medical practitioners make their dream of studying in Ivane Javakhishvili University comes true.

About Education Consultancy
Established in the 2011 by Achal Shah, the Education Consultancy has been working around the clock to serve, as well as to represent various Universities and Colleges located in India and overseas. The consultancy group has long been providing the best possible service to those who are in need for guidance regarding college and university admissions.

Extending its services to students from Maharashtra, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Karnataka, West Bengal, and Chattisgarh students may easily secure their admission and then pursue their career in the Paramedical, Engineering, Medical along with many other professional fields with the help of Education Consultancy.

Services from this consultancy firm is provided through telephone consultations, individual guidances, e-mail communication, as well as correspondences. For those wanting to get the best package and prospective employment offers may head to its Vadodara head office.

For media inquiries:

Kapadiya House,
Beside Amrapali Complex,
Karelibaugh, Vadodara.
Pin Code: 390018

Contact Person
Mr. Achal Shah
Mrs. Prapti Shah
Phone number:
(+91) 9898581881
(+91) 9737999344

Tuesday, August 22, 2017


Am I Psychic?               For Immediate Release

          “Am I Psychic?” is the first mobile app that uses established scientific protocols combined with a stylistic art design to test psychic ability. “Am I Psychic?” uses established scientific parapsychological research into random number generators, along with the mind-body connection of the user to effectively test, and allow the user to practice their psychic ability.
          One of the main goals of “Am I Psychic?” is to make science fun for people of all ages. While the science working behind the scenes is legit, the goal is for people to have fun. Using statistical science, fun games and a unique art design, “Am I Psychic?” is the first app of its kind. “Am I Psychic?” is a legitimate psychological experiment registered with the IRB, being released worldwide. “Am I Psychic?” collects test data to prove the existence of psychic phenomena. Now science comes to you!
“Am I Psychic?” uses three different games to test the psychic ability of the user, each with two modes, an extra sensory perception (ESP) mode, and a Psychokinesis (PK) mode. In the Dice and Card game, the user either attempts to telepathically guess which option will be chosen next (ESP), or choose an option, then attempt to make the die roll more often or flip the card more often than would be expected by chance by using their mind over matter ability (PK).

In the Spoon Bending game, the user either attempts to use telepathy (ESP) as in the other games, or make the spoon bend in real-time by choosing a number and then focusing on that number. If the random number generator chooses the users number, the spoon begins to bend. The user watches the spoon bend in real-time using their psychic ability.
“Am I Psychic?” is available on the App Store and Google Play. Go to and download now!

NutraGrace Launches Fenugreek and Flaxseed Oil Capsules

The world’s leading Nutraceutical Products Manufacturer in India, NutraGrace, has been providing liquid filled capsules containing healthy natural oil with health benefits for decades. They come back with the latest products for optimum health.

Hyderabad, August 22th, 2017: Fenugreek and Flaxseed have long been used in traditional medicines due to the myriad of health benefits they contain. Aware of health benefits that come from both of these major seeds, NutraGrace, finally launches its own perfectly crafted supplements in the form of oil-filled capsules.

Located in Hyderabad, Telangana, with its decades of experience in the field, this award winning Nutraceutical Product Manufacturer has been developing and selling numerous products around the world. With powerful and critically acclaimed products such as O3 FA capsules, D3 1K capsules, and Grace SBT capsules, NutraGrace finally comes back to the limelight with their latest inventions: the Fenugreek Oil 500mg Capsules, and Grace Flax Flaxseed Oil 500mg Capsules.

Has long been associated with mind-blowing health benefits, the healing power of Fenugreek is even more potent in the form of essential oil. This finding is what inspired NutraGrace to develop its own filler-free, as well as preservatives-free Fenugreek Oil Capsules. Beneficial for both women and men, NutraGrace’s Fenugreek Oil Capsules are even more powerful when combined healthy lifestyle and eating habit. The supplement is known to be an excellent supplement for women who wants to promote natural breast milk production and relieve them of menopause symptoms, and men who wants to cure erectile dysfunction. Not only that, the oil is also capable of reducing bad cholesterol, and treating diabetes.

