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Friday, April 26, 2019

How 14 Day Rapid Fat Loss Transformed The Scientific Fat Loss Industry

Shaun Hadsall's Breakthrough Weight Loss System Sheds Fat - The All-Natural Way

The '14 Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan', a scientific program to guide dieters to lose weight in a healthy, completely natural way, has revolutionized the field of 'scientific fat loss'.

Many women - and a surprising number of men, too - dream of enjoying a slimmer figure within just a couple of weeks. But when it comes to diets for rapid fat loss, the claims fly fast and thick. It’s enough to make your head spin.

Conventional advice was to reduce fat intake to lose weight. Diets for rapid fat loss excluded cakes, ice-cream, pizza, cheese and chocolate. But recent scientific research has uncovered the reality that fatty foods don't make you fat. Instead, carbohydrate intake is often the culprit when it comes to gaining weight.

The Annals of Internal Medicine, a reputable journal for medical professionals, published a study of 148 volunteers who were assigned into two groups - one eating a low-carb diet and the other a low-fat diet. Researchers were stunned to find that the average weight loss for those in the low-carb group was 7.7 pounds greater than the others.

Nutrition and weight management specialist Shaun Hadsall has been saying this for years, though. In his '14 Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan', a simple yet effective system that helps eliminate unhealthy fat within 2 weeks, he advocates a combination of exercise, rest and correct nutrition.

"Low fat diets slow down metabolism while leaving you hungrier," says Myntra Miller, a nutritionist and fat loss consultant. "Insulin released in response to high carbohydrate intake causes extra calories to be deposited around the waist."

It's an "eat more, use less" double whammy! And scientific weight loss programs are actively studying this research to recommend programs that are based on the body's own structure and genetic make up. Such programs achieve great results without harmful drugs or extreme diet restrictions that lower compliance.

"We make losing weight fun and healthy," says Misha Donaldson, another fitness coach and nutritionist we spoke with for this report. Misha explains how each individual's capability for rebuilding tissue is different. A scientific fat loss program must be tailored for such variations.

Shaun Hadsall's "14 Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan" helps fitness fans burn off fat naturally and in a healthy manner. The deeply researched and scientifically structured program helps dieters achieve a slimmer figure while enhancing health and fitness. And the biggest benefit of this program is that it doesn't rely on using any drugs or chemicals.

Anyone looking for a well-researched, science-backed program designed to help burn fat and shed extra pounds quickly should look at the '14 Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan'. A comprehensive and detailed review is available at which includes specific details of the program with explanations about how it lowers weight and improves health.  

Name: Myntra Miller
Address: 1089 E 53rd street, Brooklyn, New York 11234, USA
Phone: (902) 911 0849

Sugar Baby UK Announces Top 5 Lists of The Best Sugar Dating Websites

The website has just announced the best sites that sugar searchers can visit

April 26, 2019: UK-based dating website Sugar baby UK, has just listed several websites that sugar searchers can visit if they want to mingle with sugar daddies. The website lists several websites considered the best websites to find their sugar sweethearts, which then can open the eyes of many people who are looking to find a sugar daddy or a sugar baby for them.

The website has listed five other websites that provide the best services for sugar searchers. One of the five websites included is Seeking Arrangement, a US-based sugar baby website that is considered the best sugar daddy website in the world. Aside from Seeking Arrangement, there are others such as BICupid, a website for bisexuals, Sugar Daddy for Me, Sugar Daddie, and Sugar Daddy Meet.

Not only that they list the websites, Sugar baby UK also provides visitors with a detailed view on the websites that they have listed, giving visitors a taste of what to expect on the websites. From the details, Sugar baby UK ranks the websites based on the ratings, the popularity, and the price of using each website. This helps visitors in making their decision regarding which website they want to visit, which can only be good for the visitors. They also offer bisexuals and gays to engage in such a relationship, opening up the path for people who are often sidetracked when it comes to dating websites.

Sugar baby UK is also offering a page where interested parties can download several sugar dating apps. The apps listed are all credible applications where one can easily arrange a meeting with their sugar daddy, sugar baby, or sugar momma. Downloading the app from their website is as easy as visiting it using a phone and press on the application that visitors want to download. Aside from applications for Sugar Daddy Meet and Seeking Arrangement, Sugar Baby UK also has download prompts for BI-LGBT, and MillionaireMatch, an application where millionaires can match and date each other. Both Android users and iPhone users can download the applications provided it is available in the manufacturers’ respective stores.

