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Thursday, November 30, 2017

Body hair new hope for head hair transplant in Pakistan

Cosmoderma commits to be the best hair transplant clinic in Pakistan. It now offers body hair transplant with the most advanced technology.

Lahore, November 30, 2017: Pakistan is known as one of the best destinations for hair transplant surgery and Cosmoderma Clinic is ready to live up to that reputation. Cosmoderma is a leading hair transplant clinic in Pakistan that has successfully done the hair transplant procedures to thousands of patients.

One of the best services this clinic provides is body hair transplant and Cosmoderma strives to provide the best body hair transplant in Pakistan. In most cases, the graft donor in a hair transplant is taken from the back side of the patient’s head. However, when the patients don’t have enough hair to be transplanted to the other part of their head, body hair can also be used. Even though body hair is basically the same with hair on the head, the transplant technique is different so this procedure requires an experienced surgeon.

“The cost for FUE hair transplant in our clinic is around 120 rupee/graft. Even though this price is more affordable compared to similar procedure in other countries, we have better success rate because our clinic is equipped with the most advanced technology and we also have the best doctor in Pakistan,” said the representative of the clinic.

“I was worried I was not an eligible candidate for hair transplant because I didn’t have much hair left on my head. Thankfully, Cosmoderma surgeons were able to perform body hair transplant so now I finally can see hair growing on my head,” said Victor Roux, one of the overseas patients of the clinic.

The best thing about this clinic that sets it apart with other similar clinics in Pakistan is the surgeons working here. Dr. M. Ahmad Chaudhry is one of the most respected hair transplant experts in the world. He is experienced in doing various hair transplant techniques, both for men and women. The fact that Cosmoderma is manned by such an experienced surgeon is certainly a plus point for this clinic.

About Cosmoderma

Cosmoderma Hair Transplant clinic is the best place to get hair transplant surgery in Pakistan. Despite of its cheap surgery cost, this clinic provides the most advanced technology and has served thousands of patients from all over the world. Surgery candidates that want to have a consultation or want to know more about body hair transplant cost in Pakistan can visit the clinic that opens from 9.00 AM to 5.00 PM every Monday to Saturday.

For media inquiries:

Cosmoderma Hair Transplant Clinic Pakistan

31 A- Ali Zeb Road Block C- 3 Gulberg-3

Firdous Market – opposite Total Pump

Lahore -Pakistan

Phone: +92-42-35874529 & 30

Mobile: +92-333-430-99 99



Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Wiscloud Inc. launches in Lake Elsinore, California to target technology-lovers and innovation-seeking market


Monday 27 Nov 2017

Wiscloud Inc. launches in Lake Elsinore, California to target technology-lovers and innovation-seeking market
Wiscloud Inc., a Smart Home Technology company, is launching their IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign on Cyber Monday, November 27 2017 in response to an ever-increasing demand for Smart Home technology products with an unmatched network from the Internet of Things and Smart Home Technology sectors.

Wiscloud Inc. will help customers connect with, automate their environment and access the Internet of Things so they can tailor the functions to their unique lifestyle with innovative technology.  Wiscloud Inc. is one of the veterans part of a growing trend to help people make the most from the technology in their space by controlling the devices remotely and securely.  For over 10 years, the company has been working with direct consumers automating their homes, developers for new constructions and for commercial applications such as offices, government and agriculture.

Technology Innovation for a Modern Lifestyle

Anthony Roberts, Sales Manager of Wiscloud Inc. explains: "Wiscloud's Smart Home is the perfect way to simplify the safety, health, convenience, time and energy use of your home life. Prepare for energy-saving emission reduction, a safer environment and more control of your technology. Stop wasting your time and money - start living your modern lifestyle."

Coincidentally, the Smart Home System is also very practical for caring for the elderly. Smart Switches, Smart Outlets and other automation devices ease the burden of less physically able elders or disabled individuals. The system allows close ones to remotely monitor, assist and respond to emergency situations to keep them safe.

Wiscloud Inc. works by connecting all the available devices in the space, letting you set up your custom preferences and desired actions, then enabling you to control everything in that area remotely through multiple devices. Our mesh network allows devices to automatically find the shortest signal path between devices. A single controller can connect to over 60,000 devices, without any complex configurations. It’s the perfect wireless control, providing smart homes and cities a stable and secure neural network.