Flaxseed Oil Capsules on the other hand, is a combination of highly concentrated Alpha-Linolenic Acid and essential fatty acids, which are linked to a good immune system, cardiovascular health, as well as brain function. Not only that, Flaxseed is also known to be one of the main sources for magnesium, zinc, lecithin, dietary fiber as well as many other essential nutrients. It is also worth that Grace Flax Flaxseed Oil 500mg Capsules also contain three different fatty acids; Omega 3, Omega 6, and Omega 9 – making it a better supplement than fish oil.

About NutraGrace

With decades worth of knowledge and experiences on the field, the Nutraceutical Product Manufacturer which initially started to help other companies in the industry around the world finally bonded and develop its own essential oil-filled capsules. All of the products it developed and manufactured are guaranteed to be beneficial to your own health and well-being; made of high-quality pure ingredients without any hint of preservatives and fillers, NutraGrace uses its breakthrough technology to make each of its products readily available and easily absorbed.

For media inquiries:


B-11/7 & B-11/8 IDA Uppal

Hyderabad, 500039



Contact Details:

Mr. Rohit Agarwal

Phone: +91-9246369448


The First Peer-to-peer Lending Platform to Launch in India

The latest online marketplace, India Money Mart, is set to launch its unique peer-to-peer lending platform in India. Bringing in both lenders and borrowers and enabling secure transactions.

Mumbai, August 22th, 2017: The first Peer to Peer lending platform in India, India Money Mart, is set to launch its incredibly secure online lending marketplace. Although it cannot be considered as a financial institution, India Money Mart offers a greater alternative with a myriad of benefits for both the lenders and borrowers. Aiming to bring the fastest growing form of loan to the public at large, Fair Vinimay Services Pvt. Ltd. as its parent company challenges financial institutions in the country to provide public with lending options for both business and personal categories. In terms of competition, the online marketplace may be ahead of many conventional financial institutions in both investment and transaction due to its unique system.

With its transparent, investors, secure platform and transparent low-margin model, the online marketplace allows both investors and borrowers the ability to do transaction between two parties on their own specific terms. This unique P2P lending marketplace in India also offers various benefits for both parties. Quick processing, with less complicated documentation and guarantee of instant approval is without a doubt on top of the list. Not only that, India Money Mart also offers low interest rates with incredibly easy repayment terms along with the guarantee of no hidden fees. With lending option as low as Rs 10,000 to a single personal borrower, borrowers have the capability to get financial assistance without hassle associated with traditional financial institutions. Investors or lenders are also offered with benefits such as transparent and detailed underwriting, lucrative returns with monthly distribution, varied lending opportunities, as well as loan fractionalization and highest safety measures.

About Fair Vinimay Services Pvt. Ltd.

The parent limited private company to initiate India Money Mart is consisted of passionate and highly experienced professionals with countless years of experiences in the financial services industry. With their extensive knowledge, the men behind the company banded together to build India Money Mart, the first trusted peer-to-peer lending marketplace. Their ability to offer hassle-free process for both investors and borrowers, while at the same time ensuring the security and providing the best benefits for both categories is undoubtedly the primary reason why its footprint in the industry increases rapidly and the marketplace quickly becomes the best and most reliable platform to get financial assistance both in personal and business categories.

For media inquiries:

Fair Vinimay Services Pvt. Ltd. (India Money Mart)

205 Unique Industrial Estate,

Twin Tower Lane, Prabhadevi,

Mumbai-400 025, India

Contact Details:


Tele No. 022 24221106 / 022-40021106

Mob No. +91 8879304067 [Lenders]

Email :


Auto & Talpatri House to Lead the Bespoke Car Jacket Industry Yet Again

Talpatri House, the leading car cover jacket manufacturer, does not only offer impressive products and service. It also guarantees 100-percent satisfaction guarantee, and free shipping.

Gujarat, August 22th, 2017: As a renowned Car Body Covers Manufacturer in India, Auto & Talpatri House has this unbeatable image in the industry. For more than two decades, the manufacturer has been providing its loyal customers with a wide range of customized design jacket intended for their vehicles.

Not only does the manufacturer designs cover jackets for cars of all models and designs, it also designs appropriate cover jackets for a motorcycle. Its inventory of different measurements is nothing short of impressive; Auto & Talpatri House has the commitment to provide customers with the best quality service possible, hence it takes the inventory seriously – making the manufacturer capable of manufacturing covers for the latest car models, to the classic car models. Auto & Talpatri House also capable of manufacturing the rarest collectable vehicles in the world.