About Company

A website founded in 2018, Sugar baby UK aims to be the best website for sugar searchers to find the right person for them. With many websites listed and many applications to be downloaded, those who see themselves as a sugar daddy UK or a sugar baby UK will find it easy to get connected with other interested people. For more information, visit:

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

DavitNorway Signs a New Chief of Operations in the Africa Region

The company has enlisted long-time industry expert John Gentz as the COO of DavitNorway Africa.
Randaberg, Norway, April 24, 2019 - DavitNorway, a new and up-coming provider of davits and boat-handling equipment, has just signed a new Chief of Operations to handle its services in the Africa region. John Gentz, the newly-appointed COO, assumes his new position as the leader of operations of DavitNorway’s African was approached by DavitNorway early in 2019. After considering the concept, the models and the market potential quickly agreed to take charge of operations in the African region. This appointment will a good addition to DavitNorway as John Gentz is an experienced individual, widely known for his flair in the world of business.

Born in Cape Town, John Gentz has his formal education from a variety of Cape Town-based schools and academies. Among these, we find internationally renowned learning institutions such as the University of Cape Town, Stellenbosch University, and the Cape University of Technology.

The newly appointed COO will handle the majority of business operations in Africa.
DavitNorway’s CEO, Vidar Halvorsen says the following about such a massive undertaking:
We know John is able to competently handle all our interests in Africa, thanks to his Rhino thick skin and “Never-say-die” attitude.
From his earlier career, John Gentz is the builder of successful networks around the world and has created teams that are professionally inclined to do their jobs ‘the perfect way’. As a former Divisional General Manager of a renowned Marine company, Gentz has traveled extensively around almost all continents in the world, building new business networks and establishing new branches for the company.

With an experience that almost touches the 15-year milestone, John has been working in prestigious companies all over the world. Aside from being the aforementioned former Divisional General Manager, he was the supply chain manager of Baltimore Aircoil, the Financial Executive of Cape Armature Winders, and Group Financial Manager of Lavirco Ltd. That wealth of experience makes him a fine COO of DavitNorway, an addition that the company can be proud of.

Gentz himself is an advocate of providing the best service to customers, not skipping the tiniest detail of interaction between him, the company he is working for, and the company’s clients.
“Good service makes the difference – Make every interaction count, even the small ones. They are all relevant,” John said when asked about what he believes in when he is working.

“He is personable, friendly and sufficiently “thick-skinned” to find the correct customers, to lead the teams effectively and find solutions using “Service to Customer”. The long-term effect from this approach results in solid long term customer relationships," Jan Halvorsen, the Chief Technical Officer for DavitNorway, said.

About DavitNorway
DavitNorway is a new and innovative Davit developer, which has impressed the market with their new take on what davits should be. Their designs focuses on user experience, designing the davit with value in operational cost efficiency in mind.
Personnel is recruited exclusively through the network, where hands-on experience and openmindedness is a key personnel factor.
The company is positioning itself to be a key player in the industry, with davit models that promise great value for all stakeholders, whether this is an able seaman or the financial executive of the ship-owner.

To learn more about the company and to learn more about their new davit models, give a visit.

Contact info:
DavitNorway AS
Randabergveien 300B
4070 Randaberg
Tel: +47- 98 010 011

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

The First Online Medicine Price Comparison Has been Launched for the UK Market

Current data show significant differences in the medicine prices from one online pharmacy to another in the UK. Bruno Correia launches a website for medicine’s price comparison to solve the customers confusion to choose the best prices for them.
Nowadays, people in the UK seem to be more interested to get medicines and medication treatments online. This way is considered faster and more convenient than going outside to meet the doctors directly or simply visit the pharmacy. Indeed, there are some risks following this choice. For examples, the medicines are not like what have been expected and there are also shipping costs required. Aside from that, practicality is still winning although the customers need to pay more.

To avoid a problem like buying a medicine at a higher price than in other pharmacy, the site of prescription medicine comparison is necessary. To meet the customers’ need, MedCompared comes to compare the prices of the same medicines but they are offered in different pharmacy in the UK. There are some benefits to experience by the customers for sure. They can save their money more and find the best prices for them.

There are many cases where the medicines have different prices. For example, hair loss treatments, the same medicine to buy can be more expensive up to 50% between pharmacies. There are some factors for this including the consultation fee, shipping cost, and more. It is in line with the statement of Bruno Correia, Co-founder of MedCompared. In one interview, he said that some pharmacies or online clinics are more interested to divide the price for some different services. Meanwhile, some others may sum up them all at one price. For customers, it is certainly really confusing.

For this matter, Bruno presents MedCompared to compare more than 30 types of medicines sold by more than 11 online pharmacies in the UK. The website enables customers to choose the most necessary services given by each pharmacy. All the pharmacy enlisted have been registered and licensed by General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) and are authorized to sell and dispatch medication in the UK. The process of registration and licensing are to avoid customers buying fake medicines from invalid pharmacy.

In the future, MedCompared will add more online pharmacies and other health treatment features. This way, the website will be more beneficial for patients who look for online medicines and treatments.

About MedCompared

MedCompared is the first website and search engine for medicines and pharmacies in UK that enables the patients to compare the prices and types of medicines sold, so that they can get the best treatments for their health.

