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Friday, May 31, 2019

Hog Head G-Note ft.Kitty Kvsh The Foreign 2

Hog Head G-Note returns with his follow up to his highly touted and reviewed hit Single The Foreign,with The Foreign 2.The Foreign 2 is about when you riding around in your Luxury Foreign Car and you get that urge and you just want to get it on right where you are oh what a rush and amazing feeling.Both are Produced by Platinum Producer Rj.Lamont.Rj  has Produced hit Songs for the like's of Gucci Mane,Yo Gotti,Philty Rich,Payroll,Peezy,Icewear Vezzo,Bandgang,Shredgang and other's.This time around Hog Head G-Note brought along a friend to help him out Kitty Kvsh a Female Mc from Detroit.Mi who has Won Talent Showcase and other Contest around the City.Kitty Kvsh has also Performed and did a Song with Juicewrld,Performed alongside Doja Cat and Justine Valentine.This is s match made in Heaven and Music to the Ear's.To hear the Single click on the Image of the Foreign 2 Artwork!

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Creditmergency Raises The minimum Wage to $15.00

Creditmergency (a credit repair company) understands that the current minimum wage is too low.

Creditmergency is a company that works in the area of credit repair. It applies some methods in order to help clients in paying off their credits without giving them more burdens. Besides, it also supports them in increasing their credit scores. Currently, it proves again its tagline by raising the minimum wage up to $15.00 for its employees.

The company’s decision in raising the minimum wage to $15 is for several reasons. Based on current statistics data, the minimum wage in some countries is considered too low. Even in a big country like the US, the minimum wage is approximately only $7.25 per hour. This condition is considered not interesting for many employees and labors in this country. It has been proved by the demonstrations and protests conducted in 2015. At that time, the employees and labors sued the government to increase the minimum wage up to $15.00.

Seeing this condition, Creditmergency tries to understand its employees, how the increase of minimum wage is very important for them. Moreover, this company indeed works in the area of credit repair, dealing with people with troubles in their financial situations. Whether the government grants people's wishes or not about raising minimum wages, at least, this company has already done it Only after saw the protests, the company didn’t take a long time to upgrade its regulation of the minimum wage. Therefore, employees were able to enjoy at least $15.00 per hour.

Creditmergency itself doesn’t see that the decision is disadvantageous for the management board at all. In fact, it has been ranked among the Top 500 Fastest Growing Company of 2016. It is believed that the employees’ welfare is closely related to the growth of the company. When the employees find a better wage they deserve, they must work harder and more professionally to serve the clients more. This is the key to success.

About Creditmergency

Creditmergency is a credit repair company that is based on the Boca Raton, FI. It has helped numerous clients who had problems with bad credit and low credit scores. There are sophisticated tools and knowledge to implement in order to help clients in solving the problems. The company has been experienced for almost 25 years. Therefore, credibility and reputation should not be questioned anymore.

Contact Info

Joe Vargas

433 Plaza Real, Suite 275

Boca Raton, FI 33432


Cuban-American entrepreneur, Sahel Rafael Tamayo, says “We will live in a cashless society within the next 10 years”

Cash is time-consuming and allows drug cartels to move money. Digital transactions are the future.

For the rapid development of digital technology, the discussion and analysis regarding the usage of digital or cashless money are getting more interesting. A Cuban American entrepreneur, Sahel Rafael Tamayo agreed that we will live in a cashless society around the next 10 years.

The statement from Tamayo is based on the phenomena that had happened. Even nowadays, the uses of digital money has been seen particularly in online transaction. Some platforms and e-commerce have provided their digital wallet where the customers can keep their money there. It is still not used entirely for shopping for sure. However, by seeing many customers who prefer topping up their money there and using it to buy something later, it just proved that today’s society has been started to accustom with digital money, whether they realize it or not.

In a higher level, many people are also interested to invest their assets in the form of digital currency. The most popular one is indeed Bitcoin but there are also still many types of digital currencies circulate in the digital currency market. When digital currencies recently are still only known to certain people and only used in certain needs, it is possible that in the future, they are also used for daily transactions.

Despite to follow the digital technology, Tamayo added that cashless money and transaction give some benefits for many people. He mentioned that cash money is more time-consuming. It also enables drug cartels and other criminal actors to move money. Those are basically problems that are tried to solve by many governments in the world. If digital money is able to give solutions needed, it is not exaggerating to say that digital transactions are the future and we will become a part of the cashless society.

About Sahel Rafael Tamayo

Sahel Rafael Tamayo is a Cuban-American Entrepreneur, business executive, and investor, born on July 19, 1989. He is known as a voracious entrepreneur who prefers taking a role in the area of finance and credit industry. He is also the founder and president of Creditmergency, an online credit repair company. Nowadays, Creditmergency has grown to one of the leading credit repair companies in the US. For more information please visit

Contact Info

Joe Vargas

433 Plaza Real, Suite 275

Boca Raton, FI 33432


Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Posting Job Ads without Registration is Available at Jobisite

Posting a job advertisement often takes a long time for the registration process. To ease the recruiters more, Jobiste now makes available the feature of Post Job Ads without registration.

In the workplace, it is necessary if companies or businesses want to hire new resources for some reasons. It can be due to the company expansions, so that new employees are definitely needed. Besides, it is caused by some old employees that are near to their retirements. To fulfill the necessities, Jobisite is developed with some great features to utilize.

One of the features is Job ads without registration. It is a simple way to posting the job advertisement without the recruiters needs to register them as well as fill in a long registration form. This feature is mainly intended for the recruiters who are busy enough and have no time for the registration process. It is also necessary for them who are opening the vacancy rarely. Since they may need to visit Jobisite long after this time, the registration is not needed by them.

