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Monday, July 31, 2017

AIDA GURAN needs a DNA test with Selena Gomez- they may be sisters!

Twitter account2:
AIDA GURAN needs a DNA test with Selena Gomez- they may be sisters!
30 July 2017- There is nothing more exhilarating as a sister’s love. It is a bond that knows no bounds, its so deep and breath taking. It warms the souls to see sisters looking out for each other and sharing an everlasting love. Such has been the passionate desire of Aida Guran for years to have a sister like Selena Gomez.
As we all know the world is a complicated place and siblings sometimes live separate lives apart from each other without ever realizing that they have a blood somewhere they never knew about until eventually there paths cross and destiny brings them together. We believe that a powerful fate has revealed to Aida Guran through the internet that Selena Gomez might be her sister, 60% certainty. That is huge!
Aida Guran also nicknamed herself ‘Aglena Come’ a name that reflects who she wants to become and who she idolizes. She has reason to believe that Maria Marinela Calota/esparza is not her real mother and not even Guran Nicolae because she doesn’t look like them. But with Selena Gomez yes!.  Aida is also a writer and a public figure.

She would be so happy if Selena Gomez is her sister because it has always been her dream from childhood to have a brother or sister whom she can cherish.
She pleads with Selena not to get upset but to make a young girl’s dream come true by accepting to do a DNA test with her to prove the theory true.
She can be contacted through Email or Phone contact which she would only give out to Selena Gomez and other news media who can help her with her quest.
She can be contacted directly @aidaguran on twitter to ask for information on her phone number, home address, email address, etc.
Her social media profiles are

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