A Prorietary Network That Outperforms Wifi and Bluetooth in Capabilities, Reach and Security

The company offers Smart Home Technology products with an unmatched powerful network: the Wiscloud Nebula. Our patented Nebula communication protocol is a narrow-band, cellular, ad hoc network of ultra-low power wireless communications, with low latency real-time communications. It’s a new solution to current IoT wireless control stability issues, with automatic renewal and networking.

Based in Lake Elsinore, Southern California, Wiscloud Inc. currently employs more than 200 worldwide staff and has plans to recruit more over the next twelve months.  The company is launching their newly refined products in the North American market through a crowdfunding campaign, to improve the user experience, expand on the technology's features and grow the US team by hiring innovative people with a passion in the IOT industry.

The quickly growing target market is estimated at more than $15 Billion this year alone, projected to grow to  $53.45 billion by the year 2022, according to Forbes.

Prior to launching, the company's founder John Hu, Chief Executive Officer worked as an Internet of Things Master, bringing his experience and his innovation to Wiscloud to help connect the world and maximize the potential of our technology.  While the company is a decade in business, its innovative technological experts encompass over two decades of innovations and computing platform experience.

You can contribute to the crowdfunding campaign and reserve your very own Smart Home Automation System on IndieGoGo by visiting: or learn more about Wiscloud at


For more information contact: Dennis Wong, Marketing Director (909) 228-0080 or Joyce O Reyes, Strategic Growth Specialist  (909) 480-8141

About Wiscloud Inc.

Wiscloud Inc. is a Smart Home Technology  company based in Lake Elsinore, Southern California and founded by Jack Woo, Chief Executive Officer in 2007 to help customers in the Smart Home Technology market to connect with, automate their environment and access the Internet of Things so they can tailor the functions to their unique lifestyle.

With its strong hardware and software R & D team and technical strength, Wiscloud has always stood at the forefront of the Internet development and adheres to the concept of "mastering core technologies, developing products with independent intellectual property rights and continuously innovating" and adhering to the principle of "Passion and Cooperation , Care and Sharing ". We aim to master the core technologies of the Internet of Things industry and strive to become the world's leading supplier of products and solutions for IoT.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017


Pakistan is ranked as 9th most obese country in the world, according to the Global Burden of Disease Study published in The Lancet medical journal.

26 November 2017: Pakistan is the 08th most obese country in the world, however there are very limited entities working to address this concern,  which is leading to diabetes and other serious diseases, putting our younger generation at risk. The facts were shared at a Press Conference in Lahore, marking the launch of “Run for Healthy Life”- a public awareness campaign by Novo Nordisk Pakistan and South Asian Federation of Endocrine Societies (SAFES).

The campaign is launched as a part of the broader initiative of “Changing Diabetes:registered:”  by Novo Nordisk Pakistan,  under which the organization has joined hands with SAFES , comprising of Endocrine societies from Bangladesh, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, and SriLanka, to create awareness about obesity, one of the most important risk factors of diabetes.

Trust DayCare Announces Crowdfunding Campaign to Expand Childcare in Jakarta

Jakarta, Indonesia – Nov. 28, 2017 – Martha Mulyadani, founder of Trust DayCare, announced that the childcare provider has launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise the $50,000 needed to open a new branch that will bring critically needed daycare service to the city.

“We provide the best daycare service with love, fun and care,” said Mulyadani.

Money from the crowdfunding campaign will be used for the new facility’s rent, utilities, caregiver salaries, equipment and furnishings, and transportation in some situations. Trust DayCare operates one daycare facility located in West Jakarta that was established in Oct. 2016. The center cares for 23 children, but the need for safe and trusted daycare has far exceeded the organization’s current capacity.

Jakarta is experiencing a critical shortage of reliable, professional and nurturing daycare. Many families have both parents that work and individuals often wait six months or more before an opening in any type of care is available. The only option for many parents is a series of babysitters and the Trust DayCare staff has heard of instances in which violence was done to children by those who don’t have a true passion for childcare.

Trust DayCare’s mission is to provide families with affordable and professional daycare services. Parents pay a $75 registration fee and from $120-$160 per week for their children to attend. The funds are enough to cover the current facility’s operating expenses but won’t stretch to include opening another childcare service that will expand the center’s services to more parents desperate to obtain care for their children.

