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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Epic92 Lights Up the World Music Scene With an Innovative, Contemporary Sound

Epic92 Lights Up the World Music Scene With an Innovative, Contemporary Sound

The “International Super Duo” ignites the music industry with a fresh blend of  alternative urban rock and jazz.

Atlanta, GA– Atlanta is known as a hotspot for today’s biggest R&B, Hip-Hop, Rap and Jazz stars, and the popular adult alternative group Epic92 has been an energizing the music scene in “The Big Peach” with their innovative sound for more than 2 decades.  Now, with a new TV show and single about to drop, the group is garnering fans on a global level, and it looks like this is just the beginning for the talented duo.

Epic 92 is a comprised of Xanthe (ZANTHE), an impassioned singer known for her exotic, sultry voice, and Ktabbs Blink 85, an Atlanta native who is the extraordinary producer behind the group’s captivating sound.  Combining the best of original jazz with the timeless musical influences from the U.K., Xanthe and Ktabbs have topped Billboard charts over the years and opened for some of America’s most popular musicians including Keith Sweat, Calvin Richardson, Alyson Williams, Ruben Studdard , El Debarge, and Frankie Beverly.

It has not always, however,  been easy for Epic92.  Coming off a potential career ending car accident, the group recovered over the course of 3 years to successfully tour in the nation’s capital.  After creating a string of chart-topping hits, they returned to Atlanta and have clearly found the perfect niche and location for their special sound.  Atlanta’s rich diversity and varied music scene make it a perfect place to create, write and publish music all the while making contacts and friends along the way.

Looking to diversify themselves, the duo have signed to a new television production with the Soft Love Happy Hour Show which will be premiering in March of this year.  There are hints of the show’s potential to expand beyond RLTV, and the duo are open to new ways to develop the programming.

While the television show is exciting and has infinite possibilities, the team has not forgotten their roots and the loyal fans who have come to know and love their music. Their highly anticipated new album, Atlanta Lights,” will drop soon and the new single, Should’ve Known Betta will debut across the country in Febuary of this year. They will kick of the first leg of their tour in St Louis February 19th.

A full discography, information and more about the Epic92 can be found at their website where fans and anyone interested in learning more band can keep up with their future performance dates and news.


About Epic92:
EPIC 92 has been branded an international super duo for the new millennium for their innovative, contemporary brand of music.  They are an alternative mix between urban rock and jazz with timeless UK influences. They will with no doubt stand alone in their era.

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Thursday, January 26, 2017

FifaCoinsBuy Steps Forward with their New Services and Features of the Website

FifaCoinsBuy LLC offers better platform and services in the industry of Fifa coins trading. That is including with the application and website for giving better services for customers.

FifaCoinsBuy LLC which is as a great company which provides the platform in the trading of Fifa coins already releases their various new service product on their website. That is such the helpful way for the people to get a lot of simplicity in which they can find the ranges of services on their website in a detail way. Thus, that might be the goal of the new features website which has been released, including the wide ranges of language choices.

The site which has been the home of the company becomes the place as well for the people, who is looking for the service in trading the Fifa Coins. The wide ranges of Fifa coins can be traded on the website, which is as the official site of this company. Wide ranges of the types of Fifa coins have been there and they are opens for various Fifa 17 Coins for various platforms. That is including for the Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Xbox 360, and also Xbox One. Besides the trading for the Fifa coins for those game consoles, there are also the trading of the Fifa coins for the other types of platform of the game, as like PC, Android, and even iOS.

On the official site of the company, they offer the detail and clear information regarding what they offer and various types of services regarding to the trading of the various Fifa coins. The aim is giving simplicity for the people who want to trade or to buy Fifa 17 coins in such the simple way without any hassle or even frustration.

The company offers such the wide ranges of the Fifa coins directly through their hands. Thus that is why the company also calls it as the handmade ones since there are more than 150 people as their staffs there who love to play the games of Fifa to earn all of those coins. That becomes the answer of many people who ask about where the company gets a bunch of those Fifa coins to be traded.

It has been shown on their official site. “All FIFA coins are 100% hand-made by over 150 staffs that are knee on playing FIFA games”.

The application of FifaCoinsBuy named Fut coins is also offered to be downloaded by the people who want to be able reaching the company’s services anytime on their hand. The company allows the people to download the application from iOS and Android app stores.

About FifaCoinsBuy
This is a company which has a long experience in providing the platform in the Fifa coin trading. The company has been in this industry since the year of 2013. It has been years and the company already has a bunch of additional services for providing the people simplicity in Fifa coins trading, including for buying and selling the coins. The company also provides the application for the people to give the best service.
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Sunday, January 15, 2017

The Home for Everything that Concerns Women

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Most a time, issues about the well being of women especially in the families are usually overlooked. To worsen the situation, most women are ignorant of what they are supposed to be doing at a particular condition or to improve on what they have been doing, like cooking, women fashion, pregnancy, to mention but a few. THIS PLATFORM has made available for every woman all that are needed of her to know, be it pregnancy tips and advice, cooking of varieties of delicacies, women fashion, kids care, etc.

During PREGNANCY PERIOD, some women just eat anything they can lay their hand on. In fact, during pregnancy women should be more of careful of what they eat, because they are nurturing lives in them. One’s pregnancy diet should be good enough her and as well good for the baby. With enough information readily available here, pregnant women will no more have challenge in deciding what foods are best during this crucial phase of life (pregnancy). It is very easy for women to gain weight during pregnancy, especially with so much eating and less exercise, but when the right foods are chosen, one will no more worry about the health and that of the baby. All these and many other pregnancy tips, including the signs and symptoms of pregnancy, stages of pregnancy, sex during pregnancy, information on child delivery, etc are available at

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Monday, January 2, 2017 Launches New Application for the Website recently launched a new mobile application. Customers will get up to 5% discounts when purchasing coins via the app.

Hong Kong, January 2, 2017:, a world class FUT coins trading platform, recently launched a new mobile application that will make purchasing FIFA 17 coins faster, easier and more convenient. has been established since 2013 and after 3 years in business, this online trading platform has served more than 100,000 regular customers and the number is still growing. is well-known for its quick order processing and coin delivery. The new application will offer an even better shopping experience where customers can purchase FIFA coins in the convenience of their smartphones.

To attract more customers to download the new mobile app, FIFACoinsBuy offers discount exclusively for app users. The discount will vary according to the customer’s order amount. For $10 to $20 purchase and $20 to $40 purchase, 2% and 3% off discount is provided. Meanwhile, customers that make an over 40% order, 5% off discount will be given.

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