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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Sexy Redhead Pictures LLC Announces the “Zombie Girlfight Club” Horror Film

Sexy Redhead Pictures LLC is really excited to make their WORLDS FIRST LIVE STREAMING MOVIE, which will be also available for download or DVD

Pittsburgh, PA – July 20, 2015 – Executive producer, Lori WalkingFeather Drury, announces their long awaited, 7 years in the making, secret world of WALKINGFEATHER UNDERGROUND GIRLFIGHT CLUB! The story begins with YOU, the viewer, the fan, friend and family, choosing to share in their adventures of REAL FEMALE FIGHTING, and learn their secrets, pain and sorry, their excitement and joys, and why they do they even do this.

Sexy Redhead Pictures, LLC just launched their documentary "Underground Girlfight Club" on VHX.TV in December of 2014 and it's really taken off. Since then, they learned a lot about editing video, invested all their profits back in to their company, and have embraced Twitter's LIVE BROADCASTING app "Periscope" by Twitter to film the WORLD'S FIRST EVER LIVE / UNDEAD HORROR FILM on August 8th. This LIVE EVENT stars 8 amazing model cast members as Zombie Girls, who will do battle for the world's theater to see LIVE. With their very experienced film crew and FX team, and over $8,000 personally invested in new equipment, they are seeking $4,400 to cover transportation costs (some models are coming out of state), EMT's for medical emergencies (the fights are REAL), makeup FX, location costs, generators, and to cover some of their perks costs. And with few dollars more, we will be able to release an awesome digital version of Zombie Girlfight Club with all the BEHIND THE SCENES goodies in September, 2015!

To LEARN MORE or to support the "Zombie Girlfight Club": Help us make the FIRST LIVE UNDEAD HORROR FILM campaign, please visit:  
Lori WalkingFeather Drury
Pittsburgh, PA

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