Tina Jo – a Los Angeles’ Rising Star in Fashion Photography

Tina Jo is a professional photographer for fashion based in Los Angeles. She is very popular with her unique approach to the object, light, color and, angle that differentiates her from the other fashion photographers in the city.

Profession as a fashion photographer needs does not only need talent, but also good skills. With the tight competition in the fashion industry, the job as a photographer for fashion is also competitive. Among the photographers that become the talk of the town is Tina Jo. With the primary office in Los Angeles, Tina Jo has created her own reputation and place as a professional photographer for fashion in the city.

Tina Jo is the rising star in the industry since her works are not only creative but also impactful. Her photographs will make everyone thinks that they are masterpieces. Tina Jo holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in photography from Otis College of Art and Design, Los Angeles.

Tina Jo has also years of experience as a freelance photographer at Riot Games, Vince, Irene’s Story, Marina West Swimwear, and more. Her creative works come with vibrant color that can catch everyone’s eyes. Not only that, but Tina Jo is also popular for her skill to make use of the shadows so that they can help her to create amazing photographs. She also knows well how to use natural lights to create a masterpiece photo. Tina Jo’s skill, talent, experience, and complete knowledge have brought her works into a higher level.

“Her works are absolutely impressive. I really like the portrait and photos she takes, they show the best of you. Tina Jo really knows which angle she should take to create the best photographs. There is nothing like this before. I am very satisfied with the results. She is really recommended,” said one of her customers.

About Tina Jo
Tina Jo is a young and a talented fashion photographer with a primary office in Los Angeles. With years of experience in fashion photography, Tina Jo is succeeded to carve her own place in the tight competition of the business. Fashion experts and the public have acknowledged that the pictures she takes are all extraordinary and unique. For more information about Tina Jo and her works, just visit her website or her Instagram page at

Sunday, April 21, 2019

Stop getting multiple babies of same gender. You can conceive a boy or girl with confidence.

Media Contact                                                                       For Immediate Release
Dr. Kuldeep Verma

Stop getting multiple babies of same gender. You can conceive a boy or girl with confidence.
Are you a couple about to get married or newlyweds planning to start a family or just trying to conceive a boy or girl? Most likely you want a small family consisting of equal number of boys and girls. However, if everything is left to chance, you may end up getting multiple babies of the same gender. Soon, you start looking for options to balance your family. In this search, you can fall prey to any internet scam (gender kits, gender diets and especially Dr. Shettles’ ideas) which only add to gender disappointment because there’s no basis to them.

Urobiologics is now the only truly working gender selection site for couples, helping them balance their families, thereby unfolding a lifetime of happiness. Based on their success, they just got Business Excellence Award 2019.

Here’s the proper way to avoid getting many babies of same gender. Since 1982, Urobiologics has been diligently working on a notion that just like there are two kinds of sperms “determining” the gender of the baby, there must be two kinds of something in women as well. In 2006, they discovered a new phenomenon that women have alternating boy-girl specific menstrual cycles due to release of alternating hormonal (T/E) ratios by ovaries. If cycle-1 is for conceiving a boy, the immediate next one is for conceiving a girl. Amazingly all women alternate. Therefore, to get a boy, one has to conceive in a boy cycle and to get a girl, they must conceive in a girl cycle. Some couples get easily conceived in one type of cycle only thereby getting multiple babies of same gender. Fortunately, this can be controlled. PreGender Precon test is the only one system to guide them to conceive in desired cycle only in order to get the desired baby with 94% success. So the process of gender selection is genetically controlled. This Gender Specific Natural Conception is a new, powerful, patented scientific concept invented by an award-winning and highly-accomplished biochemist.

Here’s the mantra to lifelong happiness =>> Most newlywed couples conceive within about first month of marriage. If a bride-to-be gets a PreGender Preconception test done 2-3 month before the wedding date, she would know in advance in which cycle she would conceive a boy and in which a girl. This way she would be in full control of designing a small balanced family for lifelong enjoyment and happiness. Starting a family would be a fun.

Example to show how to conceive a boy using PreGender test:
1st PreGender mid-cycle urine sample dated 9/1/14 showed a girl phase
2nd PreGender mid-cycle urine sample dated 10/3/14 showed a boy phase
Period start date 10/16/14, assumed that girl phase started. No test was done.
Period start date 11/12/14, assumed that boy phase started. No test was done.
Full conception plan was emailed. CONCEIVED IN THIS CYCLE
FirstGender post-conception urine sample dated 12/16/14 detected a boy. WELCOME ALTON!

To get PreGender Precon test done, women collect urine samples at home as shown at website and ship to Urobiologics from any country. It’s legal to send urine samples. No one has to travel and everything is kept confidential via emails. For more info visit To see successful cases, click “Live Charts”.