With its dedicated and highly experienced professionals behind this established Car Covers Distributor in India, Auto & Talpatri House never fails to deliver the best products and a great price. However, the one thing that keeps the manufacturing company afloat and successfully holds the throne in this highly competitive industry against its competitors lies in the fact that each and every professional behind the company has the same passion. When combined with impressive up-to-date technologies, high quality materials, experienced tailors and talented designers, it is hardly a surprise they are aware of what customers from all over the world want in a car cover jacket.

Functionality always comes first, however the company has successfully taken it up a notch with their highly functional yet incredibly sophisticated and stylish customizable car and motorbike cover jackets.

About Auto & Talpatri House

As the leading manufacturer that is known for its incredibly stylish customized design, automotive covers, Auto & Talpatri House has become the most trusted manufacturers in the industry for the last two decades. This achievement did not happen overnight, but it was sure to happen due to the manufacturer’s one-of-a-kind and premium quality automotive jackets. The manufacturer does not only have the ability to produce functional products, but also products which are beautifully crafted with incredible designs and high quality materials.

With its astounding manufacturing technology, Auto & Talpatri House never fails to deliver the best protection for your vehicle while at the same time, ensures that your covered vehicle still looks stylish and sophisticated.

For media inquiries:

105, Ronak Complex,

Bombay Hotel Chowk,

Gondal Road, Rajkot 360002,

Gujarat, India

Contact Person

Tejas Soni

Phone: +91 972 691 0000



Swagat Herbals Launches Herbal Vitamin B12 Supplement

The renowned Online Ayurvedic Store located in India releases one of its incredible herbal supplements. The unique, completely natural vitamin B12 with countless of health benefits.

Gujarat, August 22th, 2017: A Well-known store focusing on health and wellness, Online Ayurvedic Store India, has long been providing consumers with only the best, and authentic Ayurveda brands. Staying to its commitment to the society and their commitment of taking corporate sensibility seriously, it is not a wonder how the store has been trusted by many up to this date.

Located in the upscale district in Gujarat, its flagship online store has extensive stocks of natural supplements and herbal products that have been a staple over so many years of its existence in the industry.

The Ayurvedic store may have introduced and sold a large variety of best-selling herbal products over the years, however, they are still far from nearing the finish line for they have come back with a new incredible product: the Vitamin B12.

The Swagat Herbal Vitamin B12 is the latest herbal supplement launched by this trusted Ayurvedic Store. Unlike its competitors, the Vitamin B12 packs more punch and offers greater health benefits. Sold in the form of capsules, the supplement is a unique blend of various natural ingredients. With Cyanocobalamin or Vitamin B12 as its main ingredients, the supplement is then enhanced with a few other powerful vitamins and naturally occurring compounds.

With a healthy dose of Vitamin D3 as well as Vitamin B2, Swagat Herbal Vitamin B12 has the ability to deliver not only health benefits from Vitamin B12, but also two of the aforementioned vitamins. Vitamin D3 is known to be a very strong auto immune modulator and antioxidant, which makes it an excellent addition in order to support the function of cardiovascular system, brain, bone and teeth, as well as lungs. Vitamin D3 has also been scientifically proven to be a great substance to reduce risks of thyroid, cancer, Alzheimer and many other diseases. On top of that, this Vitamin B12 Capsules Online is also complemented with flavones, making each capsule a great supplement to help increase energy levels and mood as well as cardiovascular health, and help prevent cancers.

About Online Ayurvedic Store

Swagat Herbals is a well-known Ayurvedic online store specializing in premium-quality herbal products, and 100-percent natural supplement made of their own 200-acres land. By planting, growing, and cultivating their own diving plants, the company is able to extract the incredible phytocompounds using its own technique and manufacture their own quality herbal supplements.

For media inquiries:

Giriraj Clinic

52, Giriraj Complex, Swami Shivanand Marg,

Shree Nagar Society, Purushottam Nagar, Alkapuri, Vadodara,

Gujarat 390020

Contact Person:

Piyush Patel

Phone: +91 70438 38500


Friday, August 18, 2017

Ukrainian police in the Cherkasy region are continuing their investigation into a cyber crime.

