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Thursday, August 16, 2018

Cuban American Entrepreneur Sahel Rafael Tamayo Says College Is Not for Everyone Yet Might Start His Own School

Sahel Rafael Tamayo, a respected entrepreneur, reveals that in his school, financial education is the top priority. Most schools do not teach kids about finances. Every student should have the opportunity to have a finance degree. Statistics say that the poor get poorer and the rich get richer. If people were taught finances in school, the numbers would change.

Financial education plays an important role in students’ real life once they graduate from schools. This makes the field should be included in the school’s curriculum in all of the states. Sahel Rafael Tamayo, a successful Cuban American entrepreneur and an expert in finance industry states' most schools do not teach about finance to the students. The schools do not prepare their pupils with the skills needed so they can manage their personal finance in real life. For now, there are only 20 states in the US that implement a personal finance course in their schools’ curriculum. This condition causes most young people now experience financial problems due to the incorrect management of their finance.

Sahel Tamayo further states, that there is a public opinion that students will be able to manage their finance correctly once they enter the college. However, this opinion is absolutely incorrect due to the fact that 50 of college students hold four credit cards on average, even more. Meanwhile, most of the students have credit card debts with the amount that is greater than $4000. Now, people must start questioning why those students colleges need more than 4 credit cards each and such a great amount of debt. This is such a proof that most students do not know how to manage their personal finance.

Financial education is also needed by the students to help them face the unstable economic times. For example, when it comes the time for the young people to buy their own home, while there is a housing crisis occurs just like the one in 2008, they will have a better understanding about the terms used like the mortgage. In this way, keep the students informed about financial matters is something inevitable.

“Personal finance should be a course that all students take before graduating from high school. However, only four states require students to take a semester of personal finance education; a higher 20 states require students to take classes where personal finance is included in the curriculum, according to the JumpStart Coalition. Additionally, 45 percent of graduating high school seniors said they were not ready to manage their money, according to a June 2010 Capital One Study,” said Scott Gamm, a financial expert, and author.

About Sahel Rafael Tamayo

Sahel Rafael Tamayo is a Cuban American Entrepreneur that dedicates his life to educating people about all-related finance things. He is also a successful business executive, business owner, and investor.

Sahel Tamayo established his own company, the, years ago and now becomes one of the leading financial institutions in the United States. The company has grown into a successful credit repair company and played a crucial role in the development of US finance and credit industry.

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