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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Announcing the Build Your WooCommerce Store Video Tutorial

Build your WooCommerce store is designed to be the ultimate video tutorial guide for both novice and intermediate users of Woocommerce

Birmingham, UK -- May 27, 2015 – Paul Roman is a UK based freelance  web developer specialising in WordPress and WooCommerce based stores. He started a Kickstarter campaign and is looking to raise £1,000 to create a full video tutorial course for WooCommerce users, complete with course notes, online support and one on one tutorials.

Paul’s objective is to generate Kickstarter revenue which will enable him to finish this WooCommerce video course in full. The objectives for students of the course will be two-fold.

Firstly, to have a complete guide from start to finish on how to create a really professional WooCommerce website, with advice on the best themes, plugins and extensions to use. Secondly the course will act as a handy reference guide, with users being able to jump straight to required modules and find an easy to understand guide on how to set up a payment gateway, on how to setting up table rate shipping, on how to set effective SEO for a WooCommerce store, on how to import products from an existing store or CSV file and so on.

In summary the aim is provide the most comprehensive and easy to use WooCommerce video guide available, with tips and tricks that make using WooCommerce a pleasure.

About Roman
Paul Roman is a freelance web designer based in Birmingham and can help with all things internet related, from ecommerce website design through to graphic design, branding and custom application development. Paul has been building ecommerce stores for over 10 years, and for the past 3 years I've focused almost exclusively on building ecommerce stores via the WooCommerce platform.

To LEARN MORE about the project, or to HEL FUND this campaign, please visit:

Paul Roman
Birmingham, UK

Friday, May 22, 2015

Announcing the Campaign to Save an Abused Child from Depths of Despair

Donate to a mother fighting for full custody to save her daughter from her abuser’s family

Woodbridge, VA -- May 22, 2015 -- Cat Bailey, loving mother to a beautiful daughter, announces her campaign to fund the process to petition for full custody and save her child from a traumatic abuse situation.

When Cat’s daughter was just 6 years old, she suffered through a situation in which she was molested by a close member of her father’s family. Despite an investigation involving both local police and Child Protective Services, the accusation was deemed unfounded and the predator was never punished for the crime. What’s worse, the child has now repeatedly been forced to spend time with this family member as her father’s family refuses to believe that she was abused.

Cat’s daughter is now being seen by multiple therapists and  child development evaluators, who have diagnosed her as having a debilitating case of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, caused by the abuse and the subsequent forced visitations with the accused family member. Meanwhile, the child is forced to spend entire summers with her father’s family, under the current court order.

Cat is now seeking the help of the crowdfund community to help her pay for both the psychiatric care for her daughter as well as court costs and lawyer fees to fight her daughter’s father for full custody. Cat is seeking at least $50,000 to cover these costs as well as any incidental costs that come along with this journey. Your donations can go a long way towards helping an abused child stay with her mother and out of harm’s way.

To LEARN MORE about the project, or  to find more information about their campaign, please visit:

Cat Bailey

The Forge Announces the The iOS "De-Identifier app" Camera App for Doctors and Patients

An iOS camera app that will automatically remove all identifying features from clinical photos.


San Francisco, CA -- May 22, 2015 – The iOS "De-Identifier app" Team, David Grundy, MD, Paul Grundy and Bobby Gayol, have just launched an Indiegogo campaign to fund the development of a powerful new smartphone camera application for use by medical professionals. Think of it as “the Snapchat for doctors” and a unique new camera app for the iPhone that will help both doctors and their patients in myriad ways!.


This app will address important issues in patient confidentiality and data security.

It’s going to be a very valuable tool for the medical field.

The use of smartphone imagery has had a powerfully transformative effect on the practice of medicine, but has also introduced many inevitable new risks:

·         Patient confidentiality
·         Image Security
·         Policy violation
·         Security of the cloud

The "De-ID", the De-Identifier app, can prevent you or another medical professional from accidentally transmitting a patient's confidential information in a smart phone picture. Without any effort, avoid all the ethical and legal problems of someone forwarding a photo you sent which had too much identifying information.

Please help The Forge build the De-ID iOS camera app that will AUTOMATICALLY find and remove all identifying portions of clinical photos!

With this extremely intuitive and simple to operate app on your phone, it will become simply impossible to take and transmit "unsafe,” privacy compromising clinical photos.

About The Forge

The iOS "De-Identifier app" Team, David Grundy, MD, Paul Grundy and Bobby Gayol, make up The Forge. They are a group of guys passionate about making the world a better place by creating unique technical and socially valuable products and services.

To LEARN MORE about the project, or to help support The Forge’s Indiegogo campaign, please visit:


David Grundy, MD
San Francisco, CA