Saturday, April 20, 2019

Bioxytran Files Registration Statement with SEC

Boston, MA.  April 19 — Bioxytran, Inc. (BIXT) announced that it has filed a registration statement on Form S-1 with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission relating to a proposed offering of shares of its common stock. The number of shares to be offered and the price range for the proposed offering have not yet been determined. Bioxytran, Inc. has currently traded under the ticker symbol “BIXT.”

Bioxytran will manage the offering, however, reserves the right to utilize a placement agent or underwriter once the SEC has approved the registration statement.

The offering will be made only by means of a prospectus. Copies of the preliminary prospectus relating to this offering, when available, may be obtained directly from the company by telephone or by email to Bioxytran at 

A registration statement relating to these securities has been filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission but has not yet become effective. These securities may not be sold nor be offered to buy or be accepted prior to the time the registration statement becomes effective.

This press release shall not constitute an offer to sell or the solicitation of an offer to buy these securities, nor shall there be any sale of these securities in any state or jurisdiction in which such offer, solicitation or sale would be unlawful prior to registration or qualification under the securities laws of any such state or jurisdiction.

About Bioxytran, Inc.
Based in Newton, MA, Bioxytran Inc. is a developmental stage biopharmaceutical company developing anti-necrosis drugs that treat hypoxia. Hypoxia is a condition resulting in an insufficient supply of oxygen to bodily tissues, can cause a variety of severe, harmful medical conditions including cancer growth and cell death. 

The company is focusing on the development and commercialization of first-in-class treatments to prevent brain damage resulting from hypoxic conditions following brain stroke and trauma. The Company’s lead product candidate, BXT-25, is an anti-necrosis drug that carries oxygen to tissues when the flow of blood is blocked. It will be tested as a potent resuscitative agent to treat ischemic brain strokes, caused by severely reduced blood flow to the brain. In addition, the company plan to test another drug candidate, BXT-252, as a resuscitative agent in a variety of wound-healing applications, as well as in organ transplantation and cancer contexts.

Contact: David Platt, CEO of Bioxytran, Inc.
Phone: (617) 494-1199

Friday, April 19, 2019

Maxinina Fashion Launches Cute Collection Dresses under $30

Maxinina fashion is one of the global online stores for women who want to look trendy and fashionable all day long. Currently, it provides some cute dress with low prices under $30.

April 20, 2019: The outfit worn basically represents someone’s characters and personality. Certainly, it can also make woman feel confident all the time. Maxinina Fashion comes to help women and girls out there to choose and buy their favorite cute dresses in much easier ways. It is a global online store to visit by customers who look for fashionable apparels with the latest trends.

In this women clothes online store, there are some types of outfit available. They are dresses, tops, beachwear, bottoms, women’s shoes, outerwear, accessories, and even special items for men. The products are guaranteed to be qualified and in good conditions even after the shipping process. There are some products that are considered affordable with prices below $30. Some of them are the Spaghetti Strap Backless Striped Sleeveless Skater Dresses, Round Neck Print Sweaters, Solid Casual Polyester V-Neckline Long Sleeve Blouses, Spaghetti Strap Backless Floral Printed Sleeveless Casual Dresses, and more. They are offered at $23.81, $23.04, $24.58, and $26.88 respectively. There are still a few more options to make it easier for customers to look trendy even on a limited budget.

“Our dresses are available in various designs and colors. Therefore, our customers can have many options whether they prefer casual or elegant ones. Sure, it also provides products with various colors including a dress with a neutral color like black and white or a sweater with bright colors like yellow and bright. For certain occasions, women may love wearing a dress with certain patterns like floral or stripes.” said the company’s manager.

The free shipping feature is ready for the purchase of at least $69. For further descriptions regarding this matter, it can be seen on the Payment Page of Maxinina official website. PayPal is available for the payment method for quicker and more secure online purchases. The customer service team is also ready to help when there are problems experienced.

About Maxinina

Maxinina fashion is a global online shop for the latest women’s clothing. Some products offered are dresses, tops, bottoms, swimwear, shoes, and many more. Their professional customer service team is always ready to help customers all around the world due to their satisfaction is the priority.

Saturday, April 13, 2019

Cicilookshop Discounted Long T Shirts For Women Put Back Excitement in Pre-Summer Shopping

Everyone loves discounts and freebies and everyone wishes to get heavily rewarded as the warmer months get closer. Cicilookshop now brings an opportunity to their customers to snag savings during pre-summer shopping.

Hong Kong

Cicilookshop, an e-store committed to make every purchase a sweet deal for their customers, recently launched a broad range of discounted long t shirts for women for their retail customers. By marking down the prices of their exclusive products to the wholesale level, Cicilookshop sent out a clear message to their retail customers – summer season is saving season. The owners said during a press conference held recently that they want to make shopping a far more exciting affair this summer by offering lowest prices on some of the hot products as well as offering reasonably low prices on most of the wholesale shirts, tops and other fashion garments.

The objective of offering cheap t shirts and other types of summer apparels is to boost up their sales, the owners said. They said that around the summer, consumers all across the world indulge in impulsive buying and added that they think this is the right time of the year to increase awareness about their products.