The organization offers much more than meals and play opportunities. Trust DayCare provides children with age-appropriate education that stimulates young minds and physical activities that develop strong bodies. Children are taught manners, values, social skills and how to be of good character. The center even teaches toilet training and works with infants to youngsters of preschool age.

Trust DayCare’s Indiegogo campaign will raise the funds needed to open a second childcare and education service to help meet the continuing need for quality daycare in Jakarta. The organization is dedicated to helping its children develop strong bodies, inquisitive minds, and equipping them with the skills needed for success in a caring and nurturing environment.

About Trust DayCare
Trust DayCare is a trusted daycare in the West Jakarta area that emphasizes the philosophy that educating children requires the right education combined with love, fun and care. Individuals can connect with Trust DayCare on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Media Contact
Martha Mulyadani
Trust DayCare – Founder
Phone: +62821 10000 880

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Myotaut Develop Its Vaginal Products

After struggling through several observations and researches, Myotaut Serum  is produced and offering a safe method without side effects for tightening the vagina.

Myotaut has been known from some years ago to produce some alternative health products, particularly for women. Undeniably, sexuality plays so many important roles in human’s life, so that efforts to make it perfect are important to be done. One of the problems commonly suffered are the vagina that is not tight anymore particularly after delivering baby. Although it should not be a big deal for healthy relationships, attempts to tighten it are great to be done.

It is not a secret, if many women prefer doing plastic surgery or Vaginoplasty to tighten and even beautify their vagina. This method is clearly effective for many satisfied women experienced. However, it is risky and sometimes terrifying. More than that, how if the women are again giving birth in the future. Should they do the surgery some more? This is what has been solved by Myotaut for its innovation in the world of tightening the vagina. Without dealing with scalpels, today’s women along with their spouses can enjoy their vagina simply only by using Myotaut serum.

There are some other benefits from Myotaut serum dealing with women’s sexual organs. Despite vaginal tightening, this serum is also functioned for anal tightening and Labia Majora Shrinkage or making vaginal lips smaller. Interestingly, it has been clinically proven for not giving any side effects. Rather than using chemical substances as the main ingredients, this product is much more natural. Besides, the way to use it is so easy, just by smearing it on the vaginal areas and the results can just be simply seen for less than two weeks. The natural results make the users more confident as well, even being compared to them with vaginal surgery. The results are also permanent and the application can be done directly some days after the pregnancy.

About Myotaut
Myotaut has been working for some years to help the women solve their problems, particularly regarding the sexual or reproductive system. Women are indeed prone to some exchange, particularly after their sexual experiences and pregnancy. Not only Myotaut being available for women’s reproductive system health, it also provides solutions for vaginal aesthetic including tightening the looseness.

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Foderma’s Ground-breaking Serum Effectively Treats Eczema

Say goodbye to days of anguish and discomfort with Foderma. Its serum provides immediate relief and at the same time, treat the underlying issues that cause eczema outbreak.
Trying to get rid of eczema is not an easy matter. Despite its notoriety of being one of the most common skin conditions in both children and adult alike, a cure seems to be so far away from the horizon. Not only it is horrific in appearance, sufferers complain about how incredibly unpleasant and uncomfortable their skin condition is.

At a glance, the discomfort it causes may seem overlooked. But Eczema is more than just a case of chaffed skin. Researchers are still puzzled about what exactly causes the condition. However, the majority of them believe that a combination of genetics and environmental factors is responsible for this epidemic. Since the abnormal function of sufferers’ immune system to defects in surrounding skin barrier. Whichever cause it, sufferers agree that a cure is needed to treat the condition once and for all.

The fickle nature of eczema makes it difficult for researchers to create the greatest cure. Medical practitioners can only offer relief in the form of topical ointment and oral medication, but neither of them truly cure the skin condition. Eczema may seem cured after this treatment, but soon you will find that when it’s triggered, the outbreak will come back to haunt you.

Fortunately for eczema sufferers, Foderma has launched its incredible solution that doubles as Eczema cure! Unlike any other topical ointment on the market, Foderma truly treats the underlying issue with its active ingredients. Containing all-natural potent ingredients such as Morus Nigra fruit extract, Jojoba oil, Rubus Idaeus fruit extract, and Rose Hip Seed oil, Foderma is the closest you ever get to a total cure!

This eczema serum is not only powerfully and incredibly effective in treating eczema, it can also be used to treat conditions such as psoriasis, dermatitis, and many more. With its non-greasy, steroid-free and toxin-free formula, the serum acts like a multivitamin for the skin. It initiates healing from within, while at the same time also reduce pain, swelling and itching.