There are some simple steps that must be passed through by recruiters to enjoy this feature. First of all, they need to go to the webpage at After entering, there is a form to post the job that includes the job title, location, skills, description, email, and code to rewrite. After they are filled well, it will be saved and ready to publish. This feature is completely free and fast to access.

Despite the Job Ads without Registration, Jobisite also provides some other features not to miss out. They are posting jobs to multiple job boards, posting jobs to multiple sites, top listing, easy job posting, promotion to social media, and more.

“This is great. I just don’t want to pass through the registration process because I may not need to post other job ads after this. The job ads without registration feature from Jobisite are very helpful anyway.” – Andrea Smith.

“There is a reason why I rarely post job ads to the job boards. I’m too lazy to complete the registration process. But now, posting the job is getting easier with for the no-registration feature from Jobisite.” – Chad Evans.

About Jobisite

Jobisite is a job board platform that provides a medium for recruiters to post their job ads and job seekers to find their favorite jobs. The process is fast and easy as well as it is supported by some features. One of the features is Job Ads without Registration that enables the recruiters to post their jobs without registration.

For Media Inquiry
Rajat Raina

Jobsite Best Feature - Posting Jobs to Multiple Job Boards

Jobisite provides a paid feature namely Posting Jobs to Multiple Job Boards. It enables recruiters to post multiple job boards faster and gain more applicants more easily.

Posting Jobs to Multiple Job Boards is one of the features available in Jobisite. Different from the conventional features that are free, this one is indeed paid. However, the customers are able to get some benefits that cannot be found in the free versions.

The first benefit is that the recruiters are able to publish various job boards and they are seen by the respective audience in some websites. Second, for the ability to post multiple boards at once, it saves more time than posting them all separately. Third, this feature enables the recruiters to post the job boards to some related websites. Those websites are Job Real Time, Qoaolic, LinkHello, America Jobs, Employment USA, Link Lost Directory, and Jobs Aggregation.

Meanwhile, the jobs will also be shared in aggregators and social networks; SimplyHired, Indeed, Yaaz, Ebay Classifieds, Juju, Trovit, Jooble, Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter. For the benefits and chances that the job is being included in the top listing, the money to spend by the recruiter is $10. The number is after being cut off from the original price for $50. So, by paying for this job posting version, the features available are Various Job Board Sharing, Full Resume Access, More Exposure, and Social Sharing.
Aside from them mentioned above, Jobisite also makes available of some recommended features. They are top listing or the ability of the premium job ads to be shown at the top listing in the search results, promote to various network job boards, easy job posting, and promote socially. For more information about the service please visit

“I used the premium version from Jobisite with the feature of Posting Jobs to Multiple Job Boards. It is just great. The qualified applicants come faster and it is actually not as expensive as I’ve thought before.” – Jane Carraway.

“The presence of my vacancy on the top list of the search engine results is so true. So many applicants come to me after that. It is so interesting to use the service from Jobisite, particularly the feature of Multiple Job Boards.” – David Collins.

About Jobisite
Jobisite is a vacancy digital platform that opens chances for recruiters and job seekers to share and find various types of jobs. Some features are available to ease the recruiters and job seekers more, including Posting Jobs to Multiple Job Boards.

For Media Inquiry
Rajat Raina

Nurse Job ad Description Sample via Jobisite

Jobisite is a vacancy platform that provides various types of job in the US. Currently, it gives chances for both recruiters and seekers for jobs as nurse, as well as job description samples for recruiter.

Jobisite opens chances for recruiters to hire and job seekers to find their dream jobs as a nurse. Without a platform or medium, hiring and finding a job is offer difficult and time-consuming. The recruiters may find it not easy to find qualified people to fill in the positions. Meanwhile, the applicants may not able to find information regarding the current vacancy.

On the Jobisite, the recruiters and job seekers are able to meet each other only in some simple steps. For nurse jobs, the recruiters are coming from hospitals and clinics that post the vacancy along with the nurse job ad description and responsibilities. Meanwhile, job seekers can read the description to decide whether they are compatible with the requirements given or not.

There are some samples of responsibilities as a nurse. Some of them are as follow. First, a good nurse must be able to complete interviews and physical assessments of patients. Second, he or she must answers patient’s questions properly. Third, the nurse must be able to administer treatment, medication, and injection well. Fourth, it is to oversee quality assurance activities as well as compliance with operational standards. The fifth responsibility of a nurse is to initiate the quality-improvement measures. Sixth, he or she must records and evaluate symptoms experienced by patients. Sixth, the nurse must be able to create a harmonious environment in order to provide emotional and psychological supports not only for patients but also for families. Seventh, it is regarding the collaboration with physicians and nurses to provide individualized care plants and more. To get more nurse job ad description sample, please visit

Jobisite is presented with some great features in order to give benefits for both recruiters and job seekers. The recruiters are able to post the job description more easily and all the process is available for free. There is a higher chance to get more qualified applicants since the platform has selected them well before the job application. Similar to the recruiters, job seekers are able to get the job more easily based on their qualifications. Various jobs are available so that they can choose one that meets their needs most.

About Jobisite
Jobisite is a vacancy digital platform that opens chances for recruiters and job seekers to share and find various types of jobs. The process of posting and apply for a job is easy only through some simple steps. Some jobs available on Jobisite are including drivers, teachers, nurses, and more.