In an attack carried out in late June, hackers wiped computers in more than 60 countries.

Since then, more than £8,000 in Bitcoins has moved from the account used to receive the ransoms.

This transfer gave credit to a message claimed to have come from the attackers. It claimed they were offering to decrypt infected computers for a one-off payment of £200,000.

But was this an elaborate smokescreen

While the motive for the original attack appeared to be to make money through ransoms, experts believe otherwise.

Researchers found that many of the features of the software used made it appear that the real goal was to cause widespread damage.

Whatever the motive, if caught, these hackers face up to 3 years in prison.

A victim of a recent DDOS attack was the Anastasia Date Network of online dating sites. It's Director, Lewis Ferro is following this investigation closely, stating 

“The thing is, due to such criminal actions, many of our partners get affected along with us. We have over 500 partners on the territory of Ukraine, from small businesses to individual entrepreneurs, whose work has ceased due to the criminal actions in question. They have suffered financially, and so, each of them demands the resolution to this issue.”
?Other victims of these attacks included payment gateways, online stores, and currency exchange platforms.

PayOnline, a payment service provider and also a victim of a recent DDOS attack are committed to seeing the case through. Its lawyers are working closely with investigators of the Cherkasy case.

Possible groups involved have been identified including Ukrainian citizens Iatsenyuk Inna and Guy Grishnyak, yet so far, no arrests have been made.

The investigation continues.
Jeffry Christian

Thursday, August 17, 2017

BigCode Games launches “Azhar, the Captain”, a unique 3D Mobile Game

Azhar game launch -

BigCode Games launches “Azhar, the Captain”, a unique 3D Mobile Game. A Hyderabad based, leading gaming development company, BigCode Games has launched “Azhar, the Captain – Cricket Championship Game”. The mobile game’s prelaunch event took place in Hotel JW Marriott, Mumbai, India on Wednesday, 9th August 2017 at 3:00 pm amidst pomp and show.
BigCode Games has signed a contract with the former Cricket Captain Mohammad Azharuddin to launch a 3D Cricket mobile game that will feature him as a protagonist player. Mr. Mohammad Ahmed, the founder of BigCode Games said “we have conceptualized this as a unique 3D mobile game, featuring Azharuddin as the central player”.
Azhar game launch
The game provides three formats – One Day, T20 and Test. The game applies the rules and regulations based on the mode selected. In the mobile game, Azharuddin will be a default player in each of the format of the game, where as 10 other players can be selected by the user. User can decide Captain, bowlers, wicket keeper, etc. User can also select other Stadiums / Playgrounds and any extra features using In-App purchase options. The game will have different international teams, domestic teams, 20 different stadiums.
“Additionally, the user can play in the Challenge Mode and experience as if he is playing as Azharuddin. This is the unique feature of the game”, added Ahmed.  As part of the pre-launch event, a special trailer is launched by Mr. Azharuddin that showcased some of the features of the mobile game. “I am so honoured to be part of this wonderful mobile game. I am thrilled to see how the users are going to experience my style of playing in virtual gaming environment” said Azharuddin.
Mr.Mohammed Azharuddin expressed his happiness about the game and hoped that it would help the youngsters to learn the nitty-gritty of the game. He said “I am sure this 3D game is going to become the best mobile game of 2017.  It is fully developed using high definition graphics on 3D platform. It will certainly give real-time cricket playing experience. It is going to be quite a nostalgic experience for me”

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Agri Supply® Carries Everything You Need for Successful Mowing

Whether you’re farming, landscaping, or simply doing routine maintenance, a mower is naturally one of your most important investments. Thankfully, with over 250,000 mower blades and parts to fit over 70 brands, you can look no further than Agri Supply ® for everything you need for optimum mowing this season.
Keep your mowing equipment in peak condition with access to everything you need, from belts to spindles and spindle assemblies, to lawnmower wheels and tires. We also feature lawn mower seats to upgrade the quality of mowing comfort, which can make all the difference between a tedious task and a pleasant experience.
We have blades to fit top brands like: Honda, Husqvarna, MTD, Murray, Craftsman, Toro, and John Deere. We also carry top mower-blade styles such as mulching, Gator®, and high-lift, as well as top mower types like rotary, push mowers, zero turn, and ride-on styles.
Questions? We guarantee great customer service. With fuel filters, oil filters, and air filters available in nearly every shape and size, we’ll help you find just what you need. Thanks to Agri Supply®, you don’t have to spend hours running from store to store – check us out for a great shopping experience and find everything you need.