About Foderma
Foderma believes that to cure eczema, we must first address the underlying issue. Healing and regeneration of damaged skin will never take place when the defect is not cured in the first place. With this belief, Foderma created what it referred to as the superfood for skin. It moisturizes skin, balances the entire system, while at the same time stops itching and reduces inflammation. This is the primary reason why Foderma is very effective in treating the condition.

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Dermelastic and Its Game-changing Solution to Stretch Marks

The latest serum invention from Dermelastic provides non-surgical solution to treat stretch marks.  

Many women who have experienced the trials of pregnancy, have also tried to get rid of stretch marks. This permanent skin scarring results in both texture and color change, making their once smooth skin turns reddish and disfigured.

Stretch marks occur when the skin expands and stretches to accommodate their growing baby bump and are commonly found on the buttocks, abdomen, thighs and breasts. While the severity of stretch marks may diminish over time, it never goes away. Its permanent nature and the prospect of having to live with stretch marks is a hard pill to swallow.

Many renowned cosmetic brands launched their own stretch mark correction creams to help get rid of the permanent scarring. However, the reliability of its claim is highly questionable. Many of its users admitted that although the stretchmark corrector cream seemed to minimize the aggravated look of their scar, it did not get rid of it as they had hoped.

This disappointing result leads many women to wonder about what can actually be done to effectively get rid of pregnancy stretch marks. When stretchmark corrector cream from a renowned cosmetic brand failed them, their first solution would be to get an over-the-counter fix – only to get disappointed for the second time. However, with the latest serum invention from Dermelastic, women everywhere may finally breathe a sigh of relief.

Dermelastic offers a game-changing stretch mark solution that stands out against its competition such as Mederma and L’Oreal. Providing a non-surgical stretch mark solution in the form of serum, Dermelastic’s incredible serum has the ability to dissolve the damaged fibers that lead to stretch marks. Not only that, it also regenerates the damaged tissues, effectively treating issues such as disfiguration and discoloration.

About Dermelastic
Dermelastic was founded by two chemists who have experience in treating mothers’ post-pregnancy. Understanding the embarrassment of having an altered figure and pain of having to live with insecurity, they began their quest of finding a permanent solution to end this issue once and for all.

After extensive research and experiment, they created an incredible stretch mark serum that does not only strengthen skin fibers, but also encourages the damaged skin to regenerate from within. The serum effectively contains the troubling fat deposit where they belong and lock them within the dermis, removing the stretch marks and preventing them to reappear in the long run.

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Venorid Providing the Best Alternative to Varicose Vein Removal

The first non-invasive treatment to get rid of dilated varicose vein and spider vein introduced by Venorid. Effectively treats the issue from within without surgery.

Spider vein removal is surprisingly one of the most common procedures that many patients opt to go through due to a myriad of reasons. Having an enlarged and visible varicose vein can be an extremely difficult ordeal for many people. Often appearing bulging and twisted similar to cords, this type of condition typically affects the legs, although they may also affect other parts of the body such as the face.

In many cases, varicose veins only look horrific and do not cause pain or other problems. But very often, sufferers mention about the itchy rash feeling in the problem area. Quite a number of them also commented on how painful their enlarged varicose veins are. Regardless of which category you fall into and whether or not it gives you trouble, chances are you wish to completely get rid of spider veins.

Are you looking for a way to get rid of varicose veins without having to go under the knives? Or perhaps, you are looking for a non-surgical treatment to remove this issue without pain or discomfort? While in many cases, varicose veins do not pose problems. At times it may cause intense throbbing and discomfort, as well as aching pain. Pain or no pain, many sufferers need a treatment that works.

Being one of the most common issue that affects millions of people around the world, the number one culprit of this dilated vein condition is thought to be restless legs. While you may do some preventative measure to avoid varicose veins, those who already developed the condition need Varicose vein removal. Fortunately Venorid has come up with an earth-shattering solution to completely treat it.

What makes it incredible is the fact that Venorid offers a highly effective non-surgical treatment. With its serum containing 5-percent of the Venorid potent blend of all-natural extract, the powerful serum is able to completely eradicate both varicose and spider vein after regular use.