For Media Inquiry
Rajat Raina

Job Description for Teacher Sample Now Available at Jobisite

Jobisite gives chances for recruiters and job seekers for hiring people and finding jobs for teacher position. The process is fast and easy as well as there are some benefits given for both parties.

Recruiting new teachers is sometimes not an easy thing. It can be very tiring while the jobs may not be filled by someone that is really competent and professional. Based on that fact, Jobisite tries to help both recruiters and job seekers to meet each other through the page category of teachers. The recruiters can post the vacancy easily and even for free. Meanwhile, job seekers are also able to find the job they want and apply for it through some easy steps.

Although in general, the presence of Jobisite is to ease people more regarding giving and getting a job, there are still some responsibilities of teacher job. The job description for teacher sample on Jobisite can be used for recruiter to get qualified one. They are approximately as follow:

  • Candidate must be able to develop and maintain systems for recording observation, organizing supporting materials and progress assessment.
  • Must also be able to use relevant technology to support and give instruction.
  • Teaching needs excellent communication skills in both spoken and written.
  • It is expected that a teacher is able to provide individualize instruction by promoting interactive learning.
  • Able to accompany the classes and ensure all students are learning in a safe and constructive environment.
  • Able to observe and evaluate student’s performance and development.
  • Able to control the class by enforcing rules and disciplinary action.
  • Candidate has to issue quarterly progress reports and semester report cards. Lastly, the teacher has to plan, prepare, and deliver instructional activities that facilitate active learning experiences.

There are some benefits why it is necessary to go to Jobisite to hire people and get the job. For recruiters, it is getting easier to find a teacher that meets the qualifications. The process is also fast, easy, and free. On the other hand, there are various teaching jobs available in Jobiste to choose by the job seekers. It is possible to get a job in a strategic location, near the house.

About Jobisite
Jobisite is a vacancy platform in the USA for various types of jobs. It is a medium provided for the recruiters and job seekers to meet each other through some fast and easy steps. With the presence of this platform, it is expected that they are able to fulfill their necessities without spending too much time and money. To get more sample of Job Description for Teacher, please visit

For Media Inquiry

Rajat Raina

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Threesome Chatting Are Getting More Popular Nowadays

Threesome Chatting currently is getting more popular. The use of trusted dating sites is recommended for being safe and features given.

For some people, threesome relationships are necessary things to avoid being more with their current relationships. One of the activities they do is threesome chatting or chatting with two other people at once in a more intimate way. However, it is possible if this activity is leaked outside and being disadvantageous for all the people involved inside. Therefore, there are some threesome dating site to choose to get the best partners.

Threesome Sites is a website that enables people to look for partners for threesome relationships. The site is available for couple looking for women and vice versa with some great features. The first feature is regarding the website that is very easy to access.

Second, the site is also provided the mobile app feature that can be downloaded in the Android’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store. There are some steps for registration and join the activities conducted by the website. The steps are downloading the app by clicking the app button, signing up with Facebook account and email, creating a profile and uploading photos, and choosing preferences to finish the description.

Third, the website and app feature high security to avoid actions like fraud and scam. This is the reason why the members of the website are qualified and trusted. They are able to choose partners whoever they want by only clicking the photos and do the chatting activities. The swinger websites also make sure to keep the members’ identity secret and the personal data will not be leaked outside. There is no need to worry about the membership will be known by friends and officemates. Even the other members are also set to keep it a secret.

Fourth, Threesome Sites can be accessed for free. There is no additional money to spend during the membership. The members also can enter and be out from the site’s membership anytime they want.

About Threesome Sites
Threesome Sites is a website that provides facilities for people who are interested in threesome activities. It gives some features including the mobile app to be downloaded via Android Play Store and Apple App Store. The registration process is very easy, the website is simple and free to access, and the members’ personal identities are kept well. For more information, please visit

Monday, May 27, 2019

John Spencer Ellis Reveals the Secret to become a successful Location Independent Entrepreneur

Becoming a location independent entrepreneur is a new massive trend. John Spencer Ellis tries to share how to become a local independent entrepreneur only from passion and hobby.

One of the reasons why business owners are failed to develop their business is because they don’t have a professional mentor. John Spencer Ellis understands this problem and he has a mission to help business owners to develop their business well. As a professional coach, John Spencer Ellis tries to help business owners to become a location independent entrepreneur. He believes that someone doesn’t need to have a building or specific place only to start a business. Extremely, entrepreneurs are able to run and develop their business anywhere and anytime they want through gadgets and internet connection.

John Spencer Ellis is an entrepreneur who has built businesses for decades. He wants to share their success story and the secret to be a successful entrepreneur. He knows the massive trend about location independent workers and thinks that it becomes a new business model. Nowadays, He becomes a location independent entrepreneur who can work anywhere and anytime. As a result, he can share what he knows to the people who have the same passion. The main purpose is to help entrepreneurs, freelancers, and remote workers who want to increase their income and reduce their monthly expenses. Later, Ellis expects that there will be a lot of successful digital nomad.

John Spencer Ellis is not only an entrepreneur but he also an author, philanthropist, traveler, martial artist, speaker, and advocate. He can do all of those jobs because he works with a location independent model. People are about to learn how to monetize their passion or hobby to work more fun and full of excitement. The knowledge is suitable for all types of people including trainers, coaches, experts, consultants, or business owners. In the future, any places around the world can be an office. People who love to play with a gadget can also use their cell phone to build a business empire. Interestingly, this type of business model is suitable for all types of passions and hobbies.

