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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Announcing the Campaign to Kickstart a new Graphics Company

Help a graphic designer live his dream of owning his own business

Madison, Wisconsin  February 15, 2015 – Ulises Palacios and his partner announce the campaign to raise funding for their new company,  On Demand Graphics. They are currently an in-home start up with all the right tools and even more potential for growth. Ulises and his partner have a combined 25+ years in printing and graphic installation. They provide various custom printing services: including decorated apparel (t-shirts, hoodies, uniforms, etc) vehicle graphics, signs & banners, and canvas prints (both gallery wrapped and unmounted).

Ulises is a very talented graphic designer and artist. However, there is little room for growth or advancement in his current job, and he expects that the business he currently works for will be closing its doors within the next 3 years. Ulises is desperate to find funding to help make his dream a reality before time runs out.

ON Demand Graphics has invested over $60k for the purchase of a large-format printer and Direct-to-Garment t-shirt printer. These pieces of equipment are incredibly expensive, and both partners have completely depleted their savings making the purchase. Ulises has found that he must spend the majority of his time working for his current job to make ends meet, and this is detracting from his new venture. It's becoming difficult for the company to get off the ground without additional funding.

With the money raised, they intend to work to improve their home base and make it suitable for everyday production. The anticipated end result is quitting their full-time jobs in favor of opening a retail location to house their business.

On Demand Graphics looks forward to showing their appreciation to supporters with a product sample, so it has been asked that potential supporters leave an email at time of contribution if they would like a sample when they donate.

To LEARN MORE about the project, or to help support their GoFundMe campaign, please visit:

Ulises Palacios

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