About Venorid

Both varicose and spider vein removal procedures are invasive, and extremely painful. A lot of people shy away from the treatment altogether due to fear of the traumatizing procedure and pain. Despite rapid technological advancement, and the quick removal process, this procedure comes with a myriad of side effects. Some of which are longer recovery period. For this reason, Venorid created its infamous serum that effectively improves the damaged fibroblasts and encourage healing as well as regeneration from within.

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Sunday, November 19, 2017

Portraying Wilt Chamberlain taking part in NBA today in light of experiment of NBA 2K18

It is without doubt. Wilt Chamberlain comes out as one of the most dominant players in the olden times of the NBA or professional sports as well. The laundry list of astonishing statistical activities along with superhero-typed athletic feats of Chamberlain places him upon a short list of fabled legends.  

The career of Chamberlain started taking place during the year of 1959 and it appeared to finish during 1973. The individuals feel that he takes part against the possible heroes including Bill Russell, Bob Pettit, Walt Bellamy, and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Conversely, the individuals did not find him to play against the best players and teams of today. It is not to be known for certain what Wilt could have achieved in game of today. However, NBA 2K18 permits the individuals to run their little research to crater players from the other epochs against each other. Visiting Nbamtcoins.Com helps gamer avail nba 2k18 mt to find the early edge in the gameplay of NBA 2K18. Based on this tool, it requires finding out What Chamberlin could deal with as the director of a bad team in NBA these days.  The 99-ranked Chamberlin was brought from the all-time team of Golden State Warriors in the game. Then, he was placed upon the roster of the lowly 2017-18 Chicago Bulls.


Wilt made 46 points along with 23 rebounds in the first usual season matchup with LeBron James along with Cleveland Cavaliers. He directed the Bulls to the win. He made 29 points and bagged 20 rebounds in a victory over the Oklahoma City Thunder.  Chamberlain accumulated 31 points along with 19 rebounds in a loss of road to the Golden State Warriors.  Chamberlain became an All-Star starter in the Eastern Conference and made 31 points with 24 rebounds in the All-Star Game. To find the early edge, gamers can opt to buy nba 2k18 mt from the professional online gaming house, Nba mt coins.Com now.

Led Bulls to No.1 placed in the Eastern Conference along with a record of 55-27. He overcame the Defensive Player of the Year and it is made with All-NBA along with all-defensive first team. It directed the league in rebounding and protected shots.  There is the posted seasonal average of 20.8 points, 15.9 rebounds, 3.2 assists, and 3.2 blocks. However, he prepared just fifty-seven percent of his free throws. Chamberlain along with Bulls was propelled to seven games in the first round. However, they drove through the Washington Wizards in five and the Cavaliers in four to arrive at the NBA Finals. In the final match, the Warriors devastated the Bulls in a four-game sweeping.  

gameplay changes based on Patch 5 Notes of NBA 2K18

An issue is fixed in which the Clipboard of Coach might display the inaccurate matchup for a challenger. An issue is fixed that permitted the players to escape from a dunk and it is to re-jump into another dunk after working a dropping step movement. The shooting foul frequency is regulated and it is particularly for well-positioned and high-ranked blockers. Keep an eye open for the latest news on NBA 2K18. Take a visit at for pure and handmade nba 2k18 mt.

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Friday, November 17, 2017

Sachin Started youtube channel - Watch Bollywood Hindi songs in USA style

Sachin Kumar today propelled a committed channel for YouTube, highlighting on-request content from the Journal's developing stable of video programming. In conjunction with the dispatch, the channel will feature "On leave," a day by day way of life demonstrate appearing today in light of the eponymous area of WSJ Weekend, the Journal's Saturday paper.

Facilitated by Wall Street Journal correspondent Wendy Bounds, "On furlough" will enliven a large number of its namesake's highlights, and in addition other culture scope from the Journal – from sustenance to mold, music and motion pictures, go to tech. The show will air every business day at 6 p.m. ET on and Bollywood tune, the Journal's intuitive video application, took after instantly by on-request accessibility on YouTube and extra channels. Live scenes start Monday, February 6.