The idea of remote co-working is to create a better life where people can balance their income and things that make them happy. By using this model, a person is able to spend more time with their beloved one without losing income. He or she is also able to travel anywhere around the world and get income to support their traveling. The most important thing, they can also help others who also want to be like them but they still don’t know the way. John Spencer Ellis gives the system step by step so more and more people to work anywhere, live anywhere, help people, and make a great living just like him.

About John Spencer Ellis:

John Spencer Ellis is a digital nomad and location independent entrepreneur. Nowadays, he is also a personal business trainer who has helped to create over 500.000 jobs. He developed his career as a fitness trainer, speaker, author, athlete, and martial artist. Ellis becomes the best selling author on Amazon and one of the top 100 most influential personal trainers and some other awards.

For more information, please visit:

John Spencer Ellis

31441 Santa Margarita Pkwy Suite A365, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 92688 USA

Sunday, May 26, 2019

Best Franchise Neopolitan Pizza to Open in India

Neopolitan Pizza is well-known for its tasty foods and drinks made from qualified ingredients. The franchise is now available in Gujarat, India.

Neoplitan Pizza is the best franchise to open in Gujarat, India. Previously, this franchise has opened its outlets in several areas in India and there will be plans to expand its business overseas including Dubai and Canada.

The award winning Franchise Company itself is established by Indo-Canadian entrepreneurs who are interested in exploring the Italian tastes through some food ideas. The concept of Neopolitan Pizza is fine dining and takeaway restaurants. Meanwhile, it also comes out with a vision of only providing high-quality foods with fast and efficient services. The prices are made to be more affordable to reach customers from various realms.

The restaurant itself, which is located in Gujarat, features a trendy design to attract youngsters and family. The experts are working behind to make this franchise work well with consistent taste and warm hospitality.

The menu is divided into 9 categories. They are classic pizza, premium pizza, president pizza, whole-wheat healthy pizza, garlic bread, side orders, hot pasta, beverages, and extra topping. There are some featured menus including Margherita Pizza, Vegetarian Pizza, Mexican Delight, and Cheesy Jalapenos Pizza. Meanwhile, Franchise Neopolitan Pizza provides extra topping menu for them who want to enjoy a kind of pizza in line with their personal tastes.

There are some benefits to get from this award winning Franchise Company for dining and spending time with family and friends. The foods available are guaranteed to be delicious with original Italian recipes. The ingredients used are fresh to produce qualified foods. The prices are affordable enough and some promotions are available including the party packs and options for kids and adults menu.

This best pizza franchise in India is located in the area of Vadodara, specifically on the Gotri Sevasi Road, Gujarat, India. For customer care, the contact at 9574000411.

“Neopolitan Pizza is special for the elaboration of the Italian Gourmet. There are unlimited meals comprising of a wide choice of soup, exotic salads, freshly baked bread, pasta, hand tossed pizza, and dessert”

About Neopolitan Pizza

Neopolitan Pizza is a franchise of Italian food restaurant founded by Indo-Canadian businessmen. The franchise opens some outlets in India and Gujarat is one of them. The vision of Neopolitan Pizza is to provide qualified foods made from fresh materials with consistent taste and affordable price. The menu is various with best services for customers. For information, please visit

For Media Inquiry

Mukund Purohit


Neopolitan Pizza Ltd.

17, Third Floor, Darshanam Arise,

Gotri Sevasi Road, Vadodara-391101,

Gujarat India


Total Home Renovation Becomes the only 20 years old Renovation Company in Auckland

Total Home Renovation is a renovation company that works on all sizes and types of renovation projects. Currently, it becomes the only 20-year-old renovation company in Auckland.

Total Home Renovation is well-known as a home renovation Auckland that able to handle various types of projects. They are starting from building a new house to constructing one that has been established and renovate it to be a better house. Currently, the company turns 20 years old and it becomes the only renovation company that successfully survives up to this number. Sure, it will continue to give the best services for customers in the future.

The service given by home renovation Auckland is starting from planning. Every project basically has its own concept and purposes to make sure that the result in the end will meet the customers’ needs as well as making it a cozy, comfortable, and secure home to live in.

The company accommodates various project types related to the establishment and constructions. Meanwhile, it also makes sure that the renovation process will not disturb the serenity of the family’s life. Despite the total constructions, they have an expertise in some smaller projects. They are including bathroom design, wall and floor tiling, installing new lighting, plumbing, bathroom ventilation, and more.

The home renovation Auckland is worth to choose not only for its long-term experiences. There are some more reasons why the company can be a good construction and renovation partner in Auckland.
First, it is due to the experts behind the services given. The experts are not only knowledgeable, but also experienced in this area for years. Second, it only hires professional workers that work in a team. They are trained, highly-skilled, experienced, and able to finish the projects on time and within budget. Third, the home renovation Auckland works in a small group and the team makes sure that they will treat the customers’ families well. Fourth, the final result is guaranteed to be good with a high-quality installation without disposing the bathroom and other areas at home.

About Total Home Renovation
Total Home Renovation is a 20-year-old home renovation in Auckland. It offers full-range services starting from planning and designing, constructing or renovating, to finishing. The projects to work are also various whether the customers need large renovations, small renovations, and renovations of historic properties. People working behind this company are known to be professional and experienced as well as they always put efforts to give the best services to the customers.