Agricultural Production Expected to Continue Growing More Specialized in 2017

Over the last twenty-plus years, agricultural production has changed in many ways. Because of increasing global awareness, scrutiny over the effects of pesticides, and debate about GMOs, as well as the continually growing focus on organics, producers have continued to grow more and more focused on distinctive specializations, and yet more diversified from one another.
These factors, in additional to vast changes and advances in technology and shifting viewpoints affecting government policies over the last several decades, have led to a much-altered agricultural landscape.
Because of the vast changes in the world of agriculture, it can be useful to go back to experts with long-standing experience when it comes to your own agricultural goals and concerns. One such resource is the agricultural supply chain Agri Supply In operation since 1962, Agri Supply has gained knowledge and experience over the years when it comes to the needs of agricultural workers in a variety of specializations.
Despite the many shifts and changes in our world, and also because of them, farmers and growers of all kinds need resources they can rely upon for tried-and-true experience, tools, equipment, and expertise.
Whatever the focus or specialization, Agri Supply has in their selection of over 26,000 products, something for everyone.
Check out or visit any of their stores to talk to their experts and see for yourself.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Deeniyat App – Awesome Islamic App

A new cool and useful Islamic app, Deeniyat app has just been released. This app has multiple features including Quran recitation, Islamic ringtone and wallpaper, daily Islamic quote, collections of Dua and mosque finder

Deeniyat Ibadat, a website dedicating to share and spread Islamic knowledge has just released a completely free mobile application, the Deeniyat app. This application is specially developed for all Muslim brothers to be able to hear the reading of the Holy Quran while on the go. Listening to Quran is one way for Muslim to always be close to the Creator, God.

Deeniyat realizes how truly important to read and hear Quran is for a Muslim so this mobile application is designed simply to fulfill that need. Aside from being completely free, the app is also working offline. Loss of internet connection will no longer be an excuse to not being able to read and hear Quran because of the Deeniyat app.

Available in both Urdu and English translation, Deeniyat app comes very handy and useful. While hearing the Quran recitation, the app displays the translation at the same time. The usefulness of Deeniyat app is not limited to only Quran recitation, but also delivering a beautiful Islamic ringtone and mobile screen for mobile devices. Deeniyat app is one particular application offers various versions of Azan to be set as mobile tune ringtones.

Deeniyat app helps Muslim brothers in various ways when it comes to stay connected to God and reminding others of God’s existence, including by sharing daily quotes that are related to Islam, hadith and Deen Dua. The quotes are the words of God that what every Muslim brother and sister needs.

Furthermore, Deeniyat app has also committed help Muslims when it comes to praying by showing the direction of Kabah and the location of the nearby mosque or Masjid. This usefulness is simply to make praying time easier, especially when being outside the house.

Having 99 Allah names is another thing making this app uniquely different. Moreover, Deeniyat app offers an Arabic word quiz quote that is proven to be useful to help Muslim brothers learn and improve Arabic skill. While having a good time playing the word quiz, beautiful Quran recitation can still be played.

Recently, Deeniyat has made some new improvements and updates to its application. Today’s Deeniyat app is a more accurate mosque finder. It offers updated prayer timing and updated daily quote that can be shared through WhatsApp. Muslim date calendar has now been available in Deeniyat app aside from audio translation of Surh Rehmaan and Surh Yaseen and various Darood Shareef and Dua for different occasions. See demo here and Download App here

For more information of App and contacting us you can visit our website
Our Facebook Page

Prudential First Crowdfunding Campaign for Public’s Investment and Company’s Growth

Prudential First started the crowdfunding campaign. Allowing people to invest their fund through Crowdfunder site.