The e-store can now offer a whole range of T-shirts, blouses, camis & vests as well as lingerie products that are often referred to as the biggest summer fashion trends of 2019. Also, customers of the store are now allowed to mix and match top and bottom dresses to make their own custom-designed dresses as that is a popular option for some customers who look beyond the designer collections to make their own fashion statements.

The owners of Cicilookshop said that customers who will be signing up on the e-store for the first time will also get a special coupon code to avail exciting discounts on the purchase of t shirts for women and other types of fashionable dresses from their store. The e-store now offers special summer discounts on t-shirts, blouses and shirts.

“We are committed to give as much rewards and benefits as we can to our dear patrons. We know our customers will have so much fun while shopping for their favorite t-shirts and shirts for women this summer”, said the CEO and managing director of Cicilookshop.

About the Company
Cicilookshop is a reputable retailer of fashionable apparels and accesories.
For more information, visit

Luvyle Introduces Discount Prices for Cheap Tops and Sandals

Women want to perform perfectly on their first date or anytime they want. Due to this need, Luvyle introduces some cheap tops and sandals which make them look elegant.

Women need to perform stylish and attractive to show their existence. By wearing something stylish and attractive, women will be more confident and themselves. Luvyle understands this need and tries to fill it by offering a variety of fashion products for women and ladies. The online fashion store is ready to serve tops, dresses, bottoms, lingerie, swimwear, t-shirts, and shoes.

One of the interesting offers is cheap tops. The tops are designed for any types of women. A simple woman can wear specific products such as round neck print short sleeve. The best part of this top is because there is not complicate ornament or pattern except a printed black cat. It is also a good option for cat lovers. There is also a cheap top for women who want to perform attractively and outstanding anywhere they want. In this case, that women can wear v neck patchwork printed. The special part of the cloth is on its ornament in the v neck. This top is offered in green, pink, red, blue, grey, and many more. The ornament makes women who wear it looks outstanding and elegant. As an online fashion store which wants to serve affordable price fashion products, Luvyle offers a special discount from 29% to 70%.

Wearing an outstanding top seems incomplete without a comfortable and stylish shoe. Luvyle is giving a solution for women who don’t want to wear uncomfortable shoes. To overcome this problem, this online fashion store has a variety of women’s comfort sandals. Those sandals are attracting along with a variety of themes. For example, women who love to be attracting anywhere and anytime can choose to wear Bohemian flat peep toe flat sandal. It is a casual sandal made of rubber and PU materials. It makes the users look elegant along with its gold color and floral ornament. That’s why this type of sandal is perfect for a special date or any casual occasions.
For a short woman, there is also a high heeled platform sandal. The sandal is designed with a chunky high heel. To make it comfortable, the sandal is made of velvet material. The combination makes the users look elegant and they can wear it in spring, autumn, or summer.

“We really care about our customers. Therefore, our fashion store gives a special deal for first-time customers who make an order over $59.00+. The special deal is that the customers get a 10% discount price and free shipping cost.’ said marketing manager

About Luvyle:
Luvyle is a place for women to find their favorite outfit. This online fashion store is ready with a variety of fashion products including tops and sandals. Those products are offered at an affordable price and interesting deals.

For more information, please visit:

Tel: +1(888)553-5616

Berrylook Launched Stylish Women’s Swimwear Collection for Curvaceous Ladies

Berrylook, a premium online store that sells Kimonos, Tunics, One-piece Bikinis and many other stylish swimwear products recently launched its exclusive women’s swimwear collection for curvaceous ladies.

USA, 14th April

Berrylook, a leading fashion store that has carved a niche for itself in the retail market for apparels, recently launched a great collection of stylish womens swimwear products that are designed for curvaceous ladies. Nestled in the USA and having factories in China, the online fashion store now runs its operations from mainland USA as well. The ecommerce store has also recently teamed up with the finest designers from around the globe to design haute couture apparels, including women’s swimwear products for full-bosomed women.

The e-store which has already gained a large fan following across its social media outlets now aims to blend sophistication with elegance. At the same time, the designers also try to keep the lifestyle apparels that they design comfortable so that the fashionable women buying their products can wear those apparels in both home and office, and also during special occasions. The store now offers round-the-clock customer support so that the size related or other queries of their present and prospective customers can be addressed and resolved at the earliest.

One of the senior executives of Berrylook told that they have also embraced a priority shipment policy recently, which simply means that the customers placing orders before 3PM can expect their products to get shipped out on the same business day. He also maintained that the strategic location of their warehouse in the USA helps them in ensuring all-US delivery within one to three business days.

“Though our designers are mostly from China and Far East, we feel that our proximity to our US customers gives us the required leverage in the competitive market. We understand that our customers do not just want top designs and cool pricing, but they also want their products to be shipped and delivered within the shortest time possible. We have, therefore, decided to operate from the mainland USA, certainly the nerve centre of global fashion trends”, said a senior executive from Berrylook. He also informed that their inventory is updated every day and every other day, customers can expect to find out more varieties in cheap dresses in the days to come.