Contact Information
Total Home Renovation
Contact Person: Ross
Address: 33 Ladies Mile Remuera Auckland 1050
Phone: 021 393 877

Thursday, May 23, 2019


Press Release for Immediate Release
A close up of many items on display

Description automatically generated


(Lisbon, Portugal) – May 11, 2019

This store offers creative art-themed Fashion items for men, women and children, that range from hoodies, dresses, shoes, bags and many other accessories – all found in a variety of sizes and colors. You can also find scenic and diverse Home Décor pieces for your living room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. And if you are looking for a laptop sleeve or protective phone case, then check out the High-Tech section for a variety of inspiring items you’ll love. Artwork Reproductions on canvas and giclée prints is where you’ll find your favorite artwork for your home or office. This new store is an authentic treat that will delight artists and art lovers alike. The high-quality items combined with creativity make an excellent combination for unique and original products.

A store filled with ideas that make for creative gifts. The right place to find something perfect for that special person – who doesn’t like a gift with their favorite artwork on it? It makes it so much more personalized and memorable. At Art Galaxie Gift Store you will find items for all tastes! The store's website is also a work of art itself, featuring fantastic design and user-friendly navigation, making it a pleasant experience for shoppers online. It conveys quality and finesse that Art Galaxie has accustomed us along the years. See for yourself at, you will certainly like what you find.

There are currently more than 1000 items available, and every week expect new ones to be introduced – a permanent renewal of high-quality products that mirror the latest trends – all found at affordable prices. Moreover, by purchasing, you will be helping Art Galaxie continue developing its artistic outreach projects; that are totally free for contemporary artists as well as for the general public. This Art Store is an initiative, part of a new strategy, to make Art Galaxie self-sustainable and thus guarantee a prosperous future; in which everyone wins:

• Public access to original and high-quality products at a low cost
• Exclusive products with artworks of contemporary artists will soon be available in the store.
•The largest commission will go towards the artists themselves, thus being a great way to help support their art creating.
• Art Galaxie member artists can join the Affiliate program and earn at least 20% on sales
• On selected items, the profit is reverted to charity – (30% of the value of the product)

Pedro Boaventura, the founder of Art Galaxie told us:
“This is a huge step for Art Galaxie. It's the right move in the direction of financial emancipation. So far, I have been investing in Art Galaxie, but the company has grown a lot in recent years, and so have the expenses. We have operated like a non-profit organization for almost 5 years. 90% of our projects and activities have been totally free. We didn't have any revenue to finance our projects for both artists and the public. Without income, the long-term continuity will be compromised. Now the goal is to find funding to assure the continuity of these projects and help with the charges related to the art portal, daily art marketing, publications and also staff-related expenses. In a nut shell, contribute to finance all things that have no cost for artists and the public in general.”

Pedro Boaventura, Founder
Phone: +974 33599879

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Stars of Magic are coming to Baltimore

BALTIMORE, MD - This June 1st, some of the most talented performers of magic, illusion and mentalism will be performing right in Downtown Baltimore.

“There really is not a place like this in the Mid-Atlantic”, claims Poe’s Magic manager Vince Wilson, also a magician. “Sure, you can see people performing the art of magic at different places in the region, but not really a venue where new and exciting talent comes in all the time.”

Poe’s Magic Theater will be in The Lord Baltimore Hotel’s Baltimore Theater - a state of the art multimedia theater with stadium seating for 125 guests. The room is right above the TB Tavern where guests can enjoy mixed drinks and excellent dining before the show. Performances will be every first and third Saturday of the month starting June 1st, 2019. Their first performer? Renown mentalist Alain Nu - The Man Who Knows!

Alain Nu ( performed for inaugural balls for both of President Barack Obama's inaugurations. In 2005, Nu was the subject of a series of four television specials on TLC entitled The Mysterious World of Alain Nu. From 2008 to 2012, Nu toured with a one-man show entitled Invisible Connections. In 2010, Nu performed the show for six weeks in Las Vegas. From 2000 to 2004, he performed annually in a show titled The Mysterious World of Alain Nu at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada.

“We are phenomenally excited to have Alain Nu opening Poe’s Magic with us”, exclaimed the clearly thrilled Wilson. “His show will make you doubt what is possible and impossible.”

The Lord Baltimore Hotel is a historic landmark in downtown Baltimore. It was built in 1928 and designed in the French Renaissance style. The Lord Baltimore is also famously haunted! Says Vince Wilson, “I am sure you will see the stories of ghosts at the Lord Baltimore incorporated into our shows from time to time. How could you not?”

Poe’s Magic Theater best performers of magic and mystery in the country. “The world actually”, corrected Wilson. “We have already received interest from the international magic community from the UK and Italy so far. I cannot wait until you see the line-up we have planned.”

Poe’s Magic Theater opens June 1st, 2019 at 9:00 pm EST. Ticket $20 and are available at Vince Wilson can be reached at and at 302-404-0074.

Selaros Launched Its New Collection of Cheap Dresses for Plus Sized People

Now plus sized people have a reason to rejoice- after the company launched its special collection for men and women, with different types of clothing and at pocket-friendly rates.

As an online boutique that meets the needs of customers galore, Selaros went ahead this time to satiate the needs of its plus sized fashion lovers. The cheap dresses collection will be unveiled in a few days and boasts of a rich mix of cheap dresses. This time the company’s gone ahead and included both males and females under its client list to avail these much needed dresses. Also, the dresses are soft and light coloured, which the team members ensure will allow maximum comfort.

The industry is flooded with online fashion outlets and each one has a specific story to tell in terms of how the success path has been achieved. Selaros too has made a name for itself chiefly because of the versatile collection it has provided to many. The chic and trendy offerings are often from reputed brands and some were even introduced via this site, which are currently sensations. Each of the brands that the site showcases are known for exclusivity in terms of aesthetics. And to top it all, all their clothes are priced reasonably.