Prudential First Education, a leading company that recruits teachers for schools launched crowdfunding campaign.  A special campaign designed to grow the company and raise public investment for a period of 12 months and at maturity, they will get 12% plus capital back. No risk investment as company has been generating revenues since 2015.

Starting this year in 2017, the company starts aspiring towards gaining global market to help popular schools recruiting the suitable candidates through its patent Filter and Match technology.

Filter and Match technology is automation of manual teacher selection to allow more efficient and effective process. With this new technology, Prudential First has made sure its capability in assisting both investor, including schools and teachers to fulfill different needs.  

Interested individuals can view the offer at the below mentioned link:


“We are poised for growth and our planned expansion requires investment,” said Shan S. Haider as the Head of Consulting in Prudential First. Investment in the form of crowdfunding is the ideal type as this company believes in. For operation, the Crowdfunder is free to use access in deal flowing through a network and platform of angel investors and venture firms. To identify the top deals, Prudential First uses the scalable deal sourcing.

This new crowdfunding comes together with automatic eligibility of early stage startups having received funding from any of the indexed VCs. Being eligible means being reviewed by the investment committee for further growth.


The crowdfunding campaign operates based on diversification. The validated model stresses diversification, which is treated as the vital key to capture the returns of the early stage market. It results in more diversified fund’s order of magnitude compared to the traditional VC firms.
Operating based on those key features, this simple investment for the company’s growth offered by Prudential First is available for at least 12 months of period. At maturity, the investment gives a return of 12% of the amount of investment plus the capital. There has been no risk reported related to this investment.

About Crowdfunder

CrowdFunder, the leader behind the crowdfunding campaign has helped thousands of companies to raise capital for funding various innovations to see and experience. With the help of crowdfunder, many useful innovations, giving contribution to everyday’s life of millions of people around the world are finally being available. Today, the particular campaign of crowdfunding has received great response from the public as it is also a way for the public to rise and grow their investment.

About Prudential First Education
Based out in Istanbul, Turkey, the Prudential First has served local Turkey’s market successfully since 2015. Many inspiring and talented teachers across the globe have received great help and support from the company to find successful job opportunities hence contributing to society.

Company Name: Prudential First Education
Mr. Shan S. Haider
Job title: Head of Consulting
Address: Prudential First Education & Recruitment. Sheraton Varyap Meridian. Atasehir Istanbul-34746
Istanbul Turkey.
Phone: +90 216 504 85 95

Sunday, August 6, 2017


Media Contact

Author Name:    Lela Gibson
Phone Number:     +36302428365



July 24th, 2017: Lela Gibson, a Health & Fitness enthusiast, advocate, promoter, and a prolific author, have written a new book - Chakra Healing: Chakra Healing and Karmic Awareness for Beginners (Chakras, Spirituality, Serenity, Healing and Awakening Book). The author of over 10 other books on health and fitness has undoubtedly, capped her writing so far, with this latest book on spirituality, in which she looks beyond the physical and material world to the next realm (where she now directs her audience to seek for healing). An internet Entrepreneur, Lela began in her early childhood to study how to do business and discovered how the rich achieved success. They were successful because they ran successful businesses.

Lela seems to have matured beyond the physical material things, as she has written on matters beyond this sphere. Chakra Healing: Chakra Healing and Karmic Awareness for Beginners (Chakras, Spirituality, Serenity, Healing and Awakening Book), is a clarion call to humanity to look beyond material acquisitions and to seek for healing from within the veil.

This author’s new book is a guide to learn how to heal with your Chakras. Lela believes that there is a sensational transition going on today, as more and more people are waking up to the realization that they can indeed release themselves from everything that has held them back, by simply addressing some internal issues. Using the healing powers of your chakras and other such psychic techniques, you can now release things such as karma and karmic baggage.

The book is available on Amazon store, at QBQFR6

Lela has harbored one passion in life: To see more people happy. In this book, she has wrapped up everything, with this spiritual dimension to mankind’s existence. This book answers important and rather mysterious questions that you have been seeking solutions to. Issues such as; what is karma, karmic baggage, karmic awareness, chakras, chakra healing, the link between your chakras and karma, how to liberate your karma by healing and balancing your chakras, and how chakra healing and karmic awareness offers you routes to overcome your karmic baggage and your energy blockages.

