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Thursday, May 23, 2019


Press Release for Immediate Release
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(Lisbon, Portugal) – May 11, 2019

This store offers creative art-themed Fashion items for men, women and children, that range from hoodies, dresses, shoes, bags and many other accessories – all found in a variety of sizes and colors. You can also find scenic and diverse Home Décor pieces for your living room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. And if you are looking for a laptop sleeve or protective phone case, then check out the High-Tech section for a variety of inspiring items you’ll love. Artwork Reproductions on canvas and giclée prints is where you’ll find your favorite artwork for your home or office. This new store is an authentic treat that will delight artists and art lovers alike. The high-quality items combined with creativity make an excellent combination for unique and original products.

A store filled with ideas that make for creative gifts. The right place to find something perfect for that special person – who doesn’t like a gift with their favorite artwork on it? It makes it so much more personalized and memorable. At Art Galaxie Gift Store you will find items for all tastes! The store's website is also a work of art itself, featuring fantastic design and user-friendly navigation, making it a pleasant experience for shoppers online. It conveys quality and finesse that Art Galaxie has accustomed us along the years. See for yourself at, you will certainly like what you find.

There are currently more than 1000 items available, and every week expect new ones to be introduced – a permanent renewal of high-quality products that mirror the latest trends – all found at affordable prices. Moreover, by purchasing, you will be helping Art Galaxie continue developing its artistic outreach projects; that are totally free for contemporary artists as well as for the general public. This Art Store is an initiative, part of a new strategy, to make Art Galaxie self-sustainable and thus guarantee a prosperous future; in which everyone wins:

• Public access to original and high-quality products at a low cost
• Exclusive products with artworks of contemporary artists will soon be available in the store.
•The largest commission will go towards the artists themselves, thus being a great way to help support their art creating.
• Art Galaxie member artists can join the Affiliate program and earn at least 20% on sales
• On selected items, the profit is reverted to charity – (30% of the value of the product)

Pedro Boaventura, the founder of Art Galaxie told us:
“This is a huge step for Art Galaxie. It's the right move in the direction of financial emancipation. So far, I have been investing in Art Galaxie, but the company has grown a lot in recent years, and so have the expenses. We have operated like a non-profit organization for almost 5 years. 90% of our projects and activities have been totally free. We didn't have any revenue to finance our projects for both artists and the public. Without income, the long-term continuity will be compromised. Now the goal is to find funding to assure the continuity of these projects and help with the charges related to the art portal, daily art marketing, publications and also staff-related expenses. In a nut shell, contribute to finance all things that have no cost for artists and the public in general.”

Pedro Boaventura, Founder
Phone: +974 33599879

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