The plus sized clothing contains an array of choices at the disposal of the customers, notably women’s blouses, tees, shirts and dresses. On the other hand, the male counterparts can take their picks from shirts, tees and casual pants. “While the idea was at its nascent stage, we decided to give it shape. Hence, our designers and sales team members sat for hours and designed exactly how and what we will do that will help this plus sized collection see the light of day,” said a very senior member of the sales team at Selaros.

The CEO of the site said, “We generally get reviews from our valued customers and they provide us their feedback. Most plus sized people insisted that a separate collection must be launched from our site, keeping them in mind. After a lot of deliberation and discussion, our team went ahead with this plan and here we are ready with the new collection that will be unveiled shortly. The prices are quite low and that’s certainly a big add on when it comes to purchasing.”

About the Company
Selaros is a reputed online outlet that procures quality clothing at discounted rates.
To know more,

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Embark on a Journey of Self Development with Dequonna Wise’ 8 Layers of Division among Women

The renounced author and life coach, Dequonna Wise, wishes to announce the publication and commencement of sale for her new book titled “8 Layers of Division among Women”. Dubbed as a book for women empowerment and standard behaviour guide; 8 Layers of Division among Women comes in both electronic and paperback versions that provides suitable specification for all kinds of readers. While discussing the motivation behind the creation of the book with a group of students, Dequonna Wise said “When you're unhappy, you seek distractions and validation. If my word could reach out and transform the life and character of just one person, then I will be fulfilled and know that I have not spoken in vain”.
In the book ‘8 Layers of Division among Women’, the author identifies what it described as 8 toxic energy and traits that keep women separated and disunited, and also provide 3 ways through which each layer of the traits can be identified. It however furthered to provide some recommendations as antidote for combating the identified toxic traits. The book also comes with a question segment at the end of each layer to allow its reader identify with the strongholds, and as well save to revert back to for the purpose of self accountability. The ultimate goal of the book is to help women interact better with one another within the society, and also be good to their individual selves.
The Ebook version of 8 Layers of Division among Women comes in 44pages without the self-appraising question segment, while the paperback version has 91 pages with full question segment to enhance self appraisal and reverence for subsequent activities. Copy of the paperback version of the book is available for purchase at You can also visit the iBooks segment on Amazon to get a copy of the ebook version.

Trendysuper Extends Its Week-Long Sale To Another Week Seeing The Great Response

What started off as a weekly sale period got extended, thanks to the responsiveness and positive feedback from customers who had the best feeling in the world shopping several lifestyle items.

Trendysuper earned the repute of being one of the most affordable online retail outlets among the current lot. Recently, the company rolled out a sale period meant for a week, which was a hit among the customers. Most women’s clothing including one piece fashionable wear, beachwear and swimwear, top selling dresses, jeans, shirts, tees, tops and skirts were available at discounted rates. Seeing the immense popularity and responsiveness of customers, the company decided to extend the same for another week. In fact, most cheap women’s clothes and accessories have witnessed a further reduction in rates, so as to facilitate added purchases.

The company officials said that the pricing policy is a supreme factor that they have maintained under every circumstance and this move was largely intended to retain their business objectives. “By adding some more items in the inventory, the prime lookout has been customer feedback. Not that the stocks weren’t cleared or competition with other prospective sites would have enhanced the value; but there is a great significance of securing the trust and goodwill of customers after they see that the site is upgraded at regular intervals,” said a chief spokesperson for Trendysuper.

There’s no dearth to the sexy dresses for women at the website. But market research also says that the cheap dresses collections have only grown in popularity in the last few years in most parts of Indian, Middle East and many other zones. Price remodelling is required hence and also services need to be more customised, so most team members are working towards the same.

The CEO of the company said, “In comparison to US markets where women seek for fashionable clothes and variations in designs and colours ensure the sole objective, we need to work hard towards the other zones of the world. Every customer means a lot to us and accordingly we replenish our stocks. The sale period extension is a move towards securing our long term goals. For that, whatever was needed to be worked on, we have. And we value customer feedback too so as to make this entire process of shopping a fruitful one.”

About the Company

Trendysuper is a renowned online outlet that often provides heavy discounts on women’s clothing.

To know more, visit

Monday, May 20, 2019

Maxinina’s Latest Jumpsuits Now Available At Discounted Rates

The classy and super stylish jumpsuits are quite in vogue and this time the site has taken special care to ensure unique collection of the same are uploaded for the appeal factor.

The expansive collection of summer jumpsuits at Maxinina has been one of the most talked about aspects about the site. The company’s designers have worked utmost in recreating old styles and infused a fresh flavor to the jumpsuits collection, keeping the prices at an all time low. This surely stands as an effective strategy for business growth besides experimenting on unique designs. In fact, most customers who never thought of adopting an experimental approach have expressed a keen desire to try the same, seeing their existing range of clothing.

The jumpsuits look quite unique and customers have the complete liberty in choosing from a wide range of colors, designs and styles. By unveiling this new collection, the site however has not ruled out the possibility of not having other apparel at discounted rates. However, they are seasonal purchases and most of them have been designed keeping the summer in mind. “They look easy on the eye and every bit worth the pocket pinch. Most sites have not even thought of these exclusive cuts and designs and here Maxinina has already started selling. So this should come as good news to many,” said one of the senior executives associated with the company.

The store is known to curate collections that would suffice for women having variegated tastes. Keeping the style quotient intact, there are a plethora of women’s casual pants, blouses and dresses to choose from. Every single item looks classy yet funky, cool and adheres to the latest fashion trends.