About Lela Gibson:
Lela Gibson is an internet entrepreneur, health & fitness enthusiast, and world traveler. She believes that we live once and that we need to take advantage of it. She also believes that life is beautiful but short too, so we need to live life to the fullest.

To find out more about Lela Gibson new book, please visit: QBQFR6

You are the only one missing!

Introducing the Only Book Needed to Prepare Ketogenic Recipes in a Crockpot

Introducing the Only Book Needed to Prepare Ketogenic Recipes in a Crockpot
July 24, 2017 – What we eat, is who we are. Healthy eating is a major desire of many, and while we all crave to eat healthily, balancing the needed time to produce a stress-free cooking time with the best nutritional mix is a top priority.
A recipe or plan that combines this needed elements in the right quantity. Automated in a style to making cooking pleasurable and fun to do, step by step are outlined in this book.
Released by Author Lela Gibson, she talked about the Ketogenic cooking style- High Healthy Fat, Moderate Protein, and Low Carbs Intake, in her book “Ketogenic Cookbook: Quick Low Calorie Ketogenic Crockpot Recipes with 7 Days Meal Plan.
The Crockpot presents the perfect way to cook, No need to look over the food being cooked in the pot all day long. In this book, she breaks down the three steps to prepare meals effortless in the Ketogenic way. Set, adapt and open the cooked food for an enjoyable meal. That is the aim of “Ketogenic Cookbook: Quick Low Calorie Ketogenic Crockpot Recipes with 7 Days Meal Plan.
In her book, she unveiled peculiar points to follow, to adequately prepare and cook the Ketogenic Meal, below are few areas covered in the book.
  • Ketogenic Diet For Beginners: An introduction
  • Breakfast Recipes
  • Main Dishes
  • 7-Day Keto Crockpot Meal Plan
This book is currently available on Amazon both in eBook and paperback format. For more information and grasp the knowledge of the Keto- Crockpot advantage, visit below.
About the Author
Lela Gibson is a Health Enthusiastic, World Traveler and Internet Entrepreneur. She is a six times author, with series of books on living a healthy and fitness lifestyle. With a lot of experience in running online and offline ventures, she is keen to contribute her quota to the humankind through books.

Name: Kitti Neumann


Newly Released: The Ultimate Guide to Lose Weight In a healthy and Conveniently for Everyone


Newly Released: The Ultimate Guide to Lose Weight In a healthy and Conveniently for Everyone

July 22, 2017 – With Scores of information, on weight loss and its science available on the internet today. It has become imperative to find a workable model, utilize it and stay glued to it for a new world of healthiness and that is what “Weight Loss: 20 Easy and Fast Diet Tips for Losing Weight”  newly released book by Lela Gibson is all about.
This guide gives an explicit and down to earth insights on weight loss, its science, diets points of view and how to effectively plan oneself to live a healthy lifestyle. In this book, she shares the easy to follow snippets and guidelines, to achieve a weight loss up to 23 pounds (10kg) for anyone that cares to improve their health status.

In 21 days, it takes us on a journey of powerful series of guidelines to follow, mentioned below are few of the principles discussed in the book:
Why You Need To Lose Weight
20 Easy and Fat Diet Tips for Losing Weight
Take Advantage of Water
Drink Water thought-out the Day

The book is available in Kindle and paperback format, to get a copy of “Weight Loss: 20 Easy and Fast Diet Tips for Losing Weight” visit

About the Author
Lela Gibson is a Health Enthusiastic, World Traveler and Internet Entrepreneur. She is a six times author, with series of books on living a healthy and fitness lifestyle. With a lot of experience in running online and offline ventures, she is keen to contribute her quota to the humankind through books.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

SEO Turned Blogger Launches New Blog to Help Budding Entrepreneurs


SEO Turned Blogger Launches New Blog to Help Budding Entrepreneurs

London, UK, 3 Aug 2017

Professional SEO Jose Gonzalez launched his new blog earlier this month. After a decade of working with clients in 21 countries and launching over 230 online stores, Jose is turning to one of his dearest passions: teaching others how to ‘do stuff’ online.

“There’s a very nice feeling of accomplishment and fulfillment when you help somebody understand how to do something and then watch them actually do it for themselves,” Jose told us. “Seeing that sense of empowerment develop in somebody is priceless”.