Scenes of "On leave" will consistently highlight a scope of themes displayed by correspondents and editors from over the Journal and Dow Jones, including:

General commitments from Journal faultfinders and reporters including Joe Morgenstern (film), Jim Fusilli (music), Dan Neil (auto) and Lettie Teague (wine);

Formula how-to's from Off Duty's "Moderate Food Fast" journalist Kitty Greenwald alongside "WSJ Test Kitchen";

"Heard on the Runway" with a round-up of the week's mold news and patterns;

"WSJ After Hours" offering an insider's take a gander at the most up to date drifts, social scenes and mold explanations of New York City nightlife;

Extra fragments concentrated on uncommon occasions, for example, Fashion Week, the Grammy Awards, Academy Awards and that's only the tip of the iceberg.

Dispatch week will incorporate uncommon fragments in planning for up and coming Super Bowl XLVI, with a roundtable of Journal sports columnists on location in Indianapolis; a sit-down with the makers of Animal Planet's yearly "Puppy Bowl"; a meeting with VIP culinary specialist Donatella Arpaia talking about tips for a fruitful gathering spread; and that's only the tip of the iceberg. Moreover, the Journal's Lee Hawkins takes a seat with four effective music acts to talk about how they are standing up to the business' emotional changes - including Paul Stanley of Kiss, Grammy Award-champ Cee-Lo Green, multi-platinum rapper Soulja Boy, and worldwide move gather Far East Movement.

The select dispatch backer for Sachin Kumar's YouTube channel is OppenheimerFunds.

Bollywood tune from Sachin Kumar

Diary video incorporates different shows, news refreshes, revealing from the field, select meetings and exceptional occasions scope. YouTube is the most recent circulation station for Bollywood tune, which as of now includes up to four hours of live programming per business day and additionally on-request video by means of the iPad, Internet-TVs and set-top boxes. "On leave" joins Digits, Lunch Break, Mean Street, Markets Hub, Opinion Journal and the News Hub, and additionally a broad chronicle of clasps displaying news and announcing from the more than 2,000 writers over the Journal and Dow Jones.

Notwithstanding YouTube, the Bollywood melody application is accessible by means of Apple TV, Google TV and Roku and in addition Boxee, Etisalat, Hulu, Panasonic's VIERA Connect™ - empowered HDTVs, Samsung 2011 Smart TVs, Sony Internet TV, VIZIO Internet Apps® HDTVs, and the Yahoo!® Connected TV stage. The Bollywood melody application for iPad has been downloaded more than 160,000 times since dispatch in September 2017.

Sachin Kumar
New york
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Saturday, November 4, 2017

Jobisite to Offer the Best Job Posting in the United States

Highly regarded as the best online employment website in the United States, Jobisite offers premium quality services for job recruiters in the nation.

November 4, 2017: Jobisite has recently been hailed as the best job posting USA by many key players in the industry, and it is deservedly so. The company successfully attracted many people and turned them into its loyal customers in just a short period amount of time. Truly an incredible accomplishment, more so when we take into account of the number of employment websites available online. With similar services, it’s a wonder Jobisite could come out on top.

The key is in the fact that Jobisite does not really provide similar services. While the concept of helping both job recruiters and job seekers is essentially the same, Jobisite has managed to create services which are more exclusive and beneficial for those involved. Better yet, all of the premium services it offers are provided at an affordable price.

The challenges in the job recruitment world can be overwhelming. Not only the process, but also the price of the service. Many agencies, both traditional and online, provide services to recruiters in exchange for recurring monthly fees. This overly expensive fees are required for easy job posting and all-access to numerous resumes, but they are not without limitations. Majority of online employment websites and advertisement agencies very often fail to live up to its clients’ expectations for numerous reasons.

About Jobisite
With the needs of job recruiters and job seekers in mind, Jobisite managed to design and subsequently create services that cater to the unique needs of both parties. For recruiters, the complicated process associated with placing numerous job posting and sorting out the candidates’ resumes can really take a toll on them. Jobisite is aware of the issue and, appropriately devises a solution to counter this particular issue with the following features:

·                    Showing your employment advertisement at the top results for 60-days, giving you more exposure.
·                    Promoting your employment advertisement on numerous available job boards, giving you more chance of attracting qualified candidates.
·                    Submitting your advertisement to numerous Job Aggregators for the best possible result.
·                    Promoting your employment advertisement across popular social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.
·                    Promoting your employment advertisement using the company’s infamous email groups as well as its email distribution list.

With the aforementioned features, your job in finding the best potential for your company becomes easier. Jobisite is capable of attracting highly qualified candidates, and as the best job posting USA, it guarantees you get the most from your 19-dollar monthly fee – right from the moment you sign up for a free trial.

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