About the Company

Berrylook is a trendy fashion store selling different types of lifestyle apparels.

To know more, visit

Popreal Rolled out Father and Son Matching Swimwear Products to Start off Pre-Summer Sale

Popreal, a fashion store that has pretty much revolutionized the world of cheap fashion clothing, recently announced the launch of their discounted father and son matching swimwear products.

USA, 13th March

Popreal, a bargain bin for many of their loving parents who love to buy matching outfits for them and their tiny tots, recently rolled out their latest father and son matching swimwear products to start off their pre-summer sale. The owners of the trendy clothing store online recently announced that the discounted matching swimwear products come along with many other cheap products offered at low rates are a part of their pre-summer sale, which has just been kicked off.

“During the first week of April and in the following days, we are going to bring a world of exciting offers for our customers, both the existing ones and the prospective customers who always look for the latest offers in matching outfits for parents and kids and other types of cheap summer clothing items”, said an executive of Popreal. He also said that the swimwear products and other summer garments for parents and kids, including toddler flowergirl dress, would be available at heavily discounted prices in the next three months, though the Flash Sale will end within the last week of April.

“Even if some customer misses the offers available now and visits our store sometime later in April, they should not worry as we offer coupon codes and many other exciting offers all around the year. Therefore, they should not worry too much and come back later to explore other exciting offers as might be announced from time to time”, added the executive. The owners have also planned to replenish their stock and add new items as they arrive in the run-up for the summer season ahead. They said that their aim is to add as many fashionable garments as they can to their stock in the coming months.

Popreal matching outfits for parents and kids that are now available at discounted prices include mom girl geometric pattern halter shift dresses, Tropical Palms Springs family matching outfits, and toddler flowergirl dress, just to name a few. “Not only fashionable matching outfits, but our customers can expect discounts, special offers and coupon codes for all sorts of summer garments for women which we sell. Family matching outfits are trending big time now and we wish to bring in more customers through the door with special offers announced on these dresses”, said the CEO of Popreal.

About the Company

Popreal is a leading fashion e-store.

To know more, visit

Omnifever Unveiled Huge Selection of Cheap Clothes Designed for the Fashionable Women

Competitive pricing is at the core of sales and marketing strategies of top ecommerce stores. Omnifever sets a new standard for their competitors with strategic pricing.

USA, 13th April

Omnifever, a top fashion store online which has launched a rich variety of fashionable apparels in the past, has emerged as one of the biggest bargain bins in the e-retail space. The reputable e-store recently rolled out their latest collection of cheap clothes for women which are specifically designed for fashionable women who are on a budget. The owners said that the cheap clothes for women available through their online store are made of quality fabric.

Speaking at a recent press conference, one of the co-owners of Omnifever said that they have adopted a few strategies to keep the manufacturing costs low. They have their manufactory in Asia instead of in Europe and due to their strategic location within a large industrial estate, they can get the raw materials at low cost.

In addition to that, the human capital cost is also considerably low in Asia, where the company is based out of. The co-owner also said that their proximity to the South China Sea and their strategic partnership with top distributors, dealers and retailers around the world help them in selling trendy women’s clothing and fashionable accessories at attractive prices.

Omnifever now sells maxi and mini dresses, women’s blouse, hoodies, coats, jackets, sweatshirts and a wide variety of products designed for the fashionable women. Keeping in mind the upcoming warmer months and the growing demand for fashionable swimsuits, the company has launched a number of hot swimwear products which are now available at marked down prices. The co-owner maintained that they will soon add more products in women’s accessories segment. He also said that seasonal discounts and special offers are now available on each and every product.

“As a leading e-retailer, we always try to make shopping as much pleasurable as we can for our buyers. For the returning buyers, there are special discounts and special offers on women dresses online. The motto is to increase overall sales volume and to keep the per-product-profit low”, said the co-owner and CEO of the company during a press conference held here in the USA.

About the Company

Omnifever is a top retail store selling fashionable apparels and accessories.

To know more, visit

Trendysuper Women’s Casual Jumpsuits And One-Piece Dresses Will Be Available at Slashed down Prices throughout April

Trendysuper, an e-store that has become a trusted brand name for many of its patrons, recently announced that their discounts and special offers would be available throughout the month of April.

USA, 13th April

Trendysuper, a value-for-money retail store that aims to make fashion clothing more affordable for all and sundry, recently announced in a press meet that all their discounts and special offers on women’s casual jumpsuits and one-piece fashionwear products would be valid throughout the month of April. Not only that, the owners did not slough off the chance that they might offer even bigger discounts and even more attractive offers come May. They maintained that their current pricing policy reflects their longstanding business objectives and underscored the importance of adding new cheap clothes for women at regular intervals.