In the press meet, the CEO said, “Who would have thought that we would be one of the strongest contenders in the e-retail scenario? But if this has happened, it’s chiefly because our collection is always adapting to the changing requirements of the fashion world and takes everyone’s choices into consideration. The jumpsuits no doubt are the newest thing to look forward to and wearing them,, women will surely be able to make a style statement of their own. That is what we aim to achieve. Our collection entices all, but our philosophy is reflected likewise.”

About the Company

Maxinina is a leading online retail space dedicated to procuring clothing and accessories to all.

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Sebellamore Aims to Gain Traction with Add-On Discounts on a Variety of Women’s Wear Products

It’s raining discounts here and first time buyers have a golden opportunity of cashing on this exciting offer lest they lose out and crib pointlessly.

As a women’s clothing boutique, Sebellamore has earned a name and place in most shoppers’ hearts within a very brief period since its inception. The site has stocked a plethora of sexy dresses for women, including skater dresses, bodycons, maxi dresses; shift dresses and also tops, tees and blouses. The site has expanded its inventory and currently it’s doing great, especially after foraying into a number of new products. Keeping in mind the fashion-conscious masses and also to build its reputation among those who haven’t got its flavour yet, the site recently took a different business approach after announcing flat 5-10% discounts on first orders.

Sebellamore has ensure that the deals and discounts for shoppers do not reach a stop, and the existing customers scan still have their picks from the fashionable attire and accessories on display. The prices are slashed and few items have add-on discounts applied too. But this step is a fairly new one, so as to attract more customers and increase their sales by several notches.

As a company official said, “It’s not necessary that the buyer has to be a first timer at our site. For those who have been associated with Sebellamore for long can great the same offer of he or she has multiple accounts wherein several email addresses are required. So if the address is not registered with the site and is made at this time, the first purchase will invariably help him or her avail this exciting offer. Technically speaking, it’s a win-win situation for all.”

In a bid to make a name for itself, the company has always resorted to innovative measures and this is no different. The fashion women’s clothing has already secured a huge fan base and the company has left no stone unturned in bringing many more.

The CEO of the company said, “Our business strategies are implemented in such a manner that as much as we gain, customers gain manifold. Our sales and marketing team are always involved in a continuous assessing process of the market and thereby execute these that customers obtain in the form of deals and discounts. Without market survey and analysis, this wouldn’t have been possible.”

About the Company

Sebellamore is a fashion online store known for providing hefty discounts to customers round the globe.
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Saturday, May 18, 2019

Pharmagaia Develops Unique Energy Drink containing CBD

Pharmagaia CBD Energy Drinks is with extract of CBD using Advanced Nanotechnology.

It has several benefits for health

Pharmagia Inc is developing a product line including Pharmagaia CBD water and Pharmagaia CBD Energy Drink. The CBD beverages are more than just for thirst. The production process applied nanotechnology breaks down the CBD particles into nanoparticles which is infused into the beverages. As a result, it produces a drink that acts like a bioavailable CBD source and can give health benefits for the consumers. There are at least 10 benefits of the CBD water.

  • Increased flexibility

The CBD water can improve flexibility due to its post-workout inflammation and pain reduction. In this case, the water is better to consume before, during, and after the workout.

  • Mood Booster

The water as an effective mood-booster. One of the benefits from CBD is mood booster. Many consumers realize that their moods are better after consuming CBD.

  • Reduced Inflammation

Pharmagaia Energy Drink can reduce inflammation after activities, including workouts. By controlling the inflammation, consumers can enjoy other benefits in those activities.

  • Relaxing muscle

The muscle is getting more relaxed after drinking the CBD drink. It is due to the natural characteristic of CBD nano-water that makes the stressed muscle be back to normal.

  • Fasten recovery after a workout

The water can fasten the recovery after a workout. While others may feel pain and uncomfortable, the CBD consumers tend to feel better.

  • Increased energy

It increases energy more. It is still related to the less pain and inflammation caused by the drink mentioned before.

  • Improved focus and concentration

The CBD energy drink is helpful for focus improvement. So, it is recommended for the students and workers who need to study and do their jobs with a high concentration.

  • Relieve Joint Pain

Not only the muscles but also effective to relieve the joint pain. It also has important roles for the joint improvement as well.

  • Boost lactic acid reduction

The CBD drink can boost the lactic acid reduction. The water successfully improves blood flow. It enables to bring more oxygen to the muscles and consequently, the lactic acid can be cleared faster.

  • Improved endurance in training

Lastly, it improves endurance in training and workout naturally so that the consumers can work harder and longer.

About Pharmagaia Inc

Pharmagaia is a company that concerns on health by applying nanotechnology in the production process of the CBD beverages. One of the featured products is Pharmagaia CBD Energy Drink. The company chose CBD water over CBD oil due to its taste and bioavailability, where the CBD water taste more refreshing and virtually 100% of the CBD in water is used by the body. The water is processed by breaking the CBD particles into nanoparticles to make them evenly encapsulated in a water cluster.