Through his new blog, Jose plans to help as many people as he can get started online, where he has seen big companies profit over the years and where he says the greatest opportunity for most people today is creating something worthwhile and reaching others online.

Jose has already started publishing content and the blog is slowly picking up momentum. Jose’s ambitions for his blog is to build a great and useful reference where others can keep going back to and hopefully hearing back from those people as they go on to start their own things online.

For more information, see:
Press officer:



Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Glaucoma through the Eyelid Diagnostic Tonometer DIATON Presented at FIME Show International in Orlando Florida

Innovative, through the eyelid glaucoma diagnostic Diaton Tonometer is featured at FIME Show International.

Innovative, through the eyelid glaucoma diagnostic Diaton Tonometer is featured at FIME Show International.  Non-contact Diaton tonometer is clinically proven to evaluate intraocular (eye) pressure for glaucoma with more accuracy versus contact or corneal tonometers as those IOP’s need to be adjusted for either central corneal thickness and or other corneal abnormalities.
Diaton Tonometer ( is the only non-corneal tonometer on the market – it provides reliable measurements and makes it possible to diagnose glaucoma in its early stages, allowing to devise an appropriate eye care and treatment plan. Diaton tonometry is effective in obtaining IOP measurements for many challenging patient populations, including: those with chronic conjunctivitis, erosions, edema and corneal dimness; people who have undergone corneal surgeries; and immobilized patients and children. Also, patients do not need to remove their contact lenses for accurate reading.
Team Diaton is proud to present tonometry through eyelid among other 1650 exhibitors and to over 22,000 healthcare professionals from across Latin and North America.
Diaton Tonometer (N477) is intended for use by Inpatient & Outpatient Clinics such as Hospitals, Emergency Rooms, Nursing & Elderly Homes, General & Specialty Practitioners as well as Ophthalmologists and Optometrists.
Major Benefits of Diaton Tonometer:
  • Easy to use. Can be used by any trained personnel
  • No contact with the cornea (only upper eyelid and sclera)
  • No need for anesthesia drops or removal of contact lenses
  • Safe: No risk of infecting or scratching cornea (safer vs other methods)
  • Cost efficient: No consumables (no need to purchase replacement tips, probes or covers, etc.)
  • Latex-free, handheld, non-contact, portable, pen-like device
  • No sterilization (just alcohol swab is used to wipe off the tip)
  • Accurate: No pachymetry needed (independent of corneal biomechanics)
  • Ready-to-use: Daily calibration not required (saves time)
Diaton tonometer (catalogue part #N477) is cost efficient and is priced very competitively and it is delivered complete (no need to purchase additional accessories, tips, covers..etc.,), a 2 year warranty, Calibration Tester/ Training Plate (no need for daily calibration), Carry Case, Battery and Training DVD in 5 different languages + phone based training support.
More information can be obtained via or by dialing 1-877-DIATONS (877-342-8667)
About BiCOM Inc:
BiCOM, home of Diaton glaucoma diagnostic tonometer pen – committed to the global fight against blindness caused by glaucoma. A unique team of engineers, medical, legal and business experts makes BiCOM Inc., uniquely placed to provide Diaton diagnostic tonometer, which measures intraocular pressure (IOP) through the eyelid and sclera, making it possible to diagnose glaucoma on the early stage and appoint necessary treatment and medicines and provide a more favorable outcome for the patient.
For more information about Diaton tonometer and purchase options visit:  or dial 1-877-DIATONS ( 1-877-342-8667)
FIME’s primary focus is across four industry sectors: medical technology, medical products & supplies, medical services, and medical equipment. However, the increase in event space at the new venue will allow us to expand the clinical education offering in line with Informa’s motto of ‘Exhibition with Education” providing an unrivalled knowledge-sharing and business networking platform for healthcare trade professionals in the region. Healthcare professionals from across Latin and North America will be able to visit FIME for all of their medical educational needs.
Media Contact
Company Name: BiCOM Inc.
Contact Person: Alina Lagoviyer, Media / Public Relations
Phone: 1-877-DIATONS (1-877-342-8667)
Address:151 East Walnut Street,
City: Long Beach,
State: NY, 11561
Country: United States