The sales head for North American operations of Trendysuper told that they want to play by the rules of the market, while at same offering even bigger discounts in the future, so that their most loyal customers can be retained. “It is also important to create new customer bases outside the current one. We now have steadily growing consumer bases in Asia, Europe and North America. However, cheap dresses for women are gradually growing in popularity in the Mid-east and in parts of India too. These emerging markets require price remodeling and more customization of services and we are currently in the process of evaluating our growth prospects in these markets”, told the sales head.

He also added that the new fashion dresses, especially the jumptsuits, one-piece fashion dresses and swimwear products have gained wide currency in the USA. “US market is a fiercely competitive market and buyers here always want to see more variations in designs and more color options. We have accordingly tried to replenish our stocks with the latest fashion apparels, which include skater dresses, maxi dresses and summer garments”, he commented while speaking to the press.

The CEO of the company also spared a few words on the long-term vision of his company. He said that they are constantly striving to offer the best of sexy one piece dresses and summer apparels to their customers. He also added that it is important for them to deliver on their promises. “Trendysuper has been accepted widely as a value-for-money brand we will not lose our reputation”, he said.

About the Company

Trendysuper is a reputable fashion store.

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Friday, April 12, 2019

Sebellamore Cheap Trendy Women’s Clothing Products Are Available for Plus-Sized Fashionistas As Well

Sebellamore, an online fashion store that has come a long way since its early days in the online fashion scene, also offers plus size dresses for their buyers with a few extra pounds.

USA, 13th April

Not many online fashion stores design and manufacture their products around their chubby buyers as most of these stores sell mass-produced fashion apparels suitable for women of average build and height. Sebellamore, however, hired a special design team for designing plus size cheap trendy women’s clothing products. Apart from regular fit and slim fit apparels, the online fashion boutique also sells plus size dresses which are specifically designed for chubby women.

“Many of our customers are blessed with a few extra pounds and they look beautiful, to say the least. We always wanted to design and manufacture dresses which would be highly suitable for chubby dresses”, told a senior sales official of Sebellamore. “However, these plus size apparels fall under the ‘cheap clothing’ segment only. Therefore, buyers who would be buying these plus size apparels can still expect and avail hefty discounts on these products”, added the sales officer.

According to the sales officer, they sell plus size bodycon dresses, plus size maxi dresses, plus size summer t-shirts and plus size tops for women at affordable prices. He said that their designers choose colors and patterns for these plus size dresses very carefully so that they look extremely beautiful on women who have put on a bit lately or have been rotund and healthy all the through.

The owners of the online fashion store said that they sell a whole range of plus size graphic t-shirts and other types of dresses for women who fit in this category. They added that they update their inventory weekly, monthly and sometimes even daily to meet customer demands and requirements.

“Cheap trendy women’s clothing items displayed on our store are for everyone. No matter whether someone has a skinny figure or she is a little curvaceous, we have a large enough inventory to meet the demands of our buyers”, said the CEO and managing director of Sebellamore. He also said that they offer women’s comfort sandals for the chubby fashionistas all around.

About the Company

Sebellamore is an e-retail store which is renowned for selling cheap designer dresses and accessories for women.
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In a move to widen its service range, acquires

Barcoderevolution has just finished acquiring, which is a move to broaden its portfolio and service range. This takeover results with Barcoderevolution being the sole owner of, with 100% shares on its hand. This move, of course, is expected to lead to a better service offered by Bar Code Revolution LLC, the parent company of This acquisition itself is just one of the many things that Bar Code Revolution LLC will do to become a leader in the world of online reviews.
The acquisition offered numerous advantages for former users of, with the two of them allowing users to keep an order book and allowing users to quote prices. This leads to more liquid and transparent trading, all of which can only result in an increase in customers’ satisfaction.

In the semester of 2019, Bar Code Revolution is aiming to incorporate all of products into its own solution and allowing both former customers of and to use the products. The acquisition is said to be one that can ‘bring technological synergies and complementary customer base’, which will then lead to an expansion of customers’ business and the openings of new markets.

This opportunity has left the Eric Rubero, the CEO of Bar Code Revolution excited. “This merger will only provide the very best of things for both parties,” he commented on the matter. “We are very excited to be working with assets and to expand our service, which in turn leads to an increase in customers’ satisfaction.”

Barcoderevolution is a website owned by Bar Code Revolution LLC, a leading company dedicated to bringing the most innovative product from the United States and Japan. The website itself is a website that is mostly known as the inventor of design barcodes, barcodes that allows design elements to be incorporated in it.

In 2005, design barcode won the Good Design Award, further strengthening their standings in the world of barcodes and has since created barcodes for prestigious companies such as Calbee, Suntory, and many others.  

With the partnership between Bar Code Revolution LLC and, the company hopes to be able to bring better services to United States-based clients. With Japanese companies already choosing to use their design barcode, it is only a matter of time before Barcoderevolution brings its design barcode to the prestigious brands of the United States.

