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Thursday, May 30, 2019

Creditmergency Raises The minimum Wage to $15.00

Creditmergency (a credit repair company) understands that the current minimum wage is too low.

Creditmergency is a company that works in the area of credit repair. It applies some methods in order to help clients in paying off their credits without giving them more burdens. Besides, it also supports them in increasing their credit scores. Currently, it proves again its tagline by raising the minimum wage up to $15.00 for its employees.

The company’s decision in raising the minimum wage to $15 is for several reasons. Based on current statistics data, the minimum wage in some countries is considered too low. Even in a big country like the US, the minimum wage is approximately only $7.25 per hour. This condition is considered not interesting for many employees and labors in this country. It has been proved by the demonstrations and protests conducted in 2015. At that time, the employees and labors sued the government to increase the minimum wage up to $15.00.

Seeing this condition, Creditmergency tries to understand its employees, how the increase of minimum wage is very important for them. Moreover, this company indeed works in the area of credit repair, dealing with people with troubles in their financial situations. Whether the government grants people's wishes or not about raising minimum wages, at least, this company has already done it Only after saw the protests, the company didn’t take a long time to upgrade its regulation of the minimum wage. Therefore, employees were able to enjoy at least $15.00 per hour.

Creditmergency itself doesn’t see that the decision is disadvantageous for the management board at all. In fact, it has been ranked among the Top 500 Fastest Growing Company of 2016. It is believed that the employees’ welfare is closely related to the growth of the company. When the employees find a better wage they deserve, they must work harder and more professionally to serve the clients more. This is the key to success.

About Creditmergency

Creditmergency is a credit repair company that is based on the Boca Raton, FI. It has helped numerous clients who had problems with bad credit and low credit scores. There are sophisticated tools and knowledge to implement in order to help clients in solving the problems. The company has been experienced for almost 25 years. Therefore, credibility and reputation should not be questioned anymore.

Contact Info

Joe Vargas

433 Plaza Real, Suite 275

Boca Raton, FI 33432


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