Pharmagaia Inc

Friday, May 17, 2019


Whakatane Museum, located in Whakatane, New Zealand, has been testing a theory for nearly a full year - do artists and volcanoes go together? In order to prove this concept, Museum Director Eric Holowacz established partnerships with other organizations and created a handful of 1-8-week residencies for artists coming from all walks of life and all 4-corners of the world. Former Sedona, Arizona artist Jennifer Epperson has been selected to participate in exploring the idea of how volcanoes, the changing earth, and art move and form in tandem.
As the earth boils below, Epperson will explore wonders and raw power of the natural world to determine how the experience might transform the creative process in mysterious new ways.
“It is an honor to be a part of The Volcanic Artist Residency in Whakatane New Zealand. I will live and work in an entirely different place, in the southern hemisphere, where the sun rises first. I am excited and energized to experience a wholly new community and curious as to how it might affect my work,” says Epperson.
No stranger to new places, Epperson recently moved her studio from Northern Arizona to Central Texas. “Within twelve months I will have work in three very different environments, one of Earth, one of Water and one of Fire.”
Jennifer Epperson is a visual artist and art activist, originally from Texas, has enjoyed the magnificence of working in Sedona, Arizona for the past fifteen years. “I love Sedona, its red rock landscape and perfect weather. The light and spacious skies, the possibility of solitude in the studio or on a hike sustained a completely different perspective, outwardly and inwardly. It provided a strong foundation for my practice to grow,” says Epperson, “I am enamored and respectful of the Earth energy Sedona exudes.”
Jennifer will be leaving for the 4-week long international residency later this month. She will be just one of a handful of artists and other creative professional fields who have been chosen to participate in this working theory developed by the Whakatane Museum. The program provides artists in residence housing, work space, field visits and connections to unique Eastern Bay of Plenty environments.
The invitation to participate in the Volcanic Artist Residency pilot program was the impetus for the Jennifer to begin work on her newest project, a Comix Journal. The Journal will explore living and working in three very different environments. “I have always been intrigued by how place affects art. Now I can chronicle my journey from the red rocks of Sedona, Arizona to the artesian springs, rivers and aquifer of San Marcos, Texas, and finally to Whakatane, New Zealand, on the other side of the world, where it perches far south, part of the Ring of Fire,” says Epperson.
To learn more about this residency and Jennifer’s time in New Zealand, please visit and look for her on Facebook and Instagram.


Thursday, May 16, 2019

How big data is helping small businesses get finance.

Getting a small business loan can be an extreme hazzle. Paperwork, meetings, bureaucracy and the process can often take several months. But, according to the founder of GrowthBond Ferdinand Kjaerulff, it doesn't necessarily have to be this difficult. In fact, it is vital for economic growth in emerging market that we solve this problem.

Ferdinand's company is one of a number of fintech startups opening up financial systems, replacing old traditional systems with fast, easy-to-use, apps and services.

Ferdinand has worked with technology startups for the last fifteen years, covering everything from 3D technology, Freelancing and e-learning. In 2018 he founded GrowthBond, which helps small business get funding more easily. GrowthBond provides funding to small businesses - many of whom would fail to get credit from larger, traditional banks - not by spending months reviewing their financial histories, but by using what Ferdinand describes as a more efficient, automated platform. The company, at which Ferdinand is now head of operations, offers up to $50,000 in credit to small business

GrowthBond takes the same kind of data used by banks to ascertain whether a small business is eligible for funding, but uses automated systems to manage the process. Customers give the company access to the Facebook, Google, paypal and Stripe data. GrowthBond then connects and analyses these data sources to provide funding.

GrowthBond mainly targets small businesses left on the sidelines by big banking institutions, but it also works to give customers in traditionally ignored economies such as Kenya and Gambia funding.

Ferdinand Kjaerulff
0045 22320214

Vincent Pearson to Conduct Special Holiday Program, Fine Art Photoshoot “The Wonder of Santa”

On June 8, a renowned creator of Fine Art Nostalgic Portraiture will hold a special Holiday Program, Fine Art Photoshoot “The Wonder of Santa. There will be photoshoot sessions and a nostalgic storybook to give.

Vincent Pearson and his Pearson Portrait Design were famous for a program called Fine Art Nostalgic Portraiture. The program was conducted to meet the customers’ needs in capturing their memories and nostalgia in the form of a nostalgic storybook.

On June 8, 2019, the photographer wants to continue his success by conducting another program entitled “The Wonder of Santa”.Similar to “Fine Art Nostalgic Portraiture”, the program is also intended to bring back people’s childhood memories through portraits and storybook. The upcoming program will be special where Christmas Magic as the main theme.

The event will be conducted at:
Day : Saturday, June 8, 2019
Time : 10.00 am to 2.00 pm
Venue : Signature of Solon Club, address: 39000 Signature Dr, Solon, OH 44139, USA.

The event will be dedicated to the children along with their family. In the event, they will have an opportunity to take some photo sessions in Christmas and Santa themes. Then, after the photos have been printed out, the nostalgic storybooks will be created.
Interestingly, there will be a unique custom painted artwork created only for a visitor’s club. To get a good concept, the clients will be able to discuss with Pearson so that the holiday program can be conducted well. Moreover, Pearson will also present his artworks for the clients as heirlooms series.
To join the program, the visitors only need to reply to the email given to let Pearson know whether they will join it or not. Of course, for the best childhood memories of Christmas and Santa, this special holiday program should not be missed out.

About Pearson Portrait Design
Pearson is a family portrait agency based in Cleveland, Ohio. The company is committed to deliver high-quality and creative image for family, commercial, and corporate clients. To enjoy the customers more, the company conducts some photoshoot programs. One of them is the well-known Fine Art Nostalgic Portraiture that is focused on the captures of nostalgic memories. Meanwhile, the upcoming program is The Wonder of Santa, still with the same concept but it is focused on the Christmas theme.

For Media Inquiries
Vincent Pearson — B 800–877–9845
Pearson Portrait Design
16781 Chagrin Blvd suite 237
Shaker Hts., Ohio 44120