Contact Information
Eric Rubero
Bar Code LLC
7 Wythe Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11249, USA
Phone: +1 718-360-0992

Top International Standard Video Production Service in Africa

Creating a viral video is an effective promotion in Africa. AdHang is ready to help anyone who wants to create a high-quality viral video for any kind of purposes.

AdHang is an online advertising agency which can help to promote anything online in Africa. This company has 10 years of experience and they understand what the clients need to promote their business online. There are several tools used by the company to help its clients. One of them is video production. AdHang has been helping some video production companies in Lagos. The benefits of using the service to make sure that the video reaches the right target audience in Nigeria or across Africa. If the video reaches the right target audience, there will be millions of Nigerians watch it from the internet. This service is also a good solution for those who want to make a viral videos in Nigeria or Africa.

As a professional of a video marketing agency in Nigeria, AdHang uses professional web promotion strategies and best practices and standard before launching the video around the web. The service is also connected to several popular online video platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo, Cokoyes, Dailymotion, and many more. Therefore, it will be easy to find the right target audience along with many connections with the top online video platforms. This company is also ready to share a variety of videos such as a commercial video, spokesperson, sales, testimonial, documentary, public enlightenment, case study, educational, explainer, demo or illustration, and endorsement. Politicians who want to create personal branding through a video can also share their political campaign video. The service is suitable for all types of clients including companies, institutions, event organizers, and schools.

AdHang wants to serve the best and international standard video production to their clients. To achieve this standard, the company focuses on the technical, environmental, and behavioral patterns before creating an innovative and creative web video. Because of its function to reach as many target audiences as possible, the video is flexible, so Nigerians or people across Africa can watch it on a desktop, tablet, mobile phone, and any other devices. This is also the secret of how this company creates viral videos and millions of Nigerians watch those videos.

“We want to be the best viral marketing service in Nigeria by giving an international standard video promotion to our clients. Due to this achievement, our company uses the best resources such as animators, actors, presenters, and many more based on the message and the concept of video promotion. As a result, our clients are satisfied with the result and it attracts a lot of target audience just like what it is expected”, said Adhang’s marketing manager.

About AdHang:
AdHang is a world-class online advertising agency in Nigeria. This company has more than 10 years of experience in creating an international standard video promotion. The company also becomes the first internet public enlightenment agency in Africa.

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Name: AdHang
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AdHang Launches Effective Marketing Plan Service to Develop Sport Betting Business

Developing an online betting business needs an effective promotion and marketing plan. AdHang is ready to help this online business to grow significantly.

Online sports betting services have good prospects in Africa. And the key is how to make an attractive promotion so that people in Africa know about existing sports betting services. AdHang is an online advertising agency that can help create attractive sports betting promotions. It is not only an attractive promotion but also an effective promotion that attracts the right target audience. This company helps online betting services to create effective sport betting marketing plan. The service is not only used for sports betting but also for gaming, lottery, and website business in Nigeria and across Africa. Besides creating an effective marketing plan, the company serves several services including promoting a brand, increasing ARPU, developing a betting site as well as accelerating it all of the states in Nigeria.

“We know the industry well along with our 10 years of experience in digital marketing including creating a great promotion for the online sports betting, lottery, and gaming industry. Our company uses several ways to promote the business and it depends on the objectives and goals. Those promotion media include social media, content marketing, online display advertising, influencers marketing, mobile marketing, and search engine optimization. Our company also uses a variety of tools such as internet banners, reviews, email marketing, videos, blog posts, and many more. While preparing the promotion, please check an important thing to know how to do online marketing in Nigeria. “ said Adhang’s company representative.

There are several factors that give significant impact to online marketing such as customers, competitors, context, company, and collaborators. This step is also an important thing to know the behavior of the target audience in using the internet. It determines whether the promotion is done by search engine optimization, mobile marketing, email marketing, social media, influencer, or content marketing or the combination of them. AdHang helps to analyze those factors so clients are able to promote their business including betting, gaming, and lottery business maximally. It means, the business is able to attract more customers from the targeted marketing and promotion.

AdHang is a professional and expert of a digital marketing agency in Nigeria and the service is to help companies to get millions of Nigerians from online and digital marketing by creating an online viral video to get massive exposure all over the internet. The company works step by step by asking some questions, listening to the clients, examining and evaluating the target audience, goals, and objectives including for online betting, gaming, and lottery business.

About AdHang:
AdHang is a world-class digital marketing agency in Nigeria. This company helps all types of businesses to promote their products and service including online betting, gaming, and lottery business. The company has over 10 years of experience and become the first internet public enlightenment agency in Africa.

Media Contact
Name: AdHang
Phone: +2348034283159
Office: D 07 Century mall, St.Patrick's junction, Ojo Alaba international market, Lagos, Nigeria.