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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Psalms and Psychoses Announces True Stories from the Unheard: MultiMedia Missions

Chronicling the world of the oppressed and the people that help them, to raise awareness and support

Los Angeles, CA  Jeremiah Castelo De Guzman is using his media-related skills in photography, videography, and writing, to help raise support for missionaries, humanitarian workers, and volunteer aids throughout the world.

The Revelation
An age old itch in his soul had been prodding Jeremiah to grasp a better understanding in the deeper things that exists outside my immediate, self-centered, materialistic world. As he gradually gained more knowledge through his exploration of history, political science and current events, his worldview began to expand.

Jeremiah’s eyes were opened to the vast array of events that occur worldwide; many of which aren't accurately reported in the west, if reported at all. He began to understand that the vast majority of human souls that exist around the world have an outlook on life that is completely foreign to him. An outlook that is gripped in fear, suffering, and uncertainty. It stands in stark contrast to the indulgent lifestyle of most of us westerners.

But what struck him most wasn't the disparity in the standard of living between westerners and those in third world countries; because he had already known that there were less fortunate people out there, and I had already known that he was fortunate to be an American! What struck him most was the actual ratio of rich to poor on the global scale. What struck him most was his err in perspective.

There are many missionaries, activists, volunteers, and humanitarians throughout the world who share the same heart and vision. These people dedicate their time and energy into helping others in the fields of human trafficking, disaster relief, community development, healthcare, social justice, disease treatment and prevention, food and water assistance. Jeremiah is partnering with missions organizations who will send him to various sites around the world, where he will be using his writing, photography, video production, music production, and graphic design, to raise awareness and support for the missionaries and humanitarian workers abroad.

To LEARN MORE or to HELP FUND Jeremiah’s campaign, please visit:  
Jeremiah Castelo De Guzman
Psalms and Psychoses
Los Angeles, CA

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